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Arnold Schwarzenegger shows us the contents of his fridge as well as explaining what his workout looks like in 2019. The star of Terminator: Dark Fate shares his approach to eating, working out and the reason why "he'll be back".
Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health
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10 вер 2019





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cris89446 51 хвилина тому
Still number one ... hilarious still with the german accent... great Arnold
mujahid janjua
mujahid janjua Годину тому
Arnold i hate cow milk Also Arnold i don"t hate any foods
Bignose Harry
Bignose Harry Годину тому
Does not mention either GMO vs Organic food sourcing. He is an Organic Food Source Type. He is absolutely Anti-GMO. But cannot mention that GMO poison/Toxcin.
Luciano Marini
Luciano Marini 2 години тому
What's worse? Beer or sugar?
battleguy 402
battleguy 402 4 години тому
This guy goes to a gym with a bunch of posters and statues of himself. What a madlad.
Vital Link
Vital Link 4 години тому
He's one of those dirty vegans now! He was a producer of that vegan documentary called Game Changers, it's on Netflix now. Everyone should pile their plates up with meat and then sit down to watch it!
Captain Nero
Captain Nero 6 годин тому
All these health nuts look like shit when they get old..
June Marie Liddy
June Marie Liddy 6 годин тому
this is quite interesting to see hoe Arnold eats
J DC 7 годин тому
Even Arnold's fridge has muscles. That's how much of a legend he is.
Andres Torres
Andres Torres 8 годин тому
I have to meet him :(
Cisium 10 годин тому
"Ve vood go to ze Haus of Pize."
The Edsta
The Edsta 11 годин тому
I suddenly feel buff just by watching this video!
꧁ Tú Muy Bien ꧂
꧁ Tú Muy Bien ꧂ 12 годин тому
he put even the egg shell into the... wait, what is the instagram of those hotties on the left 4:06 I really wanna bang them
dsvet 13 годин тому
"milk is for babies, I drink beeah"
Mutombo Says
Mutombo Says 13 годин тому
*I hope he lives to the Max, 120 years old.*
Yuriy Romanovich
Yuriy Romanovich 15 годин тому
'because they want to look like me, of course, this never gonna happen' -god I love this guy!
3000 subscribers with just three videos?
The terminator never dies
Ronish 17 годин тому
Did he just put a whole egg in the mixer?😂
Matus Adamek
Matus Adamek 19 годин тому
2:41 miškooo kiržanek 👌💪
Bavishan Sritharan
Bavishan Sritharan 23 години тому
Even to this day, none of the modern people could look more like they could survive an apocalypse better than Arnold, after all he has a tank.
SSCTiyo День тому
I think he would fit for Part 3 Joseph RL adaptation
Electric Vegan
Electric Vegan День тому
Ditch the eggs Arnie. We don't need chicken periods to be healthy.
Chris Wood
Chris Wood День тому
all bullshit and you know it.
10,000 subscribers without any video?
He looks 40-50 years old and he is 71
Uranos 96
Uranos 96 День тому
he never got rid of this german accent
gary willis
gary willis День тому
I followed Arnold since the early 70's. I was more impressed with his intellect and his matter of fact personality and his will. He has a very good matter of fact sence OF humor. He just tells it like it is and it could be funny or as serious as a heart attack, oops sorry but you know what I mean. I come from the Bronx and I understood him. I am glad he didn't come fresh off the boat today with his bodybuilding career. It's F'ed up now and confused.
Max Payne
Max Payne День тому
LIVING LEGEND arnold rules....best action movie star
RheAnnKaneKate Fitness
RheAnnKaneKate Fitness День тому
I totally like daily workout, that's why I establish my Fitness channel to share other people how important it is.
Edim 108
Edim 108 День тому
Arnold: Looks 50 at the age of 72. Me: Just turned 36 on my 18th birthday...
Ray День тому
a whole egg wtf lol
Truth Keeper Films
Truth Keeper Films День тому
Greens... I mean, they are more GM than red meat. Arnold gets the premium natural stuff.. while the rest get the GM "organic" nonsense.
Connor Bruley
Connor Bruley День тому
He says "House of Pies" like it's the holiest temple known to man
FoxDropEmOff День тому
Imagine training in a gym with Arnold
MrGrimlocksmash День тому
Everyone: “Almond milk is for pussies”. Arnold: “yeah I fucking hate cow milk.”
Eggs with shell 😨😨
Catholic Spaniard
Catholic Spaniard День тому
Imagine working out next to this legend. What the hell are those men doing not gazing at this great mf?
hazzard gamer
hazzard gamer День тому
Come with me if you want smoothies and german lemon beer
D P День тому
Dude is an inspiration.
Trinder3467 День тому
He literally commercialized Veganism, Vitamins, Protein Shakes and Omelets made from foods off the kitchen floor.
Kbrand 86
Kbrand 86 День тому
Vegan kills slowly lol
Montz День тому
I think he forgot to close his fridge...
austin crandall
austin crandall День тому
*Asks what he puts in his protein shakes* Arnold: *Drops an entire egg into the shake*
Ray Phoenix
Ray Phoenix День тому
thought hes vegan
Tom Clay
Tom Clay День тому
He looks great.
Don yang
Don yang День тому
I’ll be back! Arnold :” goddamnit”
fromnowheretonowhere 2 дні тому
And he became one of the most loved men :-) Such a wise and funny guy.
John Mitsakos
John Mitsakos 2 дні тому
Can't believe I'm asking this, but, is a simple rinse enough to wash the egg shells before eating them?
AwesomeFish12 2 години тому
They come out of a chickens cloaca, the same hole they shit out of. If you want traces of shit in your food, then don't bother washing it too much.
DrFeelzgood 2 дні тому
Minimum of 3x/week holy shyt
Tyler TR
Tyler TR 2 дні тому
Don’t listen to anything this guy says. He is KNOWN for completely lying about everything in terms of body building. He regularly gives bad advice out.
Melchi Zedeq
Melchi Zedeq 2 дні тому
He doesn’t die with the egg shell he drinks? 😱
Patti Murphy
Patti Murphy 2 дні тому
Man he looks old...my dad is 77 and looks better than him/her!
Last gen Richthofen
Last gen Richthofen 2 дні тому
I’m just going to say this When you’re doing something, it doesn’t matter how it’s done. It only matters if you get it done. Legit, fuck plan B, always stick with a plan A
Chongí Gonzalez
Chongí Gonzalez 2 дні тому
wheres his 9mm bullets pizza?
Am Stadtpark
Am Stadtpark 2 дні тому
Arni you are the best :-)
Zoran T
Zoran T 2 дні тому
Legend is low-key hilarious. "Cheat days come up..quite frequently"
House of Pain Brands
House of Pain Brands 2 дні тому
Man, he's a freaking legend.
Dionysian Beast
Dionysian Beast 2 дні тому
This man's gonna live to be 140 years old
Timothy Jones
Timothy Jones 2 дні тому
Trash talking the Game Changers huh??? How can you include the word Health in your name, guess you're getting paid !! POS !!!
Kiss Shot
Kiss Shot 2 дні тому
i got confused so did he drink the protein with egg shell or not
Viking Wolf
Viking Wolf 2 дні тому
Almond nuts is not good for for the nature because it takes 20 liter water for 1 almond nut to grow to its full size. So going vegan is not so goog after all. So there is both good and bad things with both meat eater and vegan eater. Before people start to complain start to check up the information before complaining. There is always + and - with everything. I eat very mixed food my self i go after what my body needs and not what people says.
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