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Arnold Schwarzenegger shows us the contents of his fridge as well as explaining what his workout looks like in 2019. The star of Terminator: Dark Fate shares his approach to eating, working out and the reason why "he'll be back".
Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health
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10 вер 2019





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André Kwazarius
André Kwazarius 19 годин тому
Alex Mora
Alex Mora 23 години тому
So 7am Arnold? Alright see u tomorrow!
Toomas Kaljas
Toomas Kaljas День тому
Eating eggs and "avoiding" animal proteins.
Fitness Vitness
Fitness Vitness День тому
Great informative video.
henrythealchemist День тому
you guys need an audio engineer
Jimmeh Boy
Jimmeh Boy День тому
a raw egg with the shell. wow
Alex Song
Alex Song День тому
Arnold: "There's nothing special about my protein" Also Arnold: *Proceeds to put in entire egg with shell and secret fruit juice*
Alex Song
Alex Song День тому
They really just called the world's best bodybuilder, the former governor of California, the Terminator, "ARniE" smh this disrespect
Jay W
Jay W День тому
So did he just put the whole egg with the shell?
Naveen Oommen
Naveen Oommen День тому
I was annoyed the whole time for him keeping the fridge opened.....
Mr. Bahadır
Mr. Bahadır День тому
did he used all of egg in this shake? Eggshell isn't a true method in my opinion !
Barefoot67 2 дні тому
4:06 second from the left
Ray 2 дні тому
no meat? yeah get the fuck outta here Arnie
OLDSACKS 2 дні тому
Biggest compliment, jacked, ripped, swole or cut ? -Cut I find this actually very inspiring coming from him.
Sir De Lavito
Sir De Lavito 2 дні тому
LucianoLee 3 дні тому
Bryan Cranston got bulking
Beerus Sama
Beerus Sama 3 дні тому
“Anybody here think they can move to Austria, learn the language, become famous for working out, then be a movie star, then marry into their royalty and hold public office? How many lifetimes would you need? I’m on my third attempt at Rosetta Stone Spanish...” -Bill Burr
Serah Black
Serah Black 3 дні тому
MrFunk 3 дні тому
Row egg with shell? Hahah nasty
T- REX 3 дні тому
Jun W
Jun W 4 дні тому
whole egg with shell?? damn...
Cav L
Cav L 4 дні тому
Sorry but where is the protein this is nonsense
Rory Rice
Rory Rice 4 дні тому
I'm so glad you didn't stand on a hillside all your life.........yodeling. Motivation :)
GodlyKing CC
GodlyKing CC 4 дні тому
I love Arnold forever (Not a joke)
GodlyKing CC
GodlyKing CC 4 дні тому
I love Almond Soy Milk/Milk
Mark Langridge
Mark Langridge 4 дні тому
Someone should really tell Arnold that the protein bioavailability of raw eggs is almost zero, and that eating them uncooked is a waste.
Ryan Hazlett
Ryan Hazlett 5 днів тому
So how many flooded the gym after seeing this?
Keep Going
Keep Going 5 днів тому
wait is he serious about the whole eggs with the shell...
Richard Head
Richard Head 5 днів тому
It’s ones personal opinion to eat meat or veg... But remember, he was big when he ate meat, he was also mister universe while eating meat.... he never became that eating veg..... so yeah, meat over veg when you use Big Arnie as a perspective... no strong man can say I only eat veg... they rely on big meals of 60% fat, and 40% protein, that way they can work off big meals while using the protein as an energy source... Arnold was payed to talk shit in this add, he knows it and other builders know it too.. if you want to get BIG then you need to eat big... simple as that... he fcking knows it too Edit: Arnie is too old to be speaking about Health like he’s never been strung out on roids, pot call the kettle black imo, looks like he’s jealous of other people claiming his title, hence the reason why he’s saying don’t eat meat to be healthy... He fcking knows the score man, fcking Hollywood wannabes trying to tell yah what to do lol, gtfo...
Mike 5 днів тому
there is nobody like this man. from his body building history to his personality to his success in movies. LEGEND!
Grohan 5 днів тому
As a german guy i can relate to him saying that radler is a "proteine drink" instead of beer.
sharan VJ
sharan VJ 6 днів тому
JT 6 днів тому
He seemed very subdued and beaten somehow in the interview . I don’t think it’s age. I think Franco’s death hit him very hard... so sad. They were very close. That must have been a huge loss for him.
ThyGreek 6 днів тому
Rodger Pruitt
Rodger Pruitt 6 днів тому
Man, could they had picked a guy to do the interview with a lighter voice?
Jakob 6 днів тому
"Over there is the exit and don't say I'll be back ok?" Loved this
Brandon Beavers
Brandon Beavers 6 днів тому
Arnold: "I would tell them to grab whatever is in the kitchen sink or scrape up whatever is on the floor and put it in the omlet, I will love it..." WTF?!?!?!?!
Alex-898 6 днів тому
Dumbo giving orders again ( 😉)
Said Otero
Said Otero 6 днів тому
1:18 Arnold: I don't do it always with clean hands Me: 👑🦠
Wi ll
Wi ll 6 днів тому
This video is him just telling us he’s Vegan and stays away from animal products but his favourite thing to cook is steak and raw egg with the shell in his shakes 😂
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson 7 днів тому
Arnold is hilarious! LEGEND!
Mikael Vitaly Vyacheslav
Mikael Vitaly Vyacheslav 7 днів тому
This shake is full of fat and sugar will bring your blood sugar to the roof! high insulin ! -All eggs are full of prions , bacteria ..easy for bacteria to get through the eggs shell ! The banana has more sugar than a chocolate bar ! over 400 calories on this unhealthy shake !.....bad for diabetics! or people who want to lose weight . -
Felix López Lara
Felix López Lara 7 днів тому
Arnold President...EE.UU..
Mr Madness
Mr Madness 7 днів тому
Arnold : Don't tell anyone ok. This is Between us Him : I'm bout to end this mans whole career
Rahul Stark
Rahul Stark 8 днів тому
Big fan man... Love you Arnold...!
W 8 днів тому
Amazing Human Being
Serious_Case 8 днів тому
People seem to not understand what Arnold's saying and it's not due to his accent. He is staying away from animal products, but his favorite thing to COOK is steak. The fact he cooks it doesn't mean he eats it - because he mentions about bodybuilding friends coming over.
jack goff
jack goff 8 днів тому
All about that that vegan lifestyle now and has lost all of his gains. Was 7x Mr Olympia when he ate meat. Moral of the story? Don't go vegan.
Jömpa 4 дні тому
@jack goff Right. But I'm saying he can't get that big at his current age even if he still ate meat so it's irrelevant what he eats now.
jack goff
jack goff 4 дні тому
@Jömpa Exactly, Arnold was in his prime when he ate meat
Jömpa 4 дні тому
@jack goff Sure but he's nowhere near the size of Arnold in his prime.
jack goff
jack goff 4 дні тому
Sylvester Stallone is older and still eats meat 👍
Jömpa 4 дні тому
At his age he wouldn't be able to look like that anyways.
Rory M
Rory M 8 днів тому
That man is in his 70's!.....Unfeckinbelievable!
Simon George
Simon George 8 днів тому
He looks great here. He still looks like a terminator. Be very afraid !
Kyle 8 днів тому
Arnold:"I tried to back off of meat" Reporter: What's your favorite thing to cook Arnold: steak.
Mobeus Amphisbaena
Mobeus Amphisbaena 9 днів тому
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Mobeus Amphisbaena
Mobeus Amphisbaena 9 днів тому
siphon simon .and gideon's men
Mobeus Amphisbaena
Mobeus Amphisbaena 9 днів тому
DON't rapid fire him !!?..... why invoke Goliath!..... unless you are a teenage virgin.
Ian Watson
Ian Watson 9 днів тому
What a croc adding an egg shell to your smoothy
Kevin Luo
Kevin Luo 9 днів тому
jfk in the url
O331 USMC 9 днів тому
The problem with taking testosterone when your younger is that when your Arnold’s age you either have to take them just to be normal or your body cannot produce testosterone at the same capacity as another man that never took performance drugs
Leigh Garfield
Leigh Garfield 10 днів тому
But actually I like to put in the whole egg? Lol. Arnold puts in a whole egg, including the shell in his nutri-bullet, lol.
Steph Grace
Steph Grace 10 днів тому
I'm so glad that Arnold has normal stuff in his frigerator and has a normal refrigerator. When this came up in my suggestions I thought oh no please don't let him have a big fridge like Pelosi full of ice cream.
HealthPop 10 днів тому
Thank you for sharing Arnold Schwarzenegger. Loved this video.
Mir Mohsin Ali
Mir Mohsin Ali 10 днів тому
if Jeff from Athlean-X sees this he'll be like "why showing your gym and fridge is killing your gains"
V M 10 днів тому
This man really just threw the whole egg in there💀
Deimos663 11 днів тому
Arnaldo is a baaaaaaaad duuuudeee
Joepie De poepie
Joepie De poepie 11 днів тому
Most successful man a life? Reached the top in body building than he went for the acting and succeeded and after that he became a gouverneur. Crazy achievements.
CeeRiuZ 11 днів тому
This man is a fucking legend!
whistleking77 11 днів тому
Is the guy at 6:34 lifting properly? It looks like a waste to not have as much control as possible.
Gabriel Kenzo
Gabriel Kenzo 11 днів тому
A wise man once said "i hate cow milk" & "get to the choppah"
Debarshi Ganguly
Debarshi Ganguly 12 днів тому
He said he is a vegan.. then how come is he having egg being a vegan?
adub4ever 12 днів тому
Ever since I was a little boy watching the Conan the Barbarian movies, Arnold has been like a hero to me. The guy is just cool as hell and has always been a great role model.
Flavio Chavez
Flavio Chavez 12 днів тому
Akien le inporta la Vidal de cirkero de este puto
Gamergod 12 днів тому
He's backed off of meat, but his favorite thing to cook is steak...
Andy S
Andy S 12 днів тому
arnold in the gym and no one gives
Aslan Aslan
Aslan Aslan 12 днів тому
Arnold shvzberger best of süper familey Love you Alle Gürüse
kiren Chandh
kiren Chandh 13 днів тому
2:12 did anybody noticed that picture, there is something weird in it, you can see a giant person in the distance walking on the beach.
David vonAnderseck
David vonAnderseck 13 днів тому
He calls it the rattler.
Nitish Reddy
Nitish Reddy 13 днів тому
I'll be back
Gary Peters
Gary Peters 13 днів тому
the whole egg? with the shell??
Nick Reddy
Nick Reddy 14 днів тому
The fact he still goes to golds makes me so happy
The Realest Reilly Parkes
The Realest Reilly Parkes 14 днів тому
I started a channel ukvid.net/show-UC4suC_AJq9ECr4NXqiMkIpA And Instagram me @Reilly_Parkes
Matt Clary
Matt Clary 14 днів тому
Lol 😂 8 months later .. not washing hands 🤚 before making your food .. 🤨
GAIN LABS 14 днів тому
2:45 😂 I Love that anyway...
GAIN LABS 14 днів тому
Do you want to Bust Me because I'm not 100% vegan? 😂
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