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Arnold Schwarzenegger ('The Terminator', 38th Governor of California) flexes his extraordinary muscles for the judges in these two bodybuilding tournaments, one in Cologne in 1966, and the other (the first piece of footage) in London at the Mr Universe contest in 1969.
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This video is two archive reels in [HD]. Mr Universe 1969 + "Show of Strength", International Bodybuilding Contest in Cologne, Germany 1966
Arnold Schwarzenegger flexes his extraordinary muscles for the judges in these two bodybuilding tournaments, one in Cologne in 1966, and the other (the first piece of footage) in London at the Mr Universe contest in 1969.
Mr. Schwarzenegger was a completely unknown figure then. Coe Boyer can also be seen in this footage.
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Kevin Antony
Kevin Antony 6 днів тому
I'm glad this popped up in my recommendations!
Born Winner
Born Winner Місяць тому
Arnold is amazing. Very hardworking man. Driven and ambitious, never gets tired. He has amazing careers in sport, showbusiness and politics. What a man.
kiliipower 18 днів тому
I read an interview with him years ago. When asked what his impetus had been, he said > The fear.In the morning, from his mother with the words... Bub! Get up, you'll be late for work at the factory... to be woken up
Normal Person
Normal Person Місяць тому
Real bodybuilding.... Really inspiring.!
Pepe The Frog
Pepe The Frog 16 днів тому
Normal Person Agreed
Cape to Cairo
Cape to Cairo 2 місяці тому
That looks like Boyer Coe at the end.
studentofsweetscience Місяць тому
It is. And it look like Larry Scott, the first Mr. Olympia at 1:00.
Fernando Furia Esq.
Fernando Furia Esq. 3 місяці тому
Superb historical video.
Eric Ellis
Eric Ellis 3 місяці тому
The great voice of Bob Danvers-Walker.
Eric Kokin
Eric Kokin 3 місяці тому
Boyer looked SO MUCH better than Arnold here. However, thru time people improve (they SHOULD improve)!
Thierry Devant
Thierry Devant 4 місяці тому
Anonymous 4 місяці тому
Anyone know the song at the beginning? I really want to find it
Anonymous 4 місяці тому
@Clarence Merritt yeah I guess it's probably some song that dosent even have a name I guess but damn it sounds so bad ass with the horns ahaha
Clarence Merritt
Clarence Merritt 4 місяці тому
your guess is good as mine. Couldn't find any information about it.
Qaasim Sayyad
Qaasim Sayyad 5 місяців тому
good ol' days when bodybuilders looked like gods
WILLIAM SHUPPE Djdidjdj 7 місяців тому
The first girl is absolutely stunning
Жека Hannibal
Жека Hannibal 7 місяців тому
Arnold is a living legend💪
Carmen Rodriguez
Carmen Rodriguez 7 місяців тому
Awesome 👏🏻
Skyrilla 7 місяців тому
Jesus, 1969? I thought he competed in the late 70s!
Pulsonar 6 місяців тому
Skyrilla Yep, and the infamous Vietcong Tet offensive the year before seems almost vintage material that kids today study at school. At that time Arnie had already eclipsed his BB hero Reg Park, and chasing Hollywood stardust like Hercules icon Steve Reeves. The man has been around a long time, with almost 50 years in the movie industry. He was a BB first, but surprisingly his film career has been nearly 3 times as long as his earlier career.
Skyrilla 6 місяців тому
@Pulsonar Wow to think the Vietnam War was still raging when he was rising in the ranks.
Pulsonar 6 місяців тому
Skyrilla Arnie started competing even earlier, the teenager was already a phenomenon, looking to depose the king - Sergio Oliva.
Emmanuel Heisenberg
Emmanuel Heisenberg 8 місяців тому
Q: How come this contest claims to be Mr. Universe if only people from earth is competing? A: Arnold is not from this world.
Yely Harmony
Yely Harmony 9 днів тому
@Yousif Tareq "we know of..."
Yousif Tareq
Yousif Tareq 8 місяців тому
Humans are the only sentient beings we know of.... In the universe. So ye, mr. Universe.
Michael H
Michael H 10 місяців тому
And that was how the governor of California got elected.
Siva Sankar
Siva Sankar 10 місяців тому
My favourite body builder and handsome body builder 💪💪
GWEN GOLD 10 місяців тому
My mom was just born that year
Musti TV
Musti TV 10 місяців тому
Arnold is the most egoistic Person on the World. He is from a very small Country, but wants to be the King of the World
Musti TV
Musti TV 8 місяців тому
@丂丨几G卄尺卂V back on Steröids yeah
丂丨几G卄尺卂V 8 місяців тому
@Musti TV He'll be back Lol
Musti TV
Musti TV 8 місяців тому
@丂丨几G卄尺卂V i hate him. He has ugly Teeth and abused Steroids
丂丨几G卄尺卂V 8 місяців тому
@Musti TV He is my inspiration,, He is my dream come true,, My girlfriend loves him too. God loves him a lot
Musti TV
Musti TV 8 місяців тому
@Weave snatcher he is too slow. I would be much faster with my hands
Frank Morris
Frank Morris 10 місяців тому
This IS what I call the Real Bodybuilding
Hornytoad 10 місяців тому
0:11 bet you never knew Ian McKellen was a bodybuilding teen.
melon shop
melon shop 4 місяці тому
1969 🐣🐤🐥
CHADY 10 місяців тому
He look like him so much 😮😲
Felix Scarlett
Felix Scarlett Рік тому
Who is at 0:12
lycan gypsy priest
lycan gypsy priest Рік тому
Very good video!!!
Spange Bobb
Spange Bobb Рік тому
How old is he in the video
Vinyl Buff
Vinyl Buff 6 місяців тому
He was 19 in the first segment, and about 22 in the last bit, so super young
Bruno van Simon
Bruno van Simon Рік тому
Back he went
Rusty lungzs
Rusty lungzs Рік тому
Why does mr universe always come from earth
Said Hachmaoui
Said Hachmaoui Рік тому
The concept is amaizing.bodies &muscles are fading with time.graveyard is the spot.....see ya there....
Luke Dyer
Luke Dyer Рік тому
That’s Will from the Inbetweeners at 0:17
Shimon Cohen
Shimon Cohen Рік тому
1:08 Donald Trump
RAMON MALUCO 4 місяці тому
1:14 obama
Qosos al jabor
Qosos al jabor Рік тому
1:40 ADE RAI
Michael Serota
Michael Serota Рік тому
These guys are unrealistically defined.
Almaz Рік тому
0:22 - Димка Соловьёв "СЛОН " !!!
Renee S
Renee S Рік тому
"No baby oil!" - André René Roussimoff
Syakir Abd halim
Syakir Abd halim Рік тому
music please
Sub Zero
Sub Zero Рік тому
Yo I'm exercising too! aha
Angel Simone
Angel Simone Рік тому
Arnold Schwarzengger was living the American Dream and he had to work hard to get it and his movies were always #1 at the Box Office The Terminator, Terminator 2 Judgement Day, True Lies, Total Recall, Commando, Kindergarden Cop,! Its not easy being body builder! There is book about him called Total Recall which starts when he was in Germany! Its a good book leading up to him being the governor of Calfornia,
Alan Smithee
Alan Smithee Рік тому
There was an uncomfortable amount of feet and sweaty man faces in this video. Although I suppose that's my fault for clicking.
Abang Am Official
Abang Am Official 2 роки тому
no roids is this time...
numberstation Рік тому
Abang Am Official There most certainly was.
Horsti 2 роки тому
1:28 The famous Fingerbizeps Pose
Soeharto 2 роки тому
I love Arnold when he was just a big little kid (not old)
Mc Water
Mc Water 2 роки тому
This is basically porn in 1969
Mr khan
Mr khan 2 роки тому
posing so funny
William Harrell
William Harrell 2 роки тому
Boyer Coe at the end....wow!
William Harrell
William Harrell 2 роки тому
Was that Larry Scott guest posing?
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson 2 роки тому
Great old school video!!
vBDKv 2 роки тому
Classic porn music.
Astorte 2 роки тому
Jim Haislop 1:07
Blasco de Castiglione
Blasco de Castiglione 2 роки тому
les culturistes sont ils cultivés ?
Phan Duong
Phan Duong 2 роки тому
Noone here are natural
Vlad Raileanu
Vlad Raileanu 2 роки тому
0:54 jeff seid!
Alfa Won
Alfa Won 2 роки тому
They look more natural here rather than the huge over blown beasts of today
Luxeden Divine
Luxeden Divine 2 роки тому
He built his muscles instead of his brain and slept with the nanny and had a child with her , what a muscles builder !
HERPY DERPEDY 2 роки тому
Those T-800 grow up so fast
D. J.
D. J. 2 роки тому
The girl at 0:06 , holy smokes!
Edward Leung
Edward Leung 2 роки тому
hesta la vista, baby
Deadly_Pikachu 2 роки тому
A young Arnold flexing (Colorized 1969)
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson 2 роки тому
Male rights has gone so far.
SPaMuRai GRaNaTaBRu 2 роки тому
I enjoyed this...
Jafman 2 роки тому
This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill, fifteen percent concentrated power of will, five percent pleasure, fifteen percent pain and a hundred percent reason to remember the name
Wagon Queen Family Truckster
Wagon Queen Family Truckster 2 роки тому
443 people want to embrace an ox.
dothedeedee 2 роки тому
Who wants to embrace an ox???
meatandbeer 2 роки тому
this is racist
The Terminator
The Terminator 2 роки тому
Ahhh 1969 bodybuilding.😊 Look at now 2018.😢
My tube Tube
My tube Tube 2 роки тому
Camera totaly fail
Barry Poupard
Barry Poupard 2 роки тому
Arnold looks about 12 years old in 1966.
Lolana Kahale
Lolana Kahale 2 роки тому
do they still have Mr. Universe contest now?
Tam-Ère Maime
Tam-Ère Maime 2 роки тому
@ 0:10 mark wahlberg 😁
sunny verma verma
sunny verma verma 2 роки тому
Americans are no.1 in this world
Edward Sahara Pardamean Sihite
Edward Sahara Pardamean Sihite 2 роки тому
horas .... sukses selalu ... GBU
Gopi R
Gopi R 2 роки тому
Holy Cow! Schwarzenegger and Columbu...a lifelong friendship in its infancy. A priceless video...makes me wish I had cultivated certain childhood friendships better. And Boyer Coe looked swole.
mildred highcock
mildred highcock 2 роки тому
who is at 00:53 ?
Dion Walcott
Dion Walcott 2 роки тому
the second bodybuilder looked like Mark whalberg
Angga Diredja
Angga Diredja 2 роки тому
0:06 the girl feels orgasm when she look seawty muscular young man
Max Ton
Max Ton 2 роки тому
The hurcles the only all the time Arnold the oak
VISHNU VISHNU 2 роки тому
But i don't want to be a muscular.
VISHNU VISHNU 2 роки тому
MR Arnold is the greatest Bodybuilder i know his biography.
Jani Snow
Jani Snow 2 роки тому
The golden Era
hartono dyx
hartono dyx 2 роки тому
Arnold from industrial revolution time...
jacko717 2 роки тому
Think thats Boyer Coe at the end with Arnie.
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