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Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Enter here: www.omaze.com/Arnold to support After-School All-Stars and spend an afternoon with me.
I wanted to have a little fun and raise money for a good cause, so I went to Gold's Gym in Venice in disguise. You can help! Please enter for a chance to ride with me on my tank and do some lifts together.




21 січ 2014





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Enrique martin De la flor angeles
Enrique martin De la flor angeles 3 години тому
Parece el hermano de machete xd
Felix K.
Felix K. 4 години тому
Im surprised that most people don't know he's Arnold fucking Scwharzenegger
Edwin David
Edwin David 4 години тому
He looks like anthony kiedis of red hot chilli peppers
Superhero zero
Superhero zero 4 години тому
Such a legend even blind person can notice
Quadra Quentine
Quadra Quentine 5 годин тому
Lmao the ending
T- REX 6 годин тому
hektik 6 годин тому
2:08 still sporting that Nazi SS "death's head" ring paraphernalia I see
Dylan Loesel
Dylan Loesel 6 годин тому
Do another drink of water 😂
DA- PROFEZOR 8 годин тому
They should had used a better make up
I scream fitness
I scream fitness 11 годин тому
Stop being a baby
I scream fitness
I scream fitness 11 годин тому
Old guy you look pretty pumped up
yott1950 12 годин тому
The only way Arnold would not be recognized is if he walked in there wearing makeup and a dress. Well, maybe not then, either.
Masterr Laster
Masterr Laster 13 годин тому
Even if the disguise worked which it didn't his Voice is a dead give away
MaxKiel1701 13 годин тому
who on earth wouldn't recognize him tho?
Thomas Christopher White
Thomas Christopher White 14 годин тому
Everyone in that gym is like "What the hell is Arnie wearing?"
sukairo 14 годин тому
"C'mon Arnold",yeah howards my name
Chris S
Chris S 14 годин тому
I see everything through a damn COVID-19 lense. Like, don't touch them! Distance! No mask!?
Thotsweeper 14 годин тому
bro is he making that lady take reps of water lmao
Oliver R.
Oliver R. 15 годин тому
Leo De Casanova
Leo De Casanova 15 годин тому
Me estan jodiendo... mi idolo tiene un canal en youtube y yo me entero recien hoy? estupido algoritmo que no sabe recomendarme canales
Michael Corleone
Michael Corleone 15 годин тому
Living Legend
kenshigamer 711
kenshigamer 711 15 годин тому
Mazzaropi ta diferente kkkkk|Looks like Mazzaropi from Brazil! hahahahah
Kraibot 16 годин тому
My favorite "you look pretty pumped up" lmao
Olivert Jean
Olivert Jean 16 годин тому
Yoo he had her do 10 reps of water drinking. 😂😂😂
Its Ya Boi Returns
Its Ya Boi Returns 16 годин тому
Imagine some random ass man making you drink 10 reps of water
Harnoor Singh
Harnoor Singh 16 годин тому
1:15 you look very pumped up 😂😂
Slender Man
Slender Man 16 годин тому
He just can’t dude he can’t go undercover....me neither :(
2slofouru 17 годин тому
As if no one's going to recognize his voice, smile, and build. Lol
Steve B
Steve B 18 годин тому
Arnold in his element. Notice he’s hanging around all the girls...OH HELL YEAH!
Casey Santana
Casey Santana 18 годин тому
Hide the man but not his voice.
Jose Vazquez
Jose Vazquez 18 годин тому
You have elbows and knees, touch them
Marco Acosta
Marco Acosta 18 годин тому
Lmaoo i thought he was Machete
Eman Gamer
Eman Gamer 18 годин тому
"now flex"
DaminionC 19 годин тому
He’s not fooling anyone
عارف اللهيبي
عارف اللهيبي 19 годин тому
The only person in the world can't change who he is.
carlos morales
carlos morales 19 годин тому
Parece al cantante de red hot chili peppers
MrTANATOS1979 20 годин тому
Obviously Is Arnold...
Mellow Mike
Mellow Mike 20 годин тому
Let's get serious Karen!
Jorge Chávez
Jorge Chávez 20 годин тому
VERY NICE, legend lmao
Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman 21 годину тому
Arnold no matter what disguise your wearing your voice will always betray you just I like mine
MysteryMrR 21 годину тому
First chick got wet
DeadIsland XOX
DeadIsland XOX 21 годину тому
I’ll be back
Tenfour Dispatch
Tenfour Dispatch 22 години тому
Danny trejos evil twin
Mitch Swanson
Mitch Swanson 23 години тому
Arny having fun, no mask :X
Pablex _
Pablex _ 23 години тому
I miss the gym :c
Eli Flanigan
Eli Flanigan День тому
What's his accent? Is it some Scandinavian country?
Michael W.
Michael W. День тому
arnold is hella funny. ..."and now, just flex."
jaaon Osborn
jaaon Osborn День тому
Lol good shit
Ser o no Ser
Ser o no Ser День тому
What's Danny Trejo doing here.
Robert Huitt
Robert Huitt День тому
He looks like an old buff Danny trejo
Florida Dad
Florida Dad День тому
Come on Arnold. Superman's glasses disguise was more effective. You're too unique. :)
Hadès День тому
He will come back.
Brandon Lamar
Brandon Lamar День тому
Very niiiiiiiiiiiice 😅
João Pedro Freitas
João Pedro Freitas День тому
I find it hilarious that the water girl takes what Arnold is saying super seriously
Philip Hubbe
Philip Hubbe День тому
Arnold looks good with a mustache!
PAUL PAUL День тому
Logan C
Logan C День тому
He awesome 👏
Tuck - The Wonder Pet
Tuck - The Wonder Pet День тому
More of this please
X_Troy 619
X_Troy 619 День тому
Wow i look so good .. So handsome Come-on Arnold u a greek god back in the dayy
Instrumedley День тому
Steven Segalzenegger
Avijeet Bhowal
Avijeet Bhowal День тому
I'll be back..🔥💯❤️
J Jones
J Jones День тому
I like to imagine the whole conversation of Whose idea this was. I can just imagine Arnold thinking this was a really good idea and people trying to dissuade him and him just not seeing it.
cowboy up
cowboy up День тому
If can't tell that's arnald your a dork .
Jake M
Jake M День тому
Wow. How did they all recognize him so easily???
The Beyonder
The Beyonder День тому
Damn that's some too notch undercover gig. Can't even recognize him.
som khrb
som khrb День тому
You looked preety pumped up .....died laughing
A K День тому
A K День тому
A K День тому
Lubé Newme
Lubé Newme День тому
I would recognise him in a snap because of His voice
jinxie712 День тому
"You have elbows and you have knees. So touch them. Very niiiice."
Clay Menefee
Clay Menefee День тому
Video starts and i thought i was watching a fucking vanoss video with terrorizer
Bruh T
Bruh T День тому
At the end when he’s admiring himself 😂😂p
carle guaso
carle guaso День тому
Besijue ve es ARNOL WASENEGE
Sm00th GAMES
Sm00th GAMES День тому
Most recognizable accent in the world lol.
Winged programme Hero626
Winged programme Hero626 День тому
Wow he looks so good so handsome XD love it
Winged programme Hero626
Winged programme Hero626 День тому
You look so familiar to me hahah
Messiah Black
Messiah Black День тому
Lol, who the fuck wouldn’t know that’s Arnold!?!
Emmanuel Rayas
Emmanuel Rayas День тому
Cod Mic Gra
Cod Mic Gra День тому
That girl actually took ten drinks from The fountain 😂😂😂
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