Asking My EX-GIRLFRIEND Piper Rockelle To Be In The CRUSHIN' REMIX Music Video! 🎥🎼 | Gavin Magnus

Gavin Magnus
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Hey guys, Gavin Magnus here, and today I am asking my ex-girlfriend Piper Rockelle to be in the Crushin' Remix official music video! Since you guys got the Crushin' Remix teaser to 1 million views, as promised we are going to release the official song on August 13th, and I told you guys that I would also ask my ex-girlfriend Piper to be in the music video, so thats exactly what we did...And to make the music video even crazier, we also asked Piper's best friend Elliana Walmsley if she would be in the music video too! What do you think Piper and Elliana said when I asked them? Do you think they said yes or no? Stay tuned to find out! Love you Goat Fam!

Crushin' Remix drops on all streaming platforms on August 13th!!!!

Crushin Remix Teaser:

Tuesday Music Video:

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Brian Hartwig
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Jamia😃 Місяць тому
@cool # address
Jamia😃 Місяць тому
@cool # so I can buy for you
Jamia😃 Місяць тому
@cool # you can have mine I can deliver to your house
Satya Sharma
Satya Sharma Місяць тому
@Irene You should get back with paper you guys are really cute couple
Renu rani
Renu rani 11 годин тому
U have too tell her u like piper a little
Renu rani
Renu rani 11 годин тому
We all know u ilke pipre
Samara Boodram
Samara Boodram День тому
Brian:why dont we show a house tour Gavin:no Brian:why not Gavin:look at the f*cking rooms
Samuel Williams
Samuel Williams 3 дні тому
This is the best video you ever did especially with Piper rockelle
Kelsie Bartlett
Kelsie Bartlett 4 дні тому
Luke gaming
Luke gaming 7 днів тому
Hi Gavin I just want to say hi I was the one that I was texting you the other day my friend was texting you and that was my friend texting you
Luke gaming
Luke gaming 7 днів тому
Hi Gavin I haven’t been on your UKvid channel in a while but I was thinking if I can commit to you
Luke gaming
Luke gaming 7 днів тому
Khyra Edwards
Khyra Edwards 9 днів тому
Why does pipe call Gavin out of nowhere
Khyra Edwards
Khyra Edwards 9 днів тому
Hello niko
Caige Stone
Caige Stone 11 днів тому
your the best
Logun Billing
Logun Billing 14 днів тому
Ay yooo gavin remember me I had a pic with u
PASTEL BLUE Liz 16 днів тому
😩ReMeMbEr👹oUr😔sOnG?🪳IVe🥺bEeN💀cRuShiNg😓piPeR😰dO😭yOu🤠rEmEmBer👺stAwPP😢*walks into the wall and almost died*
Shirlene Thomas
Shirlene Thomas 16 днів тому
At the beginning Gavin looks like a guru 💯💯
Cece And Zaza Bff
Cece And Zaza Bff 18 днів тому
Also is it just me or did Gavin seem a little disappointed when Piper didn’t answer the phone at first
Cece And Zaza Bff
Cece And Zaza Bff 18 днів тому
I still ship Pavin but like I guess we have to respect that Piper has a BF
Izabella Hamilton
Izabella Hamilton 19 днів тому
to be honest I thnk Gavin should me in the squad
Alexa Plays
Alexa Plays 20 днів тому
Ohhh gosh
Jon-Paul Ekadi
Jon-Paul Ekadi 23 дні тому
His voice has changed a lot
Piper.glossy.ily._grace 25 днів тому
When is the music video coming out?!
Theresa Lundell
Theresa Lundell 25 днів тому
What does the cow say to the milk cow: where did you come from
Nokutenda Musvaburi
Nokutenda Musvaburi 26 днів тому
Jake Paul 2.0
Avery And Audrey
Avery And Audrey 28 днів тому
Love 28 днів тому
I want you and piper to go back together
Gachaclub princess
Gachaclub princess 29 днів тому
brain: can we do a house tour gavin: no brain: why not gavin: look at my ******* room i was supried he said that word
Gachaclub princess
Gachaclub princess 29 днів тому
#PAVIN needs to come back togther yall are soooo cute!
DEEZ NUTS 29 днів тому
He really said maybe she's away from the phone maybe she is you know in the shower
Xfreyax71 29 днів тому
Add Sophie as well
Bailey Hartfil
Bailey Hartfil Місяць тому
Brian-did you parents teach you anything Gavin-pfhh I taught myself
Heidi Higgins
Heidi Higgins Місяць тому
Do you like coco still you are never cute with coco anymore
Toy Story
Toy Story Місяць тому
But she wasn’t in it only Gavin
Maliah B
Maliah B Місяць тому
Hi I love you Gavin
Grace Thompson
Grace Thompson Місяць тому
But for real for real why is Elliana gonna be in it for? That's abit weird??
Grace Thompson
Grace Thompson 26 днів тому
@Jazmine Dhaena Yup okay cool as ✌️👍
Jazmine Dhaena
Jazmine Dhaena 26 днів тому
@Grace Thompson ow okey... Just saying also
Grace Thompson
Grace Thompson 27 днів тому
@Jazmine Dhaena I no that? Just saying it's abit weird that's all.
Jazmine Dhaena
Jazmine Dhaena 27 днів тому
Maybe because Elliana and Gavin used to be best friends...
Tremblay Carter
Tremblay Carter Місяць тому
Thank you DR UROKO for bringing my wife back after 3 years of separation, if you are in the same category contact him on his Email: drurokospellcaster@gmail.com or his WhatsApp +2347059352550…
aest_roblox Місяць тому
I like liper but i love pavin more
Yasmine 🧋🔥
Yasmine 🧋🔥 Місяць тому
Lev ls gonna be mad
Amerika Asbel
Amerika Asbel Місяць тому
I don't ship her with lev But I ship me and you😏
Beth Gregerson
Beth Gregerson Місяць тому
I love you u are my favorite UKvidr please say hi
Bro o do bro booot
The Beauty Booth
The Beauty Booth Місяць тому
Sofia girlfriend if you didn't break up with her cuz she's really pretty girl now she's dating someone else and his name is lev Sean sorry for your luck Gavin
Izzyo2 Місяць тому
Savannah Dean
Savannah Dean Місяць тому
But they weren’t in the music video tho?
•Subbix• Місяць тому
Elliana and Gavin look like sibling lmao
Jennifer Hartnett
Jennifer Hartnett Місяць тому
I went in to roblox to get the crushin remix to 1 million views
Ansela Anne
Ansela Anne Місяць тому
Reilly Bryon
Reilly Bryon Місяць тому
go to her house
Nia sarafina
Nia sarafina Місяць тому
it's gonna be sick with piper
the trip goat?
the trip goat? Місяць тому
I love your vids
Ella Sparman-Boggus
Ella Sparman-Boggus Місяць тому
Hi gavin
Dinifer Virgile
Dinifer Virgile Місяць тому
this vide was on my bithday
Sophia Phair
Sophia Phair Місяць тому
I subscribed
Afifah Najwa
Afifah Najwa Місяць тому
You naughty naughty gavin jsut ask her out ik you like piper 😏 plus we no stand lev we stand pavin
Ruttu Q
Ruttu Q Місяць тому
Today is 13 augustt..
Gianna Pryce
Gianna Pryce Місяць тому
I AM A big fan
adxvi Місяць тому
gavin practising to talk to piper because he’s too nervous is the cutest thing ever
Eliiana lol
Eliiana lol 13 днів тому
Cause he has feelings still
Xxlittlexerxoxo Lol
Xxlittlexerxoxo Lol Місяць тому
Andrew Reyes
Andrew Reyes Місяць тому
mackenzie Tiska
mackenzie Tiska Місяць тому
Instead of eleana can you do sophie😁
fun with Allyson
fun with Allyson Місяць тому
You guys belong together
Nicole Martin
Nicole Martin Місяць тому
i like gavin
IlyyyRiver Місяць тому
“LIkE a rEAl pRoPsE”???
IlyyyRiver Місяць тому
Ooo~~Gavin you crushing on piper??? Btw y’all idk if I like liper more or pavin Bc I feel like lev is cheating on piper-
tiquilla28 Місяць тому
I’m from costa rica
Cuticorn 56
Cuticorn 56 Місяць тому
Oh yeah it’s gonna be good
Daniela Gutu
Daniela Gutu Місяць тому
The way when he calls her he styles his hair while he's waiting for her to answer
lhea Місяць тому
bro the last time i saw you, you were shorter then piper😰
ricardo diaz
ricardo diaz Місяць тому
ricky] diaz elvis presley
Beesy besties
Beesy besties Місяць тому
When I saw him sitting on the counter wit his feet in the sink I was dying cause I thought he was on the floor yet in reality he sitting up their😭💀
Beesy besties
Beesy besties Місяць тому
In the beginning the words weren’t coming out,his face was just like:😐on the inside:🥲
Arialle Tate
Arialle Tate Місяць тому
I thought you had a girlfriend
Eve Ntibane
Eve Ntibane Місяць тому
When are you dripping crushing
Sharky Gang
Sharky Gang Місяць тому
Some randomo I ship Gavin with elliana Me : WHAT DID HE SAYYYYYY ??
Angel Ayala
Angel Ayala Місяць тому
Ok you did the reunion can u drop it now is almost a week after the reunion
Lyrik guerrero
Lyrik guerrero Місяць тому
What did you say 😲😯😮😮😯😲😮😯😯😲
Lilly Scott
Lilly Scott Місяць тому
Gavin: Maybe it’s cause you guys haven’t- *look of pure disappointment 😂😂😂
No_name Місяць тому
iixruby Місяць тому
Jasmine Castaneda
Jasmine Castaneda Місяць тому
Jamieon Johns
Jamieon Johns Місяць тому
Can you watch my UKvid channel Gavin
Janes Hernandez
Janes Hernandez Місяць тому
Bailey Hollins
Bailey Hollins Місяць тому
sup Gavin you should just do it and be brave.
DoraTheExplorerOfficial Місяць тому
Gavin : maybe we should just pull up to her house and ask her. It's been 2 friken years💀😭
kristina.i 82
kristina.i 82 Місяць тому
Gavin did you broke up with coco
Ava Whelan
Ava Whelan Місяць тому
This is gonna be sosososo good
Heather Kozal
Heather Kozal Місяць тому
My daughter loves your videos
Baydaah Boo
Baydaah Boo Місяць тому
But answer that when and what she said after a few calls after
Willowsworld Talonstales
Willowsworld Talonstales Місяць тому
How Elliana is now the new Sofia
Justin Smith
Justin Smith Місяць тому
I have a crush on you gavin
Justin Smith
Justin Smith Місяць тому
I have a crush
Gissel Mendez
Gissel Mendez Місяць тому
Great idea but why elianna literally just out random no offense to elianna
Jazmine Dhaena
Jazmine Dhaena 27 днів тому
Maybe because Elliana and Gavin used to be best friends before Ellie left Goatfam and join other squads
Purple Queen!!!
Purple Queen!!! Місяць тому
Gavin you and Piper were such a great together
Justin White
Justin White Місяць тому
Fyp 😂😂
Niki Gayne
Niki Gayne Місяць тому
Piper:hay then Gavin. Gavin:Yo(points finger) and then piper thinks she hast to do it so Piper:Yo(points finger)
Atria_ vlogs
Atria_ vlogs Місяць тому
I still ship you two
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text– rash
text– rash Місяць тому
Gavin making excuses when piper didn’t answered
Niki Gayne
Niki Gayne Місяць тому
hay gavin I love your vids I want to be a youtuber to and make songs even though I have stage fright I will face my fear
Regina Arguelles-Luna
Regina Arguelles-Luna Місяць тому
Akilu Imran Ali
Akilu Imran Ali Місяць тому
Gavin hates failure
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