Assassin's Creed - ALL Cinematic CGI Trailers (2007-2020)

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Here's a compilation I made of all Assassin's Creed cinematic trailers that we've seen so far. This video was inspired by the new AC Valhalla trailer, because it looks amazing as always. So I wanted to make this, to show some appreciation for these incredible CGI trailers, that we have always been getting for Assassin's Creed.
Which trailer is your favorite? Comment down below!

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1 тра 2020





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PGX 2 місяці тому
For everybody saying that I forgot Assassin's Creed Odyssey or any other DLCs (or Liberation), they didn't get a CGI trailer. That's why I didn't include them. Edit: Also for everybody saying that I forgot Rogue, it's AFTER Unity in the video. I don't know why everybody thinks it should be before, as the games were released on the same day and the AC timeline isn't in chronological order anyway. Nevertheless, I can't change it now. Also some people still don't understand what CGI trailers are. I even put it in the title now, so there's not much else I can do...
Ebonheart Pact
Ebonheart Pact 4 дні тому
@T.L.P only origins and odyssey, because all the others fucking sucked. Assassins creed has changed. Accept it, cry baby.
T.L.P 4 дні тому
@Ebonheart Pact I bet you only look at the graphics. How many ac games did you finish ?
T.L.P 14 днів тому
@Andreas Hinske I played it till the end but as I understood it should be before. Because I dont remember a misson about killing arno's father. So it should be before because we dont see it in the game but maybe I am wrong because maybe shay killed arno's father after he joined templars and this makes more sense.
T.L.P 14 днів тому
Is the dead kings trailer a dlc or part of the game ? (Sorry for bad english)
Reaper 1
Reaper 1 15 днів тому
@Christopher Strong i played every assassin's creed game except odyssey it was in my table for 3 months i never played it because i was not expecting much from it because i was disappointed when i saw it on UKvid i Dont see anything Related to the main story until the end really a huge disappointed....
Ghazia Zidan
Ghazia Zidan 8 годин тому
Connor : Stealth Is Never An Option
miguel 11 годин тому
i always wondered why the ac 2 and ac brotherhood robes look different
Elvis Lee
Elvis Lee 14 годин тому
When people JEALOUS 20:20
menelgond 15 годин тому
Et pendant ce temps là ubisoft est dans la tourment, serge hascoet, cette honte et tous les autres, désolé mais terminé ubisoft
A Dog
A Dog 18 годин тому
Assasins creed is the most badass game out there
Юрко Правук
Юрко Правук День тому
Where is Odyssey???!!!))))
The Orange
The Orange День тому
I love Unity I just wish you could pick up enemies weapons like in the older games
Sketchy Dood
Sketchy Dood День тому
Just how many assassins creeds games do you have to make before all the trailers could be used to make a short film
Bla bla Gogo
Bla bla Gogo День тому
My favourite is the eagle
Robert День тому
Wtf is music in AC: Revelations?
R3TR0 i5 in th3 h0us3
R3TR0 i5 in th3 h0us3 День тому
Let’s all be honest we all think it’s getting less assassinish with every game it started so well with assassins and now we have barbarians and Spartans?
heres ghosty the sequel
heres ghosty the sequel День тому
Assassins creed Origins FWoom Do you fart? O_O
Why does everyone want ezio is he special
Vipzoo 365
Vipzoo 365 2 дні тому
borgia soldier armor are made of paper a single bolt can penerate the armor
Mad Mike
Mad Mike 2 дні тому
you think they would've done one for the Civil War or Japan by now.
Rawmantikos 2 дні тому
46:54 reminds me of 0:46 in here: ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-fRK3bJtDAjg.html
Jakob Czupek
Jakob Czupek 2 дні тому
Tony Stark: Cursed with knowledge Thanos: Cursed with knowledge Me: Cursed with Tobuscus' literal trailers
insta: gokiiim
insta: gokiiim 2 дні тому
better than 90% of the movies out there
Sasha Braus
Sasha Braus 2 дні тому
Altair: Stealth is the key Connor: Ha Ha redcoats go brrr
M4g1cB0y 2 дні тому
Forgot odyssey..
Ace 13
Ace 13 2 дні тому
Wrong you missed odyssey
DatIndianKid 3 дні тому
To be honest i think assassins creed syndicate is the last assassins creeds game
Kids Draws
Kids Draws 3 дні тому
Y are there so many assasins
Callum Whitehouse
Callum Whitehouse 3 дні тому
Ezio and altair, the men who started it all. Fitting they are the best
mochi chimmy
mochi chimmy 4 дні тому
Why didn’t you use the longer version of the cgi trailer where ezio tells his whole story (revelations)
Android 4 дні тому
Это славяне что ли?!?
Anurag Dhyani
Anurag Dhyani 4 дні тому
No trailer of assassin creed odysse
Shudipta Roy Moulick
Shudipta Roy Moulick 4 дні тому
Warriors creed vallhala..
-Nefonツ 4 дні тому
20:25 How to steal yo girl
Lucifer 4 дні тому
I failed my history test.
Jackjero GG
Jackjero GG 5 днів тому
what happens with odyssey : (
VvBlackThornvV 5 днів тому
My kids digging through my room one day: Mommy, what's Assassin's Creed? Me: 😍😭😭 Sit down, child. Time for a history lesson 😀
ITSFirefighter 74-08
ITSFirefighter 74-08 5 днів тому
Where’s Odyssey??
Antoni Neguyen
Antoni Neguyen 6 днів тому
Lol this video has mor likes as suskriber
Nilo_Nyan 6 днів тому
i love how you didn't include odyssey
Just Some Guy Without A Beard
Just Some Guy Without A Beard 6 днів тому
When your favorite Assassins Creed game doesn't have any cinematic trailer
Johan Nes
Johan Nes 6 днів тому
42:17 thanos snapped
James Wheeler
James Wheeler 6 днів тому
They never figured out how to make people look normal when talking in these trailers
Domino Turtle
Domino Turtle 6 днів тому
cant wait for valhalla
alpha reborn
alpha reborn 7 днів тому
If there were people acting like that right now they would be on the streets protesting
Sandro Terriquez
Sandro Terriquez 7 днів тому
Why do the assassins kill the people that have the Red Cross on them ? I’ve always had that question in mind
Daddy Tygren
Daddy Tygren 5 днів тому
Marcus Chorn
Marcus Chorn 7 днів тому
29:36 when your controller runs out of charge
CamoGamingXZ 7 днів тому
and thats why u never mess with assasins
Phirexon 7 днів тому
Jacob lowkey look like Willy Wonka
BLANCO 7 днів тому
Assassins creed 3 is the best one
TheNathanator13 7 днів тому
Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is the most underrated Assassin’s Creed game
Sohail Khan
Sohail Khan 7 днів тому
Sayed Nurul
Sayed Nurul 7 днів тому
At first the templers, then Italy, then pirates, ancient Egypt and Rome,then ancient Greece, and now Vikings. What is going to be the next plot of assassins creed?
Russel Viernes
Russel Viernes 8 днів тому
Clyde Kanon
Clyde Kanon 8 днів тому
I don't give a shit every assassin's creed game was great
Trash Panda
Trash Panda 8 днів тому
My Ranking of the Games (Not counting Valhalla) 1. Black Flag 2. Brotherhood 3. Origins 4. AC 2 5. Syndicate 6. Odyssey 7. Rogue 8. AC 3 9. AC 1 10. Revelations 11. Unity (Although the trailer is my favorite lol)
Santino Perrucci
Santino Perrucci 9 днів тому
Assassins creed 3 is honestly the assassin creed I’ve played and I played all of them
Santino Perrucci
Santino Perrucci 9 днів тому
no one
no one 9 днів тому
There are too many games that take place in the 18th century in my opinion and i think there should be more games taking place in the medieval ages
Outdoors Life
Outdoors Life 9 днів тому
3 is still my favorite but Valhalla will probably take it's place
The Magic Stick
The Magic Stick 9 днів тому
The hidden gun instead of the hidden blade in AC2 is a pretty cool concept but doesn’t make any sense because the assassins are meant to be stealthy and quiet.
Irus 9 днів тому
47:08, that poor guy still tried to do his job lol.
Marshall Schaap
Marshall Schaap 10 днів тому
I like sydicate
Aarav kumar
Aarav kumar 10 днів тому
In the support of Black flag.👍
Frank Insten
Frank Insten 10 днів тому
You can't beat ezio
TokiHen 10 днів тому
So, where is Assassins Creed Odyssey?
Ream Sleep
Ream Sleep 10 днів тому
This may be a version of Robin Hood but with lots of action
Jacob Creel
Jacob Creel 11 днів тому
During the Revolutionary War the Americans were just simple farmers and workers and they defeated an entire British Army
Ильгам Рустамов
Ильгам Рустамов 11 днів тому
my left ear is much pleased, thank you
neve silente
neve silente 11 днів тому
And Assassin's Creed Odyssey?
Daniel Wen
Daniel Wen 11 днів тому
where is the trailer of assassin's creed odyssey?
Rahul Kushwah
Rahul Kushwah 11 днів тому
Assassin's creed Odyssey is amazing 😍 game
Odaro Omoruyi
Odaro Omoruyi 11 днів тому
How do you guys manage to play Assad in creeds like it’s so bloody
Roost 11 днів тому
I hate how every AC game theres always a cutscene thats like “theres too many people, you cant take them on” Theres a big part of me going. “Let me try just once. Give me five minutes and the only person left standing will be me.” Especially with like connor and Ezio. They could each take on about 10 armies.
rose080891 12 днів тому
i just really appreciate that the eagle is Kassandra/Alexios
Jaden Ordenstein
Jaden Ordenstein 12 днів тому
They needa make a movie series on assassins creed. That would be awesome
Хучбар Дайтов
Хучбар Дайтов 12 днів тому
pey ci
pey ci 12 днів тому
And where is the Odyssey?
Nelson Yeo
Nelson Yeo 12 днів тому
Revelations, the first AC3 trailer, the first 2 Unity trailers, and the first Origins are the best trailers imo
Thunder Fact
Thunder Fact 12 днів тому
valhala is a good game , not old assasin's creed
z Z
z Z 13 днів тому
AC syndicate feels like a peaky blinders spinoff I'd definitely watch
Kristoffer MC
Kristoffer MC 13 днів тому
you did`n foget rogue but odessey
DEV KHARE 13 днів тому
where's assassin's creed odyssey?
Biggo_09 13 днів тому
AC odyssey?
Kilo 13 днів тому
the 1st Assassins Creed is still the best. Al'tair all the way.
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