Astronaut Training w/ Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks & Will Arnett

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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James Corden invites the stars of "The LEGO Movie 2" -- Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks and Will Arnett -- to Space Camp for a battery of tests to determine who is most fit to make a career change to astronaut.
Learn more about Space Camp and how you can attend: ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-fWSLC67r2vk.html
The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is in theaters February 8. Watch the trailer: ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-cksYkEzUa7k.html
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21 січ 2019

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Chemiegamer Peter
Chemiegamer Peter День тому
XtremeGummy День тому
7:57 Spaceship Karaoke 😂
Edvinuziukas xoxox
Edvinuziukas xoxox 2 дні тому
Chris acctually won
Nam Anh Nguyen Le
Nam Anh Nguyen Le 2 дні тому
Hoot has his own wikipedia page
La-ché Williams
La-ché Williams 3 дні тому
Hoot making me laugh me laugh he just like "smh"
Killgarragh Forever
Killgarragh Forever 3 дні тому
The real astronaut guy is so disappointed in then. He's like, why do I have to deal with this?!
Emily Murphy
Emily Murphy 3 дні тому
I love watching Roberts face when they start singing 😂👌
Megan DeLuca
Megan DeLuca 4 дні тому
Lol Elizabeth is so tiny compared to everyone else😂
KeepitSilent like
KeepitSilent like 4 дні тому
Bro lmao I was here in 4th grade
JakeBo Gaming
JakeBo Gaming 4 дні тому
Yo I just went to this camp one week ago Edit: Also they were being dramatic on the centrifuge, I’m a lot smaller than them and during 3.2 G’s I could move around really easily, hell I was doing the macerana (sorry for spelling) while they were struggling to touch their noses in 2 g’s
Thud Thud
Thud Thud 6 днів тому
"How many here have been to space? Well don't puke on my spaceship!"
Richard Collins
Richard Collins 6 днів тому
Elizabeth couldnt work the thing right and she didnt land the ship it shouldnt have been her.
jo vanessa
jo vanessa 6 днів тому
Lfneves133 6 днів тому
matt henderson
matt henderson 7 днів тому
Of course they had the female win. Didn’t see that coming! Hollywood
Jordan Farr
Jordan Farr 7 днів тому
Russia didn’t land a man on the moon
Oscar Yanez
Oscar Yanez 7 днів тому
Arnett just puke.
Docter Khumalo
Docter Khumalo 7 днів тому
This was absolutely brilliant 😂😂😂
Jack Montgomery
Jack Montgomery 8 днів тому
This is the best video I’ve seen in this whole show
Cody Jahay
Cody Jahay 9 днів тому
James. Your to fat to be an astronaut.
luc key
luc key 9 днів тому
piece of propaganda load crap
sejtaridiss 9 днів тому
Too spripted...
Sean C
Sean C 9 днів тому
Carpool Karaoke: Painful Space Edition
Mark Lipsinic
Mark Lipsinic 9 днів тому
Elizabeth: Crashes Space Shuttle. NASA: "Your the one with the right stuff."
bunny l
bunny l 9 днів тому
i was on that same multi axis trainer back in 2016
bunny l
bunny l 9 днів тому
i had them stop half way threw on the multi axis trainer
bunny l
bunny l 9 днів тому
i was on that same multi axis trainer back in 2016
ItzGalaxy_ // Gaming
ItzGalaxy_ // Gaming 10 днів тому
Ive Chris is Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom!!
Ayumi Itsuki Chan
Ayumi Itsuki Chan 10 днів тому
did anyone notice James camera broke when he was turning? 06:26 I laughed when I saw that 😂😂😂
Preston Garvey
Preston Garvey 11 днів тому
TR6 Thecookiesmuggler
TR6 Thecookiesmuggler 12 днів тому
Omi Luni
Omi Luni 12 днів тому
Uranus is pronounce Your Re Nus
Martin Halvax
Martin Halvax 12 днів тому
Cameraman @4:51 lol
SentinalSlice 12 днів тому
They were playing flight simulator!! Haha
Amateur 1
Amateur 1 13 днів тому
Damn he came to my hometown
Gwskater Space
Gwskater Space 14 днів тому
I just graduated today it was the best week of my life
Ooriley2 Gaming
Ooriley2 Gaming 14 днів тому
The first mechan is not bad
Judith Torio
Judith Torio 14 днів тому
Wait..... Did you just say Alabama?
Zi Playz
Zi Playz 14 днів тому
I’m sure Chris Pratt should know a lot about flying a ship 😂
water Ice
water Ice 14 днів тому
Everytime I heard Will, I keep thinking Bojack Horseman
Rolo Cannolo
Rolo Cannolo 14 днів тому
I thought Chris should have won
Vosk Velcrow
Vosk Velcrow 15 днів тому
lmao just the start... "please call me Hoot. -You got it Robert."
Landry 15 днів тому
"You got it Robert" 😂
Macallister Stier
Macallister Stier 15 днів тому
Pratt should have won
Paul Brown
Paul Brown 16 днів тому
hoot:call me hoot will:you got it Robert
MK22 Studios
MK22 Studios 16 днів тому
What's the song at 5:50 called?
bethany e
bethany e 16 днів тому
Marcel Obey
Marcel Obey 17 днів тому
they had to let her win otherwise there would have been a storm of women on here talking about womens rights blah blah blah... but they all equally sucked
mythsis Little Farie
mythsis Little Farie 18 днів тому
18 years! Who did they replace me with in the avengers and gaurdians movies? That what Pratt was thinking....lol.
Tara McMasters
Tara McMasters 18 днів тому
when they sang “rocketman” 😂😍
Chris hue
Chris hue 18 днів тому
Theory of revatility? Ha! Blondes.
SUPER SMILE 19 днів тому
OMG!!!!!! I went to that camp!!!!! And I have the suits and have been on all of those!!!!!!!!!!!!
vernii mirnii
vernii mirnii 19 днів тому
Man I wanna do space training sooooo bad now
Aisha Gordon
Aisha Gordon 19 днів тому
This video is just four little kids in adult bodies....
f RP
f RP 19 днів тому
Only do the work. The astronaut and the NASA IS A COMEDY MILLIONS THE DOLARS TO THE Bath. The space comedy is totally true. Poor sheeps poor jajajajajajajaja in your face jajajajajajajaja
Luisilllo biker
Luisilllo biker 19 днів тому
Quien puede poner 👎???? James es un genio.
Merchant Ivory
Merchant Ivory 19 днів тому
I love how it felt like the office at the end when she won lmao great skit guys that was so much fun to watch!
Rachel Lee
Rachel Lee 19 днів тому
will looks kinda like ned from try guys
Mila Burhanzai
Mila Burhanzai 20 днів тому
Ben 20 днів тому
*James corden having ah orgasm inside a space shuttle simulation*
Person Johns
Person Johns 21 день тому
At 8:25 was that a reference to something cuz if it was I didn’t get it (Don’t hate) #spacedab
Daniel Bejar
Daniel Bejar 22 дні тому
Why did Will Arnett look like Kevin James in the thumbnail
Jay Rhoades
Jay Rhoades 22 дні тому
You all performed well, if we still put monkeys into space. 😁😉
Michael Wayne
Michael Wayne 23 дні тому
Revatility? Hehehe
Lea Solomou
Lea Solomou 23 дні тому
I agree with Chris
Sam Wu
Sam Wu 23 дні тому
I am Hoot
Julian Gómez Da Luz
Julian Gómez Da Luz 24 дні тому
Now u have realised that astronauts probably have rules about what to do or say if they see anything which isn't from our world.I bet that astronaut saw some things which weren't from this planet
Gabe Young
Gabe Young 24 дні тому
They are the guardians of the galaxy
CodyDoesGaming :D
CodyDoesGaming :D 24 дні тому
Lol Hoot doesn’t really seem happy about this bunch.
veronica Bee
veronica Bee 24 дні тому
What can you tell me about ur-anus? Umm... it’s never been explored 😂🙃😄😏
NDUISFAHAN 25 днів тому
8:07 face of disappointment
Kristian Todd
Kristian Todd 25 днів тому
Chris Pratt should have won!!
Trinie Shepard
Trinie Shepard 26 днів тому
there was never any russian on the moon.
s b c 4 8 0 5
s b c 4 8 0 5 28 днів тому
I don’t know about y’all, but “Hoot’s” voice is so soothing
Mason Puhalovic
Mason Puhalovic 28 днів тому
I went to space camp
Roy Kim
Roy Kim 28 днів тому
4:50 Elizatbith & James: Straping them selves in Cameraman: *randomly walks in them oofed his head*
Christian isaac
Christian isaac Місяць тому
He forgot the last test... the fitness gram pacer test
TheLoneCabbage Місяць тому
When Chris heard "3x your normal body weight" you could see him regretting his life decisions.
Brenda Sanchez
Brenda Sanchez Місяць тому
Oh my god that’s my 1 favorite song
Joe Cantu
Joe Cantu Місяць тому
William Turner
William Turner Місяць тому
I don't see how she won she crashed the rocket ship
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