AVENGERS ENDGAME Trailer Breakdown! Super Bowl Spot Easter Eggs You Missed!

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Avengers Endgame Super Bowl Trailer Explained! Thanks to Wix for Sponsoring this Video! Build Your Own Website at: www.wix.com/go/newrockstars
What details did you miss in this Avengers Endgame promo that aired during the Super Bowl? What is Thor and Rocket's mission in Endgame, and will Tony Stark and Nebula build a way to return on their own? What does Cap's group therapy session say about the world after Thanos' snap? Erik Voss breaks down this Endgame trailer -- all 30 seconds of it, which is THOUSANDS of still images to pore over -- to explain the Avengers' possible comeback strategies against Thanos and the time jump that could take place after Infinity War. Which of these shots could be re-edited for the final version of the movie? What detail about Tony Stark suggests his coming full circle to his state in the first Iron Man movie? #AvengersEndgame
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5 лют 2019





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Farterman /mr. fartsalot
Farterman /mr. fartsalot 15 годин тому
They were staring at captain marvel on the lawn and captain America looks like red Skool when he moved his face with his hand at the beginning of captain America first avenger
Rednaxela Robert
Rednaxela Robert День тому
7:10 I think it's Tony, Thanos and Cap doing the talking.
Flying Fox flys
Flying Fox flys 4 дні тому
When black panther said dust and blood might be connected to the red
Team Clorox Bleach
Team Clorox Bleach 4 дні тому
something in caps mouth buckys dust got in there
evanwolfyou 7 днів тому
Putra Pakaya
Putra Pakaya 10 днів тому
Click ait
Santiago VEGA BENZAQUEN 12 днів тому
If it is Wolverine, I’m losing it.
Anthony Martin
Anthony Martin 12 днів тому
Tony stank
AL4XAND4R 22 дні тому
30 Sec 19 Min
Nick Dan
Nick Dan 23 дні тому
It's reversed because Ultron's character appeared a lot of time ago. And it's red and grey because these are Ultron's colors.
cody pinson
cody pinson 23 дні тому
Captain Marvel is lucky
Kingfishiesthe4th Official
Kingfishiesthe4th Official 23 дні тому
I think the red is for the reality stone like if u agree
Infinite Joy
Infinite Joy 25 днів тому
Siddharth Khatiwala
Siddharth Khatiwala 26 днів тому
Captain Marvel isn’t arriving because of captain marvel post credits scene
FaZe D_lux
FaZe D_lux 26 днів тому
Theory: sense the movie OBVIOUSLY involves time travel, I think that they will go back and save gamora
Sophie Lol
Sophie Lol 27 днів тому
I want it to be filled with Loki or gamora
Deri Tuffre
Deri Tuffre 27 днів тому
Every one that disappeared is in the soul stone
FaZe D_lux
FaZe D_lux 26 днів тому
Deri Tuffre that just blew my mind no joke
salty buckets
salty buckets 27 днів тому
dammit i just got told by nick that 1:23 i ate saled was a year ago
Matt Pardi
Matt Pardi 27 днів тому
When Cap, Natasha, Banner, and Rhodie were standing next to each other it looked like they were at the baseball field.
Clare Parkinson
Clare Parkinson 29 днів тому
I think the gap should be filled with... A FLURKIN.
Sangita Karekar
Sangita Karekar Місяць тому
Look at the marching scenes . Compare then and look at the building logo of avengers
potterheadep305 Місяць тому
by looking at the clips i theory the clip while they are walking out of hq they are watching thor fly back to asgard i want the mystery character to be Tony or Nebula
deeplivin Місяць тому
But what if C-A-T really meant DOG?
Ella Michael
Ella Michael Місяць тому
I want captain marvel
Henrique Barbosa
Henrique Barbosa Місяць тому
15:23 In the first image the building that we can see through the window has the avengers logo, and in the second the building doesn't. I think is just a continuity error but....
icywolfpaws36 Місяць тому
I’m not ready for endgame🥺
Troy Campbell
Troy Campbell Місяць тому
If I can move fire with my eyes am I a superhero
braveeagle10 Місяць тому
How has a 30 second trailer gone to a 19 minute 25 second video??
Joshua Lefferman
Joshua Lefferman Місяць тому
The empty spaces are captian marvel. its confirmed
Margit Jakabfi
Margit Jakabfi Місяць тому
14:30 it is not that he doesn't like walking with other people,it is that he can barely walk after what happened in civil war
wesama zori
wesama zori Місяць тому
What’s interesting to me that I caught in Guardians of the Galaxy one. Is when the collector is telling them what the infinity stone is, he says for a time a group uses their energy in sequence but eventually the power was to much for them to contain...I think that’s interesting that he said they used their energy and not they used the stones....I think Marvel is and has been hinting at what will happen in EndGame from way back then. That the hero’s will not use the infinity stones but will use the energy of them to create their own gauntlet....what are your thoughts
Patrick Todd
Patrick Todd Місяць тому
8:03 most interesting part of this shot is...Tony's arms! Stark has still got it!
TheSapphireRogue Місяць тому
You missed the Avenger "A" in the hanger scene. It looks like present and past.
Jeffery James-Mathison
Jeffery James-Mathison Місяць тому
It is Tony Starks ship
Jeffery James-Mathison
Jeffery James-Mathison Місяць тому
J World
J World Місяць тому
I need to see every Marvel character in this MOVIE!!!
Renz Alec Rodriguez
Renz Alec Rodriguez Місяць тому
i think int the one with no heroes is the other universe
Jovohn Beamon
Jovohn Beamon Місяць тому
"Hi, I'm Erik Voss" Enough said, enough said.
Muhd Fahmi
Muhd Fahmi Місяць тому
I wanna see nanotech war machine armor
Rivi Villegas
Rivi Villegas Місяць тому
Why he never mentioned Nebula and Tony walking together with the rest of the Avengers?
singh navroop
singh navroop Місяць тому
Captian Marvel
Adrian Calderon
Adrian Calderon Місяць тому
At 0:01 the vid starts
Nightlight Kennedy
Nightlight Kennedy Місяць тому
The picture where Thor was looked like Batman logo
JS Gamez
JS Gamez Місяць тому
I think Tony will say "Some people move on" then cap will say "But not us" and Tony will say it back
Jack Truhe
Jack Truhe Місяць тому
Stan Lee
Micah Carpenter
Micah Carpenter Місяць тому
3:27 Or maybe you know... They’re in the soul stone?
StugRaz 25
StugRaz 25 Місяць тому
I want it to be shaggy
Chris Bloom
Chris Bloom Місяць тому
Eric your the best!
Shrestha Mitra
Shrestha Mitra Місяць тому
which suit that all of them are wearing in that sunrise shot?
Shadow Weasel
Shadow Weasel Місяць тому
The mystery character is Waluigi
Kellie Wonderly
Kellie Wonderly Місяць тому
You are hurting my brain
Sapphire919 Місяць тому
Ta Chaka
aidyn bowyer
aidyn bowyer Місяць тому
It could be one of cables time travel devices from deadpool2
Alonzo Perez
Alonzo Perez Місяць тому
Deadpool is in the movie because on the things of Captain America's hand he said that might be something to treasure troll but it's not it's from the Deadpool movie at the end of the movie it shows Deadpool losing it what's it called 2 erase everything that he did
Alijah Maddox
Alijah Maddox Місяць тому
Only time will tell....get it
Alice Ritson
Alice Ritson Місяць тому
Three minutes of trailer, twenty minutes of explaining.
Benjamin Alvarez
Benjamin Alvarez Місяць тому
In the empty spots I want captain marvel and hawkeye
Kyo Kotaro
Kyo Kotaro Місяць тому
Captain Marvel lived in the liberty statue...
Brotos Місяць тому
i think time travel they are going to get the stones
Quan Vuong
Quan Vuong Місяць тому
Some people move on Bananas Some bangs Matis Subtiles
i Fizzo
i Fizzo Місяць тому
The red color stands for power of will
Derek Wang
Derek Wang Місяць тому
@newrockstars 13:51 the frames are going in opposite directions possibly.mraning alternate dimensions idk symbolyic values here but that's the best i.can do
Aayush Rao
Aayush Rao Місяць тому
We all know tony stark survived space because he had a suit and was walking with everyone else at the end of the trailer
Humaid M.
Humaid M. Місяць тому
What I think is going to happen is the the gauntlet and infinity stones are just a teleport to the space when thanos goes in when he got hit in the chest by Thor’s axe.
David Jones
David Jones Місяць тому
Why would people dislike this vid?!
Demond'sHead Angel'sHeart
Demond'sHead Angel'sHeart Місяць тому
Your friendly neighborhood DeadPool!
Laksi Naras
Laksi Naras Місяць тому
9:48 When you close your airpods
Kitty Isaacson
Kitty Isaacson Місяць тому
I want it to be Captain Marvel in the empty space!
Austin Dunkle
Austin Dunkle Місяць тому
Caption marvel well kill thanos
KVM_2K Місяць тому
Silver surfer
Ragvar Місяць тому
What if Deadpool comes...😂
O h Y e a h Y e a h
O h Y e a h Y e a h День тому
It’s pg13 so I doubt he’s there
Muffinpurpergurk Місяць тому
yash kapadia
yash kapadia Місяць тому
Dr strange can be added
Elijah jean-leon
Elijah jean-leon Місяць тому
Rosemary Metallic
Rosemary Metallic Місяць тому
14:14 there's no avenger's logo but the next pic has it. Someone explain please?
Rosemary Metallic
Rosemary Metallic Місяць тому
I meant like at the building. So maybe it shows the headquarters in the past and the second pic (where the heroes are marching) is a few times before the first pic was "shot"
The Gangz
The Gangz Місяць тому
The secons not us sounds almost like thanos
GrixTRG Місяць тому
The empty spaces is Tony Stark and Nebula because theres another trailer that shows they all walking with a white avengers suit Im 100% sure its Tony Stark and Nebula. I think they going to a time machine wearing the suit, Who knows
EZ PZ Місяць тому
I can't see Drax anywhere, can someone tell me where he is?
That Guy
That Guy Місяць тому
you should have been in the gaps
Christopher Kingston
Christopher Kingston Місяць тому
How can you mention the "cut" shot from Infinity War with Tony and The Hulk in Wakanda and NOT explore the possibility that all of the Avengers' plans will build up to a re-match of that epic battle, where everyone is together and Thanos and his army are this time outmatched?!
Prasenjit Shil
Prasenjit Shil Місяць тому
You are good..but dont say irrelevant talk much
Abhinav Juniyar
Abhinav Juniyar Місяць тому
Endgame Trailer 2 video plz
faZe damon
faZe damon Місяць тому
I finke tat there anlive but thanos made it so half the world cant see the aver half booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom
Vivek Nagal
Vivek Nagal Місяць тому
Many people may need wix promotions.... But NOT us.
Chris Matteson
Chris Matteson Місяць тому
“Some people move on... Bananas.” I love the 1940’s way that Cap is surprised by people moving on.
ImDeeTisdaleVlogs Місяць тому
Im hoping that somehow Ultron comes back and that it ends up being kind of like the game that capcom and Marvel collabed and made.(just some aspects from the game that would fit the movies now) Look up on UKvid marvel vs capcom infinite and watch at least the first 15 minutes and see how some of this could fit without capcom being in it of course.
Zachary shimray
Zachary shimray Місяць тому
Enter KRATOS looking bloody angry.
YoungChildSupport Xxn00b5layer
YoungChildSupport Xxn00b5layer Місяць тому
I feel that the tony is going back in time to get the old captain a-derpica shield because of the scene of captain America strapping the shield on his arm
JRedBoss Місяць тому
I think the mystery person is professor hulk. He’s gotta come back soon, and what a better time for them to fuse then now
end of the line
end of the line Місяць тому
Ya know, I thought caps shaking hand was because maybe he was going fight and maybe he knew it was going to be his last? Or maybe he sacrificed himself? I keep on thinking he's going to go back in time and try to get the soul stone and in order to let the people with him to get it, he's gonna jump over the cliff
Shaylin Chace
Shaylin Chace Місяць тому
I want goose to just swallow thanos and then credits roll
RUGIS Місяць тому
Some people like The Last Jedi, but “Not Us!”
Dead Pool
Dead Pool Місяць тому
Do the trailer that came out today!!!
Rhiannon Kelly
Rhiannon Kelly Місяць тому
When I first heard it I thought the second not us was also ultron
dot. Місяць тому
its not but not us its bananas
dot. Місяць тому
i think when they saw antman its was before infinity war because captain america does not have a beard
dot. Місяць тому
Adrian Medina
Adrian Medina Місяць тому
On Instagram there was tony stark in the scene where they are walking in the hanger where the sun moves
Andrew Lessa
Andrew Lessa Місяць тому
No the red is the reality stone son
Luqky Місяць тому
Some people move on..... *BANANAS*
Luqky Місяць тому
Ultron wanted to save humanity, I assume they possibly went back in time, brought him to their time with some persuasion, and ye.
Jignasha Sisodia
Jignasha Sisodia Місяць тому
The sun-scene, I believe that it could after the cap going in the past. And he comes back and takes the team again in time to fight against, different places may be. So, the scene could be the first with the team and second afterwards reversing. What's say???!!!
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