AVENGERS ENDGAME Trailer Breakdown! Super Bowl Spot Easter Eggs You Missed!

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Avengers Endgame Super Bowl Trailer Explained! Thanks to Wix for Sponsoring this Video! Build Your Own Website at: www.wix.com/go/newrockstars
What details did you miss in this Avengers Endgame promo that aired during the Super Bowl? What is Thor and Rocket's mission in Endgame, and will Tony Stark and Nebula build a way to return on their own? What does Cap's group therapy session say about the world after Thanos' snap? Erik Voss breaks down this Endgame trailer -- all 30 seconds of it, which is THOUSANDS of still images to pore over -- to explain the Avengers' possible comeback strategies against Thanos and the time jump that could take place after Infinity War. Which of these shots could be re-edited for the final version of the movie? What detail about Tony Stark suggests his coming full circle to his state in the first Iron Man movie? #AvengersEndgame
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5 лют 2019

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Fatiha Taheya
Fatiha Taheya Годину тому
I just had a crzy theory idea. What if that infinity war avengers assemble scene that wasn't in the movie is in this end game movie ? Since time travel is definitely happening, maybe they go back to the battle and fight together, and win ?
nicole quisado
nicole quisado 2 години тому
The director of avengers really is so smart giving us some clues and bringging us so many theory
Jackson Keen
Jackson Keen 2 години тому
Stan lee i want the space to have in it
D Harris
D Harris 3 години тому
Florida always has crazy stories
Silentwolf Sherman
Silentwolf Sherman 3 години тому
I'm certain Disney is incorporating more trailer made shots now days since Wreck it Ralph Breaks the Internet even had scenes in the trailers that either weren't in the movie or purposely at the end. Infinity War Had trailer only scenes too. The Russos and Marvel in general are already infamous about misdirection, so some of these scenes are likely altered or even trailer exclusive and as such i wouldnt read too much into it. That said, Cp Marvel and IW Endgame will not be here soon enough.
Spidershoes 4 години тому
That sounds nothing like Tony Stark. It's Thanos.
S1ENDEE 4 години тому
ThePunisher 2793
ThePunisher 2793 6 годин тому
Jada Bower
Jada Bower 8 годин тому
In the shot of all of the avengers in the storage room looking thing in the avengers building, the shot without the actors has no avengers symbol when you look through the window. Maybe a parallel reality?
the warhunter
the warhunter 9 годин тому
Its the evolved hulk...
tman 11907
tman 11907 10 годин тому
Captain marvel
Carl Wardwell
Carl Wardwell 12 годин тому
I think the 2 shots one with those left behind and one without will both be in the film... First one being empty showing the after effects of the snap along with Citi field and liberty island finishing with the sign on the wall of what do we do now that they are gone... Later I see captain marvel showing up and renewing hope and them all walking through the hanger to a ship of some kind ready to take the fight to thanos!
McWildLife 12 годин тому
"Some people" - Tony, "move on" - Thanos, "but not us" - Steve
Matthew Torres
Matthew Torres 13 годин тому
I love to see Ultron again!
bennywallo 15 годин тому
The Theory with the reality doesnt really make sense, they would be able to communicate with or travel to the others somehow, I think.
Jarrod Pavey
Jarrod Pavey 15 годин тому
How did drax disintegrate Thanos can't see him he is invisible?
Lena Oswin
Lena Oswin 17 годин тому
Loki wasn't shown in the two seconds
Jair Guerra
Jair Guerra 18 годин тому
Kinda like tony
Jair Guerra
Jair Guerra 18 годин тому
It sounds like thanos, not really like tony
Lloyd Kang
Lloyd Kang 19 годин тому
“Hi I’m Erik Voss”
Noob and lucky Yt
Noob and lucky Yt 20 годин тому
Viggo Sienko
Viggo Sienko День тому
Watch avengers assemble ep.2 and everything will be answered
LFCEV4N День тому
i thought it sounded a bit like thanos
Des Robinson
Des Robinson День тому
big chungus
big chungus День тому
16:42. That's Ultron boys
Dawn Steinmetz
Dawn Steinmetz День тому
Best idea yet, Those that got dusted are in another reality.
Loot Cat
Loot Cat День тому
Remember that Tony was stabbed by Thanos in Infinity War. So maybe the reactor is out in to keep him alive.
Anthony Maste
Anthony Maste День тому
They are in a loop of time
Change Of Direction
Change Of Direction День тому
Nah, Tony's reactor has always been in his chest, as close to his heart as it can get to keep the shrapnel away still (the basic need for the reactor). The one on the suite is just a shell around the reactor that probably helps to activate the nano bots to create the suite around him.
Change Of Direction
Change Of Direction День тому
"CitiFlied is a dark pit of despair and also looks pretty sad in this trailer..." I see what you did here, and Eric, I couldn't agree with you more. ;)
Cp Airsoft
Cp Airsoft День тому
I want it to be deadpool😂😂😂
Legolas Shen Ee
Legolas Shen Ee День тому
Thanos used reality stone to create ultron, Ultron should be the key to reverse the reality stone. The reality stone is red and ultron has some part of his body red. Maybe in endgame ultron will defeat thanos and die together
Ninja Master
Ninja Master День тому
The Statue of Liberty is missing a hand
Helen Leverage
Helen Leverage День тому
It was glutton which means vision is.alive
Frank Concepcion
Frank Concepcion День тому
Look at the scene where the Avengers are walking through the HQ, you see the Avengers sign on the building in the background. Now look at the HQ scene where there are no Avengers, you will see the Avenger sign is now gone. I think time travel is involved, possibly where we now see Captain Marvel in the 80's?
Frank Concepcion
Frank Concepcion День тому
NVM, there was something obscuring/blocking the view of the Avenger sign...meeh.
Robert Gomez
Robert Gomez День тому
Mystery character = venom
Acheron Barker
Acheron Barker День тому
Not living creatures, living things
Adam Husseini
Adam Husseini День тому
That Hawkeye sene reminded me of the power rangers sene in the 2017 movie when they discovered the ship, maybe they’ll make a crossover?
Harrison Miller
Harrison Miller День тому
I want fantastic four and x men in mcu
Ryanna Animates
Ryanna Animates 3 години тому
I really don’t want that ;-;
dapeo el phi ilike
dapeo el phi ilike День тому
X-men and fantastic four i think are mcu but it's a shame we ain't seen them appear in the Avengers scene; however there are rumours of 'Wolverine' making an appearance in 'endgame'.. I just cant wait until it shows in the cinema, gonna be sick
The Glitch Cultist
The Glitch Cultist День тому
Frosty Pizza Man
Frosty Pizza Man День тому
If a character is meant to be that second empty space, I would like to see Hawkeye in it. But in the first empty space, I would like to Thor in it.
Thomas Hayes
Thomas Hayes День тому
Ever realised that only the original avengers where left after the snap
XxDyna-throws xX
XxDyna-throws xX День тому
What would happen if you were allergic to dust
Joshua Rosales
Joshua Rosales День тому
Rocket actually wear a Quantum Realm suit!
AstoN День тому
The gaps could have been antman
Bunny Showfety
Bunny Showfety День тому
I personally think that it is Thanos talking rather than Cap or Tony. but that is just me!
Aaron Brylle Daguman
Aaron Brylle Daguman День тому
Maybe it's red because ironman is gonna...
Hari Haran
Hari Haran День тому
But in the guardian's pic there is Rocket also.I think he was'nt dusted during the infinity war
Justin Oherien
Justin Oherien День тому
If you look at the building in the back it does not have the avengers logo but does in the other
DMaster День тому
I think that cap or tony is going to die in avengers end game
Isaiah Andrews
Isaiah Andrews День тому
Not a joke!
Isaiah Andrews
Isaiah Andrews День тому
The end has come!!!!!!
Real TGI
Real TGI День тому
[POWER] Zentose_gaming
[POWER] Zentose_gaming День тому
I know it will never happen, but I want to see Venom in this film
Lucas Monroi
Lucas Monroi День тому
i want the real hulk not loki
Mark hopp
Mark hopp День тому
Captain marvel
Adi Hussain
Adi Hussain День тому
13:02 i think cap and Thanos fought but his shield (with magnets) breaks and like the start of infinity war Thanos leaves cap injured like he did to Thor he needs to recover but the savage he is he goes and suits up ... OG style
Callum Cruickshank
Callum Cruickshank День тому
"Edinburg" ahaha why do people from the states struggle with how to say it aahahaha just annoys me because I'm from Scotland. You say "Edin bur ha" Edinburgh
pj neon
pj neon День тому
2:45 where is aunt robin?
Rebecca Garcia
Rebecca Garcia 2 дні тому
Suryansh Arikaervula
Suryansh Arikaervula 2 дні тому
It's Gamora in the empty space
Loot Cat
Loot Cat 2 дні тому
I once tried to fuse Schindlers list with Avengers back in my advertising/photoshop class and my teacher told me i wasnt allowed to do that because it was too dark and Disney wouldnt allow anything like that...
Xx Wolfy xX
Xx Wolfy xX 2 дні тому
So.....where’s Loki in the start?
mannyman1009 2 дні тому
*MatPat wants to know your location.*
Juicy Boy
Juicy Boy 2 дні тому
Roses Are Red 50% Of The Universe Is Dead Thor Should Have Aimed For The Head
Juicy Boy
Juicy Boy 2 години тому
+Sreenath Aether nope
Sreenath Aether
Sreenath Aether 3 години тому
Im copying
Hyper_ HELIX_
Hyper_ HELIX_ 2 дні тому
ultron would be littttt
Kevan B
Kevan B 2 дні тому
That scene from Schindler's List, and the follow up, (where Schindler is watching bodies being exhumed and cremated, and sees the red coat girl's body go by on a trolley) are truly heart wrenching.
David Hernandez
David Hernandez 2 дні тому
i want captain marvel to be that missing person. close second is pepper. close third the immortal iron fist haha.
Lynn Mirante
Lynn Mirante 2 дні тому
MissEdna V
MissEdna V 2 дні тому
I think Scott is in the gap between Rhodey and Banner where they are looking up, and I think it’s the Benatar that’s arriving.
psycho liseus
psycho liseus 2 дні тому
thanos only snap the time stone ? mmmnnm ? it mean the other avenger that dusted is just got back in time
Asanda Sihlangu
Asanda Sihlangu 2 дні тому
EmRock720 2 дні тому
If you look at Antmans face he looks very serious. I bet Cassie was dusted. Thanos watch out. No one messes with Scott’s daughter
Linda Nash
Linda Nash 2 дні тому
U know when they where walking towards something that was the survivors world the empty one was the other world spideys in
Adam Young
Adam Young 2 дні тому
In the scene where cap and the rest are walking up (8:45) Rodey has the leg braces on that Tony made for him after his Civil War crash.
Nifage_gaming 2 дні тому
Did anyone else notice the A missing on the side of the building when he shows both shots of the sun set ???
AesInk 2 дні тому
The Snappening
Maheen Shahzaad
Maheen Shahzaad 2 дні тому
Bananas Nanas
Galactic Duck
Galactic Duck 2 дні тому
I think gamora will be in empty spot
PanduhGaming124 2 дні тому
Imagine it's someone like Nova or someone else we haven't seen yet
Doujutsu Master
Doujutsu Master 2 дні тому
They should have called Whiz five minutes after the snap
PanduhGaming124 2 дні тому
1:32 Maybe it's just me but it kind of looks like the Far From Home Suit
TheIcySun 2 дні тому
This might just be me, but it looks like Rocket is wearing a similar outfit to the one Bucky was wearing in Infinity War
liz. 2 дні тому
7:15 it sounds like it's josh brolin (thanos) that's speaking
Madison Maldonado
Madison Maldonado 2 дні тому
its totally tony saying "some people" and Cap saying "move on". there is a cut and it sounds different.
Tyke Mattinson
Tyke Mattinson 2 дні тому
I wanna see Deadpool or Batman. In the next one.
Cor'Darian's fun life
Cor'Darian's fun life 2 дні тому
Behind Ronan/hawkeye looks like the wakandan statue
Ash Leaver
Ash Leaver 2 дні тому
Yoo, what if, back in infinity war, Dr Strange activated the time the time stone's time loop power before he gave the stone to Thanos? He already did it against Dormamu.
Gabriel Stewart
Gabriel Stewart 2 дні тому
Hawkeye is now Ronan.😞
Coldstream 1
Coldstream 1 2 дні тому
Some people don't watch UKvid But not us Not us
Sebro 2 дні тому
The therapy place is from the punisher
Je Toschlog
Je Toschlog 2 дні тому
Empty space is for Howard the duck 👍
Yung kash
Yung kash 2 дні тому
LL Gripsep
LL Gripsep 3 дні тому
Double A Pranks
Double A Pranks 3 дні тому
14:12 no avengers symbol on outside hanger 14:14 avenger symbol Time travel/ Tim jumps or leaps
Zeus _
Zeus _ 3 дні тому
where is the avengers building in the back window at 16.07
Raphael Jameson
Raphael Jameson 3 дні тому
No question: it should be Logan.
Bryce 3 дні тому
The people who got dusted are inside the souls stone rockstar and thanos is a farmer
jughead jones
jughead jones 3 дні тому
the people saying “not us” gotta be cap and tony
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