Barry Allen Visits His Dad | Justice League (2017) Movie Clip

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Barry Allen Visits His Father Scene | Justice League (2017)
Movie info: www.imdb.com/title/tt0974015/
Buy it on Blu-ray: www.amazon.com/Justice-League-Blu-ray-Henry-Cavill/dp/B077HP62ZQ
Starring: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher, Amy Adams, Jeremy Irons, Diane Lane, Connie Nielsen, J. K. Simmons, Ciaran Hinds, Joe Morton, Amber Heard, Billy Crudup

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Barry Allen Visits His Dad Scene 4K Ultra HD




19 лют 2018

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Filmic Box
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Click here for Aquaman Lasso of Truth Scene: ukvid.net/video/відео-bb5oEaYsB0c.html
Adi Florin
Adi Florin 3 місяці тому
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Homely Cashew
Homely Cashew 4 місяці тому
FilmicBox2nd yet
David Gallegos
David Gallegos 6 місяців тому
FilmicBox2nd this is so fake
Mackenzie Mooney
Mackenzie Mooney 12 днів тому
0:06 Here to see Henry Allen. 0:08 Sign. 0:14 Hurry it up, will you? 0:19 What, you got a problem? 0:21 No, there’s no problem. 0:23 Better not be. 0:30 You know where to go. 0:37 Calling. 0:41 Are those prescription? 0:43 Or are you just trying to look brainy? 0:45-0:46-0:47-0:48 what?
Mackenzie Mooney
Mackenzie Mooney 13 днів тому
Don’t mind my big number comment I just wanted to put my favorite scene where Barry visits his dad.
Mackenzie Mooney
Mackenzie Mooney 13 днів тому
make sure you keep all your videos on youtube forever and don’t ever remove them just keep them on youtube forever please
Benjamin Woodman
Benjamin Woodman 17 днів тому
Tired of all of the CW fanboys.....
LouMah 18 днів тому
slow it down to 0.25 speed at the start and you can see barry's hand whiz to the guy's face
Cute Turtle
Cute Turtle Місяць тому
This scene was so much more better in the flash then it is here after watching The tv show barry seeing his dad in jail then seeing this scene i will always say the show
Ben Chipchase
Ben Chipchase Місяць тому
The Flash should've broke his father out of prison with his powers
Dorothy Craven
Dorothy Craven Місяць тому
If you listen close enough you can hear ACTION!!! 1:59-2:00
Alan Guo
Alan Guo Місяць тому
what the amazing flash can't break his own dad out of jail?..
KD Rapper
KD Rapper Місяць тому
Oh the cop say open gate but I hear don’t be gay
Dark Night123 Dark Zero
Dark Night123 Dark Zero 2 місяці тому
I hate New barry he so bad
Kollen Migiu
Kollen Migiu 2 місяці тому
the police cant wait just fee secand to take his hand on my dad shoulder huh
Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes 3 місяці тому
Can't wait for the Snyder Cut .
Sofia Madvali
Sofia Madvali 3 місяці тому
The actor whos playing barry can't act
ImThatDominicanKid Montero
ImThatDominicanKid Montero 3 місяці тому
The cringe is real
u wot m8
u wot m8 2 місяці тому
In my opinion, the Tv show did this scene SO much better.
Naina Singh
Naina Singh 3 місяці тому
Grant Gustin does it best for me
GoatyourThroat 3 місяці тому
Wtf is this scene
Sarah Townsend
Sarah Townsend 3 місяці тому
Colton Bell
Colton Bell 3 місяці тому
This scene made me remember why Thawn is such a Jackassed Douchebag.
Nova sg
Nova sg 3 місяці тому
The sad emotional scene of barry seeing his dad doesn't fit with justice league's comedy version of barry allen
Tony Montana
Tony Montana 3 місяці тому
The only real parts I liked about justice league are scenes with Barry and his father , aquaman talking to Bruce about him leaving Atlantis and cyborg being frustrated with his father These characters aren’t supposed to be perfect from the start and DC rushed great character arcs for a cash grab and a fail to compete with marvel
Kurslamusage -111
Kurslamusage -111 3 місяці тому
2:01 “don’t be gay”
Trevor .-. Calhoun
Trevor .-. Calhoun 3 місяці тому
Deadass saw the thumbnail and thought it was a scene from "we need to talk about kevin"
Liamr 47
Liamr 47 3 місяці тому
Wheadon, you are a good man, but this is not your place.
TapTapGo 3 місяці тому
Flash tv Series scene is best,,this one sucks
Avery Jack
Avery Jack 3 місяці тому
When I first watched this scene I thought he said “don’t be gay!” Instead of “open gate”
Raj Nibhani
Raj Nibhani 3 місяці тому
What this means I am a drag on your life
Savannah 3 місяці тому
I love him don’t get me wrong but the tv show flash Barry is way better just my opinion
RoseFate YT
RoseFate YT 3 місяці тому
Bad acting The flash show is the better sxene
Happy Akpom
Happy Akpom 3 місяці тому
I saw the thumbnail and I was like who tf is this that’s not the flash then i read the title and was like ohhhhhh
Rory Sowersby
Rory Sowersby 3 місяці тому
Open gay sounded like Don't be gay
small babykiwi
small babykiwi 3 місяці тому
Omg this is flash tv show copy UGHHHH
Derpy Pigeon!
Derpy Pigeon! 3 місяці тому
Grant is still the best Flash
DJ_SpaceInvader 3 місяці тому
I prefer the TV series but this was meh but TV series is way better in my opinion
Jérémie Bradette
Jérémie Bradette 3 місяці тому
They must have talked for like 5 minutes, give the guy a fucking break with your time limit.
Itz Scrumz
Itz Scrumz 3 місяці тому
This shit trash. The other Flash by CW is the best.
Mairis ̶ʙ̶ʀ̶ɪ̶ᴇ̶ᴅ̶ɪ̶s̶ Bērziņš
"I make the time" interesting as in comics flash makes speed force
JAZ PRODUCTIONS 3 місяці тому
Tv show Barry Allen really killed it in this escene, it was so touching! I can’t say the same with this one.
Fireblade78 3 місяці тому
0:23 OMG Lmao
SimplyBored 3 місяці тому
His dad is dead wtf
ArkStar 3 місяці тому
ugh the movie acting is shit
Ody Pap
Ody Pap 3 місяці тому
that coat hes wearing is too damn cool
Rich End
Rich End 3 місяці тому
"Run Barry, Run"
Rich End
Rich End 3 місяці тому
Nah, grant is better.
Death 2132xx
Death 2132xx 3 місяці тому
Reverse flash
green . dirt
green . dirt 3 місяці тому
**tries to picture Ezra as Grant**
Pokoru 4 місяці тому
So I’m assuming this is the story before Barry gets his dad back
Pokoru 4 місяці тому
Oh yeah and then looses him again
cherie melo
cherie melo 4 місяці тому
The show is way better
Jmoney7 Tom
Jmoney7 Tom 4 місяці тому
Barry we need to talk about keven
Mob100 4 місяці тому
0:20 did anyone see his hand move
Mendes Army
Mendes Army 4 місяці тому
Ok i dont know what this is but why does the barry guy has the same name as barry allen from The flash and it looks so similian ?
TriDent 4 місяці тому
So this was still back when Henry is still in jail...
noobslayer 123
noobslayer 123 4 місяці тому
Just a rip off of the tv show one 😠😠😠
noobslayer 123
noobslayer 123 3 місяці тому
Teen Perfect i ment that the film version is pretty bad and that the tv show one is alot better
Teen Perfect
Teen Perfect 3 місяці тому
urban-flickers 6 it's not a rip off, Barry Allen and Henry Allen meeting in jail is actually part of the story in the comics.
BananaBean_Veteran4 A.K.A Zayd
BananaBean_Veteran4 A.K.A Zayd 4 місяці тому
The last words his father said to him were "Don't be gay!"
BananaBean_Veteran4 A.K.A Zayd
BananaBean_Veteran4 A.K.A Zayd 3 місяці тому
No it was his father, I rewatched it and the voice only sounded like his fathers voice, also he put out his hand to say that, So he was gesturing.
Systamatic 3 місяці тому
BananaBean_Veteran4 A.K.A Zayd that wasn't his father that was the guard
Christian PH
Christian PH 4 місяці тому
Mr mystery man comedy's
Mr mystery man comedy's 4 місяці тому
It doesn’t say open gate. It says don’t be gay
Josh Monaco
Josh Monaco 4 місяці тому
Grant Austin played the flash better in my opinion
Koh Diana
Koh Diana 4 місяці тому
MTYT Mixes
MTYT Mixes 4 місяці тому
TV show did it better
INtheLITTLE BuSh 4 місяці тому
Rather watch Grant Gustin but he still plays Flash... ok
LIL JR 4 місяці тому
Grant gustin is better
Odd Potato
Odd Potato 4 місяці тому
I honestly think that grant gustin is the better flash
Robo Radd
Robo Radd 4 місяці тому
To bad they didn’t use John Wesley ship for Henry
Aaron Lachin
Aaron Lachin 3 місяці тому
Robo Radd They used him for the TV series, but it would be weird to use him for another film universe
Triplix Geo
Triplix Geo 4 місяці тому
he isn't barry allen
Ezra Penner
Ezra Penner 4 місяці тому
It’s a jolt reskin
Natty 4 місяці тому
I like the dad in the cw flash better
Alicia  Rodriquez
Alicia Rodriquez 4 місяці тому
TV movieclips
TV movieclips 4 місяці тому
So Henry did kill nora?? In this lifetime of the flash?
itz.gabee17 4 місяці тому
If you pause it at the right time exactly at 0:18 and look at the side of the guys face, you can see part of the mustache drawn on the guys face. They did so terrible with this movie 🤦🏻‍♂️
Mr Presence
Mr Presence 4 місяці тому
Grant Gustin did Barry shit so stop saying he did better.
Spot Gaming
Spot Gaming 4 місяці тому
Mansoor Anwari
Mansoor Anwari 4 місяці тому
IT'S SO FREAKING WEIRD 3 місяці тому
Mansoor Anwari he said open gate,but you already know.
Legendary Niwatori
Legendary Niwatori 4 місяці тому
I liked Ezra's take on an awkward, antisocial hero.
sydbabyxoxo 4 місяці тому
I love both Ezra and Grant playing Barry Allen! Both of them kill the role and do amazing at playing his personality! 💖 I love both of them so much! 😍💕😚
Benjamin Woodman
Benjamin Woodman 17 днів тому
sydbabyxoxo finally someone who isn’t a complete fanboy/girl!
Louis B.
Louis B. 5 місяців тому
This isn’t the real dad
Ethan Latinum
Ethan Latinum 5 місяців тому
The only good scene in the movie. Also, Crudup would be an amazing Mr. Fantastic.
Fox• House
Fox• House 5 місяців тому
Just like,the TV show too
Arianna 5 місяців тому
Is he gay?
Gabe Budnar
Gabe Budnar 5 місяців тому
I remember the emotions I felt from the TV series one...
Poot Potatoes
Poot Potatoes 14 днів тому
Eddie 5 місяців тому
I forgot about that line lmfao "Are those prescription? Or are you just trying to look brainy?" This movie was amazing, I don't fucking care what the haters and the marvel fanboys say.
Cassie Jackson
Cassie Jackson 5 місяців тому
Why the hell would they not cast grant gustan and John shipp
WE ARE AWESOME VENOM PADILLA Padila 6 місяців тому
That was sad
Benjamin Buick
Benjamin Buick 6 місяців тому
CyNexos 6 місяців тому
Huh. I thought his father said "Don't be gay" .
Mega Pulsar
Mega Pulsar 6 місяців тому
Honestly, the CW's version of Barry and Henry's interactions in jail were way better.
Flash 6 місяців тому
Grant gustin is better and why are they remaking flash again with different characters?
Ms Sarah
Ms Sarah 6 місяців тому
Free vbux
REDPlayz 6 місяців тому
Fortnite??? When he’s gonna come to fortnite???
Amy Greenberg
Amy Greenberg 6 місяців тому
I wish it was Grant Gustin playing the flash in this
The_cod_gamer2004 - Mestromusic
The_cod_gamer2004 - Mestromusic 3 місяці тому
Amy Greenberg Grant custom version Henry Allen died before this movie in that series so it wouldn't have worked
Fornite Gameplay
Fornite Gameplay 6 місяців тому
Pause at 0:21
Damian 6 місяців тому
CW did everything better
imtocool 6 місяців тому
I like grant gustin better
AJ Dezelle
AJ Dezelle 6 місяців тому
Why is Barry's Dad in jail?
Cincó 6 місяців тому
Grant is used to doing this.. why not grant as flash dc?
Kynlee Maxwell
Kynlee Maxwell 6 місяців тому
I wish it was grant Tustin instead but he is a good actor I guess.
Rylan Peevyhouse
Rylan Peevyhouse 6 місяців тому
The reallll flash is better then this
Benjamin Woodman
Benjamin Woodman 17 днів тому
Rylan Peevyhouse Well yeah nothing is ever better than the comics.
Vibe Replayz
Vibe Replayz 6 місяців тому
This flash is gay asf
Orochimaru -San
Orochimaru -San 6 місяців тому
Why not use the show Barry and the netflix henry
Analilia Carrillo
Analilia Carrillo 6 місяців тому
OK I’m trynna get answers WHO copied who THE flash or the justice league
poker8100 3 місяці тому
Justice League came out in 2017. The Flash (particularly at the time when Barry's father was still in prison) came out in 2015 so it's safe to assume the flash copied justice league.
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