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Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI)

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Homero Rodriguez
Homero Rodriguez 3 години тому
Arthas Menethil
Arthas Menethil 3 години тому
They sure know how to get the maximum hype out of their trailers.
Ivanell Castillo
Ivanell Castillo 4 години тому
3:08 best moment in the trailer
Johnny French
Johnny French 4 години тому
Can’t wait to go shoot kids in my battle dog
Bag of Sunshine
Bag of Sunshine 4 години тому
but which part of this is 2042? The only 2042 aspect of this i see are the air dropped tanks and the robo dogs. Every other vehicle and gun we have at in the year 2021. So i'm really wondering what part would define the year 2042 in this game.
O_MELHOR_DO_BF 4 години тому
Wynad 4 години тому
Dice said that Battlefield 2042 would be all multiplayer with story in each map Me: Man my story is gonna be interesting, being on the losing team all the time
Jake Kunz
Jake Kunz 5 годин тому
Kickstart my heart + terminator 2 theme + dubstep = ……hardon?
дма генад
дма генад 5 годин тому
4:23 "why walk when you can fly" nice
buad 5 годин тому
This is a masterpiece
I_amPeter 5 годин тому
That like and hate comparison is well deserved unlike battlefield 5!
AnimeEET 3 години тому
Samyeru 5 годин тому
Is there a story or will it just be a multiplayer mess where everyone just kill each others ?
ProtonicOne 6 годин тому
This trailer is just a meme and I love it
yeetman4ty 6 годин тому
They took what they did good in the bf1 trailer, and made it just as good, except longer. Truly cooldude trailers
TRG Rezzz
TRG Rezzz 6 годин тому
So all this years i havent known that the founder of battlefield, is a swedish guy? Whaaaat
StarPear 6 годин тому
Yoooooo this new minecraft update freshhhhhhhh
Motivation Speaker
Motivation Speaker 6 годин тому
Why does this game have me so hype!
Green Therese
Green Therese 7 годин тому
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Mohammed Habibur Rahman
Mohammed Habibur Rahman 7 годин тому
This game is going to put me in prison.
Green Therese
Green Therese 7 годин тому
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Green Therese
Green Therese 7 годин тому
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Teo Branzell
Teo Branzell 7 годин тому
This. Is. Sick!!! When’s the mobile version coming out?
SunSet Sun
SunSet Sun 4 години тому
it not for you kid
gekouuu 7 годин тому
Please, don't put no military vehicles, such as quad bike and dirt bike
Sam Beaudoin
Sam Beaudoin 7 годин тому
looks like infinite warfare but done right
Edward Guillermo
Edward Guillermo 8 годин тому
Im angry They copied war robots
SunSet Sun
SunSet Sun 6 годин тому
noce joke
Thumper 8 годин тому
BFV was the only bad reveal trailer in the series.
AmeeraKRS 8 годин тому
ما اعرف الناس ما ملت من العاب الشوتر لعبت نفسي وين العاب القصص الحلوه
Horny torinco
Horny torinco 9 годин тому
Chayame21 9 годин тому
Anyone here for the rendezook part?
Mister Bacon
Mister Bacon 9 годин тому
Please tell me if there are any ways to fix it
Mister Bacon
Mister Bacon 9 годин тому
It was on playstation 4
Mister Bacon
Mister Bacon 9 годин тому
Hey battle field i redownloaded battlefield 4 yesterday but it wouldnt let me play multiplayer i said for three days it was stuck on 66% and i couldnt fix it
syrup 10 годин тому
everyone gansta till you realise your day 1 ps4s and xboxs cant run 50 v 50
Matt Supertramp
Matt Supertramp 10 годин тому
I remember watching this when it came out and now I just need a place to talk about THAT scene...why? Just why. Does he not have guns on his plane? How did he eject without taking the seat and canopy with him? And why does he have an RPG sitting in his cockpit? This would be like if someone was in a tank, then they jump out, shoot someone with a bazooka, and get back in.
AnimeEET 3 години тому
because it's a game
Thatoneguy 3602
Thatoneguy 3602 9 годин тому
Because rendezook
lord craig dragneel
lord craig dragneel 10 годин тому
Clan wars would be cool.
lord craig dragneel
lord craig dragneel 10 годин тому
2 weeks in and more views than the bf5 trailer
Leo Thanei
Leo Thanei 10 годин тому
1:25 takes me back to metrooo
willblanshard 11 годин тому
Everyone gangsta till the £100 price 😳
Himizazious's second Wip
Himizazious's second Wip 11 годин тому
So much is happening it looks so fun
mllop aeet
mllop aeet 11 годин тому
Imagine you just killed by a player and then activate his wingsuit and he type in the chat that say's Y O U J U S T G O T V E C T O R E D
syrup 10 годин тому
stole this comment word for word
Luke 11 годин тому
Yo what is the song called, it's a banger!
TAM566 HgH
TAM566 HgH 8 годин тому
It’s kickstart my heart
syrup 10 годин тому
its kick start my heart by motley crue
PUBG PLAYER 11 годин тому
Kick star my heart go search it but try not to kill someone with this song
Nannada1212 11 годин тому
The cinematic effect of the 4x4 hitting the chopper was sick, but let's be real. Any real Battlefield player would have had jeep stuff all over that thing
mllop aeet
mllop aeet 11 годин тому
1min ASMR Challenge
1min ASMR Challenge 11 годин тому
Battlefield should make a game mode where the winning team has their technology degraded depending on how much they are winning by. Whether it goes down by round or off the ticker. Like let's say you win round one then during round two you start with Vietnam era gear and vehicles, win round 3 you start with WW2, round 4 you start with WW1 then you win if you win that round. If the other team wins they also have their gear get worse. This game mode would be like "Era Operations" or something.
1min ASMR Challenge
1min ASMR Challenge 3 години тому
@⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ no challenge no fun
1min ASMR Challenge
1min ASMR Challenge 3 години тому
@SunSet Sun for a casual sure
SunSet Sun
SunSet Sun 6 годин тому
nope it bad idea
Near no one wants to play a game that punishes you for winning. Especially in public lobbies.
gaurav bhasme
gaurav bhasme 12 годин тому
Huge respect to all the game devs who are working on it
SoapKingston 12 годин тому
for me this just isnt battlefield anymore. Think battlefield is now going to be to much "childish". But thats just the way games go nower day, i now. i just dont like it
SunSet Sun
SunSet Sun 6 годин тому
same battlefield 3 and 4
Thatoneguy 3602
Thatoneguy 3602 9 годин тому
Ah yes war is childish
Mr Mundy
Mr Mundy 12 годин тому
Oh yeah. A 50 v 50 match. Just how I like it
SHMEAT Z 13 годин тому
RichiRamjag Jr
RichiRamjag Jr 13 годин тому
As a c4 ATV player this video makes me happy
TAM566 HgH
TAM566 HgH 8 годин тому
Richiramjag: what is my job Me : you destroy annoying AA campers
Top Fuel
Top Fuel 13 годин тому
I love how they showcase the foundation of what battlefield has always been. "What the hell just happened" is always what I'm saying while playing lol. ONLY IN BATTLEFIELD
Ethan Wissmann
Ethan Wissmann 13 годин тому
I want to see this trailer with Vince Neil's last performance of Kickstart My Heart with Crüe dubbed over it.
McClassy 14 годин тому
A message to Dice LA. Thank you for bringing us back from despair. Sincerely, Battlefield Fans
Fetin0017 Nkv
Fetin0017 Nkv 14 годин тому
Parece una película... *Sin palabras* Soldados: ¡A por la victoria! El tornado: sorpresa! :D
Some Sausage
Some Sausage 14 годин тому
Please end warzone
Morgoth Dubi
Morgoth Dubi 14 годин тому
1:42 amazing the world has polar ice. Da global warming.
Ren Leo
Ren Leo 14 годин тому
Seeing pilot jumped out fight jets to RPG another jet elsewhere: this is ridiculous what a load of bull%^^%$ Seeing pilot jumped out fight jets to RPG another jet in battlefield: Nice jet kill.
andristarr 15 годин тому
very bad the original theme can be barely recognised
Thatoneguy 3602
Thatoneguy 3602 9 годин тому
This is a reveal trailer meant to show all the features and basically reveal what the game is about
Random Marine
Random Marine 15 годин тому
3:19 🥳.
Viking Actual
Viking Actual 15 годин тому
KORA 15 годин тому
Is it game or movie?
Thatoneguy 3602
Thatoneguy 3602 9 годин тому
Hoang Vo
Hoang Vo 15 годин тому
A movie for a game
Secret Mystery Music Producer
Secret Mystery Music Producer 15 годин тому
this game looks freaking amazing omg
Charles Metz
Charles Metz 15 годин тому
Fun fact even tho this has 1 4th of the views as meet the medic it has twice as many likes
mavrick peacemaker
mavrick peacemaker 15 годин тому
0:28 When that one team player who always says gg gets shot by sniper in the first five seconds
PPIPE 16 годин тому
the first scene comes out: automatically me: take my money or if I don't put the money up your as
Diomes 16 годин тому
still trash still EA
Thatoneguy 3602
Thatoneguy 3602 9 годин тому
EA is bad but isn’t dead mate
Odd Job
Odd Job 14 годин тому
@Diomes A millions likes and 27k dislikes in a week and you say dEaD fRaNcHiSe...
Diomes 14 годин тому
@Mike G but the fact is DEAD franchise :)
Diomes 14 годин тому
​@Mike G Someone protecting the EA, shame
Mike G
Mike G 15 годин тому
yes... yes you are.
Masaya 16 годин тому
Smoke 16 годин тому
Glad to see people are warming up to futuristic shooters, coz I'm a huge fan of futuristic FPS single player campaigns like Titanfall 2, infinity Warfare, Black Ops 2, even Advanced Warfare has its own merits.
TAM566 HgH
TAM566 HgH 8 годин тому
They canceled the campaign
sgr icd
sgr icd 16 годин тому
that jet kill. awesome
Tekaruki 16 годин тому
"Wow i can't wait until 2042 to actually buy this game" Me- Broke AF 2021
BillyBull 16 годин тому
2:45 When you're years into the future but the government still won't pay for electric start
pigman 1038
pigman 1038 16 годин тому
2:58 is when Randezook took his trick shot and made history
Dakota Frank
Dakota Frank 16 годин тому
What this man did with the wingsuit and tornado I've always wanted to try
Антон Аргунов
Антон Аргунов 17 годин тому
хрень какая-то
Wiktor Juszczak
Wiktor Juszczak 17 годин тому
so epic
Vincent Bell
Vincent Bell 17 годин тому
I think it would have done bad if anyone said a thing
Sven Mannetstätter
Sven Mannetstätter 17 годин тому
Caught myself coming back to this vid nearly every few days , clearly the battlefield we've all been waiting for!
LyonSenpai 17 годин тому
Activision do be trembling
jacplac97 17 годин тому
Even if the base game doesn't have Titans and Walkers, I do hope some DLCs will bring them back.
Hikari Shuri
Hikari Shuri 17 годин тому
clippping 3:15 for the legendary Rendazook by Stun Grazy.
William Taylor Payne
William Taylor Payne 17 годин тому
1:32 “Thanks for the assist, I just unlocked the bipod for my knife.”
AcidGlow 17 годин тому
For sure *someone* is going to get a multiplayer highlight reel of ejecting from a jet, shooting down an enemy with a rocket launcher then climbing back into their own plane. But who will be the first❓😆
Mubassir Zaman
Mubassir Zaman 14 годин тому
This already happened.. IT seems your new to the franchise, and I welcome you! However please review what you say on a UKvid comment on Battlefield.
SHADOWLORD01 15 годин тому
has been done in battlefield 1942 almost 10 years ago edit: 14/15 years ago
Damar Aksama
Damar Aksama 15 годин тому
it already has been done in BF3 and BF4.
Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor 16 годин тому
It already happened in BF3 my dude
1 2
1 2 18 годин тому
Where is feminists!!!! Lgbt + people,dice is homophobic
Thatoneguy 3602
Thatoneguy 3602 9 годин тому
Yes ikr why are there no female people in war!1!1!1!!11!!1!2
Mike G
Mike G 15 годин тому
look! someone is still triggered! it's ok snowflake we wont let the women and lgbt people hurt you.
Alvin Apriandi
Alvin Apriandi 18 годин тому
Tomas Kalina
Tomas Kalina 18 годин тому
This is soo dumb
TAM566 HgH
TAM566 HgH 8 годин тому
Rizky Fajar
Rizky Fajar 18 годин тому
And that's how to shoot down a jet in bf
Thatoneguy 3602
Thatoneguy 3602 9 годин тому
Homing missiles? No Rocket launcher midair? Yes
Kevin Foxy
Kevin Foxy 18 годин тому
I agree lol
Tasnim Akih
Tasnim Akih 18 годин тому
Ff আসল বাপ
Miami Arya RE:
Miami Arya RE: 18 годин тому
Rojus 18 годин тому
Do you know what happens when you jump out of jet at that speed?
Thatoneguy 3602
Thatoneguy 3602 9 годин тому
Yes but nobody cares because this is battlefield
Ankush Behera
Ankush Behera 19 годин тому
4:04 the cutest vehicle ever...
Dinesh Adhikari
Dinesh Adhikari 19 годин тому
Thank God, BF5 is over
delaware down
delaware down 20 годин тому
"Woooooooo yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh babyyyyyyyyyyy"
The Reporter
The Reporter 20 годин тому
To all the people who think that the jet eject, kill, enter stunt is impossible know that it's already been done on the previous battlefield game.
Yahoolix Wt montages
Yahoolix Wt montages 20 годин тому
It’s actually battlefield 2021 as all the vehicles shown actually already exist
John Frisson
John Frisson 20 годин тому
Rully Sanjaya
Rully Sanjaya 21 годину тому
Even its about future, they still do same thing since 2006 and still fighting for no reason
Gamer Beginner
Gamer Beginner 19 годин тому
There fighting for resources bruh
Aqvi$ 20 годин тому
its battlefield, what they are supposed to do? play soccer?
tot_cambiu_andrey 21 годину тому
Battlefield comes out: game plot: RUSSIA CHINA USA eternal war, all the juices have already been squeezed out of this topic, and then they will expose Russia as an aggressor, yeah
Thatoneguy 3602
Thatoneguy 3602 9 годин тому
It’s battlefield dude chill
kalamantutay 21 годину тому
When i saw the tricycle I knew i need to stick alot of c4 init
ArmGang Zone
ArmGang Zone 22 години тому
Well, who can tell me whether the game will be free or paid?
Gamer Beginner
Gamer Beginner 16 годин тому
@Deborah Black hazard zone it free
Deborah Black
Deborah Black 18 годин тому
@Gamer Beginner What do you mean by that?
Gamer Beginner
Gamer Beginner 19 годин тому
@Deborah Black well both
Deborah Black
Deborah Black 21 годину тому
Its about 59.99 dollars. If you have ea play its free.
Michael 1RareZebra
Michael 1RareZebra 22 години тому
I retired from gaming a few years back. This makes me want to come back in.
狂気I'm 22 години тому
This is the second time when the game itself is the trailer
I played Rocket League with Seth Rogen (real)
Reacting To My Boxing Fight
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