Bears vs. Giants Preseason Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2019

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The Chicago Bears take on the New York Giants during Week 2 of the 2019 NFL preseason.
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17 сер 2019





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Furious Chris
Furious Chris 16 днів тому
Guys how can our backup beat the lions but not the giants.
Tanner Griffith
Tanner Griffith 18 днів тому
let's go my NFL team the bears
Cxp Oblivion
Cxp Oblivion 19 днів тому
Andrew Zylke
Andrew Zylke 20 днів тому
Come on Daniel
El Roco
El Roco 21 день тому
I wanna see more of Javon Wims this year dammit
Jhon erick Cruz
Jhon erick Cruz 24 дні тому
What a disaster!
Jimtown Vang
Jimtown Vang 24 дні тому
Giants better play like this in the real season games
Jimmy Cline
Jimmy Cline 24 дні тому
I can’t wait for the Dallas Cowboys to smash the New York Giants! I’ve been waiting all summer for this game! I think we can smash them without Zeke Elliot! They always thought they were going to come down to bigD and beat us, like when Eli Manning signed his name on our new Stadium, I’m still pissed about that! It’s time for some pay back even know we almost always sweep you guys anyways, but this time the Cowboys are going to show you who the NFC BEAST are and blow you guys out! The wimpy a s Redskins will be next, and the 1 time Champ Eagles know their ass whipping is also coming, all three of you have been talking crap about the Cowboys and their fans for the last 25 years, and payback is just a few weeks away! Going for 6, and now we have a Defense, with a solid secondary, with best O line in the league! This will also be another dynasty! LETS GO!!!!!!
Steve D
Steve D 25 днів тому
Gonna be fun watching the smith bothers head to head.
timomastosalo 25 днів тому
Giants: Jones throws to Jones. Jones hands out to Smith. - Oh, oh - they're recruiting from Langley.
David Williams
David Williams 25 днів тому
I'm a 49ers fan but Daniel's gon be good
Jarod David
Jarod David 26 днів тому
Sure the Bears are gonna be good this year, but their backup looks really scary
Joe Angel Hernandez
Joe Angel Hernandez 26 днів тому
Bears OL sucks!
Joe Angel Hernandez
Joe Angel Hernandez 26 днів тому
Chase Daniels has to go! @chicagobears
Lance Clayton
Lance Clayton 27 днів тому
Elite Eli all 20 games 2019-2020 no question
ir10031981 27 днів тому
why bother watching preseason football? it doesn't count! they're all just exhibition games.
A Mdz
A Mdz 28 днів тому
Daniel will be eatin alive when preseason is over. So many mistakes
The Raze
The Raze 28 днів тому
Daniel Jones better play like this against the Bengals.
kill Bill
kill Bill 24 дні тому
He played better....
he did a zeke impersonation who do you think he learned that from
Poxx 29 днів тому
guess "pre-saison" is the aswer to 94% of all questions here, but its entertaining anyway =)
champ voy
champ voy 29 днів тому
So nice to see that OBJ negative energy is gone!
Serg Dzotov
Serg Dzotov Місяць тому
Чудные они...
WRECK 215 Місяць тому
I know it's pre season but New York looks good👍😃
Amiyah Sanders
Amiyah Sanders Місяць тому
Giants Offensive line looking beautiful
Prince Hassan III
Prince Hassan III Місяць тому
I have always said NFL is way tooo long to watch. Stopping every 1 mins and repeating the whole thing again but I can watch all the action condensed into 10 mins any day. Peace ✌🏾 out A town.
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees Місяць тому
I see the 🐻 still missing that field goal 😂
Steven Reyes
Steven Reyes Місяць тому
Damn i can't wait till week 1. Cowboys vs Giants Rob Smith vs his brother Jaylon Smith. I wanna see how thats going to play out.
Raul Ruiz
Raul Ruiz Місяць тому
Bears rbs need better ball security, especially #11, wtf was that!?
Raul Ruiz
Raul Ruiz Місяць тому
Damn, #38 on the bears D is good! He deserves on roster spot
Raul Ruiz
Raul Ruiz Місяць тому
Lol, I thought the announcer said "stupid" @ 6:00
Raul Ruiz
Raul Ruiz Місяць тому
Bears need better backup qbs, Chase is ok but bray has to go!
Raul Ruiz
Raul Ruiz Місяць тому
Bears need to sign Matt Bryant!!!!!!!
Raul Ruiz
Raul Ruiz Місяць тому
Cardinals should've never gotten rid of Olsen Pierre.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Місяць тому
Like what I’m seeing from Daniel Jones
frankiecrocker Місяць тому
The Giants are an improved team over last year but they lack stud pass rushers. I wish Eli all the best, but I doubt we'll make the post season. That being said, if any of you did your homework and watched videos of Daniel Jones college career, along with his preseason work, you'll see that he brings a dynamic Eli never had. DJ is a prototypical RPO QB, he's exciting to watch and I want to see him play some this year. For next year, a couple of pass rushers and a no drama elite receiver and the New York Giants are a dangerous team.
Jay Lew
Jay Lew Місяць тому
Sorta nostalgic as this is the bears I grew up with
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Місяць тому
Where was the holding please someone show me it?
The One
The One Місяць тому
Zeus Mob
Zeus Mob Місяць тому
Jones sucks lol but shows flashes of great touch on his long ball
Dezmaize Soulist
Dezmaize Soulist Місяць тому
Idgaf if it’s preseason just season the giants blow out the bears looks wrong asf
Erik the Blue
Erik the Blue Місяць тому
Downplaying starts now... only preseason, no starters on the field, only players trying to make the team, he's not seeing "real defensive" formations, Eli & Jones will never get that kind of protection during the regular season, blah blah blah. In 2018, the Giants killed the Bears, and how quickly they forget about it and want us to all move along.
Erik the Blue
Erik the Blue Місяць тому
@Thomas DoubtingWatchtower more excuses....
Thomas DoubtingWatchtower
Thomas DoubtingWatchtower Місяць тому
Yeah but Chase Daniel, the Bears second string quarterback was playing when the Giants beat the bears in 2018.
BEARDOWN BITCHES #fuckparkey Місяць тому
Jesus christ if Mitch goes down this season we're screwed
Chicago Місяць тому
Good thing the bears got a new kicker
Matias D
Matias D Місяць тому
No more eli manning..we need fresh blood in nyg
John Rishel
John Rishel Місяць тому
This what Adam rank descercas to bragging about how good the bears are
James Moses
James Moses Місяць тому
hard 2 watch!!!
Dark Dragon
Dark Dragon Місяць тому
Why is saquan not there?
Joseph Balinski
Joseph Balinski Місяць тому
Kick Return 4:45
Korvus Місяць тому
I hate Kwitkowski with all my guts 😳
Brian Curry
Brian Curry Місяць тому
Death Star
Death Star Місяць тому
Bears ST was truly special...
Theqwerty Місяць тому
bears = donkey piss
FreemenLiveFree Місяць тому
Where was the holding please someone show me it?
Shwn Drws
Shwn Drws Місяць тому
@8:47 CmonMan! This is QB kid gloves bias out of control! Nitpicking Football League
Papa Lannister
Papa Lannister Місяць тому
Chase Daniel = ASS Tyler Bray = ASS-ER
420 Scene
420 Scene Місяць тому
Daniel Jones seems very promising but as a Giants fan, it's like I'm used to watching Eli Manning since I was in high school so it's just really hard to see change.
swave158 29 днів тому
Watch him closer, Eli has changed his throwing motion. Look like he has worked with someone in the off season.
Sean N
Sean N Місяць тому
Daniel made a lot of mistakes in this game. What’s everyone raving about. Eli job look safe to me lol
BR3 Місяць тому
“A HA HA”....
Ieremia Milovale
Ieremia Milovale Місяць тому
A lot of giants fans wasn’t happy about the QB draft ..but look the way he plays he proved them wrong 👏🏿👏🏿
Ieremia Milovale
Ieremia Milovale Місяць тому
His coming Trust your instant .
Thotty DaGod
Thotty DaGod Місяць тому
He hasnt proved anythong... he hasnt done anything special
Ashley Castle
Ashley Castle Місяць тому
Jones looked ok. Needs to look at his #3 and #4. They were open quite a few times when I threw to into coverage to his #1 and #2.
Topothetop Місяць тому
9:23 someone needs to sign the NYG turf for this forced fumble. Gonna need a 40 mil contract for the turf
Topothetop Місяць тому
oh mb I forgot he already plays for the NYG
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