BEFORE and AFTER Fighting Canelo Alvarez

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Here we look at how opponents reacted before and after fighting Mexico’s pound-for-pound star Canelo Alvarez.
Tonight we see him in action against Avni Yildirim, a showdown which many see as a preparation bout for Billy Joe Saunders. A slick southpaw who represents the latest and greatest of Eddie Hearn’s middleweight challengers.
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27 лют 2021





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im a huge fan of canelo 😂😂 i always bet on canelo to win he has won me 1,000 dollars that how much i trust him
Bubba Kushington
Bubba Kushington 12 годин тому
I'm gonna be honest I'm a huge fan of fighting but this channel just isnt your regular channel it keeps you interested and wanting more. I dont have to say anything about the voice do I? Subbed.
Dane Name
Dane Name 14 годин тому
So did freddy lose both houses lol.
;) 17 годин тому
Cheating ginger lost to GGG TWICE
;) 17 годин тому
Imagine still producing Clenelo Alvaroid content in 2021 lmao #Epicfail That cheating gingers ship sailed long ago after Lara, MAYWEATHER & GGG EXPOSED HIM
Lucas Felipe
Lucas Felipe 18 годин тому
lara won that fight
GFAZZOS WICHO LG 22 години тому
I like how confident they are before the fight, then after the fight they make excuses like the canelo haters 😂😂😂
Lonzo Ball Figueroa
Lonzo Ball Figueroa День тому
Optimus was a really great narrator he should an announcer on dazn
Aloo Gaming
Aloo Gaming День тому
Meanwhile canelo on PEDs the whole way
chille 3000
chille 3000 День тому
Who the f* disliked this video??!!
Cartel de Sinaloa 701
Cartel de Sinaloa 701 День тому
10:27 did he ever give canelo both of his houses?
Christian Padilla
Christian Padilla День тому
Hookers didn’t take Chavez money he lost his purse to Canelo cause he shook on that bet
Ollie Foxx
Ollie Foxx День тому
Floyd Mayweather is undoubtedly the better fighter.
JACLYN RUIZ 2 дні тому
5:50 what happened to his lmao good fight
Cody Mayer
Cody Mayer 2 дні тому
the facts that floyd absolutely embarrassing him just shows how good he is
Cody Mayer
Cody Mayer 2 дні тому
only good on drugs
Husnawi husnawi
Husnawi husnawi 3 дні тому
Corona extra
Husnawi husnawi
Husnawi husnawi 3 дні тому
4:24 dang that background
Noel Fernandez
Noel Fernandez 3 дні тому
Le Dicen el pequeño tayson canelo la bestia estamos locos que habrán las puertas del Madison con los que no son latinos y no van al canelo nos traicionan perderán sus apuestas consejo que le doy vamos preparados para meter muchas precio del primer asalto para cansarlo ya en el 8a9 atacamos con todo siempre acordándome la distancia no tiene nada estamos en siento 168 libras tipos de 200 libras antes del campamento el mío 175 antes del campamento cortamos peso168 libras para dar el pesaje subimos al ring en 174 en líquido por la estatura el sube 180 185 estamos en un peso de jigantes solo aprendan un poquito de boxeo observen esos tipos miden 6,2pies de alto chamaquitos yadultos voy al mío 100 por ciento .solo unas clasecitas sino no termino cualquier duda tiren que estamos para eso soy león✊🇵🇷
Pedro Aquino
Pedro Aquino 4 дні тому
Lamadre es unmonton depeleadores queafrentado. Asuedad esmuydemasiado. Ybiyete amorir cosa. Q ningun otro mexicano loba alograr
Nightmarebyilke 4 дні тому
What's the song in last 3 min of video?
Brent Marsh
Brent Marsh 4 дні тому
Ward broke him years ago
Alexis Salazar
Alexis Salazar 5 днів тому
The girl al 20:45 ignoring callum and watching canelo on tv was hilarious
Abdul El basito
Abdul El basito 5 днів тому
For me canelo the best right now
Eyemix Music
Eyemix Music 6 днів тому
Kovalev before pay off = "I will destroy him" Kovalev after pay off = "I will spar gently with him then fall down as agreed"
J'Hue Casey
J'Hue Casey День тому
lol That fight did look weird. Idk it was paid off, but Kovalev def wasn't close to what he used to be.
Tri Nguyen
Tri Nguyen 6 днів тому
Canelo is the only Mexican that looks Irish or British
El Mass Loco22
El Mass Loco22 6 днів тому
Can you do one for Jose Ramirez David Benavidez and Manuel Navarrete
SonNitsuga TheSavage
SonNitsuga TheSavage 6 днів тому
Everyone is brave until they get hit. Simple as that.
Micah Mitchell
Micah Mitchell 6 днів тому
Honestly I'm not a hater. I just think that Canelo's the champion that the boxing establishment are marketing to us but I'm not really buying into it. It's not that other fighters don't have suspicious practices, I'll happily call those out no problem. It's just that with Canelo, everything from the PEDs to the strange scorecards to the alleged fixed fights put together starts to add up. Not saying this from a place of hate but rather doubt. I wanna buy into Canelo and become a big fan but I've seen too many questionable things that I would call out any other fighter for.
Rene Lio
Rene Lio 7 днів тому
Mexican Minotaur!
Super Straight
Super Straight 7 днів тому
Best narration out there ! Canelo is a beast !
Fitzgerald Anthony
Fitzgerald Anthony 7 днів тому
When Alvarez starts fighting live bodies in their PRIME and who can actually have a strong chance of winning, then I will take him seriously. As for now I'm not swallowing the kool aid that his loyal blind fans and casuals are drinking without hesitation.
Mike Kings
Mike Kings 8 днів тому
Freddy roach is pretty stupid for being such a great trainer
TryHard FinessedYou
TryHard FinessedYou 8 днів тому
11:30 That chin was not suspect. Confirmed made of glass at that point.
Ramon Luquin
Ramon Luquin 8 днів тому
Jr was no where near canellos league.
Nick Rackel
Nick Rackel 8 днів тому
lol I love what the narrator does at the end of the videos rofl
Nick Rackel
Nick Rackel 8 днів тому
yeah this dude commenting on the video has a golden voice. I love alvarez. His only loss was to Mayweather and he was pretty young and nowhere near as good as he is now. I would of loved to see them fight when both of them were at their prime
Toti Magalogo
Toti Magalogo 9 днів тому
Canelo is just too fast and too powerful against any opponent at the moment 👊👊👊
Sun KiNGGG 9 днів тому
the edit at 9:27 is so sick its like canelos vision all slow mo
slide4180 9 днів тому
Who wants to see Canelo knock out Stephen A. Smith?
Marco Molinero
Marco Molinero 9 днів тому
Hollow choosticks...genius
CHou KAge
CHou KAge 10 днів тому
Stay humble canelo viva mexico 🇲🇽 from 🇵🇭❣
Ponycarlo 15
Ponycarlo 15 10 днів тому
Whad up does Houses u betted. Mr roach!😲🤔🤔🤔 ??? WE. ALL. WANT TO KNOW. !??? ASK. KELLERMAN. DID HE OR DID HE NOT BET HIS TWO HOMES!????😲🤔🤔
Ponycarlo 15
Ponycarlo 15 10 днів тому
Anton Pjetri
Anton Pjetri 10 днів тому
Amir Khan signed a death sentence when he agreed to fight canelo 😂😂
David Wade
David Wade 10 днів тому
I am a Canelo Fan but my main man is the real & only true Champ “Mayweather” who put Everyone to sleep or shut All haters Up theirs!
Rigo Jimenez
Rigo Jimenez 10 днів тому
Great video! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Hiroshi Akiyama
Hiroshi Akiyama 11 днів тому
Canelo is the Magnus Carlsen of boxing
Jose Luis Velazquez
Jose Luis Velazquez 11 днів тому
Canelo!! is el mero mero right now 🥊🥊
Folk1 12 днів тому
Canelo has been popped & suspended for ONLY 6 months for steroids usage in the past. That alone compromises a fighters integrity but the fact that he was only suspended for 6 measly months tells you that Mauricio Sulaimán is in cohorts with em.
PLATO 12 днів тому
Canelo ducked Sergiy Derevyanchenko for the IBF title so he relinquished it instead. And they say its not about money😂😂😂 your right! Your scared!
RONIE LINGAS 12 днів тому
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RONIE LINGAS 12 днів тому
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MXFT 12 днів тому
can’t wait for the Saunders fight
Stuart Johnson
Stuart Johnson 13 днів тому
He’s bright, 🎶he’s red, 🎵he’s gonna send ya to bed. 🎶CANELO CANELO 🎵VIVA MEXICO 🇲🇽. And that’s coming from a lad from Merseyside
Urban Geezer
Urban Geezer 14 днів тому
Song at 10:42?
Legan Otos
Legan Otos 14 днів тому
Mayweather is just an entertainer, he is not a fighter. U got that pussycat!
Truly Jahir
Truly Jahir 14 днів тому
Even though I am Mexican and fully support Canelo, I do have to say Mayweather did deserve that win. A lot of Mexicans didn’t like the fact that he lost but as a true fan of the sport I have to say he truly got that one
Alexis Camacho
Alexis Camacho 14 днів тому
Haha 1 more month
Stewart Beckman
Stewart Beckman 15 днів тому
I can't wait to watch Saunders hit the canvas. He sounds like some loud mouth high school bully. I always enjoyed watching them get their asses kicked too...
Pacoblp 15 днів тому
Poor Freddy cackroach is homeless now lost his 2 houses 🏘️,and julio chavez jr broke without 💰 If I was canelo I would have taken the money from chavez jr it was a bet
Osh Rivers
Osh Rivers 15 днів тому
All scripted
Razzez YT
Razzez YT 15 днів тому
before “i could beat him i think canelo is to much talk” or something like that, after “ hes a better fighter than i thought”
Razzez YT
Razzez YT 15 днів тому
canelo is easily one of the best ever, he was young and for like the last 3 years or more up to now hes in his prime its his era now
JB CBBA 15 днів тому
The cash cow.
Blondie Yates
Blondie Yates 16 днів тому
The fallacious battery physically part because bagel bizarrely hope until a piquant lemonade. obedient, amazing editor
Ted Montoya
Ted Montoya 16 днів тому
Can you Narrate one for Nate Diaz career up to his current fight that will be against Leon Edwards!
Jerry Esquible
Jerry Esquible 16 днів тому
Roy Jones was wrong, the hate for Canelo started waaay back and has grown with every new title and weight class he dominates!
Stephan Bonnar
Stephan Bonnar 16 днів тому
James Kirkland needs to stop fighting. Dude is going to end up like Ali
Takarei Munn
Takarei Munn 16 днів тому
You can drop a 💯 purchases but you only need ☝️
turd nugget46
turd nugget46 17 днів тому
Chavez sr or canelo, who do y'all think will win
turd nugget46
turd nugget46 17 днів тому
Breatharian Institute
Breatharian Institute 17 днів тому
The competition he craves? Lol 😂
IAMSUPREME22 17 днів тому
"Canelo doesn't punch very hard, no power." meanwhile looking like they made out with a sledge hammer
Morty Compton
Morty Compton 17 днів тому
callum smith: “His power wasnt massive”
alnagam athakup althakup
alnagam athakup althakup 17 днів тому
Floyed made him look like a mature infact he humelated him, it shows the level differences 🤔😉
IamKyros 16 днів тому
Canelo is better now, than Floyd in his prime. He has mastered defense while also moving forward and attacking with accuracy.
LEGEND Noob 18 днів тому
Frankie P
Frankie P 18 днів тому
Canelo and Mosley fight vs Mosley and Mayweather. Compare. Canelo fought the wrong fight with mayweather. Respected he’s power too much. Should apply pressure and head movement.
Black Mamba
Black Mamba 18 днів тому
It’s Crazy He’s only 30 and already has Goat Status
Joseph JoeJoe
Joseph JoeJoe 18 днів тому
Before fighting Canelo: Poor. After fighting Canelo: Rich.
Jose Vazquez
Jose Vazquez 18 днів тому
Fake boxing fights compilation 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻💩💩💩💩💩😂😂😂😂😂🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭
Dustin Albers
Dustin Albers 19 днів тому
The end of the video was extremely impressive. Great video again. You never fail.
BunsPixel 19 днів тому
Aaron Dawson
Aaron Dawson 19 днів тому
Callum Smith was shit he was a punching bag Billy won't be there to hit like him
Aaron Dawson
Aaron Dawson 19 днів тому
Look at the fighters canelo beat from UK Billy Joe would beat them all Billy will beat canelo and stay unbeaten he is top draw
Aaron Dawson
Aaron Dawson 19 днів тому
He's good but he is no Floyd Mayweather or Joe calzaghe unbeaten or Billy Joe Saunders
Dragon Blade
Dragon Blade 20 днів тому
Canelo went against Chavez jr. With bad intentions he really fought like he wanted to prove a point that HE IS THE FACE of Mexico boxing
STONEBRICKS 42 21 день тому
I fukin absolutely love this channel, no boxing entertainment comes close!
Nitram Gt
Nitram Gt 21 день тому
Adrianam1994 m
Adrianam1994 m 21 день тому
They hate to see a mexican win lol
Mart j
Mart j 21 день тому
What's with all the scousers?
LR266 21 день тому
Canelo is a beast. A real physical force.
picklenuggets 245
picklenuggets 245 21 день тому
It seems Freddy lost both of his houses huh
Alan 22 дні тому
Always get excited to watch Canelo Alvarez Fights. Inspiring stuff. Tyson Fury as well. I might take up Boxing as a hobby at 43 I got not delusions I know Its far too late for me to become some kind of world champing but I can always enjoy trying to get some where in my local club and just enjoy the training; its better than wasting my life away a drunk.
MisfitPunish3r 22 дні тому
Who knew the perfect formula for a ridiculously lethal boxer is a Mexican with Irish in his bloodline...
Nader Youssef
Nader Youssef 23 дні тому
“im a big 154”, my little sister is 154
MrRyanmcmahon 23 дні тому
I think Freddie Roach owes Canelo 2 houses. !
This Is Boxing
This Is Boxing 23 дні тому
people really think Floyd juts went out there and did his thing vs Canelo... the reason he said so many good things about him after his because he had to fight at his highest skill level to perform that master class to canelo.... he said u good butt let me show you what a master of this craft can do young man... and Canelo has proven him right
Robby & Carina Vlogs
Robby & Carina Vlogs 23 дні тому
I want this man to narrate my life.. Just follow me around and talk.
EL RR 24 дні тому
Ross Coogan
Ross Coogan 24 дні тому
David Attenborough’s voice VS motivedia guys voice for the wbc vocal belt
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