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The beat KNOCKS and the bars NEVER end, but who has that #1 spot? Peep the Best Of "Pick Up And Kill It" NOW! 🙌
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Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out delivers lightning-fast improv and head-to-head battles, helmed by the master of ceremonies, Nick Cannon. The stakes are high as teams face off in a series of visceral, hip-hop-edged comedy showdowns, all culminating in a rap battle for the championship belt.




11 лют 2019

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Thatboi Withthesaucedrip
Thatboi Withthesaucedrip Годину тому
Jeezy should be on here
Emanuel Lives
Emanuel Lives 2 години тому
Where best of family reunion
Mgk killed that shit i aint gonna (commin from an em fan)
YSP Prince
YSP Prince 3 години тому
Number 6 the best one
Samuel Zavala
Samuel Zavala 3 години тому
i think the best was the 7th
Viki Singh
Viki Singh 4 години тому
11:53 who is that
Jimmy Farrow
Jimmy Farrow 4 години тому
I LOVE Pick Up & Kill It! Justina...DAMN IT.
Wild n out needs KING ROB 😎these dudes got google jokes 😆 🚨🚨🚨🚨 KING ROB 🚨🚨🚨 the best COMEDIAN OUT 🚨🚨🚨 VOTE FOR ME 💪🏽 KING ROB NEWS AND FOOLS GLOBAL 🚨🚨
Sharia Queershi
Sharia Queershi 4 години тому
Who is Chico battling at 6:43
Sha-dai Scott
Sha-dai Scott 5 годин тому
#12 #11 😊
Mimi Scarlet
Mimi Scarlet 5 годин тому
Who the guy with the black hoodie on in #10
TheGenericDavis 5 годин тому
They need to up the volume on the beats in the newer seasons. I can barely hear it at all
Rhythm G
Rhythm G 5 годин тому
6, 1, the one with MGK, and the one with where the topic was celebrity crushes were the best ones
John Green
John Green 5 годин тому
Naima’s World
Naima’s World 6 годин тому
Ayeee peep funny mike ❤️
Brave. Suceie
Brave. Suceie 6 годин тому
Dirt bike Yeeeeeeeng
ANITRA WILLIAMS 6 годин тому
2:44 damm
Quincy Spells
Quincy Spells 7 годин тому
whos the first chick shes type funny but that other chick justina definitely nice
Leilani Billups
Leilani Billups 8 годин тому
Number 4 got me
Jaida Williams
Jaida Williams 8 годин тому
Did any one see the blonde girls face when he said spread your legs at 4:21
Charles Martin
Charles Martin 8 годин тому
Yeah that bitch is a damn lie. Women are the OG Cheaters.
Cantrell Fletcher
Cantrell Fletcher 9 годин тому
Kingkye80 10 годин тому
This show is always epic 👌 love this show
Joker 435
Joker 435 10 годин тому
Check my verse out! It'll be much appreciated! ukvid.net/video/відео-UzZVqblrRzk.html
Harmony Smith
Harmony Smith 10 годин тому
2:41 look like royalty from cj so cool I know some people replayed that to see if it was
DirtyBirds4Life RiseUp
DirtyBirds4Life RiseUp 11 годин тому
#1 was lame af
JUST JANAE 11 годин тому
When she did CHEATING IN SOMETHING WOMEN DONT DO (the first one ) I think she lyin.....
robert ngari
robert ngari 11 годин тому
justina is on point....her voice and personality just kills it...
Daddy David
Daddy David 13 годин тому
#13 is my favorite idk why tho
Shanice Wendell
Shanice Wendell 13 годин тому
11&12 should have been higher
Edward King
Edward King 13 годин тому
#2 is KILLIN #1 It should have been #1
divastyle45ful 13 годин тому
Idc what nooobodyvsays JUSTINA is THE QUEEN of punchline freestyling on this show.
Cameron Ramashala
Cameron Ramashala 13 годин тому
#2 Justina stays lit tho
zac warmkessel
zac warmkessel 14 годин тому
What is Emmanuel doing at 14:39
zac warmkessel
zac warmkessel 14 годин тому
Damn number 7
zac warmkessel
zac warmkessel 14 годин тому
MGK didn't even do it right your supposed to pick up the last word nick said not start of with lions tigars and bears
Heather Smith
Heather Smith 14 годин тому
"My D is so good it turnt Young MA straight.".... BAARRRRSSSSS
Savannah Morgan
Savannah Morgan 15 годин тому
Carlos that sound serious
Cristoval Ornelas
Cristoval Ornelas 16 годин тому
Nick pay everyone else to rap, you are back as fuck.... How you the worse rapper ON YOUR OWN SHOW.... lol
Jennifer Graham
Jennifer Graham 16 годин тому
Justina be having these guys blushing...lol
Yillo Kimo
Yillo Kimo 16 годин тому
wait so my ex was a man?
Darren 17 годин тому
She a hoeeeeeeee
Gregory Porter
Gregory Porter 20 годин тому
Drop a part 2 😩😂🔥
awani jadhav
awani jadhav 21 годину тому
Aye where's Justina and Erica??
football skills
football skills 22 години тому
Christina really killed it
JaySweetZ 22 години тому
12:56 This is what you came for
Juvy swagger
Juvy swagger 22 години тому
Wyclef got bars for years tho
no one
no one 23 години тому
5:52 pause
Abdihakin Adan
Abdihakin Adan 23 години тому
Gerald Mendoza
Gerald Mendoza 23 години тому
Kuhle Baba
Kuhle Baba День тому
I love this show😂😂😂😂😂
Journea День тому
Someone explain how Chico's flow remains unchanged regardless of the beat playing. 😂😂
MM.Detroit's День тому
6 my sht
kevin penado
kevin penado День тому
#15 was a little bit personal 💯💯
jeffrey mung
jeffrey mung День тому
3:16 they was being serious
Danella Johnson
Danella Johnson День тому
That beef was real between Lous and Nick! 😂😂😂
Rob D. Sully
Rob D. Sully День тому
This video was sooo fun 😂
Ray Mbonu
Ray Mbonu День тому
Karlous best person Nick has ever had on this show!!
Kiran Krutanjali
Kiran Krutanjali День тому
Ur thing is pokito/poquito ... whatsoever it was !😂😂😂 damn!!
TBG Aiden
TBG Aiden День тому
Young Fly went hard on #4
Javier Cruz
Javier Cruz День тому
12 Justina murdered him
Deborah Breaux
Deborah Breaux День тому
I love Nick but he makes no sense. AT ALL BUT I LOVE HIM!!!!
xBlackxHavocx День тому
they knew chance was too fire
Jaay Reyes
Jaay Reyes День тому
No one wanna talk about how chance the rapper deadass freestyled? Shit couldn’t had been scripted
Alex Fraser
Alex Fraser День тому
Why number 7 should be number 1
Matthew Tsehai
Matthew Tsehai День тому
9:40 The best one
Woof Woof
Woof Woof День тому
- taylor
- taylor День тому
hood jeopardy or pick up and kill it?
Miriam Mustawi
Miriam Mustawi День тому
I love 14
1zmb My instagram
1zmb My instagram День тому
#2 was the best
Trey Lewis
Trey Lewis День тому
Di..did she ju.... did she just say women don’t cheat
Tatianna Mitchell
Tatianna Mitchell День тому
17 is my favorite part 😂😁😅
TSM mathieu
TSM mathieu День тому
my side hustles is youtube
Sonja Dudley
Sonja Dudley День тому
I enjoyed all of them
Caramel._ Anya
Caramel._ Anya День тому
Eat that a$$ is my favorite and pick up and kill it
Brittany Duncan
Brittany Duncan День тому
Check out @ceolippeez on the gram for LUSCIOUS LIPGLOSS www.lippeezshines.com/
Kelly Hernandez
Kelly Hernandez День тому
Freak over seeing Dave East in his mf shine like 😻😻😻
Roland Torres
Roland Torres День тому
Yeah for real Nick that turban is a little whack trying to set a new trend after 9/11 is not a good idea
Diana Berrios
Diana Berrios День тому
Lowkey shipping Justina and hit man
Gabrielle Spears
Gabrielle Spears День тому
Justina my favorite
ponde lil p
ponde lil p День тому
Kodak and yatti
Rectro Teeth
Rectro Teeth День тому
Wheres all the white people
heygorjess aisha
heygorjess aisha День тому
that wasn half a split tho 😂 😂 😂
HeyItsMandem День тому
"You wack boy you fat boy now drop gimme 30"
Junior Click
Junior Click День тому
# 2 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hailie Asmr
Hailie Asmr День тому
My favorite is 14
Love cats
Love cats День тому
Hmmm women don’t cheat? Lies
Kissiah Minniefield
Kissiah Minniefield День тому
Search me baby
The OVO God
The OVO God День тому
Beat go hard can't lie
Bless Oli
Bless Oli День тому
this is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ofa Heitonga
Ofa Heitonga День тому
The Audiences are the best!!!!!✌🏽❤👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🤘🏾🤙🏽🤟🏾🤜🏾🤛🏽
Lisa Fields
Lisa Fields День тому
Justina! Queen of freestyle!!
Martha Ohenga
Martha Ohenga День тому
Nick parts are so cringy 😣
Martha Ohenga
Martha Ohenga День тому
Haha i just came here to make sure Justina's in 😊
Xpsct Xpsct
Xpsct Xpsct День тому
And a bad Girl
Xpsct Xpsct
Xpsct Xpsct День тому
That white Girl with red hair is sexy
Sniper Vixen
Sniper Vixen День тому
5:56 Was my favorite
强度ɴᴄʟ Driq
强度ɴᴄʟ Driq День тому
I'll give your girl this dick like the flip stone LOL
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