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I can't believe we made art out of play doh

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29 лип 2021





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ZHC Crafts
ZHC Crafts Місяць тому
subscribe for some free play doh and you might win $3,000 lol :)
Andrea's creations
Andrea's creations 2 години тому
I like zack and Michelle very much 💕
Rachel Lambert
Rachel Lambert 2 години тому
Hi zhc
Naomi Bujeya
Naomi Bujeya 4 дні тому
i already have
JUWERIYA LASNE 26 днів тому
Now It's my turn to get talk with you all
Kathy Livick
Kathy Livick 28 днів тому
Hi me new to chanel and me just subscribed
Huda's Art Gallery
Huda's Art Gallery 5 хвилин тому
I think Viv and Jake should have won
Craig Longbottom
Craig Longbottom 30 хвилин тому
Hey beauty squad
Hey beauty squad 45 хвилин тому
1 like = 1 vote for jaz the Video end up getting 165k likes
Hey beauty squad
Hey beauty squad 43 хвилини тому
I see why viv didn’t win
hally711 2 години тому
Viv should have 100% won :)
Rachel Lambert
Rachel Lambert 2 години тому
Michelle had good ideas
Rocky's paw 🐾
Rocky's paw 🐾 3 години тому
Every time ZHC eliminate michelle first time 😇
Rocky's paw 🐾
Rocky's paw 🐾 3 години тому
Viv's was super cuteeee 😍😍😍😍🥺🥺❤🙈
Natalia Ponce
Natalia Ponce 5 годин тому
Wooooo 🎊✨🎉🎇🎆🧨:D
Two Minds Are Better Than One
Two Minds Are Better Than One 6 годин тому
Vic should have won lol
Two Minds Are Better Than One
Two Minds Are Better Than One 6 годин тому
Typo viv
Maeve Kay
Maeve Kay 6 годин тому
I eat ply-dough. pls no hate. 😥(⊙_⊙;)
Angel Muñoz
Angel Muñoz 9 годин тому
Marisa Mac
Marisa Mac 11 годин тому
go Jaz
Jeff Lloyd
Jeff Lloyd 11 годин тому
Monkey need to win every time it there 🐒🐒🐵🐵🐵🐵🐒🐵🐒🐵🐒🐵🐒🐵🐒🐵🐒🐵🐵🐒🐵🐒
ThatOneAnimeGuy 13 годин тому
Tf like no cap i love viv's and her monkey was adorable and lil item things were so cute, but i kinda just feel like jake shouldve won i loved the suit and the eye !ALSO go 10 min and 1 sec in and pause it and look at jakes face lmfao
Cruz Silva
Cruz Silva 14 годин тому
Jake Jake should win
Sophia Page
Sophia Page 15 годин тому
viv should have won
Caleb B
Caleb B 16 годин тому
Rachel Symonds
Rachel Symonds 16 годин тому
£3000 play-dog my sis bday coming up ! :)
Rachel Symonds
Rachel Symonds 16 годин тому
Cac Lal
Cac Lal 16 годин тому
Viv should have won. I loved her's so much!!!
Shelbys Shells
Shelbys Shells 18 годин тому
Michelle or viv should of won
Jojo Club!
Jojo Club! 21 годину тому
VIV MUST HAVE WON ME TOWARDS TWITTER: 😡😡🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😦😯😵‍💫👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 Me Viv Must Have Won: 🤗🥳😊🤗😆🙂😉😜😌😺😸🤩😀😃😄😁😊🙂😊😌
Rija Nadeem
Rija Nadeem 21 годину тому
I think jake should have won it was a original idea
Alisha Collis
Alisha Collis 22 години тому
I feel sorry for Michelle since she's always voted out
Denyce Botha
Denyce Botha 22 години тому
I love zhc
Pinkrage 23 години тому
Did anyone hear Zack said 30,000 dollars and not 3,000 dollars lol
Mary Ingham
Mary Ingham День тому
Congrats to McKenzie but I think Viv should have won
Karyn Jonathan
Karyn Jonathan День тому
if zack was me viv would have won like omg its so cuteeeeeeee
Raven Morriss
Raven Morriss День тому
ngl i honestly thought michele should have won like that was adorable.
Black Bandit
Black Bandit День тому
Viv won
Pig_8x День тому
Vivi should won
Michael Zachmann
Michael Zachmann День тому
I put Play-Doh in my mouth when I was little it. Did not taste good
Kai Chidi
Kai Chidi День тому
Kyndra Montgomery
Kyndra Montgomery День тому
Dammy Bibilari
Dammy Bibilari День тому
I always eat play do
Sarita Bothma
Sarita Bothma День тому
Micelle shoed have won😡
Gustavs Patmalnieks
Gustavs Patmalnieks День тому
You all are stupid jake was the best
Subash Rijal
Subash Rijal День тому
VIV SHOD WIN oop my cap lock was on
Alora Mason
Alora Mason День тому
Rashail Ahmed
Rashail Ahmed День тому
viv should have won and im a 12 year old idiot HA
Midnightmare День тому
Viv's creation was INSANELY TALENTED
Apple Playzz-Roblox
Apple Playzz-Roblox День тому
Mckenzie looks like M,j from spider man 1,2 and 3
Thanu sree bidla
Thanu sree bidla День тому
Viv's was very beautiful
The Neighbor Squad
The Neighbor Squad День тому
tbh viv shoudlve have won.. hers was just SOOOO CUTEE and the little details was amazing
Riley Edwards
Riley Edwards День тому
michel or jack should have one hector hase a good person alittie ad think about baby bacon
Kate Wilson
Kate Wilson 2 дні тому
SRV BROS. 2 дні тому
Aanya Niverthy
Aanya Niverthy 2 дні тому
My favourite is mackenzie
Sarisha singh
Sarisha singh 2 дні тому
Bro, viv has ALOT OF TALENT, I’m surprised she didn’t win
赞美 2 дні тому
Jaz and Michelle’s voice are the cure to every
Tanya Zaki
Tanya Zaki 2 дні тому
Olivia Yu
Olivia Yu 2 дні тому
vivs one was the best
Diana Lopez
Diana Lopez 2 дні тому
Jaz should’ve won
ARMY Ot7 2 дні тому
Jonah Wiggins
Jonah Wiggins 2 дні тому
I knew that Mackenzie or Viv would win
Gray Gray Mation
Gray Gray Mation 2 дні тому
Das a lot of votes for jaz
The Craft Box
The Craft Box 2 дні тому
I was cheering for viv cause i wanted het to win ☹️ everytime she does such a good creative and detailed job , and she rarely wins☹️but every one else does a really good job too
Jenny Craft
Jenny Craft 2 дні тому
I always hope viv or Izzy will win
Gage Klinger
Gage Klinger 2 дні тому
How did Viv NOT WIN
PePpA tHe BaDdIe
PePpA tHe BaDdIe 2 дні тому
Zac should be in one of the competitions
Fantasticfidgetz 2 дні тому
My sister a noob at Play-Doh ZHC team gods at Play-Doh
Little Owl
Little Owl 2 дні тому
Viv should have won
Brenna Cuccia
Brenna Cuccia 2 дні тому
Michelle looks like cat from a different video just like you guys
Valentina Pescador
Valentina Pescador 2 дні тому
TheMemeGuy 2 дні тому
Viv should’ve won and I really liked Michelle’s but how the heck did Mackenzie win. I think Michelle’s was better than Mackenzie too
Aaron Khan
Aaron Khan 2 дні тому
No I want viv
AdityaChoco 2 дні тому
Narrator- Jake loves stealing ideas 2 seconds later McKenzie- Ima do a dragon too Lol
Analysa Bachman
Analysa Bachman 2 дні тому
Saik Nicholas
Saik Nicholas 2 дні тому
Jake should have won
Ernest Banner
Ernest Banner 2 дні тому
It's actually afternoon that's funny
Sofia Lind
Sofia Lind 2 дні тому
Ernest Banner
Ernest Banner 2 дні тому
Viv is my favorite
Katy Creighton
Katy Creighton 2 дні тому
viv should of won
Ms. Person🤍🥋
Ms. Person🤍🥋 2 дні тому
Viv’s was SO CUTE OMG
yan wang
yan wang 2 дні тому
zhc loser have to do 10 pages of math everyone 😭😭😭😭😓 Michel 😀😀😃😃😄😄❤️😎
Holly Hill
Holly Hill 2 дні тому
You can do who can do the best cake sculptures or the best clay sculptures
MrVengeance 2 дні тому
Mishell would of won it was so cute!
🌺luvlymaple🌺 2 дні тому
Fact: play doh isn’t just for kids its for ZHC it’s meant to be for art
Sylvia Pitsi
Sylvia Pitsi 2 дні тому
Mary Stanley
Mary Stanley 2 дні тому
I think Viv had the best one
joshua dcosta
joshua dcosta 2 дні тому
Zach have you ever thought of painting your own house
frogs cuz
frogs cuz 2 дні тому
I think mechelle or viv
The..rose..rosey! 2 дні тому
164k people thought jazz would win👹✨
Meredith Watson
Meredith Watson 2 дні тому
I love art zhc good
TARP gaming
TARP gaming 2 дні тому
Yes I mean vivo is the besttttttt
Al Iman Pyro
Al Iman Pyro 2 дні тому
Jake's is epic
Vavao Vili
Vavao Vili 3 дні тому
i think viv had the best
Helen WU
Helen WU 3 дні тому
Yes Michelle should win
Aashrin Bosss
Aashrin Bosss 3 дні тому
idk why i don't like jess and viv was too good makenzie was good but not than viv i think they are bullying viv . By looking at her i feel so bad for her
Mackenzie’s Gaming
Mackenzie’s Gaming 3 дні тому
Can you do a slough and one of your challenges🦥
Mackenzie’s Gaming
Mackenzie’s Gaming 3 дні тому
Zara ox0
Zara ox0 3 дні тому
I love all but i loved Viv's art better
Latrell Briones
Latrell Briones 3 дні тому
that is not slime its *WATER* mixed with a green food dye
Madeleine Pierce
Madeleine Pierce 3 дні тому
U should do a vid that u can only make ur thing out of play-doh cans!
Trevor Richardson
Trevor Richardson 3 дні тому
where do all the extra art supplies go 😂
Chantelle Hartigan
Chantelle Hartigan 3 дні тому
There talent is insane
Rheymond De La Peña
Rheymond De La Peña 3 дні тому
All of you guys are amazing, keep it up guys
Rheymond De La Peña
Rheymond De La Peña 3 дні тому
Where’s izzy?
TJ Challenges
TJ Challenges 3 дні тому
Viv one is so pretty
Madeline Flemings
Madeline Flemings 3 дні тому
Everybody’s was amazing and I really liked viv’s but everyone had amazing builds
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