BHAD BHABIE "That's What I Said" (Official Music Video)

Bhad Bhabie
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produced by @Go Grizzly & Pooh Beatz

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30 кві 2020





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Bhad Bhabie
Bhad Bhabie 2 місяці тому
how many bhabies is enough? bhadbhabie.lnk.to/ThatsWhatISaidID
Leshawn Dean
Leshawn Dean Годину тому
Lps babies Lps
Lps babies Lps 9 днів тому
Jaimoney Family Tree
Jaimoney Family Tree 12 днів тому
She like a girl version of young boy cause they both talented
Pavel Cernomorcenco
Pavel Cernomorcenco 12 днів тому
Hey Bhad Bhabie I dreamed about you we were fighting in school and you said that you bitch throw powder on me and I said no i didn’t you were mad like I’m your videos I’m weak Asf😂😂😂😂😂
Trivod Brown
Trivod Brown 16 днів тому
Leshawn Dean
Leshawn Dean Годину тому
Leshawn Dean
Leshawn Dean Годину тому
mary catherine
mary catherine Годину тому
She may be problematic, but she can spit some bars ngl
baby.cakes101 baby.cakes101
baby.cakes101 baby.cakes101 2 години тому
don’t get me wrong she’s rude but hold up she’s mad pretty AND MAMA GIRLLLLL SHES JUST SO BEAUTIFUL 🌪
S. McKeown
S. McKeown 2 години тому
So...what did she say?
ChampQueen UwU
ChampQueen UwU 3 години тому
Btw u spelled "bitches" wrong it's spelled as bitches not biches
ChampQueen UwU
ChampQueen UwU 3 години тому
U look like a old grandma
ChampQueen UwU
ChampQueen UwU 3 години тому
Bhad bhabie more like bad baby
daady •
daady • 4 години тому
Jesus enters the chat.💀
Alesia McKinnon
Alesia McKinnon 9 годин тому
no cap yall CAN'T hate on her talent!
Lyla Richards
Lyla Richards 9 годин тому
her hairrrr slayyyyyyyy sis
Kole Vang
Kole Vang 11 годин тому
Type of person to take Bill Gates vaccine.
Chloe Dillander
Chloe Dillander 11 годин тому
I did like you at first but that was terrible and you just turn in to a mumble rapper just saying
Jiayan Chen
Jiayan Chen 12 годин тому
Ayeeeeeeeeee look who’s back
Nya Pitts
Nya Pitts 12 годин тому
She getting better at pronunciation
Elen Kaploukha
Elen Kaploukha 13 годин тому
No offense but the “that’s what I said” is getting really annoying
Elen Kaploukha
Elen Kaploukha 13 годин тому
Tell me why this music video is so short
Kola Shmilyak
Kola Shmilyak 15 годин тому
Где русские субтитры ?
T B 16 годин тому
What u sed make no sense
T B 16 годин тому
Make no sense dr seuss
Luz Rodriguez
Luz Rodriguez 17 годин тому
i can see gucci mane rapping/writing this
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 18 годин тому
so how old she now???
trendgil 18 годин тому
Daimn bhabie girl looking good💋
ベックス 19 годин тому
Soz, but this slams
saraxsart 19 годин тому
u cant sing sis
D34tho 20 годин тому
watch you said? Catch me outside? xd
Taigan DIY
Taigan DIY 20 годин тому
You are so pretty omg I wish I was as pretty as u
Tarkesha Wright
Tarkesha Wright 22 години тому
I don’t care if you cuss me out girl but Cathy my son how about that girl I stole the word loser I am a kid you I don’t give you guys a cutie I got security awesome don’t let my sister jump yeah I live in Houston Texas skyline Drive you find the address
Nina Eubanks
Nina Eubanks 23 години тому
AYE you go gurl
M2 ii
M2 ii День тому
Yow Young Rapper 👌
Lum1s • Standoff 2
Lum1s • Standoff 2 День тому
Рашн бой, вы тут? Ну и Рашен гёрл))
Roblox Tea
Roblox Tea День тому
I dont like bhad bhabie but this song is a bob
K Myke Passah
K Myke Passah День тому
I'm in love with Bhad Bhabie Accent ♥️
Billie eyelash
Billie eyelash День тому
I'm sorry but what did she said?
ImNotATryHarder День тому
4 years ago she was on dr. Phil 🤣
Pablo Perez
Pablo Perez День тому
I’ve never been so disappointed in humanity
unicorn princess
unicorn princess День тому
Her with this hair llliiisssttteeennn 😍
Sarah Payninass
Sarah Payninass День тому
What trash.. lol
Is me Teehee
Is me Teehee День тому
JoJo Siwa’s opposite I swear this whole song is just her swearing lol
Is me Teehee
Is me Teehee День тому
Girl you need to learn how to English
Hacked gamer Boss
Hacked gamer Boss День тому
My nigga I actually forgot she’s a minor
David Graham
David Graham День тому
you nasty looking with all dem tattoos
Bex Guest
Bex Guest День тому
Ah honestly I'm so glad u came in this world ur pretty gud voice ignore all haters
Unknown День тому
Sabastion Rivera
Sabastion Rivera День тому
You look different Bhad Bhabie
Denniz Svemark
Denniz Svemark День тому
So this is what we made famous.
Adruz001 D
Adruz001 D День тому
It's weird how different she looks compared to when she was in Dr Phil
Шамиль День тому
Привет Россия 🇷🇺
Collin playz
Collin playz День тому
Not trying to be rude but billie eilish is better
yusei999 День тому
This fire tho. That beat tho.
Christina Hamilton
Christina Hamilton День тому
You don't look good
Christina Hamilton
Christina Hamilton День тому
I beth
Abdirahman katun
Abdirahman katun День тому
Hey Danielle please get brush,comb and a Weed whacker and while your at it grab a damn bottle of conditioner and do your self and the public a favor and FIX YO DAMN HAIR I MEAN GOD DAMN
Dennis Long
Dennis Long День тому
Is this the girl from Dr. Phil?
Beka День тому
Im not talking of the lyrics but the flow is fucking nasty
Johnny OG
Johnny OG День тому
This Is not bhad bhabie
Celio Andrade
Celio Andrade День тому
Proto Dutchy
Proto Dutchy День тому
Oh so this kind of black face is okay... LOL yall know she white tho right? 😅
Ninjabestfortainiter День тому
Omg she looks so stupid
Lily C
Lily C День тому
She and Ariana have the same make-you-look-mixed-for-clout spray tan hahaha
Norah F
Norah F День тому
This is EVERYTHING I haven’t heard this good of a song in a while
Jesse Hobbelen
Jesse Hobbelen День тому
Wait anyone seen her without her long nails bc this is my first time
День тому
Oh my god. All she did was get a 1 day session tan and curl her hair or wear a wig and she’s ‘trying to be black’. I smell insecurity. It’s completely fine when black women slay straight wigs or straighten their hair. And she looks good with curly hair. Racism will never end when we start claiming things to different races. We’re all human and this is literally so sad 😔
Carissa Nesby
Carissa Nesby День тому
Idc shes bad asf an deserves all this💕
Sylvia Garza
Sylvia Garza День тому
Nooooooooo u gotta go🤣🤣🤣
AmacE День тому
можно по русски?
WittyK K
WittyK K 2 дні тому
Nice look 👍
Jewel Perry
Jewel Perry 2 дні тому
Justice for Breonna Taylor! #blm
Angelica Renteria
Angelica Renteria 2 дні тому
See she does care
レインRain 2 дні тому
Disgusting. They really out here sexualising a 17 year old girl? Ew
Daphne Marin
Daphne Marin 2 дні тому
She do be copying Megan tho
Twin Mama
Twin Mama 2 дні тому
That's black bhad bhabie
Kalea Fulmore
Kalea Fulmore 2 дні тому
Ik all her songs by heart my pepz!!
Kalea Fulmore
Kalea Fulmore 2 дні тому
I'm 1# fan no matter what. U b safe too Bhad Bhabie (BB)/ Danielle!!
Nicolas Bruni
Nicolas Bruni 2 дні тому
Maybe I should go on Dr.Phil
Ana 2 дні тому
At the beginning, she kind of reminded me of Malu Trevejo.... Like tell me I'm wrong-
Karim Salaymeh
Karim Salaymeh 2 дні тому
I don‘t care that Dr.Phil made her famous...her music is fire 🔥🔥🔥
India Louie
India Louie 2 дні тому
dubb 2 дні тому
this little sloot
Taking a Pregnancy Test... again.
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