Big retrofit BMW e65 : Part 6 Active Cruise Control

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Part 6 Retrofiting ACC Active cruise control
Follow a series of videos where you will see a retrofit on a single car of many options :
Acc :active cruise control
Night vision
Alarm sistem
Rear electric seats
Leather dashboard
Alcantara headliner
Dinamic drive
Electronic damper control
Comfort acces
Entrance cover individual
Rear compartment monitor
Piano black
Door lining leather
rear dor sunshade
Atention this it's not a diy video !!!
Thanks for watching and stay around for new interesting videos

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I've been doing this for over 10 years, that's why some things seem simple in my videos. I have a vast experience in BMW and that's why you may see things that seem impossible or difficult to do, for someone without experience.
My goal for the future is to move to the US and make videos with defective and damaged BMWs to film step by step how I fix them for you
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Bogdan Gruescu
Bogdan Gruescu 2 години тому
Crezi ca merge si pe e65 nfl? Ma refer sa mearga
M.Ovidiu 32 хвилини тому
Salut , da se poate face retrofit si pe nfl dar o sa ai nevoie de radarul vechi ACC1
Alexandru Ioan
Alexandru Ioan 7 днів тому
Salutare,a iesit super,crezii ca ma poti ajuta la un e60,am demontat radarul am montat la loc si acum numai merge.multumesc
Alex 14 днів тому
Salut Ovidiu! Se poate instala si pe cutie manuala? L.E. Se poate + ceva info in plus daca va intereseaza www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/e60-530d-lim/repair-manuals/66-distance-system-cruise-control-remote-operation/1q6JqNE
PG BMW Місяць тому
Hello. The ACC radar on my 2007 BMW E65 is out of order. So in default. How did you settle yours? Thank you
PG BMW Місяць тому
@M.Ovidiu Thank you for your answer. I have to find one
M.Ovidiu Місяць тому
Hello, I heave a ACC calibration stand
Donavin Silvera
Donavin Silvera 4 місяці тому
Funny thing is that I have the acc warning light on my cluster but it doesn’t illuminate I have a 02 530i e39 would this be possible ?
nihonkokusai 4 місяці тому
where to buy the ista?
M.Ovidiu 4 місяці тому
Hello. Ebay
philips 8700
philips 8700 4 місяці тому
A ja mam radar acc, ale nie działa, problem z modułem kombi. Błąd kombi A3AB, nie wyświetla mi się nic na liczniku. Ktoś coś może pomóc doradzić?
Adam Pastel
Adam Pastel 6 місяців тому
can you please provide electric scheme how to connect that i'm currently stuck with wiring
M.Ovidiu 5 місяців тому
Hello . you can find the wiring diagram in TIS or Ista
cristian stanescu
cristian stanescu 6 місяців тому
Salut,sa îmi lași și mie nr ul de telefon,mulțumesc anticipat!
M.Ovidiu 5 місяців тому
Salut . ai detalii in sectiunea About
Cj M
Cj M 6 місяців тому
Hello, i have an e60 (2004) with original ACC, but the radar broke. How do I put "normal CC"? (without radar) I have already replaced the "normal CC version" joystick and coded it but it doesn't work. Can you help me? Thank you so much
M.Ovidiu 5 місяців тому
Hello . It can not be done . look for radar and do it again with acc
ninjahatory 6 місяців тому
Hello i have an e60 (2004) with original ACC, but the radar broke. How do I put "normal CC"? (without radar) I have already replaced the "normal CC version" joystick and coded it but it doesn't work. Can you help me? Thank you so much
M.Ovidiu 6 місяців тому
Hello, it can't be done, or if its possible i don't know how, but i heave tried to do it with no success, i ended restoring the acc , success
my lens
my lens 7 місяців тому
Hi, im from france and i would like to add active cruise control to my E91 320D 2008 it already has cruise control but not active. Is it possible to retrofit and how much it will cost? Thanks alot
my lens
my lens 6 місяців тому
M.Ovidiu perfect
M.Ovidiu 6 місяців тому
@my lens in about section you will find more details
my lens
my lens 6 місяців тому
M.Ovidiu thanks for the respond, yes i have have all the parts from an accident 335D 2007. If its ok with you to tell me how much you will take to retrofit it and how long it takes? So i can prepare to bring the car for you. Thanks 😊
M.Ovidiu 7 місяців тому
Hello, yes it is possible to retrofit ACC on e90 , the cost depends from where you find the parts, what parts do you have/find....
BMW Hamann
BMW Hamann 8 місяців тому
Super 👍🏻👍🏻
Ms.Madame Monroe
Ms.Madame Monroe 9 місяців тому
Bogdan Mihaita
Bogdan Mihaita 11 місяців тому
Salut! Pentru e60 te ocupi? Masina are de fabrica si imi da eroarea ACC inactiv, defective sensor.. unde as putea sa te gasesc? Mersi!!
Ido Angel
Ido Angel 11 місяців тому
hi thank for video can I ask where I can buy this kit for bmw740e 2017 my mail ido2313333@gmail.com
F D Рік тому
Do you think this would work on a 2020 X5 ?
M.Ovidiu Рік тому
I think so :)
Quincy Kiban
Quincy Kiban Рік тому
Hey man can you also retrofit active driving assistance adaptive cruise control etc in a bmw f30?
syuleyman bilir
syuleyman bilir Рік тому
How did you perform the calibration? ? I'll be happy if you answer
M.Ovidiu 6 місяців тому
Hello , i heave a calibration stand
Sergiu Curtusan
Sergiu Curtusan Рік тому
@keddyovidiu salut, io n am cruise control la e60 meu,ce piese imi trebe ca sa activez cruise control? Ce module am nevoie?
Danii Asta
Danii Asta Рік тому
Salut. Ai idee ce piese imi trebuiesc ca sa ii pun optiunea Soft close la usi la bmw e65 facelift?
Arabe Josart
Arabe Josart Рік тому
Can you add this option on my 2014 BMW 750i
Arabe Josart
Arabe Josart Рік тому
@M.Ovidiu also can you add the packing assistance on it
Arabe Josart
Arabe Josart Рік тому
How much?
M.Ovidiu Рік тому
Arianto C Nugroho
Arianto C Nugroho Рік тому
Hi ... I have an BMW225xe already fitted with Parking DIstance Control and Forward Collision Warning .. does it need a HW change to have ACC and LDW or just software upgrade ?
Normunds Melkis
Normunds Melkis Рік тому
Hello! What an angle need to be for ACC sensor (eye) ? Thanks
황규억 Рік тому
2002 e65 730li acc tuning?
Flemming Nielsen
Flemming Nielsen Рік тому
Very good sir! Can you put the ACC in my E38 too? I would also like side cameras, night vision in front and rear view camera for reversing. An upgrade to angel eyes and bi-xenon would also be interesting. Thanks.
M.Ovidiu Рік тому
Hello. Yes it's possible but hard to find ACC for e38 , rear view camera it's possible, the night vision it's very expensive
Seb Рік тому
Huuge respect from me to You for what You did with Your car. Very nice to watch it and helpful when dismantling my car to fix something. Keep doing it mate, , regards from Poland ;)
1Veki Рік тому
Bravo 👌
Septimiu Razvy
Septimiu Razvy Рік тому
Care e diferenta majora dintre E38 di E65 ...? Am doua E38 dar parca as vrea un E65....
M.Ovidiu Рік тому
Salut . E diferenta de la cer la panant
Roty Ionut
Roty Ionut Рік тому
Salut! Tot tu te.ai ocupat si de calibrarea radarului?!
FireMan Fogo
FireMan Fogo Рік тому
You’re a genius man, we need people like you in this world to inspire others to do the same , keep this videos coming
Dumitrache Angel
Dumitrache Angel Рік тому
bravo Ovidiu ! nota 20
Filip Block
Filip Block Рік тому
is the wiring all the same in every e65? :)
mikhail purperhart
mikhail purperhart Рік тому
You done a great job man online if i could know where to order all the interior with dash like everything 😔
M.Ovidiu Рік тому
Dan DMB Рік тому
Imi place ca faci totul ca la carte. Nu tiganeala.
corcoata alin
corcoata alin Рік тому
Excelenta treaba! Felicitari pentru munca depusa! De curiozitate e masina personala?
M.Ovidiu Рік тому
Salut . Multumesc ! . Da asta e a mea :)
Now My BMW Drives Itself! Sort of :)
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Audinside - ACC - Adaptive Cruise Control
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