Bill Hader impersonates Arnold Schwarzenegger [DeepFake]

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Spot on Arnie impersonation by Bill Hader
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10 тра 2019





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Kapish Joshi
Kapish Joshi 16 годин тому
It would’ve been hilarious if you kept Arnold’s face on Bill while he was laughing.
SO FIA День тому
im so confused ajhasjsa
Drake Amick
Drake Amick День тому
murat karakuş
murat karakuş 2 дні тому
I conditioned myself to laugh when his face turns into Arnold...this is so fucked up...I love it:)
Syam Ch
Syam Ch 3 дні тому
Your awesome billy
Columbine Collin
Columbine Collin 4 дні тому
It's weird, you can actually see his face morphing back and forth as he does the impression. He even has the same dental profile.... freaky.
Yonder Sanchez
Yonder Sanchez 4 дні тому
Dude his impersonation is really good but that face change tech is crazy good. Wow I’m impressed!
jan stapaj
jan stapaj 4 дні тому
He look like Arnold now
H. A.
H. A. 4 дні тому
0:09 This is where you start to imagine things...
Winston Paul
Winston Paul 4 дні тому
That's right it is creepy ... the last 10 years they've been doing it ❗️ we don't even know if the videos we watch in general are real Or even live. Broadcasts are real. or is it CGI it's very creepy ... Who thinks its funny. Or maybe. Demonic
сергей л.
сергей л. 4 дні тому
Сука ни хуя не понял, но очень интересно 😂😂😂
GOOD BOY 5 днів тому
pls subscrube me kanal
Chris 6 днів тому
When bill starts to make an impression his face starts to look like the people hes impersonating
Ionica Thwaites
Ionica Thwaites 6 днів тому
This face editing is insanely good. i don't see bill hader anymore
Lucas Costa
Lucas Costa 7 днів тому
I want to learn how to do this
Rocco Lopez
Rocco Lopez 9 днів тому
Sounds like Brutus
Mousy 9 днів тому
He looks exactly like Arnold
Aventrox 9 днів тому
he looks like his arnold
eddboii 10 днів тому
Marcos Galiano
Marcos Galiano 10 днів тому
Is an effect definitelly!
LESRAM1981 10 днів тому
That was AWESOME!!! LOL.
Pachón 11 днів тому
idk why but for so many time I thought this was real
Erik Schacht
Erik Schacht 11 днів тому
Conan has such an infectious laugh lol
smoll zib
smoll zib 11 днів тому
whene he smiles her's a whole other person
ur mom stinks
ur mom stinks 11 днів тому
Ew I don’t like seeing Arnold skinny
Limha Ezung
Limha Ezung 12 днів тому
He looks like Schwarzenegger and Bill Hader at the same time
_Radiation _
_Radiation _ 13 днів тому
2:07 & 2:18 wtf ??
Артем Чипаев
Артем Чипаев 13 днів тому
Шварц в паралельной вселенной там он обычный офисный клерк и никогда не качался)))
MaThiSTunTv 14 днів тому
state of california kill me as fuck!!!!!!!
Level 3 Gaming
Level 3 Gaming 14 днів тому
The edited the face slightly
SARILARIN Sülüman 15 днів тому
T900 😎
Sadie Adler
Sadie Adler 15 днів тому
How the fuck is his face shifting?
YOUT ube
YOUT ube 16 днів тому
This in the hands of media plus face I'd from your phone. Dare to say something against the government! They can lock you up forever.
M G 18 днів тому
He sold his soul to the devil. That's why he can do that. Some other A list actors can also do this...
Audrey Muzingo
Audrey Muzingo 20 днів тому
If you're just as disturbed as impressed but you can't figure out why, it's this: You can tell it wasn't a deep fake bit; it was just a straight interview, but then after the fact someone got the idea to deep fake it, and then they all agreed to air it that way. If the deep fake was the bit, everything and everyone involved would be geared toward showcasing it, and it would be more blatant. Even if they specifically tried to catch you off guard, you would sense the hyper-focus on your perception, the camera angles and body language telling you "now watch this" and you'd brace for something, like when someone tries to give you a surprise gift or party. And the reason this is disturbing is, your subconscious recognizes that this is how the most convincing malicious deep fakes could be made. After the fact, with innocent existing footage, of people who didn't know it would be manipulated. And it will seem utterly real to whoever views it.
Cody Casanova
Cody Casanova 20 днів тому
So creepy. But funny
Mecaton Rojas
Mecaton Rojas 20 днів тому
Its weird how his faces changes from bill hader to arnold and back again at the end
Pyramid1974 21 день тому
This is absolutely amazing... I mean Game of Thrones producers and editors would shit with jealousy of how good this is done... fuk.. I am for real glad I aint trippin'
the meme adventurer
the meme adventurer 22 дні тому
His face turns into Arnold the whole time he does the voice
DLWY 22 дні тому
Schwarzenegger from 0 to 11 seconds
Who The Hell Is Harvy
Who The Hell Is Harvy 22 дні тому
Ok, Arnie has some explaining to do. Who is Bill's mother?
Adib Ahmed
Adib Ahmed 22 дні тому
He looks like Arnold trying to be "hip like Justin Bieba!"
Mat Smith
Mat Smith 23 дні тому
he could be Arnolds puny brother!
ImSoCreative 23 дні тому
He fucking looks like arnold
Ernesto Garcia
Ernesto Garcia 23 дні тому
Surreal indeed!
Ziii Зырянова
Ziii Зырянова 24 дні тому
бля, это ахуэнно!
Roman Volt
Roman Volt 25 днів тому
How he does it? Is this some kind of program?
akhmad-sila 25 днів тому
Best one
ayhan-hawx lacin
ayhan-hawx lacin 25 днів тому
face siz ??? :/
Gustavo 25 днів тому
Arnold face is so masculine that if you put it in any other man they appear to have the body of a woman.
Vivek Mathews
Vivek Mathews 26 днів тому
A few years later there will be some Conspiracy theorists(on UKvid) who will say he is a shape-shifter and add a creepy music in the background of this video .... Yes, I know you are imagining the video 😂😂LoL
RedneckSpaceMan 26 днів тому
I fell for this big time!! I had never heard of "deepfake"
Felicity Mabudusha
Felicity Mabudusha 26 днів тому
There is some picture manipulation here! Working magic on us!
pants 27 днів тому
It's very concerning that 9 of 10 comments are people who don't know what deepfake is. Our democracy is fucked when one of these gets dropped with bad intent the evening before an election.
you should feel shame copying a Legend ...
RockCat 29 днів тому
Bro this is some trippy ass shit
Max Rokker
Max Rokker 29 днів тому
как это сделано, с заменой лица?
Veysel K
Veysel K 29 днів тому
If this is video setting up technology how the audience laughing at him
Eldorado 29 днів тому
Он сильно на него похож
Piyunisher Місяць тому
Kinda looks like Mick Jagger.
paula Місяць тому
The transition would make for a fantastic effect in a horror or sci-fi movie or something
Christopher Piedra
Christopher Piedra Місяць тому
HHTV3 Місяць тому
How many people got it?
Jon Fields
Jon Fields Місяць тому
I'd like to see the original....don't like this deep fake shit with the computer effects.
Largest Classifieds
Largest Classifieds Місяць тому
I love Bill Hader s laughter, more funny than his impersonation
Yared Pump
Yared Pump Місяць тому
Bill Hader is better Schawarzeneger than Schawarzeneger
Follow justcallme_dell
Follow justcallme_dell Місяць тому
Thats scarrrrrryyyy
PluggerProduces Місяць тому
0:42 Click it
Ashish Sharma
Ashish Sharma Місяць тому
He Is A Mutant. Male Version Of Mystique/Raven
saky brat
saky brat Місяць тому
But he look like Arnold really
Alain Chaka
Alain Chaka Місяць тому
Ain’t this Arnold!! With extraterrestrial Airs😳😳
Bad Seam
Bad Seam Місяць тому
Best Arnold here, bar none: ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-Qh8NublyiPw.html
mrdavid Місяць тому
I thought I was having some kind of acid flashback until I scrolled down and saw it was face edit lol
Vladimir Petrovski
Vladimir Petrovski Місяць тому
that face does not suits to his body
Yoav Rabinovich
Yoav Rabinovich Місяць тому
Great impersonates !!
Olive Martha Rachel
Olive Martha Rachel Місяць тому
His telling you right there about the little head smhhh....see satan can lie alot but he always mixes truth in there to deceive with the lie n confuse you there pathetic n the only audience in there is the pathetic evil wicked that are just like him & father Lord Almighty let the evil wicked of this world fall in the name of jesus christ and the holy spirit Amen done .finish.
Ruti Ponce
Ruti Ponce Місяць тому
wow... my sense of reality was lost for a moment xD
Olive Martha Rachel
Olive Martha Rachel Місяць тому
Wow amazing how people can't tell they change his face slowly motion so you won't notice smhhh be woke not awake seriously snap out of believing the fake evil of this world like evented every dumb sacrifice holiday be woke is time to stop following these evil annoying evil wicked satan children & find the Lord Almighty not a church but what God Almighty intended you to be to focus on bringing his kingdom in heaven on earth n drop these fools into the lake of fire with satan were they belong judgement is upon them evil wicked people n there going down in the name of jesus christ and the holy spirit Amen.finish.
Amino karim
Amino karim Місяць тому
Deep fake
Евгений Галчев
Евгений Галчев Місяць тому
Нихуя не понял но очень интересно🤔💭
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