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James Corden and Billie Eilish hop in the car and head for the carpool lane, singing "Ocean Eyes," "bad guy," "all the good girls go to hell." After James asks Billie about meeting Justin Bieber for the first time and she strums tunes on the ukulele, they take a detour to visit her home and pet spider. And the two finish their trip with "when the party's over."
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Jordan McKenzie
Jordan McKenzie 5 годин тому
currently crying cuz i was supposed to see her in concert again on friday :(( screw corona
Lauren McCole
Lauren McCole 5 годин тому
Why would anyone dislike this video
OLDGRANDPA 6 годин тому
Sergio Osório
Sergio Osório 6 годин тому
She is Funny. I wonder How she is going to handle being an adult.
Kiley Caffrey
Kiley Caffrey 7 годин тому
billie wanting to show the spider is so sweet though
Kerpoof 7 годин тому
5:07 There needs to be a full version of this
Faith Kring
Faith Kring 8 годин тому
Just watch 8:03 🤣🤣🤣
Ali Abdul Rahim
Ali Abdul Rahim 8 годин тому
Believe me, you're not straight anymore.
Valery Lytvak
Valery Lytvak 8 годин тому
James freaking out about the spider is probably one of the funniest things I've seen
Kierston Coss
Kierston Coss 8 годин тому
Omg I laughed so hard when the spider came
Sadie Sullivan
Sadie Sullivan 8 годин тому
Billie: Begins to sing 'I Will' beautifully my sorry ass: 😭😭 yes my eyes are sweaty i do love her tho
MisterLobo MisterLobo
MisterLobo MisterLobo 9 годин тому
For all of you all that are wondering why she wears baggy clothes it’s because she has nothing to show
Michelle Chen
Michelle Chen 10 годин тому
Kathryn Hanson
Kathryn Hanson 10 годин тому
i love billie Eillish
Archie Vaisvila
Archie Vaisvila 11 годин тому
6:15 Sounds so dreamy and magical. It has different energy in pop songs. But the songs she sang with ukalele was most angelic. Felt so dreamy, i entered a trance.
marek karl
marek karl 11 годин тому
Worst 007 song ever why u do this ? You are so nice but now you got the worst bond song ever......
Aglaitso 12 годин тому
But the question is... do singers bop at their own songs like we do?
Aishe velic
Aishe velic 12 годин тому
Great Voice.🤐🤐🤐💝💝💝💯😬😬😬💯💯💯🌮🌮🌮🌈🌈🌈
Camille Gueguen
Camille Gueguen 12 годин тому
3 LETTERS : OMG....... she's actually one of my fav singer..... Her voice is so emotional !
Riley Van Frank
Riley Van Frank 12 годин тому
do you ever see a comment and wish you commented it
emma hoagland
emma hoagland 13 годин тому
james: do you mind if we listen to some music? billie: hee hEe
mia 13 годин тому
5:00 leaving myself a time stamp for the ukulele part bc its my favourite 😭
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 13 годин тому
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 13 годин тому
Bella Lamothe
Bella Lamothe 14 годин тому
James: To be honest with you I'm really not good with spiders😳😳😳 Billie: Good😊😈 **He was not amused** 😂😂😂
Cherrilyn Rōzu
Cherrilyn Rōzu 14 годин тому
How come there’s 32K dislikes?
white light
white light 14 годин тому
Abruremix super star
Abruremix super star 14 годин тому
Hablas español sorry of you didn t Understand
Ocean 15 годин тому
As they were walking through the house is was thinking Imagine being Billie Eilish's neighbour
Michelle Wayne
Michelle Wayne 15 годин тому
Warda Hussain
Warda Hussain 15 годин тому
3:25 we litterly see the license plate 😂
Tinted Rose
Tinted Rose 15 годин тому
8:04 One of my million reasons I love Billie hahahaha
jouz 126
jouz 126 15 годин тому
The car setup is weird
KAG 16 годин тому
Can we all agree that billies mom gave them all food and even the cameraman’s? That’s why they cut right there!
Christian Bernlind
Christian Bernlind 16 годин тому
Ok, I've watched this episode like 10 times. It's by far the best 'Carpool Karaoke' ever... Billie Eilish, what an artist.
Primo Closet
Primo Closet 16 годин тому
10,000 hours by Justin Bieber
GM merlo
GM merlo 17 годин тому
O mi god billi eilisch
David Evans
David Evans 17 годин тому
I love Billie Eilish.
Ismail Benjamin
Ismail Benjamin 17 годин тому
James: “The traffic is terrible “ Me: dude ur driving, have u seen me on my way to school, that’s is traffic
slicer bot
slicer bot 17 годин тому
She seems so chill and positive ..... To the people who say she is dark and stuff, they really don't understand her !!!
Bekah Brown
Bekah Brown 17 годин тому
This is one of the ones you can tell he’s not actually driving.
Lily Pennington
Lily Pennington 17 годин тому
Awh 🥺💜✨
Ever Crafters
Ever Crafters 17 годин тому
When u wish u were there XD
Nadia Mackin
Nadia Mackin 17 годин тому
this is such a genuine vid.
Nadia Mackin
Nadia Mackin 17 годин тому
i love how comfortable she is in her own skin. she is proud of what she has done. i love you girl!!
Anishka Khantwaal
Anishka Khantwaal 17 годин тому
Can anyone guess how many cameras there were inserted in car 😂
Ann Kajol
Ann Kajol 17 годин тому
I was not much of a fan of Billies music until I watched this. I mean I never had anything against her and I loved her as a person. But after hearing her sing acoustic, I love her. She has such a phenomenal voice. I could listen to her all day
The make up Girl
The make up Girl 18 годин тому
I love the way she is so happy while singing❤️ Also I am her biggest fannnn❤️
Leah Cassin
Leah Cassin 18 годин тому
7:33 she hit every beat😁❤️❤️❤️😁😁😁 LOVE YOU BILLIE
Amber Shay
Amber Shay 18 годин тому
8 is extremely underrated and doesn’t get enough attention
Radvilas Robertas Šimkus
Radvilas Robertas Šimkus 18 годин тому
Is this real?
camry hodgdon
camry hodgdon 18 годин тому
bruh people saying that billie needs some autotune but i think autotune needs Billie
teach basics
teach basics 18 годин тому
Justin beiber just leave a fucking comment man she loves you
Lin 18 годин тому
I could see and understand the success come from a real great family and she is amazing honest and spontaneous
teach basics
teach basics 18 годин тому
0:39 hhhh haha
alex og mela
alex og mela 19 годин тому
She's a one show pony if you listen to her. Guess why the videos need to make it up.
anja •
anja • 20 годин тому
I want hearing her singing with ukulele, 24/7 full
#ضالم ومضلوم 1989
#ضالم ومضلوم 1989 21 годину тому
How she completed the episode without bled the blood from her nose🐶🐶gold diger celebrity's
Chris Cane
Chris Cane 21 годину тому
Shut up!
Raphael Kit
Raphael Kit 23 години тому
sweet baby
Freddie Muston
Freddie Muston 23 години тому
2:59 u hum
Luis Gustavo Pires Caixeta
Luis Gustavo Pires Caixeta 23 години тому
Eu te amo! !!!!
Piedro M
Piedro M 23 години тому
Is it a she or a he?
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 22 години тому
Billie is a she
Scientific buddy
Scientific buddy День тому
5:55 she sang this song in front of Justin toooo😂
celeste darlin Ojeda
celeste darlin Ojeda День тому
I love Billie heilish
lisa elisabeth schmidt
lisa elisabeth schmidt День тому
Rosa Bay
Rosa Bay День тому
i want to say that this reminds me of my dad driving me to school except when we listen to Billie we don't dance
Chantal Van Houten
Chantal Van Houten День тому
Tears of laughter
safira iskandar
safira iskandar День тому
Not at how Billie sounds just like her mom
Raquela Ribeiro
Raquela Ribeiro День тому
i am the biggest fan of billie eilish i know all her song by heart
Lidiia Shalom
Lidiia Shalom День тому
It is a big deal I think when your parents support you, encouraging you to grow in your talent don't you think?) The whole conversation really nice
Jordi Maria diaz
Jordi Maria diaz День тому
You is unic do you like spiders? Are the most danguerous animal for my
Cameron Rice
Cameron Rice День тому
5 Grammys made in a teens bedroom. Follow your dreams kids
Kawther Al Sawwa
Kawther Al Sawwa День тому
when ocean eyes was released that’s when I first knew Billie...I was nine
Petra Tambouras
Petra Tambouras День тому
i could listen to the ukelele version of 8 ANYDAY!!!!!!!!
peachyjar pooh
peachyjar pooh День тому
I love how biilie isn't afraid to be herself god I love herr
Purple Ops01
Purple Ops01 День тому
James: They were his ocean eyes Billie: No Noooo No Also Billie: I had my first love, when I was 13
John Roßius
John Roßius День тому
I love her... she opens her heart and shows us what's in it in a wonderful way... one of the greatest singer entertainer ... ... but especially people
Lea T.
Lea T. День тому
„I wanna join into your family“ i feel that
Ame Lia
Ame Lia День тому
I like her now
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