Billie Eilish - everything i wanted (Audio)

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing everything i wanted (Audio). © 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records





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YEETrash Годину тому
How could people dislike this???
Sylvia Aikey
Sylvia Aikey 5 годин тому
Love you I’ve never got to go one of your concerts but hope someday I can be safe
Kadir Şahin
Kadir Şahin 5 годин тому
Deniz satar dan izliyip gelenler +1
Zachariah Marquez
Zachariah Marquez 7 годин тому
right there....
Darkri56789 7 годин тому
Slow this down to 75% and it will take you to another dimension!
Vick Tore
Vick Tore 8 годин тому
Love it
Ricky Jeremiah
Ricky Jeremiah 8 годин тому
stan kpop and charli xcx lol
stan kpop and charli xcx lol 9 годин тому
Happy Birthday Sulli, my angel. I miss you so much. I will always love you. Rest in peace my darling.
Novia Novia
Novia Novia 9 годин тому
This song always on repeat ♥️
laysz 11 годин тому
me listening to the song and then pouring my eyes out for 4 hours straight cos it hits right in the feels
ARCHIE MEGEL 11 годин тому
Great song
Roberto Cordoba
Roberto Cordoba 12 годин тому
moofushu 13 годин тому
I love this song so much. The corona virus might kill me, but at least I got to hear this song.
dalyaa 13 годин тому
Ya'll didn'tmrealise that the picture is the golden gate bridge lmao and billie you are THE BEST NEVER GIVE UP MY BBY🖤
Toycats Bread
Toycats Bread 13 годин тому
Will forever be one of my favourite songs.
jaime andrés castillo
jaime andrés castillo 14 годин тому
Billie, how r u gal, what up? = lovin' ur music.
noodle ram
noodle ram 14 годин тому
Please recommend songs like this🙏
a lexia
a lexia 15 годин тому
I had a dream I had everything i wanted My dad was healty
Pedro Henrique
Pedro Henrique 16 годин тому
Sonia Giner Alberola
Sonia Giner Alberola 16 годин тому
Billie i love you
Seriouskitten3000 YT
Seriouskitten3000 YT 17 годин тому
I know yall love it but like..
Andreia Sousa Silva
Andreia Sousa Silva 17 годин тому
Are you from Brazil i not speak inglês
Natalia Gómez González
Natalia Gómez González 18 годин тому
Does anyone knows who's the author of that painting?
Unique 2
Unique 2 18 годин тому
Roses are red My heart is bright as you wish You deserve a like
Vipper X Gaming
Vipper X Gaming 19 годин тому
Bonny x-x
Bonny x-x 19 годин тому
this was on my birthday and I loved it then :) still love the song, it's now very personal to me x
Justin de Groot
Justin de Groot 19 годин тому
love youuuuuuu
Korvanna 20 годин тому
I'm here because this music is all I have left. I don't have a family who loves me. My father got my mom knocked up at 16. She gave me up, and then now my adoptive don't care if I stay or go but I don't have anyone to go to so I turn to the music. Thank you for giving me something to live for.
FATHER & SON 20 годин тому
@jannatanwooden best
Wolfy_Gurl 21 годину тому
i had everything i wanted.. until i was labeled the bad guy.. i hosted a party.. but when the party was over.. i had to bury a friend since 'they keep me up at night.' i went and played some ilomilo but then got bored. my strange addiction is xanny.. but then i realized that there is no time to die. i met my boy.. and told him, 'i love you' and goodbye.. i was pretty sad. i just- idontwannabeyouanymore... i thought. anyways. i remember falling for his ocean eyes.. they were so pretty. i hosted another party and god BORED again thinking when the party's over -p.s this is original im not a copycat ;3 if you understood this ur a true billie eillish fan
otaku 4ever
otaku 4ever 22 години тому
To all of the dislikers: That's not the download button...
Goldi Alainova
Goldi Alainova 22 години тому
I love your music
Polina’s Wonderful Life
Polina’s Wonderful Life День тому
Aaaahhh,why is it so amazing??🤤🤤
mein dera
mein dera День тому
Nobody really cares if i die or not ... To be really honest.
ImJustMaya День тому
I wish i could see you in reallife but my parents dont let me:(
Mimmo Giordano
Mimmo Giordano День тому
I played this beautiful song whit my violin =), congratulations on your work and everything you are doing, I follow you
Нелли Джагарян
Нелли Джагарян День тому
MILIC KING День тому
ivan vasquez
ivan vasquez День тому
Amaziiíng song!!!!!!!!🎉🎉😁😶😶😶😶😶😶💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜😍😍😍😍😍😍
Aline Cristina
Aline Cristina День тому
Eu sou o comentário Brasileiro que vocês estavam esperando .. Escutando essa música em plena pandemia e não entendendo porr@ nenhuma mais chorando Horrores
Phillip Brown
Phillip Brown День тому
Lily Jennings
Lily Jennings День тому
omg for a sec it sounded like there was a guy in the back from 1:30 to 1:50
troy villacrusis
troy villacrusis День тому
this on 0.75 playback speed is the one.
Nicolas Sandra
Nicolas Sandra День тому
@Billie Eilish if you ever read this, don't expect you to do so but still, know that some of us understand what your songs are really meaning (or at least have a bigger meaning to us) and that some of us genuinely care about you and your happiness, i believe that you make music because it makes you happy and just feels like the right thing to do in your life, well it is, you are a global talent! Bur if you ever feel obligated by your fans to make music, don't make is. Music is an expression of feelings for me and a way to say how you feel, don't ever feel like you have to make music just for the purpose of making music. Make it because you have something that you want to share with us. You are doing great!! Just a music fan, just keep doing your thing, because the joy of music of a musician can be heard by a real music lover.
Maci Heath
Maci Heath День тому
My family gave up on me
•T•I•L•I•A• Grgurević
...❤️yea...only that
Lauren B
Lauren B День тому
Thanks now I’m crying omg this just ...okay damn
Kevin Baker
Kevin Baker День тому
This makes me reminisce
Tiffani Kuszak
Tiffani Kuszak День тому
Billie I love you. You are the best you are what inspires me! continue to make music !
Masa Pan
Masa Pan День тому
like si estas buscando un comentario en español
Maria A.
Maria A. День тому
Billie is only 18 and is so famous not only because of her music its cause shes a beautiful and amazing kind person.
M K День тому
To Billie and fineas:I LOVEE YOUU.!!!!!
IG: Lizbonnevie
IG: Lizbonnevie День тому
OMG!!! me encanta!!!
iiBLOOD girlcraft
iiBLOOD girlcraft День тому
You can explain billie by : She came looking for copper But she found gold.
Mohammad YusofiM
Mohammad YusofiM День тому
Kaylee Sandelin
Kaylee Sandelin День тому
I Billie, I just wanted to say thank you. I'm going through a pretty hard time right now and you really make me feel less alone and help me through it.
yuhib80 День тому
GOD I Love this song. And you. and your brother
Grace Damiani
Grace Damiani День тому
this is my favorite song
Kranti M
Kranti M День тому
I want to... can I just...
Iasmin Cosmo
Iasmin Cosmo День тому
Essa musica mim acalma.🖤
Elina Margaryan
Elina Margaryan 2 дні тому
Favourite 😍😍♥️♥️♥️
MAXESV 2 дні тому
Savanna Lopez
Savanna Lopez 2 дні тому
My clock has radio so when my alarm went off this song was playing and I was confused and tired, yet I really needed to know what this song was so I hit the Google mic thing to figure out the song. Then I went back to sleep
Gacha life_roblox シ
Gacha life_roblox シ 2 дні тому
I like this because I have dreams like this
Gacha life_roblox シ
Gacha life_roblox シ 2 дні тому
And it’s cool
yaleny vazquez
yaleny vazquez 2 дні тому
i love your songs
Nicola Stevens
Nicola Stevens 2 дні тому
Billie Eilish ❤️❤️❤️ You are an excellent vocal artist . Love all your songs & your superior style , your amazing Love you from Niki in the UK with Love always xxxxxxxx
Ataraxie_ 2 дні тому
I, Billie Eilish, Have a dream
Dionna ly
Dionna ly 2 дні тому
The truth is, this song is actually about her brother
Sara of Isla
Sara of Isla 2 дні тому
*"so i stepped off the golden"* *"nobody cried"* *“nobody even noticed“* ugh this song hits you right in the feels💔😩 i made a cover of it, would love for you to check it out if you have a minute
Live Forever
Live Forever 2 дні тому
Out to all the nhs workers I know they lyrics may not relate but we all are you thinking about you guys and appreciate everything you are doing to help 💯
Cindy Yeung
Cindy Yeung 2 дні тому
This guitar cover is amazing ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-2XmXkzB8tuw.html
Izzy Gibs
Izzy Gibs 2 дні тому
I feel bad for her. I love her songs but this song gets to me.. It put's me in her shoes. I hope that her depression ends soon. I know she is getting over it but still. Billie, you keep doing what your doing, you are doing great. You are amazing.
Manoel raelcio reis de Castro
Manoel raelcio reis de Castro 10 годин тому
Don't worry, she's good now
SELEN• 25 2 дні тому
ﭑ‏ۉل تعليق عربي ɵ̷̥̥᷄ˬɵ̷̥̥᷅ ،
__AmandaB1__ _
__AmandaB1__ _ 2 дні тому
I tried to fall asleep on this song and listen to it when I close my eyes but I saw bad images in my head what the lyrics said and I was so sad I cried if you listen to it closely it’s so sad 😭❤️
Anais Currie
Anais Currie 2 дні тому
Billie's songs feel like they could do anything to you.
Hoodmeister 19 годин тому
Thank you
Vika Grigoryan
Vika Grigoryan 2 дні тому
I love you 😘❤️
LunaWolf30 #wolfie
LunaWolf30 #wolfie 2 дні тому
Angelina Troncoso
Angelina Troncoso 2 дні тому
nobody: me everytime i listen to this song: this shit go hard
Michael Mcaneny
Michael Mcaneny 2 дні тому
One of the best songs I've ever heard I hope Billie writes her own songs but even if not she still a genuis ... Much love from Scotland xx
Leonardo Hernandez
Leonardo Hernandez 2 дні тому
Esta cancion Es arte❤👌
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