Billie Eilish - everything i wanted (Lyrics)

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Billie Eilish - everything i wanted (Lyrics)
Listen to "Billie Eilish - everything i wanted": geo.music.apple.com/us/album/everything-i-wanted/1487502456?i=1487502476&mt=1&app=music&at=1010lMFj
Billie Eilish
Lyric video for "everything i wanted" by Billie Eilish




13 лис 2019





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Shadow Music
Shadow Music 8 місяців тому
this one hits different.. *Don't forget to subscribe :)*
Laura Dean
Laura Dean 10 днів тому
꧁_Tiny_ Turtle_꧂
꧁_Tiny_ Turtle_꧂ 13 днів тому
Everything I wanted, hmmm.... *i want a Nintendo switch and that’s all*
Salma Bouziane
Salma Bouziane 25 днів тому
H het niet zo dat ik heb er nog niet meer in de nieuwsbrief en dat het wel een goed idee om te zien hoeè
sakura cruz
sakura cruz 25 днів тому
Pls tell us what time when you have a new bid ok bye and I will give you a sub
Chuanchis Guadarrama
Chuanchis Guadarrama Місяць тому
@JD Starlxorrd sl
Ana Jiménez
Ana Jiménez 30 хвилин тому
This song somehow makes me feel good because it's the only thing that understands me...
Nicholas Vermeulen
Nicholas Vermeulen Годину тому
Okay but hear me out.. Billie and BTS' Jungkook collab. World Domination.
Nicholas Vermeulen
Nicholas Vermeulen Годину тому
The people that disliked this probably didn't get everything they wanted.
Zachary Perales
Zachary Perales 7 годин тому
I tried to scream but my head was under water. Hello I am under the water plz help
edstees 15 годин тому
Yeah next song you sould say OH YEAH like the coollaid man
Emma Elizabeth
Emma Elizabeth 21 годину тому
Anyone else listen to Billie and just feel so much better?
Baddie _damilio
Baddie _damilio 22 години тому
This is so painful to listen to for me bc it’s soo sad
Nana Princess
Nana Princess 22 години тому
I love that woman she know how to explain what I feel. Her voice everything help me.
Dean Trblxx
Dean Trblxx День тому
" If i could change the way that you see yourself. you wouldn't wonder why you hear, " they don't deserve you." @people who thinks they don't matter.
Miku Lilisa 2
Miku Lilisa 2 День тому
My favorite part is ''But when i wake up i see... you with me''
Betty Crivellaro
Betty Crivellaro День тому
Is anyone lying in bed thinking bout of life during quarantine
Emerie Portillo
Emerie Portillo День тому
I love the song😍😍😍😍😍
Hope world7
Hope world7 День тому
To the people who thought this song was about money and about her dreams😶
Hope world7
Hope world7 День тому
I relate to this song so much I feel like I wrote it but I didn’t 😐
Alevit equisde 2006
Alevit equisde 2006 День тому
esta cancion duele porque te sentis asquerosamente identificado :')
Fatima Dixiegames
Fatima Dixiegames День тому
.. i had a dream of for a happy life.......
it me
it me 2 дні тому
My fav song😫❤
Domerys Cruz
Domerys Cruz 2 дні тому
I had a dream I got everything i wanted not what'd you think and if im bein' honest it might of been a nightmare... To anyone who might care
Domerys Cruz
Domerys Cruz 2 дні тому
This litterly makes you think...
Vidal Hodge
Vidal Hodge 2 дні тому
I love this song. I relate to it so much
Jay Roblox
Jay Roblox 2 дні тому
I had a dream I was wanted yunno
Natalie Bright
Natalie Bright 2 дні тому
Listening to this song with volume 100 hits so different
kim taeguk
kim taeguk 3 дні тому
DIY Dave
DIY Dave 3 дні тому
I have to admit I was never into Billie Eilish until I heard this song. It spoke to me and I understood the meaning of it all. Kinda gave me chills as it reminded me of Chester Bennington 😪. Then I heard Sam Ryder's version 😲 and it brought the song up to a whole new level for me.
i drowned when i was 4 jasy
i drowned when i was 4 jasy 3 дні тому
I sing every song on stage
This song used to make me cry at night because I missed some fake friends but it helped me at the same time
Kelly O’Dea
Kelly O’Dea 3 дні тому
*If I knew it all then would I do it again?* Yes, anything to escape my current life *If they knew what they said would go straight to my head what would they say instead?* They would say the same thing, they want it to hurt
Regi Burgos
Regi Burgos 3 дні тому
They DON'T deserve you
Corrine Guerrero
Corrine Guerrero 3 дні тому
Made we want to cry. My little sister sent me.this song and was saying that I was the one who saved her when she was going through her suicidal moments even when I didn't know it. Thank god she never did it. She's my baby. We are 10 years apart so I helped a lot with taking care of her.
Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie 3 дні тому
This song reminds me, of this dream I had along time ago. I was talking to her, then she guide me through the world. She told me, my spirit is free and that I will be safe.
THICCUMS TOKS 3 дні тому
This song makes me think of suicide if you understand what I’m trying to say
Elisabeth Gallina
Elisabeth Gallina 4 дні тому
Who's watch while the Coronavirus around?
Justine Clave
Justine Clave 4 дні тому
I tried to scream, but my head is underwater *BLOOP*
Mike 4 дні тому
venus 4 дні тому
I listen to this song because 2 years ago i lost my grandad and we were VERY close like i would get up and grab my books, Not say hi to my grandma and go outside with him and read till we fall asleep
Isa Lima
Isa Lima 4 дні тому
Camila Vazquez
Camila Vazquez 4 дні тому
Te amó soy tu fan
unicornlover 99 and beanie boo lover
When kids bop makes there version of this... They just ruined the song when they were all singing together.
Antoinette Lettieri
Antoinette Lettieri 5 днів тому
amazing music
sMoOl gOrl
sMoOl gOrl 5 днів тому
i tried to copy Billie Eilish"s voice and i copied her too *tysm*
sara cerrato funez
sara cerrato funez 5 днів тому
My life is just the same EVERY SINGLE WORD is just the same as my life i wish to be just like billie wanted to be But there is somethings good in my life especially one person
Brianna Gonzalez
Brianna Gonzalez 5 днів тому
geeze everyone here is so depressed
Miserablex Warlock
Miserablex Warlock 5 днів тому
I miss you so fucking much, this hurts. I'm so sorry I let you down, I love you tink 🙃
Kayla Jones
Kayla Jones 5 днів тому
Why is everyone talking things which is sad, just think positive! Forget everyone who’s hurt you and think about your future life without them! And remember I’m here for you...🙂
Bakugou Katsuki
Bakugou Katsuki 6 днів тому
I wish ive never been a cold person ""if i change the way that u can see your self""
Ravenkatetrisha Calaunan
Ravenkatetrisha Calaunan 6 днів тому
I really love this music
21Foxes 6 днів тому
Ohh... so.. you CANT scream underwater?
Aracely Ayala
Aracely Ayala 6 днів тому
This is like sad and depressed
SONIC X 6 днів тому
Sonic Sonic X
Shiloh Chandler
Shiloh Chandler 6 днів тому
It may seem weird but this song makes me appreciate myself and life
Huma Amin
Huma Amin 6 днів тому
From reading these comments I'm sorry even If I don't you I can still be your friend and I'm always here even if we didn't meet :')
Taha Ur Rahman
Taha Ur Rahman 6 днів тому
The worst part is that all of our nightmares used to be our dreams :/
Nikaya LittleTiger
Nikaya LittleTiger 7 днів тому
Im hurting, dot wanna tell anyone though :/
yashi Singh
yashi Singh 7 днів тому
Her brother: as long as I'm here no one can hurt u My brother: *beating* that's the last time u disrespect me
samuel rios
samuel rios 7 днів тому
samuel rios
samuel rios 7 днів тому
Catriona Kaptan
Catriona Kaptan 7 днів тому
This is what my soul would say if it could talk 🤓🤓🤓
Jordan LoserPants
Jordan LoserPants 8 днів тому
This song hits different when you're in the tub wishing you were dead
asdf 8 днів тому
im here cause they said it sounds like hylt, and this song is so deep
snow women
snow women 9 днів тому
Her voice and her feeling are like an angel. Everything is beautiful and wonderful. She is literally the best because she is strong, humble, different, and her difference is good every time and she has the ability to transfer you to her private world in a few seconds. 💚💚💚💚
Joey Kathlean
Joey Kathlean 9 днів тому
I absolutely LOVE this song❤️ Her voice is amazing AF 💯%
Aswa Wimaya
Aswa Wimaya 9 днів тому
I'm here and my mind is wandering to Thor and Loki somehow
lea ser
lea ser 9 днів тому
Merci beaucoup j'adore cette musique aaaa non je la kiff
True Sir Cat
True Sir Cat 9 днів тому
any body else listening to this song and forgetting about the suffering that they are having in Iran? just me? ok then
JULIAN SOTO 9 днів тому
Is anyone thinking about their problems in their lives
Jill Rosenberger
Jill Rosenberger 10 днів тому
@rg3staylor@hotmail.com @shawntaylor
Adiba Raima
Adiba Raima 10 днів тому
I can't hold back my tears after listening to this song. I don't know if it's heart breaking or heart warming. But for me it is kinda heart breaking cuz if I get depressed I don't know if any one like finneas will be beside me to give me all the love I need
Roseanne Park
Roseanne Park 10 днів тому
🖤this Song is perfect and Billie Eilish too!🖤
SleepyRain• 10 днів тому
I am Trying too scream But my head was under water Read the teh first sentence too see who is the prettiest OwO
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 10 днів тому
This music is quite good for the film I'm still in progress with.
Sweet potatoe
Sweet potatoe 10 днів тому
Don't wanna lie here... but you can learn to
Jojo 10 днів тому
I'm not fluent in english so it might explain why I'm ignorant but what does "I stepped off the golden" mean ?
Thayna Leticia
Thayna Leticia 11 днів тому
A voz dela é simplesmente acalmante✊🏽💙🎶💫
Denisse-Gacha-YEET 11 днів тому
me going throught the comments and seeing all types of sad comments-- Me- see I'm not the only depressed person.... :( I'm sorry u guy sad and stressed out but a massage form me would be/ just hold on life gets better..
Naomi Rogers
Naomi Rogers 11 днів тому
"Nobody cried Nobody even noticed i saw them standing right there kinda thought they might care" tht hits different.
aaron mumbles
aaron mumbles 11 днів тому
"AS LONG AS IM HERE NO ONE CAN HURT YOU" I imagine my mom whispering that in my ear. She died in February. Miss you mommy 💚
i wantz food
i wantz food 11 днів тому
"kinda thought they would care" same girl, same...☹😔
Tasha Cox
Tasha Cox 11 днів тому
"If i knew it all then would i do it again, would i do it again? If they knew what they said would go straight to my head what would they say instead?" Hits hard 😭
Jessica Flores
Jessica Flores 11 днів тому
When we says “If I could change the way that you see yourself you wouldn’t wonder why you hear they don’t deserve you” is two true we sometimes are our biggest critique and we don’t realizes how beautiful and unique each one of us is🙃 (sorry for the spelling)😅
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