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"I'm so much more open to stuff now." On the verge of 100 million followers, Billie Eilish is ready to step back into the world as the most comfortable version of herself. Filled with new life experience, two more Grammys than last year, and a few less of her infamous one-liners, Billie Eilish truly is happier than ever. From hosting the Met Gala to being the reason Oscar de la Renta no longer sells fur, watch to see how much Billie has grown since her first interview in 2017 with Vanity Fair.

Year Two: ukvid.net/u-Cm0MGnuRnH0
Year Three: ukvid.net/u-YltHGKX80Y8
Year Four: ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-hS2x1zl4rn0.html

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Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The Fifth Year | Vanity Fair




30 лис 2021





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Drill 5 годин тому
She’s cancelled 🤡
Shah Alam
Shah Alam 6 годин тому
Rouda Alshehhi
Rouda Alshehhi 6 годин тому
I love Billie no matter what she is so beautiful in the vf interview and she’s beautiful every where 🥰
sharde26 6 годин тому
MxJoziah 6 годин тому
15:27 😂
Axis 6 годин тому
The fact that her voice changed so much tells me she really be working hard and do be practicing her singing skills. I love her ❤️
Bianca Fumagalli
Bianca Fumagalli 6 годин тому
I cried, nothing more to say
mercury 6 годин тому
If she wasn’t famous this would be chronically boring…
Xx_Glitchy_xX 8
Xx_Glitchy_xX 8 6 годин тому
i cant belive it has been 3 years since i started watching these
Kishi Nicaila
Kishi Nicaila 6 годин тому
i lovee youuu
XxX TENTaCION 6 годин тому
Any x fans..!!😊❤
Avantika B
Avantika B 6 годин тому
the fact that its been 5 years now. these interviews remind me that another year is over. surreal how time flies by
Radkarys Vargaryen
Radkarys Vargaryen 6 годин тому
I like how she doesn't agree with her past selves sometimes. There are people who never change, and they don't get it, that you aren't the same person as you were a year ago.
Naomi Davila
Naomi Davila 6 годин тому
She’s so pretty. I just needed to say it even though we all know
Justin Fencsak
Justin Fencsak 6 годин тому
she's gonna be my age when I get old
Lynx 6 годин тому
Not even a fan but I love these interviews. So interesting to see how much someone can change within a year.
兆伟 瞿
兆伟 瞿 6 годин тому
Shehzad Hyder
Shehzad Hyder 6 годин тому
Shes actually happier than ever now
Jasminkittypaws LGBT
Jasminkittypaws LGBT 6 годин тому
Love her so much 🥺😭❤️😘
Naomi Goedhart
Naomi Goedhart 6 годин тому
I've been waiting for this for what feels like 3 years 😭
cherrie 6 годин тому
can't believe 5 years passed
Jan Piet
Jan Piet 6 годин тому
amazing i love her so much.
Kacok 6 годин тому
Jay-Niël Lesshope
Jay-Niël Lesshope 6 годин тому
She really grew in a lot of ways and I love it
Jessica Rose
Jessica Rose 6 годин тому
she is so inspirational, crying rn shes so great
space man
space man 6 годин тому
Saying she was going through an identity crisis as if she still isn't 😂
humblegod 6 годин тому
Vanity Fair is basically the father that documents Billie, we literally see her grow
Polka Dots
Polka Dots 6 годин тому
I love you !!!!!!!
20k challenge with 0 video
20k challenge with 0 video 6 годин тому
It’s cool how Vanity fair saw her in 2017 and said “this girl is going to be big and we want to interview her every single year“
20k challenge with 0 video
20k challenge with 0 video 6 годин тому
This is basically just a tracker of Billie getting happier and more herself over time and it's the most beautiful thing ever
20k challenge with 0 video
20k challenge with 0 video 6 годин тому
This is basically a tracker of Billie getting happier and more herself over time. It’s the most beautiful thing ever
20k challenge with 0 video
20k challenge with 0 video 6 годин тому
Billie being exasperated with her younger self is just so relatable
Julio Piccin
Julio Piccin 6 годин тому
I love those interviews
20k challenge with 0 video
20k challenge with 0 video 6 годин тому
She looks like a more balanced version of herself now. It’s good. It’s a sign that people grow up. 😂
ece 6 годин тому
Its so cute. She looks like she looking a little girl
Sanyuk Pun
Sanyuk Pun 6 годин тому
where can i listen to the background music in this video, the piano version of happier than ever
Bao Ngoc Nguyen
Bao Ngoc Nguyen 6 годин тому
Vanify Fair really made THE BEST CHOICE to do these one-of-a-kind interviews
bloop 6 годин тому
"'i'm billie eilish, it's october 18th, 2090..." *it's 69 years later. billie has cataracts, arthritis, and keeps asking where she is every 15 minutes.* *the video is 30 hours long.*
Anonym bleiben wegen Google
Anonym bleiben wegen Google 6 годин тому
She looks as delicious with 15 as with 19.
HappierThanEver 6 годин тому
Paige Derhammer
Paige Derhammer 6 годин тому
The evolution and watching her growing up is a beautiful beautiful thing. Proud of her 💗💗
abdullrjk 6 годин тому
Her voice is change and i like it
Sarthak Thakur
Sarthak Thakur 6 годин тому
This wanna makes me fall in love, and become depressed and travel the world and to do every other overwhelming thing all at the same time! The same way how life is meaningless while at the same time it has more meaning than anything else in this universe!
ONDER 6 годин тому
and again my queen
Anna S
Anna S 6 годин тому
I love that we're the exact same age and basically grew up together 🥺 I watched these videos every year and not only did Billie grow up, but so did I
Martin John
Martin John 6 годин тому
She’s 19. 19. So much room to grow.
Amad Anak Desa
Amad Anak Desa 6 годин тому
Nice for sharing Nice Vidio
Angel 6 годин тому
i love how she’s using her voice against animal abuse. Beautiful and raised right ♥️
Icang Ashr
Icang Ashr 6 годин тому
Thanks for doing this. Again. Hope to see it again next year
Amelia Sánchez
Amelia Sánchez 6 годин тому
Her not saying "Friutvale Station" is why I have trust issues.
water 6 годин тому
i can’t believe it’s already the fifth year
A V 6 годин тому
I’m tearing up a little bit, so special to see her grow up like this. Very inspirational and motivational 🥺 Hopeful!!!
Nordic Star
Nordic Star 6 годин тому
This is beautiful. Simply beautiful. She's growing as a woman, person, individual. A small snippet into her life & what her life experiences are. An incredible Artist.
Generator Rex
Generator Rex 6 годин тому
This has become a UKvid annual tradition at this point and I'm not complaining,lol
Marty D
Marty D 6 годин тому
нефть матушка
нефть матушка 6 годин тому
if virtue signaling was a person
Tinky Winky
Tinky Winky 6 годин тому
Duru 6 годин тому
Isabel Toralbo
Isabel Toralbo 6 годин тому
I think I’m going to do this with myself. I am 22 and I change EXTREMELY fast, sometimes I look back even a few months and can’t even recognize myself. Does anyone have any suggestions on what questions to ask yourself every year?
Michael Woehrl
Michael Woehrl 6 годин тому
Now she looks like my mam. She is 42.
Jai A.
Jai A. 6 годин тому
Just randomly thought about this🤣 when will it be enough.
Sachin Gaming YT
Sachin Gaming YT 6 годин тому
Billie Eilish ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I LOVE YOU ❤️❤️❤️
Sekkusu T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me33
The instrumental in the background is so fire
nana supremacy
nana supremacy 6 годин тому
no cause this is the only thing reminding me that a year has passed. i remember watching year 2 :
İlayda ♡
İlayda ♡ 6 годин тому
İlayda ♡
İlayda ♡ 6 годин тому
okay im crying
Stay Curious
Stay Curious 6 годин тому
Billie is not happier here. You can see the sadness in her eyes when she looks back on the old her. The old her had more confidence and hadn’t been knocked by all the negative comments and mixed reviews on her album.
dhriti 6 годин тому
It gives me so much hope and happiness to see a happier than ever version of Billie each year
nona2litty 6 годин тому
The prettiest girl ever
Jigz phunk
Jigz phunk 6 годин тому
I think everyone needs something like this, a video of where they were and where they are going. Can help you put things into perspective.
gabby 6 годин тому
It’s giving Ellen
Nicholas Kachurak
Nicholas Kachurak 6 годин тому
Ayda 6 годин тому
I'm getting older :)
Alayna Lynne
Alayna Lynne 6 годин тому
She looked so sad in 2018
Zmoody Zmooda
Zmoody Zmooda 6 годин тому
Was totally cool until she brought up the vaccine. Like it's just kinda unnecessary here, sorry.
Masha Marieta
Masha Marieta 6 годин тому
Cute ♡♡ I love her 💕.
NavAnb 6 годин тому
Please release her But seriously I also kinda releate to her about growing up and all that
The Watchful Hunter
The Watchful Hunter 6 годин тому
I am so awesome. Thank you for worshipping me. Gimme more.
Manos 6 годин тому
Not use fur? I wonder if she enjoys chicken nuggets… even if she’s vegan/vegetarian, most things she does probably isn’t helpful for the planet, but who cares cuz she can say the obvious like fur and ignore the less obvious like her own carbon footprint etc.
нефть матушка
нефть матушка 6 годин тому
yeah she's vegan
Tia Ryan
Tia Ryan 6 годин тому
She's grown so much, I'm so proud of her 🥲
Oswaldo Guerra Casquino
Oswaldo Guerra Casquino 6 годин тому
y la pregunta del novio por que la saltaron??!!!!
Sharks Octopus
Sharks Octopus 6 годин тому
She just be exposing her old self
Hainah Adrais
Hainah Adrais 6 годин тому
This date! It's my birthday 😪🥺
{Lamar Games}
{Lamar Games} 6 годин тому
Jems World
Jems World 6 годин тому
I am same about the weather - i love the winter and summer makes me so anxious
just me
just me 6 годин тому
so iconic🤩🤩🤩 cant wait for another year
BEN 6 годин тому
What??? Time flashes
elonssecretwife 6 годин тому
Teo 22
Teo 22 6 годин тому
next stop: Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The Sixth Year | Vanity Fair
Cilandia Lane
Cilandia Lane 6 годин тому
2021 Billie is so much cooler than before. Thank goodness. I love this version. The other versions got on my nerves making me so sad every time I heard her.
Gabriela Rista
Gabriela Rista 6 годин тому
shodivech Dil
shodivech Dil 6 годин тому
siti hasneda
siti hasneda 6 годин тому
i love you billie
Prachi Maha
Prachi Maha 6 годин тому
what is the scariest thing you've done? : FALLEN IN LOVE. period
Melanie Islas Morris
Melanie Islas Morris 6 годин тому
Love her
Izzy M
Izzy M 6 годин тому
the fruitvale station streak ended :(((