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Vanity Fair has time capsuled Billie Eilish’s responses to the same questions for the last three years and tracked the almost-18-year-old’s swift rise to pop super stardom. From the Grammy-nominated debut studio album ‘When we all fall asleep, where do we go?’ to her third world tour, see how Billie’s changed much more than her hair color.

Billie Eilish’s album ‘When we all fall asleep, where do we go?’ is out now and for tour information: www.billieeilish.com/

Recomposition of “bad guy" by Alfonso Velez
Directed & Interviewed by Joe Sabia
Edited by Doug Larsen
Executive Produced by Traci Oshiro
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Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The Third Year | Vanity Fair





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Emile schallier
Emile schallier 53 хвилини тому
My google search is : nudes of billie
Panda Man
Panda Man Годину тому
Don swar
Panda Man
Panda Man Годину тому
Cuz I like u
Panda Man
Panda Man Годину тому
Panda Man
Panda Man Годину тому
I’m little don swar billie
Freak Show
Freak Show Годину тому
Her: Successful at the age of 17 Me:Opening the fridge to see if the light is still on or not
husna zulkiflee
husna zulkiflee Годину тому
This series should last forever
Ne_ 2 години тому
18th October 2020
Alexander YT
Alexander YT 3 години тому
This video is really inspiring!! How she’s so mature and wise! And she’s finally achieved one goal! Which was to be happy!
Clarey Magno
Clarey Magno 3 години тому
Billie: i never went to school Me: mom i wanna drop out...
Th3Legendgaming 3 години тому
No one likes bing doe.
Dark Angel Playz
Dark Angel Playz 3 години тому
Year 2070 Q1. How old are you?
røse-s 4 години тому
i love her man, she's really learning so much and it's so amazing to watch
CHELLIAN VLOGS 4 години тому
Why i am crying
Mr Kman Andrews
Mr Kman Andrews 4 години тому
Rip x
N M 5 годин тому
oh i love Billi
N M 4 години тому
habe ich das richtig geschrben
Maliyah Turner
Maliyah Turner 5 годин тому
She was about to cry through out the video
SWAG NUMBER2 5 годин тому
October 18th posted on November 25
Filipino aye
Filipino aye 6 годин тому
Young Billie was hot
Phillip 100
Phillip 100 6 годин тому
My bday is October 18 I swear that's crazy
Princess D. Braitzel
Princess D. Braitzel 6 годин тому
Well, her music is not really my type but I have to say that she looks really nice, she seems like a lovely person, I wish her the best in her life and gosh I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER voice. Sucks that I don't really like her music, I really tried honestly because she deserves it
Gacha Cookie TWINS
Gacha Cookie TWINS 6 годин тому
you should do a 4th year for this year
Starkwon 8 годин тому
oh my I love how she changed, I mean in a good way lile her joy, is so natural, she's proud and happy about her life, it's good to see how mature she is Hope this year we'll get an update, if the pandemic virus stop, y'know. BUT that's not what we are talking about, so keep in your house, safe and alive hahah.
Hendrik Frans
Hendrik Frans 9 годин тому
2017 = 257K 2018 = 6.3M 2019 = 40.7M She took "well that escalated quicky" to whole another level
MisterLobo MisterLobo
MisterLobo MisterLobo 9 годин тому
For all of you all that are wondering why she wears baggy clothes it’s because she has nothing to show
Maxime LE GALL
Maxime LE GALL 9 годин тому
MisterLobo MisterLobo lmao
DG FANZzz 9 годин тому
Who’s your favorite? Like for Billie Eilish comment for Dwen Gyimah
DG FANZzz 7 годин тому
Maxime LE GALL Dwen Gyimah google him
Maxime LE GALL
Maxime LE GALL 9 годин тому
DG FANZzz who tf is gwen?
Mr. Allen
Mr. Allen 9 годин тому
I know this was last year but I love watching Billie grow up she's smiling keep that smile on billie
Amrit Sinku
Amrit Sinku 10 годин тому
9:30 reffered to X
Amanda Michelle
Amanda Michelle 10 годин тому
Billie is the only person that I could hear talk for 24 hours straight and wouldn’t get tired of..
Maxime LE GALL
Maxime LE GALL 9 годин тому
Amanda Michelle yes
Ava Shimkonis
Ava Shimkonis 10 годин тому
I wish that I could meet her.
Libby Jubinville
Libby Jubinville 10 годин тому
I think we all know why drake was nice to a 17 year old
MyhcA 10 годин тому
She's in such a better place now ❤️
MyhcA 11 годин тому
The "I want to stay happy" part hit me so hard... I remember a time when I used to pray God and ask: "Please I don't want anything but to not feel sad anymore" I'm no one to her but I'm realy glad she and I got through it!
ReigningSP 11 годин тому
2017: cant afford real jewellery 2018: I got real jewellery 2019: dont wanna wear jewellery
DNC123 11 годин тому
Wow....... inspiring. Ily Billie!💚
SlapMyBass3825 11 годин тому
Wannabe emo. Behind the scenes she is the equivalent of that basic white broad who always drinks starbucks and fruit flavored vodka.
c ss
c ss 12 годин тому
@ 8:36 ring me then
Cat Star
Cat Star 12 годин тому
whose here waiting for the 4th year but notices that there are about 7 months until the next one comes out because I am
Στεφανία Μαντά
Στεφανία Μαντά 12 годин тому
I love herrrrrr ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ayana Hernandez
Ayana Hernandez 13 годин тому
YourDex Exit
YourDex Exit 13 годин тому
Why does this interview only make me feel sorry for her and sad ? Vamos que no se hablar mucho ingles pero intento expresar lo que senti como se pudiera Hi/Hola
ChainFreak 13 годин тому
18.10.19 I turned 18 yo :F
Adopted Divide
Adopted Divide 13 годин тому
She looks so much more rested this time around than last time. I was worried about her, but she seems to be doing better!
YouTube User
YouTube User 14 годин тому
the 2018 billie seems very sad and very serious, but im very proud of 2019 billie is the best billie ive ever seen
Campbell Duthie
Campbell Duthie 14 годин тому
!? 14 годин тому
Katie Xiong
Katie Xiong 14 годин тому
It's so cool to see how much she's changed over the years.
Adam Gillespie
Adam Gillespie 15 годин тому
The girl who gave her the thing she's been sleeping with did a good job
Spartaqs 15 годин тому
She's Beautiful
Jeffy Joseph
Jeffy Joseph 15 годин тому
Why do they sound like 3 different sisters who look similar?
Madison Combellick
Madison Combellick 15 годин тому
"What's the biggest thing in the news right now" *CORONAVIRUS*
Luisa G
Luisa G 15 годин тому
I love that her mom looks every year the same and billie is like a different person every year 😂
Sandy Gan
Sandy Gan 15 годин тому
Growing up is hard. I’m so glad she’s now enjoying her success.
Ask Moon
Ask Moon 15 годин тому
She makes me so happy 🥺❤️
Keith Padgett
Keith Padgett 16 годин тому
You got some feminism in your hair, sweetcheeks.
Claire Natalie Smith
Claire Natalie Smith 17 годин тому
08:32 "I DON'T HAVE A BOYFRIEND!" I could seriously watch this bit on repeat.
koke Villalba
koke Villalba 17 годин тому
Me gusta Como Sigue esta Historia
Yetzibel Sicairos Barraza
Yetzibel Sicairos Barraza 17 годин тому
i love bille so mushn me subed already plzzzz
monteirossd 17 годин тому
Alva og klamg Lycke
Alva og klamg Lycke 17 годин тому
Do it 2020 and 2021
Mkgovs 18 годин тому
Who else is waiting for the 2020 one 😂
Lin 18 годин тому
Oh she look like scarlet Jhoneson and she is more to be British more than American
prodbyYS 18 годин тому
some years later: Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The 39th Year | Vanity Fair
adarsh jain
adarsh jain 19 годин тому
Billie Eilish भक्क रंडी
Celes Ford
Celes Ford 20 годин тому
Ohno we cant do the fourth year becos of the virus OHNOOOO
Mike D
Mike D 20 годин тому
Mind Controlled Mk Ultra Satanist
jack petersen
jack petersen 21 годину тому
I never really understand why people worship musicians and hollywood stars. Whats up with that?
Maxime LE GALL
Maxime LE GALL 9 годин тому
jack petersen their*
jack petersen
jack petersen 21 годину тому
People are so busy watching other people live there lives, why not live your own?
VFL Brescia
VFL Brescia 22 години тому
Why she look like Aitch😂😂
Amber Tharp
Amber Tharp 22 години тому
You are pretty no matter what age you are
A6d Fan 14
A6d Fan 14 22 години тому
I Love her so much
Hannah Wilson
Hannah Wilson 22 години тому
Lol I was watching in 2020 and was expecting her to say corona virus lol it wasn’t even in
ΛYMΛПΣ 23 години тому
she looks like a 43 years old single mom who became a drug addict cause her kid left the fridge open
Rius Vernandes
Rius Vernandes 23 години тому
2020 : 130 M
ExaltedPlayz День тому
0:00 And a legend was born...
Dead Daddy
Dead Daddy День тому
Iara Ranucci
Iara Ranucci День тому
I love you billie💖
Hamza Zaman
Hamza Zaman День тому
At 0:43 she looks more impressed by 257,000 followers than the 40.6 million
5G MODEL День тому
I can believe she is 19 just WTF i was thinking she is 25 years old,now i think god cheated me
Michelle Marquez
Michelle Marquez День тому
dude i love you, like genuinely. if i ever meet you i’ll ask for a hug and turn my phone off 🥺❤️
Broken teletooby
Broken teletooby День тому
2020: "What was the worst moment ever" Billie eilish: *2020.*
Cheesy Potato
Cheesy Potato 3 години тому
Broken teletooby love ur profile pic also how do I change mine also that’s true
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