Billie Eilish with babies and kids

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Desiree Coniglio
Desiree Coniglio Хвилина тому
Billie you would love my baby sister
Вікторія Ня
Вікторія Ня 2 хвилини тому
Как мила❤️😘
pretty moo sub lol
pretty moo sub lol 4 хвилини тому
pretty moo sub lol
pretty moo sub lol 4 хвилини тому
Bille is so nice
Suman Verma
Suman Verma 12 хвилин тому
1:07 which song is this plz tell me ?
DanaUwU 17 хвилин тому
And he is drinking grandma…
Boobah Pooh
Boobah Pooh 30 хвилин тому
Billie Eilish one day I hope I can meet you and I am eight years old and made the best picture of you that I can and Monday I might meet you and I’ll give it to you I promise
Macy McDonald
Macy McDonald 56 хвилин тому
Imagine Billie having kids OMG SO CUTE
Athena Nina
Athena Nina 6 годин тому
Omg I’m the first one I just now remembered that
Irish's Vlogs
Irish's Vlogs 6 годин тому
i wish im a baby
Syalin Yusof
Syalin Yusof 6 годин тому
I can tell she is gonna make a great mother.
Mamank Garox
Mamank Garox 6 годин тому
Billie eilish have son?
• ッFriskxr ッ•
• ッFriskxr ッ• 6 годин тому
I wish I was the kid-
Supreme S
Supreme S 7 годин тому
Kid: "How are you going to sing like are you going to sing on a chair or.... " Billie: "yeah i should..but its not funny.. So i shoukd probably hurt it more..(which im not supposed to do) lol Billie's Mom: *i will postpone your tour until your ankle will get healed* Billie: no faiir you really know how to make me cry when you postpone all my tour 😂😂
Frances Jessica Nicolette Ayubronal 1742037
i wish i can meet you billie im a big fan of yours
majoo varela
majoo varela 7 годин тому
1:24 pobre niño el también estaba esperando su abrazo :v
Martha Ramirez
Martha Ramirez 8 годин тому
I bearly started hearing billie eilish i i ikow you may not see this but i really like you and your songs mostly your sweet and kind personality
Itz_yo_gurl_kailey _101
Itz_yo_gurl_kailey _101 8 годин тому
Every Billie eilish fan wishes they were that baby!
SilverFoxDreamers 8 годин тому
This goes to show how kind she is
Abigail Diaz
Abigail Diaz 9 годин тому
She's so well with kids omg so cute
Marziah Abbas
Marziah Abbas 9 годин тому
4:28 OMG 😂
Marziah Abbas
Marziah Abbas 9 годин тому
When she has kids if she does omg she is going to be such a good mom
Fatima Garcia Diaz.
Fatima Garcia Diaz. 10 годин тому
I wish I was one of those baby's 😭
Jackie and Pebbles And Suzy and 3 birds Angel
6:33 would be my life if I was those babies that’s paradise
cherry cake
cherry cake 10 годин тому
Every one in the comments: ShE sHoUlD bE a MoM Me:so your saying a baby that is completely blank of who she is has a better chance at meeting my idol
Jeimmy Guzman
Jeimmy Guzman 11 годин тому
So so cute 🥺
Summer Vibes
Summer Vibes 11 годин тому
omg i'm literally scared of Michael 😂
Monkielady S
Monkielady S 12 годин тому
I want a hug too! ;-;
Peppi Alakurtti
Peppi Alakurtti 12 годин тому
Omg. I thought that Billie would just be like a emotionless edgy edgelord artist that makes so edgy music that no way...But shes actually a nice person! 🤗
Tyanne 12 годин тому
"i have an iron deficiency so this shit tastes good" LMFAOOOOO
Haileigh Herbert
Haileigh Herbert 13 годин тому
Just the little boy how's you nee doing Billie my new is fine but my ankle hearts the boy I meant ankle 😶me ...😂😂😂😂😂
Valerius Selina Gottfried
Valerius Selina Gottfried 14 годин тому
It is so adorable
Harman Kaur (194HarKaur)
Harman Kaur (194HarKaur) 14 годин тому
That kid at 5:30 tho 😂
Melody sings
Melody sings 14 годин тому
this is soooooo cute
Daniel raz meiri
Daniel raz meiri 15 годин тому
5:17 - or he's on drugs, or schizophrenic, or a psychopath... 🤨🤔🙄🥴👻☠😅😅😅
Andrew Stiegele
Andrew Stiegele 15 годин тому
You look like my half sister just with different hair
S C 15 годин тому
“Oh my g od, another baby”. -Billie Eilish
raiyan 2007
raiyan 2007 15 годин тому
Amy Smith
Amy Smith 16 годин тому
Awwwww so cute
meme209 loolloo208
meme209 loolloo208 16 годин тому
Adrienne Mauskemo
Adrienne Mauskemo 17 годин тому
Imagine all of us were there
Lizzette Rolle
Lizzette Rolle 18 годин тому
I love you Billie can we meet you are my ideal plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
taylor barone
taylor barone 18 годин тому
Billie is such a wonderful beautiful person 😊💯♥️
Vanessa Yeomans
Vanessa Yeomans 18 годин тому
They see me and there like”hey look another baby”
Anastasia Youtube
Anastasia Youtube 18 годин тому
Я одна русская ищу русские комментарии?😅
iva Perisic
iva Perisic 18 годин тому
I love you💙💙💙💙❤❤❤❤💗💗💗💗💗
CupCake Gaming
CupCake Gaming 18 годин тому
გულნარა სიხარულიძე
Billie come Georgia 🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪♥️
Angelica Chavenia
Angelica Chavenia 18 годин тому
So adorable
robin. jashinsky
robin. jashinsky 18 годин тому
Billie Eilish is so down to earth....she's so open and real....we need more people like her.
robin. jashinsky
robin. jashinsky 19 годин тому
Billie Eilish is so good with kids....it's soooo cute. Just what we need now.
Da panda Gamer
Da panda Gamer 19 годин тому
Aww so cute!
David Wright
David Wright 19 годин тому
BabIeS oOOh I LoVe BaBies
Nizar Tabbai
Nizar Tabbai 19 годин тому
You wish you were a baby.
Nizar Tabbai
Nizar Tabbai 19 годин тому
You wish you were a baby.
Maria Eugenia Rodriguez
Maria Eugenia Rodriguez 20 годин тому
Billie you can speak spanish
cookiezzz playz
cookiezzz playz 20 годин тому
Liani Rivera
Liani Rivera 21 годину тому
imagine those kids were afraid of you
Супер Спайк
Супер Спайк 21 годину тому
So cuuuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeeeeeee
S M 21 годину тому
oml your with kids OMGGGG so cute cute cute
Thảo Lê Minh Thảo
Thảo Lê Minh Thảo 22 години тому
I love you bellie
Vicki Storaas
Vicki Storaas 22 години тому
I literally just started crying bc I LOVE Billie so much and I never went to her concerts and never met her in person 🥺but I REALLY want her to live in Canada
Ear Lift
Ear Lift 22 години тому
I was Imagining if Billie Had a BF?
Raeleen Singer
Raeleen Singer 23 години тому
She loves kids
Anime Ally
Anime Ally 23 години тому
OMG so cute i love you Billie
Shanzay Aryan
Shanzay Aryan 23 години тому
Just breath and imagine it’s me 🙏 hopefully
Julie Trapnell
Julie Trapnell 23 години тому
These kids going to grow up and say yeah you went to Billie’s concert well i hanged out with her so get noobed
AnnaGirlGamer OwO
AnnaGirlGamer OwO День тому
awww billie is so cute with kids my heart is brakeing :3
Jaisa Stanley
Jaisa Stanley День тому
Billie please go back to the blue hair. You look so good with at blue hair.
Koh Keomany
Koh Keomany День тому
I hope one day she will have a kid and she is going to be lovely,caring,sweet and kind she is the best mom
Angela Morales navarro
Angela Morales navarro День тому
Billie i love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Imbored likeforreal
Imbored likeforreal День тому
I went to a band camp where basically they'll put u with random people and u have to come up with a song in one week and this one band group the leader of it acted and looked like billie and made the name of the band baby XD
second first
second first День тому
so, with her average fans, ye...
Curly Queen
Curly Queen День тому
Billie Eilish is so sweet with kids this is adorable
Zippy B
Zippy B День тому
4:45 hahahahaha
themrsB41109 День тому
I sorta want to meet her though.
themrsB41109 День тому
It's not that I don't like her it's mainly that my mom plays her music all day everyday 7 days a week. My mom is 33 but she acts a like a 14 year old. It's infurriating. I'm also a 13 year old guy so that kinda makes it worse.
-Yoka -
-Yoka - День тому
-Yoka -
-Yoka - День тому
1:51 Kyra!!
-Yoka -
-Yoka - День тому
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