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This week we're heralding the arrival of National Pizza Month (aka every month ever?) with a true Binging with Babish conceptual reach - using Jon Stewart's famous rant against Chi-Town's deep-dish speciality as an excuse to make some ourselves. With cups of sauce and pounds of cheese held at bay by a towering levee of buttery, flaky crust, how could you not like Chicago-style deep-dish pizza? Assuming you've never tried New York-style pizza, of course.
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Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish 5 днів тому
Someone get Trevor Noah to go on a rant about low-carb protein bowls, I'm trying to lose some weight over here.
leelee w
leelee w 9 годин тому
Please make Cheesecake from golden girls
Dogcraftyt Dogcraft
Dogcraftyt Dogcraft День тому
Babish can you do the Minecraft cake
DaPeAceMaKerX День тому
Hey Babish! Can you make a Good Burger with Ed's Sauce from the 1997 movie "Good Burger?"
Robert Gray
Robert Gray 2 дні тому
Do you ever go shopping on Arthur Avenue?
Carson Oden
Carson Oden 9 годин тому
Why haven’t you done an avatar the last air bender episode?
Joshua Rodriguez
Joshua Rodriguez 9 годин тому
I think a good video would be Ed’s sauce from good burger !
Yaser Algishi
Yaser Algishi 10 годин тому
How i met your mother, the erickson layered salad.
Rob Dinero
Rob Dinero 10 годин тому
Detroit style > Chicago
Gustav Ahr
Gustav Ahr 10 годин тому
You should do the special sential sandwich
Chelsea Shurmantine
Chelsea Shurmantine 10 годин тому
Oh man you gotta cool it
Treasures of Distraction
Treasures of Distraction 11 годин тому
This isn't pizza. Why are you Americans raping pizza.
Vincent Lobster
Vincent Lobster 11 годин тому
I would love to see you make Max's Sandwich "To The Max" from Wizards of Waverly Place
samlio325 11 годин тому
Theres a very elaborate recepie given by Mirage from Apex Legends for pork chops.
Jarynn 11 годин тому
Looks solid, but it doesn't look like it'd hold a candle to Giordano's.
Camp Man
Camp Man 11 годин тому
Deep dish pizza from most delivery pizza chain is a sin. Those losers always make the crust thick as hell and the cheese and sauce barely existent thinking they can pull the wool over our eyes. Smh
Manó 11 годин тому
New York style for the win
Sippy Cuppe
Sippy Cuppe 12 годин тому
lactaid gang
Diamond Tartarous
Diamond Tartarous 12 годин тому
To anyone who says this isn’t pizza: My definition of a pizza is a good dough, good cheese, and a good marinara sauce. Bagel pizza counts
SpAM_CAN 13 годин тому
I love your work, but holy crap please go back to using metric measurements. "One third of a cup plus two tablespoons" is a ludicrous measurement.
Jarynn 11 годин тому
He is an American. His audience is probably vast majority American. Most of the dishes he prepares are American or come from American media. Why would he not use American measurements? Giving metric measurements to an American audience in cooking is setting them up for frustration. Its a lot easier to translate Customary to Metric while cooking than the inverse.
guado4prez 13 годин тому
Would you do the cevapi from key and peele
TheinvASIAN 14 годин тому
Your book releases on my birthday! 😁🤙🏽
A D-generation X big fan
A D-generation X big fan 15 годин тому
Next video: *Binging with Babish: Mom's Spaghetti from Eminem*
Daedalus 15 годин тому
Detroit style pizza is best.
Mo Alz
Mo Alz 15 годин тому
Love your watch, what’s it called anyone know?
Tahlia Maria
Tahlia Maria 16 годин тому
Binging with babish x making it big
Sir 17 годин тому
today I fried an egg
Cross 17 годин тому
Any pizza where u need a plate, fork and a knife to eat is no freaking pizza...
kitkatglass 18 годин тому
Thanks for the inspiration, I'm going to try this! I've been Chicago homesick, mostly for this pizza and portillos Italian beef w/ sweet peppers dipped, but living in the PNW where any type of good pizza does not exist, thanks
RamenCupBMG 20 годин тому
I always thought chicago style was like thin crust. I picture a big, round (but not a circle) and flat pizza with cheese going all the way to the edges and cut into squares. and its so weird that i have never heard of every you and jon "definitively" say about deep dish pizza. I always thought deep dish was just a normal pizza with a thicker crust. I never heard of the sauce on top thing or the sauce being thick, sweet and have chucks of tamato
Jarynn 11 годин тому
Party cut is a Midwestern thing as a whole and it isnt a variety of pizza, just a way of cutting it. And based off all the things you've never heard of, I suggest locating a Giordano's and experiencing it. Its pretty good.
Chad 21 годину тому
Aaron G
Aaron G 21 годину тому
you put the cheese first and then the sausage
Batnab 21 годину тому
I'm from Las Vegas so I dont have a dog in this fight i will say this though pizza huts stuffed crust pizza is the best 😁
OtterPopArt 22 години тому
You should try making the French dishes listed as Saikawa's favorite foods from Gakuen Babysitters: pain de campagne (sourdough bread), hachis parmentier (shephard's pie), gratin dauphinois (traditional dish with potatoes and creme fraiche)
Thunderkrux 22 години тому
I live in Cali. Not sure what California pizza is, but somehow I imagine it has kale and avocado on it.
Heree Fires
Heree Fires 23 години тому
Make gumbo and potato salad
Ryuko Matoi
Ryuko Matoi 23 години тому
8:35 AA fuck you
Dr. Fun
Dr. Fun 23 години тому
Being that I'm not from Chicago, New York or (god forbid) California, I am free to enjoy all Pizzas as I see fit, and since I can be an impartial judge, I hereby declare both pizzas to be good. (But deep dish is better because each pizza contains approximately 500 tons of cheese. Hold that shit NY)
Manny L
Manny L День тому
NY Pizza is for the rats.
NikNok Gamer
NikNok Gamer День тому
I’ve been to to Chicago and I’ve witnessed deep-dish and this man is right, THE MARINARA IS *ON TOP OF THE CHEESE*
Hormigas y más
Hormigas y más День тому
Make shrimp & ribs from teen titans go
Aaron Robin
Aaron Robin День тому
Broodwhich in aqua teen hunger force
Anthony Rayman
Anthony Rayman День тому
You cook for your friends? Hi, name is tony, we are friends now. 😂
wozzlepop День тому
Algorythm : You like pizza. Let's do Chicago style.. Neo: "No."
Michael Molnar
Michael Molnar День тому
Finally a good Chicago pizza recipe! I made it tonight and it was perfect! PLEASE on a episode of Basics make a Detroit deep dish style pizza! Dude, it has crusty crispy cheese on the crust, right up your alley.
nycbklynrmp День тому
you are right about part of sea, I cook my sauce for 1hr
Brianna Valencia
Brianna Valencia День тому
California pizza is the best pizza idc idc periodttt😭😭
nycbklynrmp День тому
save time go to NYC : krispy for vodka , spumoni gardens for square/Sicilian, la bella express for margarita, and lees tavern for clam/calamari slice
bringoutthelegos День тому
Dear Babish, It's been a whole month since you've made a burger style video, and as such, I would like to make a request. Whilst you've made some pretty HUGE burgers (bubble bass, the ultimeatum, the meatsiah, etc.) I know of a burger might swamp those in terms of size, and I haven't seen anyone else attempt to make it. The burger I'm speaking of is the cosmic tower burger in persona 5. A burger that is the ultimate embodiment of the limitless nature of time and space, the volume, the flavor, and the calories are on an astronomical scale. It would be the biggest burger you'd make on the channel, as the buns appear to be bigger than the character's head. As such, I believe you would be the only one worthy enough of creating it, as no one else has tried to make that burger in real life. With best wishes and regards to your diet, Bringoutthelegos
Noob-like Gaming
Noob-like Gaming День тому
Do the spaghetti from elf
angerissues_YT День тому
im from Chicago so fuck you
Kyle Larson
Kyle Larson День тому
Bad call on the raw sausage, mine came back out that way
Endless Roadie
Endless Roadie День тому
God comedy central "comedians" suckkkkk so badddd.
Isaac Moran
Isaac Moran День тому
Blake Bradley
Blake Bradley День тому
"30-35 people"
legoman7041 День тому
Jon's rant is about Chicago style pizza but that's the wrong enemy. The true villain of the pizza saga is Italian Pizza from Italy. Legit what the fuck is that shit???
kcchutes День тому
Make Mirage's porkchops from Apex Legends
LeGreenTea День тому
brownie husband from SNL???
ZygyKoz День тому
Except Jon Stewart retracted his statement and agreed to what is well known now: Chicago Pizza is the best pizza!
Tap Water
Tap Water День тому
Babish you should make a good burger
Malfunction День тому
If you're one of those generic talk show TV funny guys, you don't have any right to complain about what people call a pizza.
Felipe Romo
Felipe Romo День тому
Dawg thank you for the shout out to lactose intolerants.
Airazor День тому
You should try making that super spicy curry from the Kirby franchise
Unjust День тому
this video is perfect in every way. i fucking love you babish
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