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BIRDY + RHODES - Let It All Go [Official]

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The official video for 'Let It All Go' by BIRDY + RHODES. Get it here: smarturl.it/LetItAllGoiTunes
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Directed by: Sing J. Lee




11 сер 2015

Birdy (Composer)Indie Pop (Musical Genre)OfficialLetSkinny LovePeople Help The People (Composition)





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Pian Ahmad
Pian Ahmad 35 хвилин тому
bikin kuat...
Mariana Zuniga
Mariana Zuniga 5 годин тому
I love this song!
Creamy Dreamy
Creamy Dreamy 9 годин тому
I am so ..... this song is just everything .....gorgeous. Birdy you are amazing.
_WirlessLabberry25 SA
_WirlessLabberry25 SA 14 годин тому
Coleen Jade
Coleen Jade 19 годин тому
Love thissssss
Zoran Teodanov Filko
Zoran Teodanov Filko День тому
Gifted with Chris Evans brought me here ❤👌
Renata Nunes
Renata Nunes 3 дні тому
Brasil 💚
Imperfectly perfect
Imperfectly perfect 3 дні тому
Suzi Jesus
Suzi Jesus 4 дні тому
Rosa Santos
Rosa Santos 5 днів тому
Best music ;-;
Gina Cerda
Gina Cerda 5 днів тому
How is it I’m just finding this now? This song is like my life
Julie Harrison
Julie Harrison 5 днів тому
Does Birdy have any new albums out?
Sandy Wassong
Sandy Wassong 6 днів тому
Moonlight Wolf
Moonlight Wolf 6 днів тому
I'm not crying you're crying
Moonlight Wolf
Moonlight Wolf 5 днів тому
+Gina Cerda TRUE xD
Gina Cerda
Gina Cerda 5 днів тому
Moonlight Wolf same to you 😂
Josh Bieler
Josh Bieler 7 днів тому
Faultless disparager of good light, frequency demanded generation's last... crushed beak... morning comes to the field-wise...
foodheavenfoodhell 7 днів тому
Wow, just amazing.
이원준 7 днів тому
where is the place? so beautiful😀
Sarah Curtis
Sarah Curtis 9 днів тому
I don’t know why we break so hard- Because we’re human
agustin caractor
agustin caractor 9 днів тому
Eddie Gonzalez Bonilla
Eddie Gonzalez Bonilla 9 днів тому
me encanta este video, lo amo y me amo por amarlo
Taia Hopkins
Taia Hopkins 10 днів тому
Ivory Rhode Hopkins- named after this song
Seashell_Sings 11 днів тому
those harmonies tho
Elizabeth Grahame
Elizabeth Grahame 11 днів тому
I dont know why im crying 😭💗
Lena Lena
Lena Lena 11 днів тому
Amazing place, amazing song❤❤❤
Martin Gebhardt
Martin Gebhardt 11 днів тому
Ask Athena
Ask Athena 12 днів тому
Where was this filmed?!?!?!
nicnag12 9 днів тому
Scottish Borders
Kelly Beviss-Challinor
Kelly Beviss-Challinor 12 днів тому
twenty one p¡lots
twenty one p¡lots 12 днів тому
just a reminder, she is rn 22 years old but when she recorded this and when she was singin this she was like 19. so pray for this awesome fuckin cutie ily birdy
Lisa Luby
Lisa Luby 13 днів тому
2018 beautiful song ❤
Kendall Short
Kendall Short 13 днів тому
When mom says put some good music on....😎
Angelica Diogo
Angelica Diogo 13 днів тому
M & D Farm
M & D Farm 13 днів тому
Beautiful voices, marvellous song and such an inspiring video. LOVE.
Archie Kifuso
Archie Kifuso 14 днів тому
I just bumped into this and I had no choice but to subscribe..... Birdy you are amazing
asqueakyfoot 14 днів тому
I'm back again. It's 2018 now.
Afiq Zamri
Afiq Zamri 14 днів тому
2086 ?
Miguel Rosa
Miguel Rosa 15 днів тому
I'm so glad UKvid keeps recommending me random songs like this.
Justin Prejeant
Justin Prejeant 15 днів тому
Anyone here from supergirl? 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️🌎☄️
Caroline Nobre
Caroline Nobre 16 днів тому
Ló 🍃
Gia Nina Morales
Gia Nina Morales 16 днів тому
I'm such an idiot, or I would've found this sooner. It's so beautiful.
Carlos Santos
Carlos Santos 17 днів тому
Josh Bieler
Josh Bieler 17 днів тому
fire to the heavens made bright... losing sight... no fury has mentioned so the beyond... gaining right... losing all preoccupations past time...
Sadia Sarah
Sadia Sarah 17 днів тому
Jo and Ric 💔 #tvd #jalaric
Wilson Junior
Wilson Junior 18 днів тому
Victoria Bell
Victoria Bell 18 днів тому
Love and miss you Mam.× WHY ?
laura elena
laura elena 18 днів тому
Paolo Ascencion
Paolo Ascencion 18 днів тому
Hedwig Narracott
Hedwig Narracott 18 днів тому
This is beautiful💖
dona rafa
dona rafa 19 днів тому
Música tão gostosa de ouvir❤❤❤
Kameran Puster
Kameran Puster 19 днів тому
BB 20 днів тому
I love this song but with Álvaro Soler. Anyone else? 😂
Shay M
Shay M 20 днів тому
man this song has done wonders for me. bless everyone that enjoys such beauty like this
Mario Japhta
Mario Japhta 20 днів тому
3 years later and only discovered this beautiful classic now. Who is still listening to this timeless hit in 2018?
Matheus Lopes
Matheus Lopes 20 днів тому
Musicao da porraaaa 💞💞
Klaudia Bolvári
Klaudia Bolvári 21 день тому
one of my favorite song because when i realised that i have a twinsoul he told me he is gay so i had to cancel all my feelings towards him ....it was a very sad day but i let him go :) that's life
Натали Сабанчук
Натали Сабанчук 21 день тому
Genibeth 21 день тому
I don't know why it took me three years to find this beautiful song 😍
Ben YT
Ben YT 22 дні тому
Can someone tell what place there in? It’s beautiful
monique beco
monique beco 22 дні тому
Wonderful song ❤❤
Miss Happy
Miss Happy 22 дні тому
I love you B❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕💕❤❤❤❤❤
Karina Durán Huenchullán
Karina Durán Huenchullán 22 дні тому
Vassiliki Schina
Vassiliki Schina 23 дні тому
Vassiliki Schina
Vassiliki Schina 23 дні тому
This song is just magical. I love you birdy ❤
Hyy Laura
Hyy Laura 23 дні тому
Kimberly Wright
Kimberly Wright 24 дні тому
I love all these songs seems like songs are the the only friends I have.esspically ones like these because I can really relate to them.....,
Lilly Chepkemoi
Lilly Chepkemoi 24 дні тому
Vampire Diaries
Bejita kura
Bejita kura 24 дні тому
A toi Béatrice, ma cousine, mon amour, mon évidence...
Cocoa ImperfectlyMade
Cocoa ImperfectlyMade 24 дні тому
This song is so lovely.
Bella Bong
Bella Bong 24 дні тому
So beautiful and peace... Im playing this video everytime😇😇😇😇2018
themanofthehour 25 днів тому
this is a song for an entiry century ........ just wonderful and endless ....... wow thank you Birdy + Rhodes
SuperBrianMak 26 днів тому
Cloud and Aerith vibes ('FF7' reference).
Poliana Ribeiiro
Poliana Ribeiiro 26 днів тому
melhor musica❤
Heyu 26 днів тому
So beautiful omg. Love🙏
April Perkins
April Perkins 26 днів тому
I'm in love with the Cheetos. I like my own comments cuz No One cares about what I say.
kiela17 21 день тому
April Perkins I do💟
faded shades
faded shades 24 дні тому
i liked ur comment XD
psymon25 27 днів тому
damn why am i 3 years late to this amazing song, however glad i heard it amazing artists
Albertina Give
Albertina Give 27 днів тому
"If we strong enough to let it in, we have to strong enough to let it go."
DaOneFame 27 днів тому
luciemule 28 днів тому
Love it!
Tendy Ngobs
Tendy Ngobs 28 днів тому
My roommate made me listen to this song after seeing me crying for my ex almost everyday...... I cried my lungs out even when I was listening to the song
Ashley Malepe
Ashley Malepe 28 днів тому
this song reminds me of someone that I think I love so much..we don't talk much but their presence is felt and so is their absence. i think they feel the same but we just cant..... hopefully i..we .. don't have to let it go because we waited to long and our hearts are not burning for each other anymore.
Llys Dawg
Llys Dawg 28 днів тому
So let us leave....
Llys Dawg
Llys Dawg 28 днів тому
You made your choice
Llys Dawg
Llys Dawg 28 днів тому
Where are my girls?
Llys Dawg
Llys Dawg 28 днів тому
I let it go but I always knew
Janka Vargova
Janka Vargova 28 днів тому
beautiful voices, so strong words...
salles 28 днів тому
2018? ..... 2019?
Liya Elizabeth
Liya Elizabeth 29 днів тому
the place in the vedio looks so scary
Someone In The Crowd
Someone In The Crowd 29 днів тому
I miss him. Can't let it go.
sandra Ferrington
sandra Ferrington 29 днів тому
I have never heard it but I like it
sandra Ferrington
sandra Ferrington 29 днів тому
Fdo you think we are strong enough to let it all go?
Katie Stait
Katie Stait Місяць тому
😢 ♥ ♥ ♥
TheSongsOfTheDead Місяць тому
I wonder if that what Heaven looks like?
sandra Ferrington
sandra Ferrington Місяць тому
Sits a great song and makes a lot of sense
Camilla Henrique
Camilla Henrique Місяць тому
Essa música dá um nó na garganta, mas ao mesmo tempo é tão linda.
Anna Paula Rodrigues
Anna Paula Rodrigues Місяць тому
Beauty music S2
Maricel Bebit
Maricel Bebit Місяць тому
really nice
Orecon 125
Orecon 125 Місяць тому
Beautiful locations and shots. But let's not forget the stars of the song, Birdy and Rhodes. The harmonies are astounding with the vocals impressing me
Misha Reynolds
Misha Reynolds Місяць тому
Something I needed @ this time. It just resonates
Gust Lee
Gust Lee Місяць тому
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