Black Metal Beauty Makeover - 10 Minute Power Hour

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Dan and Arin dip their claws into the blackest metal pools of oil and soot and shred through unfair beauty standards.
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Danny ► ukvid.net/u-NinjaSexParty
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Mystery Sax Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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20 тра 2019

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Sector 300
Sector 300 День тому
Cobalt360Degrees 2 дні тому
And here I was, before starting the video, wondering why people were getting all hot and bothered about Dan in the wig. And then I get to that part of the video and *oh no.*
Cheeky Piranhas
Cheeky Piranhas 3 дні тому
Is this what inspired the hair swap?
vampire sLUT
vampire sLUT 3 дні тому
why dan hot juggalo
Cameron Shrider
Cameron Shrider 4 дні тому
Where’s the faygo
There eating her and now there gonna eat me oh my goooooooooooooooooooooosh!
Done did An oof
Done did An oof 6 днів тому
*This has such “Oops, my anarchy symbol!” vibes.*
Magic Craft
Magic Craft 6 днів тому
Arin: I don’t like goop on me Also arin: shoot your goo on me
HBangerHS 6 днів тому
The way Arin says "you piece of shit" at 5:15 is priceless
Maia Feldt
Maia Feldt 7 днів тому
10:16 how many people can say their boss and his BFF came out in wigs and metal make-up and sang "I'm gonna fuck your dad"
Tyler Cullen
Tyler Cullen 8 днів тому
Omg dan with just the tears and nose boop looks like a Pierrot clown girl 😂
yee haw
yee haw 9 днів тому
Well now dam just looks like a juggalo XD
Cosmoose Animations
Cosmoose Animations 9 днів тому
*_So is no one gonna talk about the concert at the end?_*
Caro S.
Caro S. 6 днів тому
That's what I thought too
Apple Angie
Apple Angie 10 днів тому
Dan looks like sally face
Cairnsy 11 днів тому
Arin looks like a Death Metal Hagrid 😂
_*H e l p*_ *_M e_*
_*H e l p*_ *_M e_* 11 днів тому
9:57 *BLEEEEEHH* *ble*
Arin Jäger
Arin Jäger 11 днів тому
Daniel Avidaniel >:D (Arin looks like a Panda)
Scizorgaming 12 днів тому
Sunny Day
Sunny Day 12 днів тому
actually Cassidy, i am busy
Kenny 13 днів тому
dan holy shit
nooth paste
nooth paste 13 днів тому
I love black metal
Namarie Huerta
Namarie Huerta 13 днів тому
Dan's trying so hard not to smile for the bit omg so good :'D
Queen of Snek
Queen of Snek 14 днів тому
I cant decide if Arin looks more like Avril Lavigne in her album cover for Avril Lavigne, the lead singer of System Of A Down who I can't remember the name of, or Crotch Guzzler from Skyrim For Pimps
Haritho Ihsanio
Haritho Ihsanio 15 днів тому
This video have 420 dislikes.
_*H e l p*_ *_M e_*
_*H e l p*_ *_M e_* 11 днів тому
It still has 420 dislikes wlw
OptimusProvost 16 днів тому
Tears of Up is an awesome band name
Maddy W
Maddy W 16 днів тому
this was the video that got me into game grumps. 11/10 worth it
ethanmichaeldy 17 днів тому
Gotta love that Major 3rd harmony at 0:43.
Tim Taylor
Tim Taylor 17 днів тому
I want that book
TheSeptet 19 днів тому
Please make "I'm Gonna Fuck Your Dad" a full song
Snow_wolf Snow_wolf
Snow_wolf Snow_wolf 20 днів тому
Aron looks like a cute ass panda!!!!!!!
Ian Bridge
Ian Bridge 20 днів тому
Horgh would be proud.
High Definition
High Definition 20 днів тому
How does Arin know so much about makeup haha
Logan Woodall
Logan Woodall 20 днів тому
Theres no crying in metal!
lolly yolo
lolly yolo 21 день тому
so weird to see someone in metal makeup like freak out and whine and stuff XD
Roben the Rogue
Roben the Rogue 22 дні тому
... Dan looks like a mime
Roben the Rogue
Roben the Rogue 22 дні тому
He's not the one who knows! He's the one who wins.
Stephsaguudefan 23 дні тому
2:16 Me every time some makeup person puts makeup on me for some event (my prom, my friend's wedding, etc.)
Aka60thChip 23 дні тому
IntermediateJesus 23 дні тому
1:17 as a metalhead that triggered me "Death Metal make-up"? That's just jeans and a band shirt Arin! Black metal is where the makeup is at!
Looter 555
Looter 555 24 дні тому
I like how Arin just turned Dan into sting
Strings and The Tube
Strings and The Tube 24 дні тому
The moment Arin booped Dan's nose it went from metal to ICP.
Ctime RUN
Ctime RUN 25 днів тому
Outside flowers bloom Cold clicker tells us lied down 富士山雪
Chandler Reagh
Chandler Reagh 26 днів тому
Dan: What’re we doing today Arin? Arin: AHHhhhhhh
Cameron D'Antignac
Cameron D'Antignac 26 днів тому
Vegan Tart
Vegan Tart 27 днів тому
You can really see how dead inside dan (also they look like there trying to cosplay gamzee makara blind)
realjan14 27 днів тому
They look so much like pandas lol
lil Ravi0li
lil Ravi0li 28 днів тому
I love jorey so much
Marlon Ramon
Marlon Ramon 29 днів тому
No panda jokes?
Piola M8
Piola M8 29 днів тому
T h a t s o k a y T h i s t h i n g s h a p p e n
Madame-Von Rage
Madame-Von Rage 29 днів тому
Where do I get the wig Dan was using? I need it.
Madame-Von Rage
Madame-Von Rage 19 днів тому
Okami-Rose Місяць тому
Panda Arin is the cutest
Raishi Місяць тому
10:03 I didn't know I needed this...but I'm glad I found out I did.
Valerie De La Cruz
Valerie De La Cruz Місяць тому
Is no one gonna mention how rain didn’t know what turning into the Crow meant .. 🤦🏽‍♀️😂
Valerie De La Cruz
Valerie De La Cruz Місяць тому
I swear I’ve heard this audio in a porno before
starcasters Місяць тому
4:56 he looks like a panda
Saniya White
Saniya White Місяць тому
Okay but 10:19
Naief Alromi
Naief Alromi Місяць тому
arin and dan look like that zombie kid that likes turtles
hold thetea
hold thetea Місяць тому
Dans wig reminds me of Larry Johnson from sally face
Pbnj 111
Pbnj 111 Місяць тому
I’m a metal girl In a metal wooorld Life’s fantastic When you’re metal
Danika Hadley-Gonzales
Danika Hadley-Gonzales Місяць тому
At 7:23 Dan looks like rejected member of Insane Clown Posse
Kurliz Makara
Kurliz Makara Місяць тому
Dan looks so depressed while having his makeup put on. Like having a midlife crisis while getting ready for prom.
trash_plasmosis Місяць тому
David White
David White Місяць тому
What an ending...
Purple 14
Purple 14 Місяць тому
Arin looked like white thanos
Purple 14
Purple 14 Місяць тому
Dan looked like spinoff Jason
MJ Animates
MJ Animates Місяць тому
*circus theme plays*
AscendedPyroFlame Місяць тому
5:45 arin was 100% going to call dan a slut
Astro Wolvez
Astro Wolvez Місяць тому
What's funny is Dan's hair straighten actually looks like that.
Déja Vu
Déja Vu Місяць тому
Dan: *quietly covering Arin's makeup* Arin: TURNS TOWARDS ME, TURNS TOWARDS ME YOU FOOL....thank you
grrrystal Місяць тому
Arin looks (and acts) like a panda.
FrostGiant Місяць тому
Time to make a decent comment on the funny grumps:one minute Time to read the thousands of comments:all day it i bet. Ive never read more than a thousand. ⏰🙈
grant may
grant may Місяць тому
holy fucknuts! he IS beautiful with straight hair!
Kleszcz Місяць тому
8:32 "It's Cher!"
beano Місяць тому
they look more like juggalos but if you say so
Maskiller29 _DCG
Maskiller29 _DCG Місяць тому
Danny lookin awfully hot *shrugs*
A R W S Місяць тому
I'll buy tickets
Carl TheBraincel
Carl TheBraincel Місяць тому
Dave! Yognau(gh)t
Dave! Yognau(gh)t Місяць тому
Dan: *puts on wig* Dan: "Did you eat craaaff"
Aiden Eiler
Aiden Eiler Місяць тому
He looks like the abomianble snow man
LauraTheDad Місяць тому
Aaron literally made dan look like a Emo clown I’m crying
LauraTheDad Місяць тому
Why is no one commenting about dan with pigtails that shits killing me
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