Bloodcurdling Facts That You Wish You Never Knew

Jack Neel
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4 тра 2021





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Nanoko Saekei
Nanoko Saekei 46 хвилин тому
I’ve seen that zombie in a movie once.. what the hell was that movie called?
Alex Mcentee
Alex Mcentee 3 години тому
Can not stand the way he talks 😒
FNaFfan93 AUTTP ATHTDC 6 годин тому
𝕃𝕠𝕝 𝕚𝕥𝕫 𝕞𝕖👏🏽
So one of my crushes worked at a suicide hotline..
Tomo OP
Tomo OP 8 годин тому
Hey Ted Bundy was actually good at his job
Poodog boomer
Poodog boomer 12 годин тому
But cold peanut butter taste good :3
Autumn Pinion
Autumn Pinion 12 годин тому
The pic of the guy for cotards illusion it's from a movie do you guys know what's it called I can't remember 🤔
Damian 17 годин тому
Fun experience with a suicide hot line (Friends story) he called at the hot line and the thing that made him stop thinking about suicide was the fact that no one answered and he laughed his ass off
Nived 18
Nived 18 23 години тому
I got stabbed in my armpit and was able to move it?
Fan_of_vine 69
Fan_of_vine 69 День тому
Chaihrrr... Electrocutiohnnnn... Peanut buttehrrr...
isabel& Samantha
isabel& Samantha День тому
So if we stab there armpits there arms will be completely useless...Thank you...I will need this in the futurw
Da Zso
Da Zso День тому
Cut your stupid looking hair
Art Z
Art Z День тому
Fake goth kids r probably the last one ..
LavA_GaM3R День тому
The armpit one isnt true cause my dad lost a chunk of flesh there and he can still use it
Chris День тому
Shut the fuck uo
A. Med
A. Med День тому
I sometimes get that worry if..."I'm currently dead" just cuz an enormous amount of stupid stuff iv done...and its pretty scary sometimes
Have a banana productions
Have a banana productions День тому
The electric chair one. I have heard that they didn't do one properly and the guys skin started to melt and he survived the first round
gaming Legends
gaming Legends День тому
I hope no flies get inside of that little boat cuz I say lay eggs and that's going to cause maggots and if they go up your butt you're probably going to like just want to be dead
Reece Darren Bainbridge
Reece Darren Bainbridge День тому
They wasn't tied between two boats. They locked in boats with their limbs exposed. Then force fed so they would dedicate and the wildlife would devour them. 🤢🤢🤢
J MAC День тому
Bro idc it's just the fact you keep moving your brows up and down😭✋
Volt 19
Volt 19 День тому
What is so blood curling about this
supanerd reviews
supanerd reviews День тому
With the boats don’t forget they were force fed the same milk and honey until they got diarrhea and shat themselves until worms and maggots began to hatch and feasted on the body
The Dank Dark One
The Dank Dark One День тому
I'm glad that my organs are moving around they are just exerciseing or they are lil squidgey things just having a rave...
Gordon Schnick
Gordon Schnick День тому
Fun fact: If you somehow survive the electric chair, they can't electrocute you twice.
el groso
el groso День тому
If I call a hot line you better not be neurotypical or I'm killing myself on you.
Jame5terra 7
Jame5terra 7 День тому
He is incorrect about the torture method you were actually put in a coffin with enough holes to breathe and for bugs to get in and floated out onto a lake so all they had to do to dispose of the body in the proper manner is appy pressure to the top of the coffin because many times the body would already be so badly infected that touching it would cause disease.
bluish yeti
bluish yeti День тому
Him here are some facts you wish you never knew him telling us me why are you telling us then
do I know u
do I know u День тому
Whenever he says "Bloodcurdling facts u wish u never knew" I just get excited about it and want to hear more
Hanifa Rahman
Hanifa Rahman 2 дні тому
*Him: telling us* 👁👄👁🔫
We’re all Dead
We’re all Dead 2 дні тому
Thanks to the chuckle sandwich podcast for teaching me about the boat torture
오펠리아 ophelia
오펠리아 ophelia 2 дні тому
“Peanut Butter *Heavy breathing*” :|
Mülleimer 2 дні тому
Cold peanut buttuhr
Nicholas Hamper
Nicholas Hamper 2 дні тому
Nope they die instantly
Lily Luky
Lily Luky 2 дні тому
If angone watches jennie.wennie yould know... She alwaus says: Flight secrets (its not it i just forgot what its called) part idk 26 LETS GOOO Evwrytime hw says idk what part 26 i hink of LETS GOO!
Lemmonhead Lemmon
Lemmonhead Lemmon 2 дні тому
Wait so can I move my body the same speed the same way as. My organs and be in cynce
Bahjaynah TV
Bahjaynah TV 2 дні тому
How does it feel to have a subscriber? Even 3 subscribers?
The Shitter
The Shitter 2 дні тому
I knew all of them before you told me except the electric chair one
iTC Specs
iTC Specs 2 дні тому
Imagine forcing a voice
Fang 2 дні тому
Idk why but he looksus
Oli Up
Oli Up 2 дні тому
Would like a rewind and fast forward on these..some things I didnt catch I dont wanna have to rewatch the whole thing..And yes I know it's only like 30 sum seconds but time is very valuable...
Tesla Chan
Tesla Chan 3 дні тому
Your hair looks like dogshit that was left in the sun for too long but no flies found it appetizing. Seriously fix that shit.
Logan Sings
Logan Sings 3 дні тому
Now I can feel my organs moving....help
gar morrill
gar morrill 3 дні тому
So the people who think they are dead are like ants. Hear me out there is a thing that dead ands produce to make other ants know they are dead. If this is put on a alive and the ant it was put on will go to the the ‘grave yard’ and stay there until it gets rubbed off.
xDaggerDxck 3 дні тому
Every shanker in UK finna kill someone after they see this vid , getting shanked in the armpit is deadly
• Mimi •
• Mimi • 3 дні тому
Ted Bundy was probably like "oh you wanna die? hang in there! i'm coming over to help!!"
美脇 3 дні тому
The last picture is from one of my favorite movies it’s so funny and romantic 😭
The Lost Guy
The Lost Guy 5 годин тому
How ist the movie named again?
Chaotic Energy
Chaotic Energy 3 дні тому
Got it stab the armpit in case of emergency
Mov.ie 3 дні тому
The youngest person who was put in the electric chair was 14 for a crime they didn't commit
Anna Sederowsky
Anna Sederowsky 3 дні тому
A rapper named xxxtentacion sayd in a intervju and hes dead but said IM alive but IM dead
Alex Barneyt
Alex Barneyt 3 дні тому
Oooo I kind of wish I didn’t learn the second one or third
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 3 дні тому
They should, the reason that they got the E.C. in the first place is that they probably murdered someone and didn't care if the person felt any pain, so why should we care, if they do. Plus the only real punishment for taking someone's life is to lose your own, getting a long prison sentence, you can still think, dream, eat and read but your victim can't. The punishment should at least fit the crime, and you should suffer too.
No thing
No thing 3 дні тому
You can see that people in movies and video games actually stab people in the arm pit.
Brayden Wilkie
Brayden Wilkie 3 дні тому
Everything uhhhh, dead uhhh
Tongue Less
Tongue Less 3 дні тому
The way he moves his filthy mouth makes me feel creepy.... Some kind of rubber that is being dingled on the wind...
MSADA 4 дні тому
Another bloodcurdling fact: Ted Bundy died smiling in the electric chair
Triple /T4ip13
Triple /T4ip13 4 дні тому
Jack how do you not have nightmare of telling these
Victoria Hammond
Victoria Hammond 4 дні тому
How do you know all the stuff🙁
F r o g s R c o o l 2
F r o g s R c o o l 2 4 дні тому
lin 4 дні тому
His eyebrows the whole vid: 😟😒😟😒
I am cough drops
I am cough drops 4 дні тому
I saw something similar to the last one. Some person made a video on their ants about how they put this stuff (forgot name) on an ant. The stuff is usually released from dead ants and it will confuse the ant and the others in the colony and the ant will put itself into the "grave yard" where they put all the dead ants. The last one reminded me of that
travis murray
travis murray 4 дні тому
Then don't tell us
Sammy balboa
Sammy balboa 4 дні тому
His eyebrows: ⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️
🥥avaxᴠsᴄᴏ🐮 4 дні тому
Everyone: watching the video normally Me: staring at his eyebrows move
ZeZ 4 дні тому
Pearl Wilson
Pearl Wilson 4 дні тому
I know that I wasn't the only person that looked down at their stomach when he said that your organs where moving
Buddy Johnston
Buddy Johnston 4 дні тому
ironic because Ted Bundy and Execution Chair is in this short
RED SUS 4 дні тому
Fun fact u checked ur tummy checking if ur body parts are moving
Pain 4 дні тому
If you focus you can feel the moving ogans in you
dudebroedits 5 днів тому
Why the fuck this man talk so aggressive 💀💀💀
Tandiamonds 5 днів тому
Dude fuck this guy
The Bluejay
The Bluejay 5 днів тому
I can honestly see the one about Ted Bundy. I mean… I’ve been there, and the things those poor hotline volunteers have to witness every single day… it’s got to mess a person up.
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager 5 днів тому
To be honest we wouldn't need a electrical chair if Denki Kaminari existed.
Digger Doyle
Digger Doyle День тому
Ah yes, the human pikachu
alex jui
alex jui 5 днів тому
Okay so you just said that someone stabbed your arm but you can use your arm you just help someone murder someone
Daniel Ortiz
Daniel Ortiz 5 днів тому
SERGHOST_ PH 5 днів тому
Ted Bundy: "Just jump"
jetfire300 5 днів тому
So where are the blood curdling facts
vampyr 5 днів тому
This guys looks like how dish soap smells
Michael Norton
Michael Norton 5 днів тому
sreggop 5 днів тому
Bro why does he breathe so fucking hard after Everytime he finishes talking
Arnish Ukil
Arnish Ukil 5 днів тому
I love cold peanut butter
GANI 5 днів тому
If your hair looks like this guy’s, please shut the fuck up
ShadowlIlIlIl 5 днів тому
I was wondering why my dad always stabbed people in the armpits, I thought he was just being funny
Gaster Planet
Gaster Planet 5 днів тому
He looks like a canned corn character from a tv show and the fans humanized him
Joe Jenkins
Joe Jenkins 5 днів тому
Lol ur face. Just chill dude
Joseph baldyga
Joseph baldyga 6 днів тому
Nahum Rivas
Nahum Rivas 6 днів тому
Respect the kids see ghosts jacket
Redlighter4D 6 днів тому
In 2004 a police shot a 9 year old girl 47 times in the head why? because she was caught stealing air
Redlighter4D 6 днів тому
a 9 year old girl was shot by a police 47 times the mother asked "why?" police: because she was stealing air
Luis Perez
Luis Perez 6 днів тому
How would the electric chair one make my blood curdle? The people who go on it deserve it
‏‏‎ 6 днів тому
What would be warm peanut butter?
Colonelpizza284 6 днів тому
Those eyebrows are moving around to much for me.
McLovin8310 6 днів тому
we’re all aware of the Armpit being a lethal place to stab, a person can bleed out in minutes, very lethal, not just the arm goes out
yehonevah salvareign
yehonevah salvareign 6 днів тому
Raider #1
Raider #1 6 днів тому
why he gasping so much
Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison 6 днів тому
“When a person is electrocuted in an electric chair they feel absolutely everything”. No shit
Carmelita Fong
Carmelita Fong 6 днів тому
His eyebrows be moving like: 📈📈📉📈📈📉📉📉📈📉
WellCrafter 6 днів тому
What's the background music?
Daniya Play's Roblox
Daniya Play's Roblox 6 днів тому
Him: Bloodcurdling facts you wish u never knew Me: Oh I don't wanna hear that! Also me: watches the whole video
XCITE 7988
XCITE 7988 7 днів тому
POV:Nobody Cares
🐝 🐝 Yànnaaaâ.
🐝 🐝 Yànnaaaâ. 7 днів тому
warm bodies.?
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