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Following two deadly crashes of Boeing’s 737 Max planes, Boeing takes another look at its training procedures for the new aircraft, and news reports revisit the relationship between the FAA and airlines on safety regulations.
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20 бер 2019





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Bruno Williams
Bruno Williams День тому
Trevor thinks he’s funny and that makes people me laugh. The button for audience
Richard Miller
Richard Miller День тому
Fuck you, you cunt. Go back to south africa.
James Alexander
James Alexander 3 дні тому
bankrupt government agencies that can't hire qualified employees is the result of a fiat currency a debt-based, petroleum-based currency. Petroleum is a fossil fuel we burn. Gold is a naturally occurring element; it's on the periodic table. It's a dense metal with a high value. There is not much other use for it besides jewelry or smelting it down and reshaping it. See it's not like we're burning gold. But when the total US debt is >$70T and you have a federal government that has not been able to be held accountable for well pretty much my whole life. So, at least the 20 years have been an unprecedented level of unaccountable corruption and just yeah, so much more cuz if you still think that Tump is innocent and somehow the US military allows the Pentagon to be attacked and to have a bunch of politicians selling you a story that cannot possibly be true, then you can see how we have become the MOST corrupt country cuz when you can murder random people on live television and you have enough political power to stay in power, man that is sick. The fact that people can be living in their own world is amazing in a 2019 when nearly everyone on the planet has some sort of digital device and can connect to the internet and there are 7.7B people, somehow people still manage to live in a fantasy where they can do mental gymnastics to make anything true. Sooner or later you gotta get a reality check. This is gonna be just like Trump is right now, He's obviously guilty but somehow we keep voting. The Bush administration told everyone it was airplanes when www.ae911truth.org is saying Thermite Demolition. Which are two very different things. But, somehow no one is held accountable. Obama looks like Osama Bin Laden. I mean Obama's official press statement was that they "buried" the body at sea. I mean, why are there any pictures of Osama Bin Laden to begin with? he was supposed to be the most elusive terrorist in the world. but his father was Saudi Royal and construction magnate. MMM.... who just so happens to look like Obama? nose? check. height? check. age? check. I mean, it's too close for comfort. There's a hundred or thousands of different facial structures he could have... why does the US President Obama and the most infamous terrorist Osama Bin Laden look anything close? i mean... that's just too close to be coincidence... and somehow Clinton isn't running for reelection? okay... how is this possible? how can anyone have this much political power? are people just blind? are people just too partisan? it's gone far enough.
McDonnell Douglas
McDonnell Douglas 4 дні тому
Not a big fan of Noah but you nailed it bro.
Rizki Djakaria
Rizki Djakaria 7 днів тому
I can't believe that the lives of 187 Indonesian victims of Lion Air JT610 and one in Ethiopian Airlines become looks cheaper due to this bribery
Empire Captains
Empire Captains 11 днів тому
World Nations: YOUR GROUNDED SON!!! GO TO YOUR ROOM!!!! Boeing: ... *Door slams shut* One minute later ... *video game noises can be heard along with songs from Imagine Dragons* World Nations: I thought I ground him!!! World Nations: Storms Boeing's room Boeing: Keeps playing video games on the computer in his room World Nations: I will be taking that computer Boeing: ok... One minute later... *Video game noises and music can be heard from Boeing's room again* World Nations: Storms Boeing's room again World Nations: I will be taking that xbox and TV Boeing: ok, good luck!!! One minute later... *video game noises and music are combat from Boeing's Room again* World Nations: Angrily storms into Boeing's room again World Nations: I will be taking your smart phone now Boeing: ok ... hehe [Tired] World Nations: Are you going to use something else again that I haven't confiscated yet? [Grinning Boeing] Yep!!! World Nations: *Sighs*
Black Box
Black Box 13 днів тому
Now, i want see Gary's wife's ass.
dallas brunson
dallas brunson 15 днів тому
not here it did not
Jagr Redfield
Jagr Redfield 15 днів тому
Little late on this news report are you? Dumbass
Jeremy Thomas
Jeremy Thomas 16 днів тому
Instead of talking about this crap, why not talk about how they're taking away our rights & throwing innocent ppl in jail. For bring visine or a thing of tooth paste or shampoo bottle thats too big! The people are stronger then they tell us we are. United we stand. Maybe that is why they did away with the pledge of aligance & took God out of school, but teach other religion! Wtf over?
Jeremy Thomas
Jeremy Thomas 16 днів тому
The guy speaking is the most annoying S.O.B. I have ever heard in my life. He also hates trump all because he won 2016! Yeah Trump! MAGA! WWG1WGA!
C gatz
C gatz 16 днів тому
what happened to all the Trump,Trump, Trump? Silly fool. How many times did this douche claim russia collusion?
world citizen G
world citizen G 17 днів тому
4 years ago, Al jazeera was already investigating Boeing safety record
Eric Anderson
Eric Anderson 17 днів тому
This guy is such a condescending arrogant little prick. Unfortunately keep on broadcast television is littered what are these little ass wipes and that's why I don't watch it anymore
Michael Perdue
Michael Perdue 18 днів тому
I want to punch Trevor Noah in the face! :)
RandomPerson 20 днів тому
Orr this is a mess . Who can fix it ?
Paul Bolin
Paul Bolin 20 днів тому
I wish grown people especially would stop using this slang expression “af”, as it is both immature and profane. Disgusting and embarrassing.
Adrian Jutronich
Adrian Jutronich 21 день тому
Isn't the pilot the guy from Barely Political?
Gene Tacey
Gene Tacey 21 день тому
People actually listen to this guys tripe?
Gerzon Chon
Gerzon Chon 21 день тому
The FAA should charge for their approvals. That way they can afford real qualified people to test the airplanes. Boeing and those companies can afford it. They should see it as an investment, not being charged for an approval.
Gideon Chepkole
Gideon Chepkole 21 день тому
Kenya Airways is ordering 8 of those faulty planes. The insanity in this country is appalling.
ThePalatineHill 21 день тому
wolf overlooking the hen house
lino222 21 день тому
...flying in boeing planes?....right, nah.
sail1999 22 дні тому
Interesting that Boeing is not ISO certified. Boeing requires that its subsidiaries are certified as well as its suppliers. ISO is a quality standard that allows self oversight. The FAA rightly states that due to Boeings history of proven safety governmental oversight was delegated to the manufacturer. It may be time to re-examine the governmental requirements for FAA certification which most likely will mean increased oversight.
Dad Bob
Dad Bob 22 дні тому
Its instantly racist.
Sabrina عبدي
Sabrina عبدي 22 дні тому
I’m sorry but the Broke AF killed me 🤣
America The Hero
America The Hero 22 дні тому
An ipad for an hour. I can guarantee that no one can fly a plane if you only had an hour unless you had prior aerodynamic experience.
Magni56 21 день тому
The 1-hour I-Pad course was for pilots certified on older 737 types, not complete basic training. It was still pretty reckless and clearly the result of marketing and management overruling the engineers.
Dave Kent
Dave Kent 22 дні тому
Let me get this straight. One of the original benefits touted for using flight simulation training was cost effectiveness. It has in fact proven to be very effective. The cost savings of using an iPad flight sim is inversely proportional to the catastrophic effects of not using hands on flight simulation programs. Nevertheless, Boeing has the temerity to admit these cost savings are key selling points( Boeing's selling points) aimed at Boeing's clients. I don't believe in this world or any other world that potential clients of this Boeing jet had the slightest idea that Boeing would intentionally take them for this horrific ride. Boeing reporting (the clients) as having a higher value on "cost savings" than passenger safety shifts responsibility away from Boeing. For failure of accountability alone they need to be immediately dismantled then sued in a class action.
Magni56 21 день тому
The I-Pad course wasn't a simulator. It's basically an interactive user manual for trained 737 pilots, meant to teach them the differences with the 737MAX. Though yes, it was still completely inadequate and Boeing was incredibly reckless and negligent.
Jim Mooney
Jim Mooney 22 дні тому
2014, who was President then? Oh, yeah, the guy who gave the CIA a ton more money. And here I thought it was Republicans who always cut regulation.
Thundering Eagles
Thundering Eagles 22 дні тому
a lot of people in the comment section don't know what it's like to work with the FAA, that's obvious.
ihatemegatron216 22 дні тому
the reason the training for the pilots was done on a tablet instead of in a sim is that they aren't getting a new type rating, they are just converting to a newer plane of the same type. this minimal training is allowed, however the lack of training on the MCAS is likely a contributing factor.
WildlifeObsessed 23 дні тому
According to my sources, Boeing have known about the sensor issue for long enough to have produced a software solution and offer it to 737 Max 8 Operators, but is at a Price - an Extra. How immoral is that.... ?
Jace Cavacini
Jace Cavacini 23 дні тому
Congratulations, conservatives and libertarians. This is a direct result of your efforts at “smaller government”.
Jace Cavacini
Jace Cavacini 23 дні тому
End-stage capitalism and a lack of regulation. What a shock.
The Adventure Insider
The Adventure Insider 23 дні тому
4:47 Boeing 737 old interior
Kay Bayes
Kay Bayes 23 дні тому
This fqg is so annoying, go butt fuck jussie smollett and pretend your oppressed together
witri9 23 дні тому
This guy is suchadik.
Happy Life
Happy Life 23 дні тому
Gods Bless Mr Trump
venkata somayajulu Viswanadha
Boeing not following six sigma . Zero defects required . Seems they won’t care about passengers life and they want to cut cost by not giving manual training
Acacius 23 дні тому
So made in America is not to be trusted by the rest of the world?
James Edmond
James Edmond 23 дні тому
Goverment shutdown. Who was taking care of plane maintenance
Magni56 21 день тому
Plane maintenance is generally done by the airlines themselves. The shutdown was threatening to collapse air traffic in the US because the Air Traffic Controllers were starting to get pissed off and without trained ATCs your whole airport is closed.
Maurice R
Maurice R 23 дні тому
Why aren't the owners of boeing in jail🤔#fuckboeing
Silver Bat
Silver Bat 23 дні тому
Again, greed wins over human life...
giveme melodyy
giveme melodyy 24 дні тому
Noah is so annoying
Martin Kortner
Martin Kortner 24 дні тому
But I thought regulations are evil government takeover? /s
DE 24 дні тому
And why couldn’t Drumpf come out and ground
Andu Ab
Andu Ab 24 дні тому
@ethiopianairlines #ethiopianairlines
iceage iceage
iceage iceage 24 дні тому
deregulation, big govt, freedom, govt is the enemy, profits, = republicans
paraunasahb 24 дні тому
They didn't teach them how to fly a plane on an ipad in an hour you idiot... It must have been a video regarding a little glitch of some sort... having a talk show doesn't make you an expert on everything that's for sure!!
Poppy Seed
Poppy Seed 24 дні тому
Am I the only one feeling like it's way too soon for these jokes? I legit groaned... Not funny. :/
strange happenings
strange happenings 24 дні тому
This, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when you rush production. Learn how to do it right, BOEING. Hope you enjoy all the legal fees and paying out all of those settlements. For an airplane company you sure are a bunch of idiots. Hahaha
kainen mattison
kainen mattison 24 дні тому
Kinda like cops investigating cops? Or government investigating its self?
Ty Max
Ty Max 24 дні тому
So American politicians take bribes or cut the funding for agencies like FAA and ... the world suffers the negative effects. Basically, those inbred hillbillies somewhere in the racist South indirectly determine the fate of the world by electing bad politicians like Trump.
Harry Peterson
Harry Peterson 24 дні тому
This was part of Obamas mess actually. People want to blame Trump when their dog shits on the floor...
Ms.Bitch With Respect
Ms.Bitch With Respect 25 днів тому
I believes that Amazon plain that crashed in Texas was apart of this and trying not to talk about it for some reason
Ms.Bitch With Respect
Ms.Bitch With Respect 24 дні тому
+Noa G thank u because ive been worried..i work for Amazon and those were my co workers
Noa G
Noa G 24 дні тому
Ms.Bitch With Respect it’s not the same plane. This is only a problem with the max
Bobby Barnett
Bobby Barnett 25 днів тому
I need to find that lady from south Carolina she is like 15 min out from me I need a job like right away
Mohamed Muneeb
Mohamed Muneeb 25 днів тому
Same thing happening with Saudi aramco now a days.
Nigel Mangwarara
Nigel Mangwarara 25 днів тому
F*^k making new planes...lets stick to the old planes we've always been using.
sam cullin
sam cullin 25 днів тому
More of Obama's mess the President inherited.
Kitkat MeowBark
Kitkat MeowBark 25 днів тому
Never liked flying, never will. I've flown twice, and I definitely won't do it again, especially with all of this carelessness with planes.
Paige Washington
Paige Washington 25 днів тому
Fun fact: Some military aspects are trained with online courses with which you could use an iPad
Manix Wolan
Manix Wolan 25 днів тому
Boing produces extremely safe aircraft. Its pretty crazy to say they have done a bad job so called "self regulating".
Magni56 21 день тому
Well they absolutely did in this case. The MCAS and the way it is set up are ridiculously bad engineering, and Boeing certifying it as NOT being a critical component is just outright criminal negligence. As is the whole idea to sell it was a minimal variant to older 737s with only a one-hour course for pilots that left out the *very existence* of the MCAS system. The 737MAX saga at this point is a striking example of management and marketing overruling engineering and safety in the worst manner possible, and Boeings behaviour after the crashes has been absolutely reprehensible, more concerned with ass-covering than keeping people safe.
Donald 25 днів тому
During Bush Jr first term a large military contract was awarded to Northrop Grumman beating out Boeing. I got no less that 20 e-mails lobbyists from Churches cried about unfair treatment of them at Boeing. The ties of Boeing to the Evangelicals can’t be underestimated, our current Defense Secretary is a formerly CEO of Boeing Do you think he did not cause the 2 week delay in grounding the 737 so he could pull a Martha Stewart on his stock shares?
Jacy Borreaux
Jacy Borreaux 25 днів тому
Flying has never been safer. Actually airplanes are safer than elevators! What a bunch of bs!
Keiome Nikke
Keiome Nikke 25 днів тому
Ok, but to those wondering about pilot training: there is more to it than that hour on an iPad. That pilot has to have extensive training, including real time flying planes, to get a license and to fly commercially. THEN they get the hour of training for the controls of that specific plane. Most of the main controls are easily recognizable, so it's just a matter of lesser used controls. I would say that if pilots don't feel 1 hour is enough time for training, then they need to increase it until they feel comfortable, but that isn't the reason the planes crashed..
Jacy Borreaux
Jacy Borreaux 25 днів тому
Bunch of lies!
Carter Lulay
Carter Lulay 25 днів тому
It’s not the plane there teaching it’s the actual iPad programs. It’s there EFB or electronic flight bag. It replaces there paper charts.
Chris S
Chris S 25 днів тому
...and Trump refused to approve a new Air Force One early in his presidency due to excessive cost. Smart move Mr. President!
Lee Foreman
Lee Foreman 25 днів тому
*Sigh* Ok, here goes - I usually avoid the comment section but - As someone who works in the tech industry and maintaining FAA/ATC/Military tech, hearing that the FAA is too broke doesn't come as a surprise. Most people don't know this but a lot of their tech is from the 50s, 60s, and 70s - it's cheaper to maintain than it is to cope with designing new tech to work within the extremely tight tolerances and requirements for the tech. With any changes in technology, there are bound to be bugs - yes, Boeing definitely should have done a better job checking for issues with this sensor. A huge, huge oversight of the FAA to allow planes to go into service HOWEVER. people blowing up about the iPad training - commercial pilots have to have thousands upon thousands of hours before they even get in small commercial jets and fly them - It takes decades of flying to move up to the point where you can captain this large of a plane. This is why you don't often meet young pilots for these planes. Often times, it is possible that a pilot could jump in a type of plane they've heard nothing about and fly it perfectly because its an airplane, and flying planes is, after all, what pilots are good at. This 737 is a new iteration of the previous 737s - the pilots don't need to relearn how to fly, just some of the differences between the planes. Would have made more sense to have the pilots take /some/ sort of test flight on the plane in conjunction with the iPad video but... Think of it as if you were buying a new car - you don't need to re-learn how to drive, do 100 hours of supervised driving, and then pass your drivers test again. Even if some of the buttons are different, you still know how to drive. Only thing is, you should be careful in your brand new Tesla/737 and not let automatic features take over control in case it tries to drive you into a semi truck or, you know, nose dive the plane into the ground. Anyways. Argue amongst yourselves now.
Sassy Kiki
Sassy Kiki 25 днів тому
Ok the money that used to build that wall should go to something like this that i'm sure will cost less #everyonelifematter
Rhett Ohlerking
Rhett Ohlerking 25 днів тому
Also, he’s making jokes about planes that went down. Hundreds of people died. Ok it’s not funny to use death as part of your stand up.
Rhett Ohlerking
Rhett Ohlerking 25 днів тому
Listen... it’s incredible how many flights don’t go down ok. I’m sure that if the pilots that don’t ever crash any planes are ok with learning about this plane in a hour on an ipad is safe. Then yeah I trust em. I’m sure that’s how they learn about a lot of new planes. Its not like every time a new plane comes out they haft to re learn how to fly. It’s like switching to a new iPad. It’s a little different but it’s not hard learn.
Luis Vasconcelos
Luis Vasconcelos 25 днів тому
Everything from US start to being a great joke, starting with president clown, FAA, Boeing, what’s next?,
Jake G
Jake G 25 днів тому
Look Trevor I may be 13 but I still learned how to fly an airplane playing halo. And yes I can fly
Jeebus 24 дні тому
how many times did you crash :)
Daniel Garrow
Daniel Garrow 25 днів тому
This is so fucked up. People died !
Riot FiftyThousand
Riot FiftyThousand 25 днів тому
Welcome to Donald Trump's Regime.
Riot FiftyThousand
Riot FiftyThousand 25 днів тому
+Chris S What an accomplishment by a fucking Moron, president of IDIOTS, for IDIOTS, elected by IDIOTS. USA has FINALLY had the dubious honor of being a LAUGHING STOCK for the FIRST TIME in her history, under a CHILD, a PSYCHOTIC CHILD named Donald Trump. The entire UN laughed AT not WITH America's President, the one that loves Vladmir Putin more than he loves USA, believes Russian intelligence and rejects the CIA Intelligence, first times in American history. Dumb Ass Mental Midget.
Chris S
Chris S 25 днів тому
...the same "regime" that refused a new Air Force One early in his presidency AND ordered the grounding of the MAX 737. Any other idiotic comments "Riot"?
MediCali951 25 днів тому
Jesus Christ I got a 5 hour flight next week 😬😳
7c8f 25 днів тому
3/24/19 NEWS FLASH! 11:03 A.M. P.S.T. ALL Boeing jets were just grounded, they found 10 inch CRACKS in all the Stewardesses!
Sahvoz Branson
Sahvoz Branson 25 днів тому
Thanks UKvid for putting this autist in my recommended
Tariq Usher
Tariq Usher 26 днів тому
Hmm, that's definately the cockpit of a 737 MAX 8 4:40
Paloma Harper
Paloma Harper 26 днів тому
What accent does he have?
Fancy Nancy
Fancy Nancy 26 днів тому
FAA is as useless as the TSA and the the FDA.
Treewizdom 26 днів тому
My humble condolences to all the families of all those who have died on both the Boeing aircraft! Their losses should have NEVER occurred! What irresponsibility on the part of Boeing. Suing them should not be out of the question! We need real regulation, not a money-grabbing FAA! Oh, and btw, since when is God white? I mean, really, we all know that's an impossibility! Let's stop that representation...
Autymn Maas
Autymn Maas 26 днів тому
Are you using Colbert's god?
No Thank You
No Thank You 26 днів тому
Matt Thomas
Matt Thomas 26 днів тому
Terrible oversimplification of the situation. Trevor, stop putting out miss-information.
ron burgandy
ron burgandy 26 днів тому
makes me wanna eat taco bell and shit on chucky shumers face then pull a r.kelly on nancy pelosis big ol granny titties
life thing or happing now.
life thing or happing now. 26 днів тому
Profit over life, company wanted to save money not saving life
nursemedic17 26 днів тому
"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm your pilot. Welcome to flight 50-50."
Mzwandile Dlamba
Mzwandile Dlamba 26 днів тому
pike group
pike group 26 днів тому
FAA approves crashing planes, FDA approves cancer causing drugs and products and food additives, UL approves anything long as you are a paying member, 300,000 homes catch on fire every year. IRS takes your money and god knows where it goes because the infrastructure is falling apart, FDIC don’t get me started, WTF!!!!! Is there anyone doing their job.
Cher Chu Hai Kieu
Cher Chu Hai Kieu 26 днів тому
Omg this is so scary!
Team Rowdy
Team Rowdy 26 днів тому
Don’t tell me that this joke of a show is trying to acquire credibility as an actual news outlet.
Karen Reeves
Karen Reeves 26 днів тому
Once again the all might dollar wins out over humanity! So f____d up!
Betowolf Starheart
Betowolf Starheart 26 днів тому
4:35 that was distasteful and too soon.
Andrew Young
Andrew Young 26 днів тому
Brandon Moreland
Brandon Moreland 26 днів тому
I swear once you get past all the freedom and patriotic talk bullshit out govt spews you really start t understand how fucked up the country is right now
toyfoxythemangle tangle
toyfoxythemangle tangle 26 днів тому
I have to say this idiot is a racist! His ratings are shit and so is he. I can't listen to anything this piece of shit says.
vMufasa 26 днів тому
I hope the relatives from the diseased of both crashes sue the shit out of Boeing so it costs them x100 vs what they saved by cutting costs on training... as a warning for future absurd cost saving techniques like this...
YAH'U'SHA HA'MASHI'ACH 26 днів тому
Yes, 'Gawd' is a decrepit white dude (really satan). That's not my Father. What a deception! But Truth Comes; YAH Brings. Awaken my friends! They have but a short time left. Shalam!
Bryan Najera
Bryan Najera 26 днів тому
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