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Short, long, thick, thin, straight, or curly - we’ve all got hair!
And while we all have the stuff growing off our heads, some of us are better at dealing with it than others. That’s why we’ve gathered some of our favorite hair hacks to make your life a little bit easier.
But be careful - some of these hacks require a little bit of practice before becoming perfect.
Think you could rock some of these awesome ‘dos? Share this video with your friends to test them out! And as always, don’t forget to subscribe to 123 GO!’s UKvid page so you never miss out on our helpful videos. See you next time!
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yy ss
yy ss Годину тому
we want to see the real voices the likes are the people who agree
addy k
addy k Годину тому
narrator:next thing you know you'll have some new short hair! me: my hair is above shoulder length and i don't call THAT short hair. like or comment if u got short hair 2
DA DU 4 години тому
I only tap dot
Julie Adair
Julie Adair 4 години тому
So as you know Sophia has a bow on her dungaree now the problem is when you hear larna say is that a bow on your dungaree I immediately go back to when larna is about to cut her hair and the bow is there but the problem is my eyes didn’t see it in the first place so then I feels like 123go has just randomly added the bow I edited this because I spelled bow as biw 😅
Char Ross
Char Ross 4 години тому
What I said was a great idea for a few people who u date me to do so much shit and 6th birthday cakes for the first guy I have been on the phone for the past him xx but he dont know how u feel like u and ur day going to the next time I think you are a bit and you have the same situation as you
Kemling Chau
Kemling Chau 4 години тому
Soydul Hasan
Soydul Hasan 7 годин тому
When u don’t have enough money for a purse..
Lee-Ann Gill
Lee-Ann Gill 10 годин тому
Jaya Mishra
Jaya Mishra 12 годин тому
Maisie Brown
Maisie Brown 12 годин тому
For the fringe one I have a very thick fringe already so ya
lounie novena manulang
lounie novena manulang 14 годин тому
Gabby Rodríguez
Gabby Rodríguez 18 годин тому
My mom actually manage to get her hair short without cutting it
Ray Garcia
Ray Garcia 19 годин тому
Lily Belle
Lily Belle 20 годин тому
I regret ruining my scrunchie
Marwa Chaudhry
Marwa Chaudhry 21 годину тому
Wow 😳
Ivonne Lomé
Ivonne Lomé 22 години тому
At 1:17 she looks like Bella Thorne with the bangs?
Omie Jallow
Omie Jallow День тому
Hairy perfect
Kellie Keane
Kellie Keane День тому
Your the best UKvidr I like, 😙😙😙
sandy gonzalez
sandy gonzalez День тому
Lisa Muir
Lisa Muir День тому
I have long hair
Esha Aggarwal
Esha Aggarwal День тому
Ryder icfr. Stwnahaisslsllwa Also Sold S aA A AA A aSkdkdkfkkfkdkddkkddkdkdkkfkdkdkdkdkldldllddld,ldldldoslssl Paw Well Idudusiijsijususidjcjxjsidisisidsiisiihsifudfjsu ijqdiajissuusjdjsjsduidjsjdjsjsjjxuxjjvsjjdjdsjkdidisikdidick oddiisiddicoocicixjsjaks
4G music 2.0
4G music 2.0 День тому
Nice#4G MUSIC 2.0
Ava Asmr
Ava Asmr День тому
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahha ha hahahahahhahhahhahahha
Ava Asmr
Ava Asmr День тому
Police aysey fail
Aal Alviahtun
Aal Alviahtun День тому
My like,like
Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor День тому
ketgame8122527 День тому
Larissa Moraes
Larissa Moraes День тому
BigMac BigMac
BigMac BigMac День тому
I like the one two three go because I actually tried all of them with some of them actually work
*hotslut.ru* 0:35
Nightfall The hedgehog
Nightfall The hedgehog 2 дні тому
It’s candy woman bc it’s miss applebee
Danae Goth
Danae Goth 2 дні тому
The candy MAN more like woman
Ina Khan
Ina Khan 2 дні тому
3:02 I can relate to lana
Crystal Gem
Crystal Gem 2 дні тому
I had to deal with that when I was a kid but my mom cut my hair when I was a kid so that helped
sajas safa
sajas safa 2 дні тому
Wow I like it
Babita Khuraijam
Babita Khuraijam 2 дні тому
Babita Khuraijam
Babita Khuraijam 2 дні тому
Lisa Mcdonagh
Lisa Mcdonagh 2 дні тому
Looks bad
Nvajicia Ford
Nvajicia Ford 2 дні тому
when lana smacked her in the face with her locker i was like PUNCH HER IN THE FACE
XxAdoptmeloverxX 2 дні тому
The last hacks high fives was a fail
Jesse Scale
Jesse Scale 2 дні тому
This first one only wrecks on short hair
Lakshu Manikandan
Lakshu Manikandan 2 дні тому
I wish I could have long hair like Lana
Vijaya Dinesh
Vijaya Dinesh 2 дні тому
Marie Kent
Marie Kent 2 дні тому
You are the best
GalaxySky Girls
GalaxySky Girls 2 дні тому
There faces made me laugh also they should rewatch there vids
malakey Griffiths
malakey Griffiths Годину тому
frozen 2tdhdyt
malakey Griffiths
malakey Griffiths Годину тому
and by fear to the ifgvhhhhhnhbrrrrrrrdrrrrzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx//xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Raymond Garcia
Raymond Garcia 2 дні тому
M , , 'M Cxx C,m,mMMM c cMccm,,m ccmCC N C .! Hhhijjkkkk cc cm m.
Hmm what
Hmm what 3 дні тому
Gru be bald
Kays C
Kays C 3 дні тому
I have a boyfriend I love him 🥰😘😍💘💌💋
Ina Khan
Ina Khan 2 дні тому
Why u telling us that it’s gross
Carlos Fernandes
Carlos Fernandes 3 дні тому
Brilliant Hair Hacks Idea
Anya Diaconu
Anya Diaconu 3 дні тому
wow that hurts
Eniko Aloaina
Eniko Aloaina 3 дні тому
Your videos are so cool can we be best friend love sapphire
Eniko Aloaina
Eniko Aloaina 3 дні тому
You also guys are gorgous too and can we be besty friends guys pleaseeee love sapphire💗💗😃🤣🦄💞💞💟🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🦜😃😃💗💞🤣🦄🤣
Taufique Ahmed
Taufique Ahmed 3 дні тому
Please do 🍕 Pizza challenge
Sawmi Zadeng
Sawmi Zadeng 3 дні тому
Ahduaosn siqosmwj wigqhx spqp9je island wqnaz xmdjvsjwiw glow on a 7shaoqopqpouaj Jan ajqiqm sjva zkalpq aksaJ:::::::::::::hsfwbs....
Nazeeha Faez
Nazeeha Faez 3 дні тому
00:10 that hair tough
Adonis rene
Adonis rene День тому
We r mamls
Askia Thomas
Askia Thomas 3 дні тому
Candy doesn't cost 50 or $20 it cost 1 or $2 it depends how much candy your GETTING.
Beverly Tyler
Beverly Tyler 3 дні тому
I like the first part it is cool In this videos
Sophie Vandenhhoven
Sophie Vandenhhoven 3 дні тому
I Love your Videos
can we please hear your real voices
Honea Amang
Honea Amang 4 дні тому
Danielle Garza
Danielle Garza 4 дні тому
Longhair is super hard because people can sit on it and you were lotta things that hurt I have one here and it’s crazy
Danielle Garza
Danielle Garza 4 дні тому
My hair is long and straight
The Amazing Land of Azzy
The Amazing Land of Azzy 4 дні тому
2:41 the candy was 50 dollars?
Célia Rossmann
Célia Rossmann 3 дні тому
The Amazing Land of Azzy
The Amazing Land of Azzy 3 дні тому
Akari Henriques hi do I know u
Akari Henriques
Akari Henriques 4 дні тому
Akari Henriques
Akari Henriques 4 дні тому
Diane Velasco
Diane Velasco 4 дні тому
My favorite characters are all of them #123GOFANCLUB
Wai I Chan
Wai I Chan 4 дні тому
When Sophia wanted her hair curly that was a picture of Olivia in her phone
Ina Khan
Ina Khan 2 дні тому
Ralph Crowter
Ralph Crowter 4 дні тому
Ralph Crowter
Ralph Crowter 4 дні тому
I love you 123 GO!!!!!!!
Abdur Rahman
Abdur Rahman 4 дні тому
Who loves long hair?💇
Taufique Ahmed
Taufique Ahmed 3 дні тому
howswift 4 дні тому
KatRat UwU
KatRat UwU 4 дні тому
Present day: Thursday March 26 at 1:22 you could get caronavirus 😣
Rosanne Sokhanve
Rosanne Sokhanve 4 дні тому
Bri’Ana LaShae
Bri’Ana LaShae 5 днів тому
Maeve Coady
Maeve Coady 5 днів тому
This help me
jaleyah holland
jaleyah holland 5 днів тому
Colin James
Colin James 5 днів тому
Did any one notice that she said “20 dollar bill “ then it was a 50 dollar bill
Jo ka
Jo ka 22 години тому
Jo ka
Jo ka 22 години тому
Vuyokazi Mbusi
Vuyokazi Mbusi День тому
Vuyokazi Mbusi
Vuyokazi Mbusi День тому
Colin James
SARAH P02538
SARAH P02538 5 днів тому
Wow I really want to do all these amazing hacks. I don’t know how to do it
Francis Abedi
Francis Abedi 5 днів тому
I like all of 123 to challenge and pranks
Alf eora
Alf eora 5 днів тому
The eye-shadow and hairspray are removable when you place in your hair?????
T RAJNI 5 днів тому
I love the show because even I have long and curly hair I love it keep it up
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