Bronny James & Shareef O'Neal Have A Dunk Off In Lebron's Yard As He Secretly Films It All

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LeBron James has been having a proud dad moment…he’s been showing up and hyping his son Bronny on social media. He took to his IG to share some clips of Bronny and Shaqs sons dunking in the driveway, giving us a glimpse at what could be in store in the future for the NBA. LeBron also gave his son a glowing recommendation on Twitter, I’ll tell you what he said ion just a second.
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19 лип 2019

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The Fumble 28 днів тому
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Shreyas Suresh
Shreyas Suresh 25 днів тому
The Fumble she is hot I want to bang
SugarRay2 27 днів тому
Well, do you know? In fact, no one knows who is going to win the championship and there are less teams to choose from than players!
Aykuang Saepharn
Aykuang Saepharn 27 днів тому
How about we be friends in real life and skip the social media crap!
kyrie marasigan
kyrie marasigan 28 днів тому
iloveyou ms.beautiful
Colyaid 101
Colyaid 101 28 днів тому
I don’t believe you
themediocre Cherry
themediocre Cherry 21 день тому
Bronny did not dunk on a normal sized hoop
Jaime Martinez
Jaime Martinez 22 дні тому
Can't wait till ther lakers
Preston Chandler
Preston Chandler 22 дні тому
Please never say homies again
GTF23 Basketball
GTF23 Basketball 23 дні тому
One of them barely even jumped
GTF23 Basketball
GTF23 Basketball 23 дні тому
Not 10 foot rim
Shaun M
Shaun M 23 дні тому
That is not "high level" and that is a 8 foot hoop so that is sooo not impressive. Lets focus on real players that are already in the league The Fumble..come on...
Robby Rodriguez
Robby Rodriguez 24 дні тому
The dunk hype me,and im so inlove with the host,😍😍😍
Raze ibrahim
Raze ibrahim 25 днів тому
Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy 7Ayyyyy 77Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy Ayyyyy
jon snipe
jon snipe 25 днів тому
he wont be shit but average
George Mason
George Mason 25 днів тому
The hoop wasn’t on 10ft
Britney Lawson
Britney Lawson 25 днів тому
JustGlo Sosa
JustGlo Sosa 25 днів тому
She wants to be friends on Instagram but won’t add me back #AllGirlsAreTheSame 😢😢
Peter Cooney
Peter Cooney 25 днів тому
1:36 she didn't "average group of homies" lmao
California Cowboy
California Cowboy 25 днів тому
So dope how all these all time great sons are all close and great friends !
Freddie Matthews
Freddie Matthews 25 днів тому
Can i get a video of me i was dunking ever thing. From 360 ally dunks tomahawk dunks im only 5-9 and my 6-2 was dunking 11 foot rims of the vertical
Antoine Strothers
Antoine Strothers 25 днів тому
Lebron that dude..but it would be nice to see that happen...would be real competitive..
ronn 26 днів тому
The dunk video starts here 👉 1:21
Skye Lw
Skye Lw 26 днів тому
dude is 14 and 6’2 💀 he finna grow like another 10 inches lmao
Scott Hansen
Scott Hansen 26 днів тому
Devon Howard would be a perfect woman if she just shut up
Dman4901 26 днів тому
Lebrons son already recruiting people to play with him 😂
RICK working towards greatness Victor
His not that good yet he have to go 4 years of college and LeBron would be retired by then
Ivan Creencia
Ivan Creencia 26 днів тому
I hope he debut early.
Ernestine Morales
Ernestine Morales 26 днів тому
Espn: Shaq confirmed, coming out of retirement to join Lakers.
Christian Love
Christian Love 26 днів тому
Bronny look like his mom.
Frank Avant
Frank Avant 26 днів тому
Bronny #0 is #hero
Ian B
Ian B 26 днів тому
The fucking clips y’all showed I could do and I’m 5’10 220 lmfaoooo trash ass dunks even tho I know they’d dunk on my ass with a full sized goal they could still get bodied on this baby ass goal
Frank Avant
Frank Avant 26 днів тому
Cash app: $FAA8874
Ogkush74 Ogkush74
Ogkush74 Ogkush74 26 днів тому
Yall Mfks must never been to jail.. Shit I was ready to cry off 6 month's. Could only imagine life shiddddd.. Would've fainted .. Lol stay up Tay K.. God bless both fams
Tony Smith
Tony Smith 26 днів тому
That rim had to be only 7ft tall how they were jumping.. 😆
Carmelo Btyant
Carmelo Btyant 26 днів тому
Chill it's a low rim lmao
Sim Mack
Sim Mack 26 днів тому
All Team San Diego
All Team San Diego 26 днів тому
Ha Ha MJ sons (by another man) sucked!
Darination 26 днів тому
Darination 26 днів тому
Racist wy she say homies like that
Ben N
Ben N 26 днів тому
Lol. Mac McClung would destroy both of them!!
Carlitos btw
Carlitos btw 26 днів тому
BronnyJr that account is a fanpage
Eazy Mac
Eazy Mac 26 днів тому
She talks like Dee from it's always Sunny in Philadelphia
Big Kaddy Forrest
Big Kaddy Forrest 26 днів тому
Lebron is the dad that Lavar wishes that he could be.
Jonathan Martinez
Jonathan Martinez 26 днів тому
Dem titties tho!!!
Gregory Morillo
Gregory Morillo 26 днів тому
If she’d follow back I’ll add her but nahhh
autobots decepticons
autobots decepticons 26 днів тому
Fake advertising again!!! Where's the fukn secretly recorded dunk off??? Smfh...
puttin in
puttin in 27 днів тому
Any playing time?? With all those blowouts!
nice day
nice day 27 днів тому
Whenever these young boys get drafted to NBA then I'm officially old.
Ronnie hasbrouck jr
Ronnie hasbrouck jr 27 днів тому
Can we see more video and LESS you and ALL that talking?
damm will
damm will 27 днів тому
Devyn you are tuff
Hutchen Upshaw
Hutchen Upshaw 27 днів тому
Homies? 🤦🏽‍♂️ friends 🤷🏽‍♂️stick to what you know snowbunny
Hey Joe
Hey Joe 27 днів тому
ill comeback to this comment after 6 years..hope lebron and bronny played together that time in the nba
Devil HunterTM
Devil HunterTM 27 днів тому
2:15 bryce got fractured his left arm?
Lion Prince
Lion Prince 27 днів тому
Damm hot u are
celli351 27 днів тому
That short ass rim
Domqr 27 днів тому
"thats some high level stuff" nigga thats the 7 foot rim.
Luka Muren
Luka Muren 27 днів тому
8ft basket sure lol... wr hated these kids as we were playing... their parents pushed them yet they were never the best... at is all about daddy and mommy... cmon bro
Luka Muren
Luka Muren 27 днів тому
Prof Aid
Prof Aid 27 днів тому
I can almost touch the ring and im 12
Darmel Roby
Darmel Roby 27 днів тому
The disrespect for Cassius smh in the video didn't even get mentioned!
Saint Grizzly
Saint Grizzly 27 днів тому
Nice white cleavage
Edwin Kurnia
Edwin Kurnia 27 днів тому
Who's name this host?lol
CHAO WEI 27 днів тому
damn wtf is with her look/ creepy af
Meghan Smith
Meghan Smith 27 днів тому
Why tf did she say homies?
Paul Martin
Paul Martin 27 днів тому
Homies? Yeah, okay.
BellyWatch 27 днів тому
I’m tiddies catch you next time
CASTRO45ACP 27 днів тому
"that's not your average group of homies", I think that says it all about this white woman.
Tykevous Todd
Tykevous Todd 27 днів тому
The fumble get these attractive looking women to report sport news, I see what going on.. Genius
Indigo The Demigod
Indigo The Demigod 27 днів тому
*Please don't say homie again 😂😂😂* 1:35
K C 27 днів тому
Good lookin kid
ugg jr
ugg jr 27 днів тому
So she saying bronny not gonna get time this year ? #Thatscrazy
greg sheppard
greg sheppard 27 днів тому
Larry Bird is the goat. Zion will make both these James boys look like they are standing still.
BoltLegend84 -
BoltLegend84 - 27 днів тому
1:37 basic dunk that anyone can do and, THE RIM WAS 8 FEET EVERYONE CAN DO THAT
miguel duran
miguel duran 27 днів тому
What’s up with my white chick.
RAGING RYAN 27 днів тому
LeBron will be playing when Benny is in nba
Ralph Elliott
Ralph Elliott 27 днів тому
🤔kids shooting ball and it's high level 🤔 social media
Tone Ellerby
Tone Ellerby 27 днів тому
Did she say homies? Stay woke
The Hammerdown
The Hammerdown 27 днів тому
Man that's a small goal!!
Alex Mendoza
Alex Mendoza 27 днів тому
What happened to big titty Brit ? 😤
Dar Eus
Dar Eus 27 днів тому
Everyone in the comment bitching about dunking and starting but did anyone pay attention to the "homies" comment? Well a few of you did, whytf they gotta be homies why couldn't they be a group of friends and fu** the lil white boys in the videos because the video was about Bronny and Shareef and I'm not even a fan of Lebron and I was offended, them lil kids the media always try throw these lil technical racial slurs
MythicalSLIM 27 днів тому
"Not your average group of homies" Wait...what😂😂😂
MythicalSLIM 27 днів тому
"Not your average group of homies" Wait...what😂😂😂
HH Fan
HH Fan 27 днів тому
High level stuff?!? Haha the rim is 7 feet tall and they ain’t even playing. This is dumb as hell. They gonna be good ballers though!
That's My Two Cents
That's My Two Cents 27 днів тому
Too much pressure on the kid I watched his last games and he's clearly struggling playing with older guys.
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