Bucs' doubling down on Jameis Winston by hiring Bruce Arians a mistake - Max Kellerman | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman discuss the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' new hire Bruce Arians and his comments on building the team around quarterback Jameis Winston. Stephen A. views Arians as a last-ditch effort for the Bucs to help Winston. Max says that Arians doubling down on Winston is a mistake and they should look to build around others on the team.
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10 січ 2019

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Justin Gardner
Justin Gardner Місяць тому
Ok, let’s get the facts straight. First off go back and watch the Steelers game. In that first half TB offense COMPLETELY did NOTHING to help Fitzpatrick. Jenssen got thrown into him from TB own 2 causing a high release on pick 6.Then when they were inside Pitt 15 , TJ Watt came COMPLETELY UNTOUCHED, on a 3 man rush, put his hands up n deflected a would be easy TD pass into a jump ball INT. Godwin dropped two TDs, Howard dropped a key 3rd down pass inside Pitt 30. There was also a fumble by Godwin inside Pitt 30 as TB was marching. The 2nd half?? TB offense stepped up and did their jobs and Fitzpatrick fell just short of pulling it out. He set an NFL RECORD for a 3 game stretch that no QB had ever done. They then went on the road up to Chicago in a gloomy, crappy weather game vs the #1 NFL pass rush!! They were ALL OVER Fitz and Trubisky only put up 35 by himself with 5 TDs!!! The entire team looked like a heaping pile of S**T!!! They pulled Fitz in the 2nd half , and that ladies n gents ended TBs season.. Winston admitted he only cared about matching Fitzs numbers, he said “ years” in the postgame but we know better- “ match Fitz’s years”? HUH? showing that “ WINNING” isn’t #1!!! But his personal numbers. Also if you just put up the best 3 game run statistically in NFL history, which would have been even much higher if they showed up in the first half vs Pitt , that 3 game stretch would be even more impressive had they not let him down.AND if youre benched when you are getting sacked every snap and the D gave up 35 by the half? Then that QB realizes that I could play PERFECT football and light the world on fire and it doesn’t matter... hmmm?? Then I no longer give a rats a**. That’s why Fitzpatrick cared less after TB season was over n then went back to him when Jamie’s ruined the year.I don’t blame him. If anybody in life does something almost perfectly, and still it’s not enough?? You throw in the towel. What’s he gotta do to keep his job? Throw for 500-600 yards a game? 5-6 TD passes a game? Apparently 400+ and 3-4 TDs wasn’t enough.” IF” Fitzpatrick was to play bad for 3 games in a row, then okay make the switch but one half with ZERO help for the second game in a row and you act like it’s “ his” fault? People are just ignorant!! Just like twitter and FB was blowing up with the “ Fitz being Fitz AGAIN “ and “ Same Ol’ Fitzpatrick “ after the 1st half against Pittsburgh. Yet anyone with a football I.Q. Of 1 would have known those tweets were false, they should have been tweeting “ SAME OL’ BUCS” - funny when TB had the lead on Djax punt return taken back by flag , and almost pulled it out THANKS to Fitz he shut everyone up. It’s Licht’s boy and he’s allowed an immature leader to have keys to the kingdom with zero accountability!! Mariota has had only Delani Walker in five years and has TWO playoff births. If TB had Mariota with the weapons around him you’d see a different franchise. Lichts ran this team into the ground and it started the moment they took Jameis over Mariota. You guys ALL saying OLINE n RUNNING GAME correct?? Well tell the GM who just drafted NOT ONE OLINEMAN or RB !!! To fix that “ excuse”.Funny how Fitzs 2nd time around when he no longer cared , THEN n ONLY then did Jameis give his best effort to get his 5th yr option and 21 million.Also to tryout for the “ next “ coach.
zVizzions 3 місяці тому
Love how they don't mention Tampa had possibly the worst defense in the league and there offensive line is also probably one of the worse in the league. It would be very idiotic for the Bucs to draft a QB. Winston is good enough for them to be successful they need to be drafting and signing players for the line and the defense.... It isn't that hard to see that
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams 3 місяці тому
Bash the Bucs but praise the game cheating ,game rigging ass patriots? Gooooooo bucs!!!!!!!
Initiens 4 місяці тому
They gotta get a good o-line,running back,and should work on their short game for conversions
Craig L
Craig L 4 місяці тому
When a team, after four years, is hiring a coach to fix said quarterback. It just reeks of desperation. You don’t fix the quarterback? Are you serious? After so much has been put into placating this human being for said sexual offenses. Football not withstanding. I love how monken just said in his browns introductory interview with his new team that J Winston is an intelligent Man. Lol. Why do so many people have to say this about him over and over when it’s painfully clear he isn’t. All I know is that if you draft a player especially a quarterback # 1 and after 4 year you’ve got no where near a wildcard game much less a playoff game. And it’s not like the level of talent hasn’t been there around him these past years. His red zone stats are absolutely abysmal and when you end up turnover the ball so constantly as Winston does. I really don’t understand the glazers and or Jason L for constantly looking for a way to fix this man-baby. He doesn’t have the skill set he clearly didn’t value his position on the team with his actions with the Uber driver or he would have never been in that position to begin with much less commit the actions the nfl investigation said that he in fact DID do. He also lied and tried to have other players lie for him that night all proven. How do you keep hoping for the best on the field when someone is showing you who they really are as a person. And for Bruce Arians to come in and say he had no issue with Winston’s behavior. Sorry that’s a cash grab and an insult to common sense. I have no respect for BA because he’s done something here without thinking it through and it will show when he tries to supposedly fix this broken excuse of a football player.
Ded forlyfe
Ded forlyfe 19 днів тому
cam Mitch
cam Mitch 4 місяці тому
A little little bitch
cam Mitch
cam Mitch 4 місяці тому
We all know max is a Lil bitch
Joey Thornton
Joey Thornton 4 місяці тому
Jameis will light it up this year!!! MAX please stick to boxing when doing your analysis on sports!!
Chris Tyburski
Chris Tyburski 4 місяці тому
All the salty bucs fans lol
Michel Rosabal
Michel Rosabal 5 місяців тому
Were goin to the playoffs max does he know Winston is breaking records wtf are they talking about huh 😵😵😵
Dawg Pound
Dawg Pound 5 місяців тому
It isn’t Winston’s fault he has a trash defense and a non existent running game it’s hard to win when your defense is pure garbage and you don’t have a good running back
Justin Ballas
Justin Ballas 5 місяців тому
Bro wtfffffffff is max on, how does he even have a job lol! Fitzpatrick is better than jameis? He does not watch bucs games. Please keep your mouth shut about this situation max you’re sounding like a casual.
NERVE 100 5 місяців тому
He needs a running game and a defense
Mike 6321
Mike 6321 5 місяців тому
"Good from far, far from good" Lmao Max ethers people so subtlety
Trust The Process
Trust The Process 5 місяців тому
Max is a joke
ven lafaxine
ven lafaxine 5 місяців тому
Winston averaged 11+ int's a season in 4 yrs. Hes pron to turnovers im sorry. , but he does not have a winning formula. He threw interception in college and following same m.o in the NFL. How blind are the Bucs. Cut your losses
Luke William
Luke William 5 місяців тому
We need to trad him for nick foles
Romar93 5 місяців тому
I'm done with Winston... They need to move on.
Shamrock Power
Shamrock Power 5 місяців тому
Horrible defense. Very bad QB.
904austin 5 місяців тому
Max must be forgetting what Fitztragic did after those first two starts.
Black Mamba
Black Mamba 5 місяців тому
We have someone like DeSean Jackson being a cancerous you will also look bad he was bad for James and he was bad for the team
Black Mamba
Black Mamba 5 місяців тому
Josh Jacobs would be perfect fit he can run and catch most importantly you can also block
Alan Contreras
Alan Contreras 5 місяців тому
Screw you guys i hope jameis shuts you up.
supedzl100 5 місяців тому
Y’all should never talk bucs football or Jameis ever. It’s obvious all of you hate him and your opinions come from a hateful place. So on behalf of (most) bucs fans...🖕🏾
Smallville 5 місяців тому
It sounds like punk ass Max is trying to keep his job by making those dumb comments... And fuck boy Steven is going along for the ride, Steven know what side of the bread his toast is buttered on, so his opinion is giving to him by Max and he knows not to say anything other than what's on that card, or his dick sucking ass will be looking for a job... Everyone saw what happened the 1st and last time he tried to give his own opinion, his punk got suspended for a week and he came back apologizing I'm sorry master, Isssssss will be a obedient servant master just tell me what you want me to say and I will say it!!!! Please master pleaseeeeeeee just give this boy another chance!!! And he has been an obedient servant since then... Fuck Steven, fuck Max, and fuck that bitch!!! This is why I don't watch ESPN... And I hope that all 3 of them read this post, fuck'em!!!
Brad The Titan
Brad The Titan 5 місяців тому
They have been reviewing jameis about stuff he did years ago, but wont acknowledge the fire power offense tampa has had with jameis at the helm. "His off field behavior" is the only thing he says every video about the bucs like jameis is out doing drive bys. No they talk about the same incidents from 3+ years ago. You'd think ESPN would see a diamond in the Rough, it just needs some cleaning (Bruce being the cleaner). I guarantee if tampa snaps next year they will praise the living hell out of jameis and this team. They praise peyton all the time but fail to realize jameis first four years and peytons are almost identical with jameis being better. ESPN literally Reads the old post from 3 years ago and repeats themselves.
Brad The Titan
Brad The Titan 5 місяців тому
Only thing Max can do is read a stat sheet, I bet he has watched like 3 games in his life. Clown
Live Love Life
Live Love Life 5 місяців тому
Watch out for the bucs next year mark my words
MrSfirx 5 місяців тому
These guys take 2 games that can’t be duplicated, and they think a qb can do that every week. They don’t watch the games.
MrSfirx 5 місяців тому
Max doesn’t know about sports. Period
Admiral Xizor
Admiral Xizor 5 місяців тому
If Arians can't win with Winston, then no coach can. I hope that Arian's contract is longer than Winston's...
biggie redd
biggie redd 5 місяців тому
We will win the superBowl next year
Biron B
Biron B 5 місяців тому
Stephen A.......Stay off the damn weeeeduh
Brent Mase
Brent Mase 5 місяців тому
the landscape of the titans totally changed when Mariota got there. They were way worst than what they are now without him. 3 Straight winning seasons and playoff appearance and a win
Boogerdog 5 місяців тому
How do I luv the Bux, let me count the ways. Posses away draft pics, chasing Winston's draft rec's, lmFAo. No OLINE, no maulers, to bludgeon ahead of the running game, and, a QUARTERBACK who is at best a 50-50 ball chunker, no accuracy, never had accuracy, so, BuccoBrucie, show us the re-engineered accuracy, you can coach speed and accuracy, correct? Lmao, ok...we get all that, just the same, Bruce, you'll be drafting a QB soon, late rounds or mid round this 2019, but, you'll be seriously looking by 2020. If we had kept KOTTER, we could loose our way to draft that Clemson QB wonder in 2021, both he and the gifted WR ROSS, will be available, barring injury. We wanted Airiens last time, but the chitheads on that radio station poo-poo'ed it, it had to be KOTTER & WINSTON. So much for radio gurus. So much for Kotter, so much, we thought, for Jamis.
Dtm Jax
Dtm Jax 5 місяців тому
Max Kellerman knows more about QBs than Bruce Arians. 🙄 Did you even watch Winston this year? As far as behavior off the field...an Uber “incident” 3 years ago. A money grab not even worthy of reporting to the police. He does all kinds of good things in and around the community. Ask people who actually know him. Clueless idiots.
Isaiah Floyd
Isaiah Floyd 5 місяців тому
First Take has no idea what's going on in Tampa Bay.
Steve Dhi
Steve Dhi 5 місяців тому
not smart enough..... hope I'm wrong
Deleno Ahk
Deleno Ahk 5 місяців тому
This should be a Chargers segment ,Why are we not talking about playoff team again First take keeps falling off
david sanders
david sanders 5 місяців тому
The bucs should hold a "spiritual" to assist Winston
SkullTag Films
SkullTag Films 5 місяців тому
Fitz had two good games... Winston and BA will make the playoffs this year
DMV LIVE 5 місяців тому
Winston is overrated
Tampa Wave 813 bihhh
Tampa Wave 813 bihhh 5 місяців тому
Max is a hater fr with is fuck ass 😂😂
Clutch Sports
Clutch Sports 5 місяців тому
They clearly havent watched a Bucs game since the first 4 games. Just say you don't like the guy because he got in a situation they didn't care for, whether or not he actually did it.
Clutch Sports
Clutch Sports 5 місяців тому
@Streetsmart1984 true
Streetsmart1984 5 місяців тому
THE POWER of the MEDIA... you can LITERALLY control people's minds and tell them what to think, just by having a NATIONAL show like this.. so you can get a whole mass of people to think or feel a certain way just by spewing this ignorance everyday!! Show's like this are dangerous really... becuase they can literally have an impact on a guy's life... they can get people to hate jamies or odell or ANYONE for that matter just by talking negative about them on this network.
jusTheD alllevels
jusTheD alllevels 5 місяців тому
They continue to trash jameis winston, and sway more and more fans to dislike him.. This is called media steering. Look at Winston play with your own eyes people, he is not a bad QB. The people and fans who dislike him get there info from people like these Actors talking. They will not tell you that the defense was ranked last and gave up 29 points a game, They want tell you that the offensive line is terrible, They want even bring up his stats lol... They will only say that they don't like him, it has nothing to do with his play. 2/01/19 tune in.
Streetsmart1984 5 місяців тому
THANK YOU!!! it's so obvious to see.. thats why i dont respect these clowns... This dude knows NOTHING about football or anything for that matter... and it's pathetic.. THE POWER of the MEDIA... you can LITERALLY control people's minds and tell them what to think, just by having a NATIONAL show like this.. so you can get a whole mass of people to think or feel a certain way just by spewing this ignorance everyday!!
QuannyV 5 місяців тому
Omg they only look at first two games when they talk about fitz like shut the fuck.
gil randall
gil randall 5 місяців тому
Bruce Arian he's going to tighten things up around there
Jim Walker
Jim Walker 5 місяців тому
Not high on JW? He is, after only 5 seasons, the greatest QB in Buccaneer history. Stop looking at garbage time turnovers because the pathetic Bucs defense gave up 35+ points per game. When your playing from behind it happens. He has stopped drinking, has had a child, and has grown up. Winston is THE BEST QB in the NFL when outside the pocket. Look it up.
UCON 5 місяців тому
Jim Walker only been 4.. technically 3.2 years
velveetaslingshot 5 місяців тому
Im a Bucs fan and I dont care who the qb is at this point. The defense SUCKS. Tampa Bay used to be a defensive powerhouse. I never thought I would say this as a Bucs fan....but Im tired of watching them put up 30+ points on offense only to lose by three points. I want a powerhouse defense again. Not sure that will happen again in my lifetime. Derrick Brooks, Warren Sapp, Simeon Rice, Ronde Barber, John Lynch, etc. I loved watching them play so much.
Brent Oneil
Brent Oneil 5 місяців тому
Ok what about Nick Foles and Wentz. They make excuse for Wentz and Foles. Foles won a super bowl and led the same team Wentz had this year to the playoffs and maybe even to another Super bowl but they say changed the plays for Foles .
Streetsmart1984 5 місяців тому
THE POWER of the MEDIA... you can LITERALLY control people's minds and tell them what to think, just by having a NATIONAL show like this.. so you can get a whole mass of people to think or feel a certain way just by spewing this ignorance everyday!! Show's like this are dangerous really... becuase they can literally have an impact on a guy's life... they can get people to hate jamies or odell or ANYONE for that matter just by talking negative about them on this network.
joe ii
joe ii 5 місяців тому
Its obvious YOU THREE HATE the Buccaneers, so don't talk about them!!! If they win something, then you can come back and lick the hot dog. Keep doubling down hating Jameis, Max. You will have to pay up for this trash talk if he ever wins!
Kevo TB
Kevo TB 4 місяці тому
Always talking down on jamies and our team they dont know shit
ivan a
ivan a 5 місяців тому
Thank you!!!! Go Bucs! Fuck the haters
Jorge Diaz
Jorge Diaz 5 місяців тому
joe ii I fucking hate espn when they talk about my Bucs, they don’t know one fucking thing about them
alex_de_tampa 5 місяців тому
Anybody realized Jameis has a terrible O-Line, terrible defense , terrible kicker, every year. Fitzpatrick had two good games, Jameis had good games too. I can’t wait until Jameis proves everyone wrong.
alex_de_tampa 5 місяців тому
Also the Bucs had no running game and bad coaches
Marcus Ribbon
Marcus Ribbon 5 місяців тому
You can tell by the way they're talking that they don't really watch Jameis Winston.
Dtm Jax
Dtm Jax 5 місяців тому
Marcus Ribbon Exactly right. Nor bother to talk to anyone that has actually coached or played with him. Everyone raves about the guy. It’s ridiculous how they criticize him and obviously don’t even watch him play.
Fire Dolphin
Fire Dolphin 5 місяців тому
Of course they don't, why would they? That's why they blame the QB and no mention of the defense or O-Line.
Jay Millzz
Jay Millzz 5 місяців тому
Jameis is trash, we all know it. Mr. Turnover is going to get fired after next year, or get the coach fired.
Broadstone 5 місяців тому
I’m an Atlanta fan, but I watch every single Bucs game since I live in Tampa and I can tell you for a fact that if Max actually watched some Bucs games he’d have a different opinion. The only major problem Winston has is turnovers, if he can get that turned around under Arians, he’ll be just fine.
Smallville 5 місяців тому
Atlanta Boy I live in Atlanta and I have seen every Bucs game... When you are running for your freaking life because the o-line is absolutely non existing, and you do not have time to scan the field for a second, he tries to get the ball out... Plus when the defense already know they you are passing the ball, they drop 6 or 7 people into coverage, so a tipped pass by a receiver or a overthrow resulted in a interception... Why is Jameis throwing the ball so much, simple, he doesn't have a running game... Jameis led the team in rushing 2 or 3 times this season, that should never happen... But for teams that have a running game, if their QB commits an overthrow than that's just what it is, a overthrow and it doesn't result in a interception, you may ask why not, because there are not 5, 6, or 7 folks on the defense downfield because they are trying to stop the run... Folks if you are going to look at the numbers, also look at why the numbers are what they are... Please stop listening to these Jameis haters. Just like the 3 clowns in the clip, they completely gave us their points of view with no counter facts, because everything they said was absolutely wrong and can be proven that they are wrong, so to someone who has never seen a Bucs game and this is all they have to go on, they will believe this bullshit and become HATERS too not knowing the true facts... Oh and we are not going to talk about the kicking game or lack there of...
Victor Oladipo #indyismycity
Victor Oladipo #indyismycity 5 місяців тому
This is probably the best hiring so far
Joseph Stokes II
Joseph Stokes II 5 місяців тому
Clearly they have never watched the bucs. With all the turnovers Winston has had he still has had the bucs in position to win a game but due to lack of running game and offensive line and a bad defensive unit the bucs lose. 5-11 record 7 loses by 6 points or lesser the defense couldn't close out the game.
Grant Battane
Grant Battane 5 місяців тому
Most if not all of the QBs in the league would play worse with no pass protection, run game or defense. Oh I forgot terrible special teams. Jameis Winston is not the problem in Tampa no matter hard these dorks in the media keep trying to convince people otherwise.
Geoff Thompson
Geoff Thompson 5 місяців тому
Even with a god awful start, then getting benched, Jameis Winston had 3,000 yards passing in 11 games, along with a 65% completion percentage and 20 TD's. The only flaw is throwing too many picks, which came in bunches as a part of a slow start and getting benched.
Matt Bubbles
Matt Bubbles 4 місяці тому
Sort of reminds me of cutler in Chicago. Gave him everything we thought he needed. Coaches, Oline, Receivers, defense. Just was a turnover machine that didnt really care to try.
Craig L
Craig L 4 місяці тому
Geoff Thompson - not even a hint of a playoff / wildcard showing. I’m sorry with all that production and no success. I would take anyone else. Especially given the immoral aspects of this man’s character. Makes me sick people protect him because of playing football. It’s a sad pathetic world we live in. Had he been charged by the woman. We wouldn’t even be here having a football conversation because I would hope he’d be out of football and this would be done. Sadly we are trying to fix a broken soul not a football player. His true colors have always been there that’s why he can’t make it work with someone like Desean Jackson. You have all That ability there and your sucking your fingers for W’s and this professional man has to watch your idiotic antics on the sideline prior to games. Then after all that you can’t even get the ball to him. I don’t blame Jackson a bit wanting off the pirate ship. Winston is a fraud and it will continue to show this coming year. 3000 yard year and still in fourth place in the division. Tell me how and why that’s impressive. It isn’t.
Chase of Spades
Chase of Spades 4 місяці тому
Geoff Thompson that’s literally their point... with this offense a competent QB can light it up and WIN GAMES JW is not that. Of course his stats are going to be high with an offense like that around him
45 pewterpirate
45 pewterpirate 5 місяців тому
Same old hate from the national media. Go back to kissing cowboys' ass!
TBRican 5 місяців тому
The fact people actually take these clowns seriously 🤣😂🤣😂
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 5 місяців тому
Max Kellerman has never watched a Bucs game in his entire life his comments are just so ignorant it's crazy that he is a professional and he is getting paid to say these things
Surf Surfing
Surf Surfing 5 місяців тому
Max salty Winston is the 8th best QB in the NFLwww.espn.com/nfl/qbr. This dude Max man...If you prove him wrong, he will hate you forever. Harden, Kyrie, Brady, & now Winston.
Donald Pace
Donald Pace 5 місяців тому
Carson Palmer is not and was not ever better than Winston....
Weston Stevens
Weston Stevens 4 місяці тому
@Donald Pace how fucking stupid are you?
Donald Pace
Donald Pace 4 місяці тому
@Weston Stevens how lame are you?
Weston Stevens
Weston Stevens 4 місяці тому
Carson Palmer led his team to a championship game you nut, something Winston will never do. Sexually assaulting people and petty thefts sure then you got a point, something Palmer will never do. Grats!
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Book of shadows contributor Brian 5 місяців тому
Bruce coach of the year candidate with Winston
Running Coyote
Running Coyote 5 місяців тому
Mam she's hot nut I find her voice very unpleasant.
cardsblues219 5 місяців тому
WInston is the type of guy who probably spent 45 minutes staring down at a piece of paper that read 7x4= I'm telling you the guy is without a doubt the dumbest QB in the NFL. Nobody with an intellect level that low could possibly have the ability or the potential to understand how to read something as complex as an NFL Defense and NFL Defensive Schemes.
Jared Wright
Jared Wright 5 місяців тому
Name them besides the lying whores the supermarket gift and filling up pop in your Gatorade bottle there I named them shut your racist ass up
cardsblues219 5 місяців тому
@Jared Wright Lmfao are you retarded? winston has had like 3-4 run ins with the law since he was in college. they're not lies, quit making excuses for him because he is black.
Jared Wright
Jared Wright 5 місяців тому
John Smith I don’t care about lying whores Peyton Manning had sexual assault allegations against him that the media swept under the rug for golden boy Peyton Manning
UCON 5 місяців тому
John Smith your facts are so inaccurate lol
cardsblues219 5 місяців тому
@Jeffboxworthy sexual assault charges in 2013, caught shoplifting 2013, almost kicked out of fsu for screaming profanities 2014, grope uber driver charges in 2017, lead the NFL in turnovers with 70 in the last 4 years. the man is not playing with a full deck upstairs. everybody knows that but you. although I doubt you even have the reading comprehension or mental capability to even understand what I just wrote.
Laura m Rutledge
Laura m Rutledge 5 місяців тому
It was mistake to draft Winston
Brent Mase
Brent Mase 5 місяців тому
opulenttrigga MariGOATa bih
cardsblues219 5 місяців тому
Winston will not amount to anything in the NFL. He is a piece of shit and miserable excuse for a person off the field and is not a leader on the field. Bucs need to draft another QB. Somebody who is a real leader in the locker room and somebody who can read defenses and doesn't have the intellect of a 3 year old.
Alton Howard
Alton Howard 5 місяців тому
Pay attention to the hate and the propaganda they spew. The boy is 24 yr old he got a bright future. And they only saying shit about him because he had some problems with women. If that never happened they would be talking different about him.
The real Mickjagger
The real Mickjagger 5 місяців тому
Alton Howard he trash bruh
Go Bucks
Go Bucks 5 місяців тому
SAS didn’t mention Lebron, Lakers or Celtics. I’m impressed.
Marco Volpe
Marco Volpe 5 місяців тому
The bucs are missing the run game and defense if they get does they will go to the playoffs
An D
An D 5 місяців тому
Jamis Winston.. bruh I need to see another season.. like you lost but that shit.. anyway me talking shit.. m.ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-eDKqRJB5bV8.html
Go Bucks
Go Bucks 5 місяців тому
Tampa had #1 passing offense in NFL. Please explain how Jameis can’t get it done...
Martin Shkreli
Martin Shkreli 5 місяців тому
Max is such a vile Jew
larry peoples
larry peoples 5 місяців тому
Josh Freeman 2.0
Tyler Pitts
Tyler Pitts 5 місяців тому
Max hates jameis they don’t even watch the games jameis is running for his life and he is best in league on 3 rd downs give him a running back and a defense and cut his passes by about 15 throws a game and we are a 10 win team easy as 🥧
Different Productions
Different Productions 5 місяців тому
Tyler Pitts 100 percent agree he’s growing as is consistently getting better he just needs some help on coaching and the other side of he ball like look at the o line
Smallville 5 місяців тому
Tyler Pitts Max is a Jameis hater like so many other... And you are right on point, but missed on 2 things, the Bucs have to many weapons so Famous will have to throw more than 15 times a game, not to mention Jameis won't go for not putting the ball in the air less than 25 a game, and the other thing that got passed you is the O-line, they were simply terrible this season, they stood there and watched the ends run pass them and get at Jameis... It also wouldn't hurt if the receivers catch the ball and stop batting the balls 10 feet into air... But I am digging you comment...
Ajax 5 місяців тому
And Dirk couldn't execute he's just a Jameis hater
Streetsmart1984 5 місяців тому
THE POWER of the MEDIA... you can LITERALLY control people's minds and tell them what to think, just by having a NATIONAL show like this.. so you can get a whole mass of people to think or feel a certain way just by spewing this ignorance everyday!! Show's like this are dangerous really... becuase they can literally have an impact on a guy's life... they can get people to hate jamies or odell or ANYONE for that matter just by talking negative about them on this network.
Eduardo  Cipriano
Eduardo Cipriano 5 місяців тому
4 interceptions all coming from a hail Mary at the end of the game against NY and the saints the mother 2 from tips by the QBs
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 5 місяців тому
TAMPA HAS NEVER HAD A RUNNING GAME ... FACTS ... Also the defense has been horrible
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 5 місяців тому
magnumxlpi bro we are talm bout in Jamies Winston era ... before they the last 1000 year rusher they had was Doug Martin we know that but they still sucked ... let be real now
magnumxlpi 5 місяців тому
@Brian Smith you go back 3 years.. are you 12?
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 5 місяців тому
Level2 Boxing facts ... they have been putting the defense on the field a lot ... and why because they don’t have a running game to close out games ... Facts
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 5 місяців тому
magnumxlpi 2016 ranked 24 2017 ranked 27 2018 ranked 28 BOI DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU TALK TO ME ..
Level2 Boxing
Level2 Boxing 5 місяців тому
Defense was so bad I on watched 2 games in 2 years. Oitside of being blown out, how many 4th quarter leads have they blown.
FREE WILLY 5 місяців тому
Jameis just need the proper coach that's going to play to his strengths not give him the rock and tell him don't fuck it up he needs to be coached hard just like Jimbo did at FSU you see what happened there a National Championship
Darius Miller
Darius Miller 5 місяців тому
They never mention how much Winston is involved in the community down in Tampa. They don’t talk about how the man is putting up 3+ TDs and 300+ yards and the team still loses. I think people turning there backs on Winston is just what he needs. When he turns things around ESPN will be riding his 🍆 again
Dtm Jax
Dtm Jax 5 місяців тому
Darius Miller Exactly. They never bring in a former player, coach, or anyone else that actually knows him say a bad thing about him because they can’t find any. The dude threw 13 TDS and 4 Ints (2 off receivers hands) and about 320 yards a game down the stretch. He was also our 2nd leading rusher despite not playing in 5 games. These haters are idiots.
Jorge Diaz
Jorge Diaz 5 місяців тому
And the off the field stuff is driving me up the wall too. Like for fucks sake the dude has been clean since fucking 2016 which was when the Uber incident happened, and they didn’t even find out proof he did it. Like all the shit about off the field, like when was the last time you heard jameis do something bad. They need to know their shit about the Bucs if they wanna shit on them
45 pewterpirate
45 pewterpirate 5 місяців тому
They don't look at anything but the "bigger" markets. Fact that Stephen A talks Desean Jackson who was average, only shows he hasn't even heard of Godwin,Brate, or Humphries. Maybe if they actually examine a team before they spit an opinion I could respect it. Hope #3 sees ALL this and motivates him to be what he has shown flashes of.
Herb Daddyo
Herb Daddyo 5 місяців тому
I think they get Incentives to spread Negative vibes about him. They always mention the 56 ints(which is bad) but never talk about the 80+ tds and 15k yards at 24! So yeah you speaking #facts
Chocolate Cookies
Chocolate Cookies 5 місяців тому
You ain't neva lied.
Charissa Thompson
Charissa Thompson 5 місяців тому
It wont work
Almon Joseph
Almon Joseph 5 місяців тому
Max Colin cowherd Cris carter Nick wright Which one of those are the most fucking Annoying?
Neil Bjurling
Neil Bjurling 5 місяців тому
Winston is not a playoff quarterback. He is inconsistent and while he has flashes of very good play, he always seems to spoil it later.
Edwin Paez
Edwin Paez 5 місяців тому
Jameis needs to take that tasty W and hit the road. Here's to another year of mediocrity.
K J 5 місяців тому
Build around Winston??? Fitzpatrick way better
Wolf Wang
Wolf Wang 5 місяців тому
Molly needs to stop rudely interrupting
Wolf Wang
Wolf Wang 5 місяців тому
Seriously she says “mhm” or “ya” or “uh huh” to everything like wtf? No bs I believe she does it just to hear herself talk. She needs a different show or podcast so she can do what she clearly wants, talk!
carter1431 5 місяців тому
Espn is going to keeo pushing this negative narrative about Winston. Why do they never talk about other qbs like that. So funny every qb that threw 4 int in a game this year the didnt mention it or said he had an off day ie jared golf. They are hell bent on devaluing Winston its just ridiculous. If hes no good like they keep pushing them why keep talking about him. The real reason is the opposite and they know hes breaking all the so called greats records and they don't like it. They want him gone out of football. So onvious its a smear campaign and its really getting old. Bottom line is if you scire 30 points and the defense is not supposed to give up 31 points. Its that simple. Other qbs that are trash get credited and excused for bad play when its clear they cant even throw a damn football. Funny hiw other outlets have stopped the negative jameis agenda and hace spoken the truth about the teams deficiencies like last ratwd defense and no rbs. ESPN is sad
Jonathan Brutus
Jonathan Brutus 3 місяці тому
Broadstone 5 місяців тому
Jameis isn’t even that bad. None of these guys actually WATCH games, which is why they have no idea what they’re talking about. If Bruce can limit Winston’s turnovers, he could be a top 10 QB down the road.
Joshua Wright
Joshua Wright 5 місяців тому
Facts and it is really just these 3 clowns and Trey Wingo
Frank Heck
Frank Heck 5 місяців тому
Arians going to regret this when he had better teams to go to. Fitzmagic = insurance policy
Joshua Wright
Joshua Wright 5 місяців тому
Or he and Jameis gonna kill which is more likely to happen oh let me see who knows more about football Bruce or some dumb fan and clown ass talking heads like these 3
Mr. do it yourself
Mr. do it yourself 5 місяців тому
Winston is not a leader
Trevor Miller
Trevor Miller 5 місяців тому
Trips me out how Max can talk about an organization suspending a player after Max him self has been suspended from ESPN for admitting that he hit at the time his girlfriend and now wife. He is no better than Ray Rice, Kareem Hunt or in this case Jameis Winston yet he criticizes players like this as if he is not in the same category. Fuck all of the " Athletes are held to a hire standard Bullshit" That's is complete bullshit if he can put his hands on a woman and keep his job then there is no reason why athletes can't keep theirs.
Atlas 5 місяців тому
Yeah ok, the First Take crew clearly doesn't have its ear to the ground on Bucs stuff but I don't blame them.
Brent Mase
Brent Mase 5 місяців тому
How is it a disappointing draft when Mariota went to the playoffs last yr? They treat stats like it’s winning the Super Bowl, the point of the game is winning and showed he can make it to the dance and win a game
Brent Mase
Brent Mase 5 місяців тому
Cubbies34 the landscape of the titans totally changed when Mariota got there. They were way worst than what they are now without him. 3 Straight winning seasons and playoff appearance and a win
Brent Mase
Brent Mase 5 місяців тому
Fire Dolphin did u evenwatch titans games? Or are u speaking from what the media says and looking at the box scores. If u watched u would see that the oline was terrible and Mariota was hurt nearly half the season
Fire Dolphin
Fire Dolphin 5 місяців тому
Just stop. Mariota didn't even average a TD per game this year. Their offense is hideous and Titans fans are delusional.
Cubbies34 5 місяців тому
Mase Films Because neither QBs are worth what they gave up to draft them 1 and 2
Mr. Lewis
Mr. Lewis 5 місяців тому
I HOPE HE MAKES ALL YOU GUYS EAT HUMBLE PIE. Jamies can win. Fitz is a flash and has moments. OAN: GO BUCS💪🏾✊🏾
Robert Stovall
Robert Stovall 5 місяців тому
Max Kellerman is a hater and doesnt watch Bucs football. Fitzpatrick is cleeeeeeearly a bum who had a hot streak for TWO games. Fitzpatrick was 2-5 as a starter and hes talking about competent quarterbacking???? Shut the hell up!!!!
Brian Briggs
Brian Briggs 5 місяців тому
Right. They never talked about what happen when Fitz got the job back and expectation where placed on him. Fitz throws 4 tds, he praised, Winston throws 4 tds nothing is said.
Smallville 5 місяців тому
Robert Stovall Speak brother speak!!! I don't know what these mfs be talking about... Well I guess that they saw a clip and heard the fucked up commentary that when along with it like the 2 ass wipes in clip and they think that it must be true, but has never seen a game...Crazy as hell!!!
jason kim
jason kim 5 місяців тому
Imagine how great it’d be if Molly got fired :)
Salvador Bribiesca
Salvador Bribiesca 5 місяців тому
Wtf is up the Background music?
Smallville 5 місяців тому
They sound crazy as fuck!!! No one mentioned that terrible o-line, no running game, and a fucked up defense!!! They also said something about turnovers, When Fitztragic threw interceptions it was a reason other than Fitz throwing the ball to the other team defensive... But when Jameis threw a ball that hit a receiver between the numbers and it turned into a interception, it's what is he thinking, that was a bad pass, etc etc etc... They just do not want Famous Jameis to be the face of the NFL, and I can't wait until they had no choice but to watch it happen!!!
rivieracar1992 5 місяців тому
PLEASE Mr Arians hire Greg Williams for DC. He knows the NFC south very well. He went to a SB with the Saints.
Luke Torres
Luke Torres 5 місяців тому
Already got Todd bowles
Big Glizzy
Big Glizzy 5 місяців тому
Ryan Fitzpatrick is a better qb than Jason witten this year - Stephen A. Smith, 2019
Smallville 5 місяців тому
Big Glizzy I absolutely agree...
Robert Stovall
Robert Stovall 5 місяців тому
Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis 5 місяців тому
Jameis Winston hasn't been good since his freshman year at Flordia State
Smallville 4 місяці тому
J. Scadoots where in fantasy football... Well Jameis still had great fantasy football numbers as well... Oh and what was the Packers record... I don't remember seeing them in the playoffs, I think that they were home watching it with the Bucs and Jameis...
Joseph Scaduto
Joseph Scaduto 4 місяці тому
Aaron Rodgers should replace Jameis Winston.
Jared Wright
Jared Wright 5 місяців тому
How about Danny Kannell or EJ Manuel lol that Erica bitches boyfriend still mad Jameis and his boys turn her ass out
Martin Shkreli
Martin Shkreli 5 місяців тому
Jeffboxworthy Please do tell me what was racist about my comments you intellectually challenged child. A word of advice, if you dropped out of high school you should probably keep your opinion to yourself on the internet.
Jeffboxworthy 5 місяців тому
Martin Shkreli shut yo racist ass up
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