Bugatti Chiron Sport 2020 Sound, Start up, Revs and Acceleration - My Visit to the Bugatti Factory

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My Bugatti Factory visit, drive of the Bugatti Chiron Sport and private preview of a new Bugatti model launching at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2020. Having driven the Bugatti Chiron last year in the Scottish Highlands, the Chiron Sport feels much more planted and also does cornering much better than the regular Chiron. Always amazes me how in the Chiron Sport you can put your foot full down on the throttle without any wheel spin at all. With its 1500bhp and 1600nm torque, you can use all the power without any hesitation. It is an experience in itself to feel the sheer power of the W16.
Unfortunately can not talk about the new model coming from Bugatti, all I can say is that it is a pure driver's car.
Would like to say a special thanks to Bugatti and H R Owen Bugatti for this exclusive experience and to Andy Wallace for showing me the capability of the Chiron Sport.

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18 січ 2020





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Ratna Veeramachaneni
Ratna Veeramachaneni 8 годин тому
Amazing 😍
ludde lolis
ludde lolis День тому
9:39 like that cop check before acceleration
George Molcanovs
George Molcanovs 2 дні тому
Praveen Sahni
Praveen Sahni 7 днів тому
I will buy Bugatti in future.
Biryolcu 7 днів тому
How much is this car i want to buy one
Florin Roman
Florin Roman 7 днів тому
Aaaah.... Enjoy the silence. My favorite song. Sal.
baqer 7 днів тому
This video is so fancy it's making me feel sick.
Hi Okey
Hi Okey 7 днів тому
System audio ( music) is Dynaudio ?
2020 8 днів тому
So nobody will ask about the radio/sound system or CarPlay and Bluetooth?
Dream Big
Dream Big 8 днів тому
I want that car
ian ruiz
ian ruiz 8 днів тому
12:53 When you think that you are on the German Autobahn LOL.😂
Paulo Lay
Paulo Lay 8 днів тому
Hi like to know what is the name of the music at 4:45 Good melody. Awesome 👍😊👍
dutchdna 8 днів тому
All done within local speed limits ;)
Jo Alves
Jo Alves 9 днів тому
How this guy with only 27k subscribers managed to visit the factory and drive a Chiron? (Honest question here)
Isabel Rodriguez
Isabel Rodriguez 10 днів тому
Eso es un Mercedes 😑😑😑😐
Der Schutzsargent 5
Der Schutzsargent 5 11 днів тому
That thing on German autobahn = 🔥🔥🔥
SootyHunt 11 днів тому
Killin it tho to be fair !!!!!
boeing master
boeing master 12 днів тому
i'd rather buy an big chopper from that money.
Villiah Gaming
Villiah Gaming 12 днів тому
I've done a video of this car hitting 400 km/h
Xeno Morph
Xeno Morph 12 днів тому
A pure piece of art ready for the museum, therefore rendered useless for public roads.
Thudi guy
Thudi guy 13 днів тому
w16 engine is an amazing engine
ian ruiz
ian ruiz 6 днів тому
It sounds like a V8 engine.
Erick Potrickus
Erick Potrickus 13 днів тому
algum BR apaixonado nessa máquina ?
rangeman 13 днів тому
Hello sir, awesome music between 14.30 minute and 16.54, can you tell me who is playing? Thank you
Sabir 13 днів тому
The power delivery must feel amazing
Never broke Again
Never broke Again 8 днів тому
He'll ye
ddd ppp
ddd ppp 14 днів тому
Mac Ouille
Mac Ouille 15 днів тому
The Bugatti pen is so nice, I would like have one maybe one day. Congratulation to you dear Rana65556 and salutation from Paris !
victor simonson
victor simonson 15 днів тому
Wow! That driver has the best job ever: driving a Porsche every day!
Daniel Battle
Daniel Battle 15 днів тому
That Vision GT right there @ the 14:40 mark I saw it on Supercar Blondie's channel. Great looking car. That W16 8.0L engine sounds like it's ready to take on the Autobahn.
w4rell 16 днів тому
#ElsassTeam, love my region, proud of it where the Bugatti are produced!
Duckdude001 16 днів тому
Not bad, but I’ll take a Hellcat Redeye Widebody over this.
spishco 17 днів тому
Andy Wallace is a f'ing legend.
Johann 17 днів тому
Get back home and get into the Merc: "Urgh"
Razor Sharp
Razor Sharp 19 днів тому
Who is this guy and what does he do ???
mikel_08 20 днів тому
Enjoy it, because son as later they gonna steal you 😂
Martinger TV
Martinger TV 20 днів тому
I love bugatti 😍 I want at least 1 time to be in the Bugatti Chiron 😀
Carlos E Collazo
Carlos E Collazo 21 день тому
this pilot is the same one that drove the mclaren f1 up to 390 km?
TapGamePlay2 34
TapGamePlay2 34 21 день тому
Bro how rich are YOU!!!¡?!?¡ XD
conscious88 88
conscious88 88 21 день тому
thank to youtube, everybody is just flexing the stuff they got. no shit is given about our planet devastated planet. secular glory - field grass
Kore-Tex YT
Kore-Tex YT 21 день тому
I went to Paris once and noticed how 5 star hotels are small compared to other places and the view from the hotel room isn’t as good as anywhere else however, the amount of things around you are so nice. Like little towns and shops.
Alex Estrada
Alex Estrada 22 дні тому
so this is what it feels and looks like to be and live Rich damn Im sure everyone i the world would want that
Clément c
Clément c 23 дні тому
Magnifique cette voiture est une œuvre d'art
Javier 362 Javier Steclr
Javier 362 Javier Steclr 23 дні тому
estuvo vuenisimo
khalid el khattabi
khalid el khattabi 23 дні тому
Wow just magnifique but very expansive
Dhiraj Thapa
Dhiraj Thapa 23 дні тому
Can i order right hand side drive bugatti chiron in uk
jerome carda
jerome carda 23 дні тому
miracle!!!! a guy who has money and who closes his mouth and who produces beautiful videos!! I subscribe
Graciane Cristina
Graciane Cristina 24 дні тому
Professor xavier
falumartinez11 24 дні тому
i yo sin poder armar mi fiat 128 hace 3 años :(
Angel Jimenez
Angel Jimenez 24 дні тому
The best video I have seen
fadoden koc
fadoden koc 24 дні тому
got it there's no wheelie
TAXI DASHCAMERA 25 днів тому
*A life of a rich guy.*
Laughing Man
Laughing Man 26 днів тому
Skip to 11:31 if you want to skip the same old “Bugatti test driver” driving the car and giving the rundown.
김경석 26 днів тому
TheHidalgo99 27 днів тому
Are you a potential costumer or did ya win a contest? Why are they treating you like a royal. Nice video in any case :)
Fartazaka !
Fartazaka ! 28 днів тому
Отправьте денег на карту 4276670129696588
MadzeR 28 днів тому
But remember people, if you where to do this everyday it would become normal and boring.
M H27
M H27 29 днів тому
Very nice man, living the dream!
Nik Var
Nik Var Місяць тому
Horrible sound from the engine.... Will not buy it 😜😜😜😂😂😂😂 Very nice video.... Felt rich in my dreams for a while. Thank you!
dolan pls
dolan pls Місяць тому
Andy wallace is such a nice guy
Dollar boy
Dollar boy Місяць тому
Good man 👍
TheSnicker2 Місяць тому
they let you drive while holding the camera? didnt expect that haha
G H Місяць тому
la musique est à chier....
SHOKA Місяць тому
Nice background music. Link please 😊
ALEN BABU Місяць тому
Great Vid, I feel like you have a Indian accent. lol lmao
dodoz44 Місяць тому
Something very wrong with the frame rate though, looks like a slideshow.
n S
n S Місяць тому
Prevelaged rich people
libertà com
libertà com Місяць тому
sarà pure bella , stracostosa , unica ,superveloce super esclusiva solo da milionari e non tutti...ma io la trovo una gran tamarrata sta macchina qui.
Aayush Rathod
Aayush Rathod Місяць тому
12:22 how does the car have 16773 km already
Carlos Garciapons
Carlos Garciapons Місяць тому
they are test cars, not private
Super Goat
Super Goat Місяць тому
Play with this in France ? Really dangerous exercise
Sing for you
Sing for you Місяць тому
00:01 Music ?
Bokaj01 Місяць тому
When your speedometer goes to 500 km/h oO
Иван Редута
Иван Редута Місяць тому
Cool, I want it too )))))
enormous_bear88 Місяць тому
Thank you for making this video sir, i really like it...
Bella nina
Bella nina Місяць тому
nice video , it's like my dream , i like it
juancarloscafe1 Місяць тому
Does it come stocked with adrenochrome?! Rich people love drinking the blood of children.
Emanuele Porto
Emanuele Porto Місяць тому
Bugatti auto inventata da un italiano motore 4 turbo inventato da un italiano ringraziare sempre l'Italia se la Francia e Germania hanno costruito un gioiello del genere.
stx stx
stx stx Місяць тому
Fycking capitalism. People in zimbabwe are surviving
Σπυρος Κούστας
Σπυρος Κούστας Місяць тому
This is the life that most of us watching, would like to have...... Back to brutal reality then.... Enjoy as much as you can my friend!! There is only one life and we have to enjoy it the best way possible!!
encantado de conocerte
encantado de conocerte Місяць тому
Osea se ha comido un viaje para que le den una vuelta en un bugatti que encima lo conduce otro jajaja con su pastel de Mercedes digno de en fin.....
Alex Lee
Alex Lee Місяць тому
Jay Місяць тому
Sorry for my ignorance, is the Pur sport and sport the same model?
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