Building a Downfiring Subwoofer Box - Stacked Corners!

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Want to add a subwoofer to your cargo area, but don't want the subwoofers exposed? A down-firing subwoofer enclosure is a great choice that produces great sound, let's build one! But not just a normal subwoofer enclosure.... this sealed custom subwoofer box features stack layered fabrication for some smooth curved corners!
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21 чер 2019

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Saddedude 8 годин тому
Cool 4th order bandpass bro.
blank blank
blank blank 8 годин тому
Can you make a box like that for a 2014 Tacoma double cab and how much would it cost?
Sara Hancock
Sara Hancock День тому
Is there anyway you could do a extended cab Silverado ???? With either 12” or 10” subs ???? I would love to buy a design from you
Chris Herala
Chris Herala День тому
There's a section on his webpage where you can order a custom design for a specific car
Bruce Watson
Bruce Watson 14 днів тому
I have a F150 and the rear of the box would need to be about 5" sloped lower than the front. How would you go about making this box with the slope?
Joseph 17 днів тому
Which software are you using?
Steve O
Steve O 18 днів тому
Is there any particular reason kerfing isn't used in this situation?
CarAudioFabrication 17 днів тому
Kerfing is weak and requires adding strength back in which takes time. It also leads to a bunch of lines since you aren't actually bending the wood but rather turning it into many small straight segments. Wrapped in vinyl or carpet it looks bad.
Desilvyr Hines
Desilvyr Hines 19 днів тому
What is the software used to model the box ? Or what are some other good ones that anyone knows of, preferably on the free side lol.
Troy McGrgeor
Troy McGrgeor 20 днів тому
Awesome as always
Vlldavid V
Vlldavid V 20 днів тому
Damn Master of the router table.
alfredo marin
alfredo marin 21 день тому
I wonder if a box like this can be built for 4 8 inch subs
Dmitry S.
Dmitry S. 21 день тому
But what's wrong with normal corners? All this is just because you can, not because you need, right?
Grenade80 18 днів тому
It looks better and regular sharp corners may get knackered on a dailydriver.
AceBoy2099 21 день тому
I second on the question of what was that "modeling software"? I doubt it but is it stereo box exclusive or is it just a generic 3d modeling software of some kind?
Brandon Heitmann
Brandon Heitmann 20 днів тому
AceBoy2099 google sketchUp will get it done
Rubbergazelle412 21 день тому
Let's be honest a car amp with double coil and epicenter kills this
bkrgls 21 день тому
What's the name of the modeling software? Beautiful box! 👍
bkrgls 21 день тому
Juuso Pikkarainen Thanks! I'll check that out.
Juuso Pikkarainen
Juuso Pikkarainen 21 день тому
i bet it was Trimble SketchUp.
Sister Mary Clements
Sister Mary Clements 22 дні тому
If you point your subs towards the rear, can you make your car go faster? Giver a few more horses? Use some sound dampening material to minimize blow back (eliminating the negative pressure on the return). This would theoretically provide forward "thump". And if you hit the right frequency and timing, you would get an extra kick at acceleration. Your thoughts?
Drew Robertson
Drew Robertson 20 днів тому
Sister Mary Clements, I did some research on your ideas, and found out that those principles that you hypothesized about are actually being implemented in the new 2020 Delorian time travel car.... no lie, the only thing that is holding up the production is the NTSB & the FAA are fighting for who gets to make the governing rules associated with subwoofer accelerated time travel... I also heard from Steve Brannon in a secret e-mail stolen from one of Hillarie’s private servers that Trump wants the North Koreans to try it out first!
Bo Jinabhai
Bo Jinabhai 22 дні тому
What modelling software do you use, and are we able to get it?
bkrgls 21 день тому
I would like to know that too.
Markeyse The AutoTech
Markeyse The AutoTech 22 дні тому
What software is that?
Cheap e46
Cheap e46 22 дні тому
I'm gonna subscribe but I wanna see more of your shop set up like do a full 1hr walk through? And tell us why you have things the way they are set up please and thank you.
Rene Ayala
Rene Ayala 22 дні тому
Can you make a down firing sub woofer box for a 2017 Chevy Colorado? I need some Bass and looking for a good box and woofers to add, as well as an amp. Thank you.
Benny Lozano
Benny Lozano 22 дні тому
Can I down fire two 8" sundown under the back seat of a 2013 F150
Ride Red
Ride Red 22 дні тому
You are a true artist Sir, Well done!
James Gilliam
James Gilliam 22 дні тому
I think you do incredible work what town are you located?
Dylan Harrison
Dylan Harrison 22 дні тому
Wouldn't this technically be a 4th order because the subs are bottom mounted and the area that the sound comes out of isn't fully open to the surrounding air? Surely the vehicle floor will act as a surface of an enclosure.
Xplicit fpv
Xplicit fpv 22 дні тому
Oh my God that thing is beautiful I'm looking to buy like a 2014 Ridgeline and want to put a system in it and I know there's not a lot of space is there anything out there for under the seat
Ziggy 22 дні тому
Man, you have come a long way from the “jigsaw on a sting on the trash can in the driveway” days. It’s been a honor watching you grow. Salute
CarAudioFabrication 22 дні тому
Thanks for being a part of the journey!
3lbtrigger 22 дні тому
man, that looks awesome. the only thing i would change is the corner pieces could've been rounded off on the top and bottom edges.
CORZER0 23 дні тому
Will you build me a box? Sent a request through your website and never heard from you.
Yodme 23 дні тому
How much for a downward firing box got a s30 260z?
Green Bullitt
Green Bullitt 23 дні тому
Damn I need to move Nextdoor to you lol.
Arsalan Khan
Arsalan Khan 23 дні тому
Effing dope is what it is!!!
Darcsyde 23 дні тому
what was the internal volume of that box when you were done?
Indianas Best
Indianas Best 23 дні тому
are you hiring??
bretts bass madness
bretts bass madness 23 дні тому
Great video keep bringing that bass.
Trevor 23 дні тому
When building a down fire box like this one, is there a recommended or ideal clearance minimum from the subs to the vehicle floor? I Really like this design, excellent work!
John Paice
John Paice 23 дні тому
Hi with a down firing box dose the relation of the front face of the sub and the ground face have a relation to how the sub plays as if it were close and the sound exit holes on the sides were small the air would be restricted leaving the there for add a tuning dimension to the design of the box .....?, another really informative video by the way ......😊
Terry Ambrogio
Terry Ambrogio 23 дні тому
i have been running down fireing boxes sence 2003 the thing is you tend to need more power i whould go no les then 800 (REAL) watts per speaker go with a nice big Zapco and some Memphis Mojo speakers...
CowboyRome 23 дні тому
Good job putting a new look on an old style! Had a down facing box for 2 12" about 20 years ago!
Julio Lopes
Julio Lopes 23 дні тому
Wouldn't that type of configuration be like a 4th order bandpass, with the second chamber below the woofers and the vents being the openings?
CORZER0 23 дні тому
They're like two big ports. You're thinking smart. I wonder now too...
Truman Beal
Truman Beal 23 дні тому
Such an excellent vid, again man- Next-level, as per usual
Sascha Donati
Sascha Donati 24 дні тому
Great job as always! Look for details to envy!
MrNait 24 дні тому
Is there any benefit of downfiring apart from usable space over the sub?
m ro
m ro 24 дні тому
Russell Burgan
Russell Burgan 24 дні тому
Nice box as always Mark. I just finished a 4 cubic foot, sealed downfire wedge box for my truck. I put 2 HCCA 12's in it.
bill mcquay
bill mcquay 24 дні тому
What’s the modeling software?
Saje001 24 дні тому
Cooking a dope box in the fab kitchen. Nice box build.
radames alvarez-rivera
radames alvarez-rivera 24 дні тому
Speaker recommendations for a 2001 Mitsubishi Diamante LS with the factory infinity system. (Restoration job )
Michael Lake
Michael Lake 24 дні тому
Is this a customer vehicle? I thought you may have mentioned that. Or is it a project you are working on off your own? You sure are putting some good detail in craftsmanship.
SpazomaticYeti014 24 дні тому
Lookin professional and sweet! Nice!
Porkchop 24 дні тому
Rich Winkleman
Rich Winkleman 24 дні тому
I need to make something like this . But I am missing tools. I need a router. I have a MPCNC but it would take days to cut all of that..
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