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You asked for an affordable Dry Age experiment and today I deliver your request. Normally you dry age an expensive cut of meat as it takes time and patience to do. But after so many requests made I decided to make this video to see what would happen if I dry age a $1 dollar steak.
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14 сер 2019





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Inkabink PG3D
Inkabink PG3D Хвилина тому
I like the asmr lmao
BlueHerculeez 47 хвилин тому
ECH World
ECH World 3 години тому
How do y’all eat raw food
Send It
Send It 3 години тому
Funny story, so a couple of years back I used to be a regular franchise diner.. They offered a $10, steak, 2 sides and a drink. I was skeptical to try a $10 steak that included a full meal, but after the first time I was sold. Ate there probably 3 times a week.. just couldn't figure out how on earth they were offering that deal.. the steak was almost great- comparable to some $25-30 steaks I've had. One day I finally asked what cut they were, they said a cheap sirloin, but they soaked them in pineapple each morning.. I figured the waitress was lying.. but now I've got to try it!
PurpleDjango 4 години тому
His steaks are still alive, gross
Mocha 4 години тому
ShmollBean 6 годин тому
why am i watching this, im veggie 🤔
Leon Blade
Leon Blade 6 годин тому
How bout aging steaks in marmite
A_Person_YT 6 годин тому
When u said u were gonna tenderise it with a pineapple I deadass thought u were gonna start hitting it with the pineapple
A_Person_YT 6 годин тому
The dry age thing looked more like the outside had started to decompose
A_Person_YT 6 годин тому
Why was this in my recommended
Topixz 6 годин тому
When it can out it loomed like a massive raisin
TheDogPa 7 годин тому
Dry aging can even ruin a good steak.
de louzed
de louzed 8 годин тому
fkn hell this is gorgeous
Sen9733 9 годин тому
this man has gone the farthest mankind has gone for a decent steak
Duck Lord
Duck Lord 11 годин тому
But what if you put the dry aged eye round in pineapple? Wouldnt it be more tender and maybe even become juicy?
CoolGamerWill YT
CoolGamerWill YT 11 годин тому
2:52 looks like human skin 😖
Zexe 13 годин тому
Imagine the cow rn... You sliced me up so people can insult my meat.
Sanjilift 16 годин тому
Faz vídeo com legenda em português. Todo mundo sabe que você é Brasileiro, cara.
abysmal-dood yes I'm sure I entered name correctly
I like the end when the boys talk dat juicy meat talk
max 19 годин тому
bruh ketchup and cheese he says
ryan owen
ryan owen 20 годин тому
All non vegetarians deserve to be eaten
The Estherverse
The Estherverse 21 годину тому
I’m vegetarian why am I watching this
ByCable 22 години тому
To the 1% of people who see this have a great day/ night and I wish you all the best stay safe and be grateful for everything in your life❤️
Epileptic Goose
Epileptic Goose 22 години тому
Sad for the dry aged it looked so good when it was drying, lookin like jerky
Doofy 23 години тому
Ah yes nothin like a nice steak video at 3 am
P K День тому
Instead of pineapple, next time try dry papaya.
austenwack День тому
As someone who grew up not eating meat nor cooking it, all of this is very interesting and strange to me. Food in general is a very strange thing when treated in any way that involves fermentation or drying but this is extra strange and really interesting. I want to know how to cook meat just because i feel like generally it’s one of the hardest ingredients to master. It’d be so cool to cook it incredibly well for others but never try it yourself. Kind of just as a practice of love for others and respect for the animals sacrifice. Yno?
austenwack День тому
So like... ideally you want to have your cheap steaks to begin the digestion process partially and then cook them and then eat them to digest them again? This is wild.
bearswin4 День тому
You’re tasting the heat not the meat there pal.
boomer sooner
boomer sooner День тому
Ok..i get it..people are passionate about their cooking..but 8.5k people gqve this a thumbs down??? What exactly did you not like? People are soooooo hard to please. Big babies... this was informative, and entertaining..good job guys.
DaniDorifto День тому
In Serbia we eat that Dry age 45 days steak without taking of the curb and without cooking it, just eat it with some feta cheese and corn muffin, but you need to cut it really really thin to be able to eat it. But the different is that we are dry age it on wind and putting salt before dry ageing, and it being dry aged for 6 or more months you should try it
xDeedleDeeDoo День тому
Watching this at 1 am while being hungry wasnt a good idea...
SAM День тому
Vegans must be creasing
SupremePapiii День тому
Why does this sound like Peter doing a cooking show on tv changing his voice tone.
IOUA_SODA День тому
This looks like a stale house ad
John Curnew
John Curnew День тому
5:12 no one: the bud light commercial:
Hot_Hands Violin
Hot_Hands Violin День тому
Time I can’t get back 😔
Sam H
Sam H День тому
this video made me drool
Demetrie Alger
Demetrie Alger День тому
Double chin
rebliss День тому
I liked your discussion at the end. What do you suppose would happen if your took the entire Round steak, did the pineapple method for 2 hours, THEN dry aged it for 45 days?
KeevanD3123 День тому
That "cooked steak" is still virtualy raw, for meat that thick you're going to want to bake it in an oven.
Breathlless День тому
Don't think you're supposed to dry age such a tiny piece of meat. The evaporation is much faster so it'll lose all its water by the time the protein breaks down. The dry aged meats at the store are huge slabs for a reason. You should do it again properly with a larger slab.
viven Naidoo
viven Naidoo День тому
Kinda looks like beef jerky
Jack Lit
Jack Lit День тому
Opinions are like aholes everyone has one. 1$ steak all the way. Peole with $ Should shut the F up. Poor people should run the world.
Steve Blats
Steve Blats День тому
a huge bug crawls down the back wall at 7:03
Demi Stovon
Demi Stovon День тому
I don’t know how I got here
Sibi День тому
"salt, pepper and garlic powder"
Zane Patterson
Zane Patterson День тому
you should try to tenderize with honey next time
McCree Main
McCree Main День тому
it's 6am. i haven't slept. i have work at 9. very interesting 10/10
SoySauceC - Minecraft
SoySauceC - Minecraft День тому
(3:27) Wow, this guy actually went mining for some obsidian!
RyTheGuy День тому
Looks like an ohersized raisin
Not Garrett T
Not Garrett T 2 дні тому
*super cool transitions* *Eats it* this sucks
DonnyML 2 дні тому
3:26 thats just a big raisin...
Mark Marzan
Mark Marzan 2 дні тому
Hi Angel😭
Alex J
Alex J 2 дні тому
i swore i wouldnt be like my dad..... 20 years later watching videos on cooking meat.... damnnit
Prince Gaming
Prince Gaming 2 дні тому
is it just me or does that steak look good
Matthew Gleasman
Matthew Gleasman 2 дні тому
Hahaha maybe 50 cents hahaha Steak salesman, hey......
Natural Technologist
Natural Technologist 2 дні тому
Interesting. I think there's been a mis-stake.
Dayou Hou
Dayou Hou 2 дні тому
imagine making dinner for 45 days
KelD 07
KelD 07 2 дні тому
Dude it’s 1 am and I can’t stop watching
CyanFlake 2 дні тому
that must be the coolest BBQ montage ive ever seen
Swimming Pigeon
Swimming Pigeon 2 дні тому
Me, a vegetarian: hm *clicks on video anyways*
Krystian Bajnok
Krystian Bajnok 2 дні тому
Guga, thank you for this great experiment. I was just wondering what kind of liquid did add to the pineapple marinade, was it just some water?
ToofyHeart 2 дні тому
Looks yummy
Lazy Clay
Lazy Clay 2 дні тому
It's not a dollar anymore. You wasted alot of it.......price went up
FiveGreenBottles 2 дні тому
The reason it looks like fish is because most fish you would have bought have been killed by leaving them to suffocate. This can take a very long while and the fish produces tons of lactic acid in its muscles due to lack of oxygen for respiration whilst struggling, and after dying the muscles in a fish continue to move, the lactic acid breaks down the meat of the fish and changes its colour and flavour. Fish that have been killed with the ikejime method taste quite different and have a different colour.
Green Man
Green Man 2 дні тому
I could listen to this man say “salt, pepper, and garlic powder” forever
Lanx Gaming
Lanx Gaming 2 дні тому
Why can’t these mongs use forks
Edi Zaimovic
Edi Zaimovic 2 дні тому
In the Balkans we actually just eat the dry aged meat with out cutting off the hard outer layer.
Sum Rando
Sum Rando 3 години тому
* crunch * * Crunch * * CRUNCH *
Will Vandermeer
Will Vandermeer 2 дні тому
Where the hell are you finding steaks for $1?
DarthCassuis Gaming
DarthCassuis Gaming 2 дні тому
It's called biltong buddy look it up south African bred 🤣😂
amanda.marcs 2 дні тому
the footage on the grill is amazing!!!!
Noobz_ 2 дні тому
The dry age one looks like a huge raisin
Kraft5Nine 2 дні тому
love this guy.
Katie catbat
Katie catbat 2 дні тому
Can you use something other than pineapple? I'm allergic to it, but that steak looks so good
Pxre 2 дні тому
6:44 Did anyone notice this huge bug? Edit: look at the back of the right wall near the fence
Jalen Stone
Jalen Stone 2 дні тому
Fun fact: you didn’t search for this
AtOmAs 2 дні тому
that dude wont stop eat the pineaple one :D
Centimeteres 2 дні тому
You make me hungry
PSETU 2 дні тому
Now I want steak
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