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You asked for an affordable Dry Age experiment and today I deliver your request. Normally you dry age an expensive cut of meat as it takes time and patience to do. But after so many requests made I decided to make this video to see what would happen if I dry age a $1 dollar steak.
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David Bredin
David Bredin Годину тому
Have you tried dry-ageing and then marinading in pineapple, or vice-versa? If not, do you think this would be a good idea?
Yusuke T
Yusuke T 7 годин тому
I want to know where to buy such a great $1 steak
Jeff The Menace
Jeff The Menace 7 годин тому
He sounds like zefrank's brother.
Liam 1234
Liam 1234 8 годин тому
Mashed potatoes from Outback Steakhouse 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Jason Yan
Jason Yan 12 годин тому
6:55 “These are all one dollar steaks” Angel looks at the camera: kill me now
mitz pisong
mitz pisong 12 годин тому
If you just sliced the meat correctly you might have a good texture
Woltzz 18 годин тому
O que mais me dá raiva é que provavelmente ele é brasileiro e não bota legenda em português
Bobbo 18 годин тому
"SHitty Wok" "Let's Dew Et"
Jeroen W
Jeroen W День тому
I'll try the pineapple method tomorrow! I always use butter milk for chicken, would it work for meat too?
MrExtremeRulz День тому
I would gladly eat all that steak
Sam Hogan
Sam Hogan День тому
Those shots of the fire are spectacular, you must have a great canera
*D* *R* *Y* *A* *G* *E* *D*
hotmandead1 2 дні тому
Who's hungry !!
Sonny Avakiants
Sonny Avakiants 2 дні тому
What camera do you guys use? You make amazing videos. Keep it up. Thank you
R.I.P Layer
R.I.P Layer 2 дні тому
This guy sounds like peter Griffin went to France and picked up the accent
Bayley Anderson
Bayley Anderson 2 дні тому
It looks just like a massive raisin!
Robert Doherty
Robert Doherty 2 дні тому
Did you ever use papaya as a tenderizer?
Big Boi
Big Boi 2 дні тому
i feel like this meat is like dinosaur meat
EGA83 2 дні тому
Dry-aged for too long. Try 28-30 days
Umaxen 00
Umaxen 00 3 дні тому
I give this video a rating of $47.50, maybe $48.25...
Mrs Fahrenheit
Mrs Fahrenheit 3 дні тому
2:52 Fish in South Africa: oh hell no bitch
Iva Vukovic
Iva Vukovic 3 дні тому
Would this be okay to try for someone who is deadly allergic to pineapples? 😅 Thanks for any advice hahah
Chris Bouvé
Chris Bouvé 3 дні тому
What if you dry aged and then did the pineapple method for 2 hours before cooking?
Liam Featherstone-Gover
Liam Featherstone-Gover 3 дні тому
Make sure that you wash the outside of your pineapple before you puree it, since we don't normally eat the skin they leave all the pesticides on it
Ojalá entendiera lo que dices no se inglés
Tina Ninna
Tina Ninna 4 дні тому
Do you have a video where you Sous Vide a tough steak like this?
Luigi Carlo
Luigi Carlo 4 дні тому
Dana White of the steaks!
Paradigm Shift720
Paradigm Shift720 4 дні тому
6:39 - 6:44 “... yeah...” 🤷🏾‍♂️✌🏾🤣💯
blaze 4 дні тому
Guga:"This is a one dollar steak" Angel:immediate dissapointment
Benjamin Lauter
Benjamin Lauter 4 дні тому
Joe Sheppard
Joe Sheppard 4 дні тому
To save the 50cent steak drown it in pineapple then dry age 🤣. Channel is really good and enjoyable 👑👑 keep it up guys 👍🏾👍🏾
Olbechia 4 дні тому
Angel: d r y age
TuRtLE 4 дні тому
7.6k vegans lol
Rafael Polo
Rafael Polo 4 дні тому
It is fine, yet too much work....
servant of god
servant of god 4 дні тому
Drunk Asian
Drunk Asian 4 дні тому
He sounds like he’s loudly whispering with an accent
kukolino 5 днів тому
How about you take a pineapple cured eye of the round, SUVI it at 135F, and finish it in a cast iron skillet to get a better sear !
Mach One
Mach One 5 днів тому
The guy on the left is going to choke one day if he doesn't start taking smaller bites!
Danny Gurney
Danny Gurney 5 днів тому
These videos are always amazing...until someone talks with their mouth full 😲
theo.b 1750
theo.b 1750 5 днів тому
put the pineapple with the dry aged 😏
joshua kim
joshua kim 5 днів тому
His tone be like: ➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️↗️↗️↘️↘️⬇️⬇️
FIX IT 5 днів тому
chazfromouterspace 5 днів тому
My only thought is how the hell you found any meat for 1 dallor. Mcdonalds dallor menu is riddled with change
NoahHXE Sandlund
NoahHXE Sandlund 5 днів тому
How Long is the shelf life of dry aged mest?
CarpFoon 0'Hydrate
CarpFoon 0'Hydrate 6 днів тому
nice. taking notes to sell eye round for $25 per 12 oz steak at my restaurant.
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Sanchez 6 днів тому
( 3:52 ) "As you know you have to remove the outer edges" Me (A 16 year old kid that has only ever made top ramen): Ah yes of course, cut off the edges🧐
magic8ball 6 днів тому
Where the hell can you even buy a $1 steak from? Wtf
Yuliana Rivera
Yuliana Rivera 6 днів тому
This video took over a month to make.
Sound Guy
Sound Guy 6 днів тому
Yes the steak is $1 well apart from the coal the bag the equipment the grill the pineapple the season costs about like over uhhh $1000
Christian Robertson
Christian Robertson 6 днів тому
I have a dry aged steak...I have an apple...pineapple steak
BSS Phoenix
BSS Phoenix 6 днів тому
So it takes almost a year to make this steak
CarlosE213 6 днів тому
I'm going to report this video, because it's porn, food porn.
Activator1993 6 днів тому
And here i sit, eating a pizza
BlasterICe 6 днів тому
I'm extremely tempted to pineapple some meat now
teezy13500 7 днів тому
Dry aging in peanut butter may work
Jeff Ramon
Jeff Ramon 7 днів тому
Did a shadow just fall of the wall at 7:03 ??
Auralya Marsha
Auralya Marsha 7 днів тому
papaya leaves work too! we use it for satai in indonesia just like pineapple work on this vid
Joseph Bongiorno
Joseph Bongiorno 7 днів тому
I'd be curious to see these two techniques combined.. and the order would definitely have an effect. dry aged then the pineapple treatment and vice versa as well.
Bzxrm 7 днів тому
2hrs in pinnaple is just way too long.. we usually just drip it for like 15 mins and its soft af
dansynch 7 днів тому
I never tasted a steak. Even if it’s regular. None really. 😔
Robert Cohee
Robert Cohee 7 днів тому
DrkAngel 8 днів тому
wonder if guga will do honey experiments ?
danny nieuwenhuizen
danny nieuwenhuizen 8 днів тому
what about pineapple and then dry aging?
cody johnson
cody johnson 8 днів тому
I want to come be your friend cause of the food you cook but I also want to smash your mouth for the way you act & talk. Good video though.
Jenny Nguyen
Jenny Nguyen 8 днів тому
You're great this was fun to watch and your voice is so unique.
222ofcups 8 днів тому
damn i never knew cooking can be this badass
xXIcy BlueXx
xXIcy BlueXx 8 днів тому
Na man thats not a steak its clearly a giant meat raisin
The Rhyhan
The Rhyhan 8 днів тому
I was so excited for them to be good. So sad.
Chance Clemons
Chance Clemons 8 днів тому
"Garlic PoWdEr"😂😂
Benjamin Farah Bakhsh
Benjamin Farah Bakhsh 8 днів тому
"So Lets dohet"
Benjamin Farah Bakhsh
Benjamin Farah Bakhsh 8 днів тому
Does the steak get better the longer you dry age it like a wine or a cheese?
incognito burrito
incognito burrito 8 днів тому
i'm a vegetarian why am i here
Joseph Bentley
Joseph Bentley 9 днів тому
Run that dry aged one through a cuber and make some country style gravy.
House Grumpy Boys
House Grumpy Boys 9 днів тому
ah yes i need to grab my *_vacuum sealer_* that i conveniently have at home
팬티 9 днів тому
맛있겠다 ㅠㅠ
Rickey Cavazos
Rickey Cavazos 9 днів тому
Try putting it the membrane with a generous coat of beef talo and a happy helping of salt... I did it... it makes a huge difference
Marcus Sease
Marcus Sease 9 днів тому
Imma need a smoke after that montage 🤤
Danny Musick
Danny Musick 9 днів тому
Maybe reduce dry age so round won't be so dry?
Kerim E.
Kerim E. 10 днів тому
Enzymes not emzymes dude
bleachcom 10 днів тому
I am a vegetarian, this is what quarantine does to you.
kieranh2005 День тому
Welcome to the dark side. We have cookies...
Kopfstroh День тому
At least not vegan
Sunny Raindrop
Sunny Raindrop 2 дні тому
🤣 Just searchin for some change huh
Ricki B.
Ricki B. 2 дні тому
I don't understand why someone wants to eat rotten steak!
Ricki B.
Ricki B. 2 дні тому
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