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You asked for an affordable Dry Age experiment and today I deliver your request. Normally you dry age an expensive cut of meat as it takes time and patience to do. But after so many requests made I decided to make this video to see what would happen if I dry age a $1 dollar steak.
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14 сер 2019





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。李I知U恩 10 хвилин тому
Dude tryna talk dramatically and sucks at it
Christian Годину тому
do you normally talk like that?
BluePunkRoad Годину тому
what’s eye roll in english meat terms
vuvy 2 години тому
That BBQ Dragon looks insane
Larry Palmer
Larry Palmer 3 години тому
tenderize it in pineapple first then dry age it
trevbejammin games
trevbejammin games 3 години тому
Is that a gta song in the background
FuckingPurple 7 годин тому
MyName Here
MyName Here 8 годин тому
Just put meat on hook on cool place and wait. This all overcomplicated bags promotion..
vincent perez
vincent perez 13 годин тому
Use to eat that
Maria Paula L
Maria Paula L 19 годин тому
Please, no one in Brazil would make barbecue with such high flames. It shows lack of experience. Amateurism. And please, pineapple and wine are the secret for the happy hours "espetinhos".
GOD๛Mᴇᴛᴇᴏ真神 19 годин тому
The dry ages steak would make a great snack tho. Like an amazing beef jerky
Oblong _Nugs
Oblong _Nugs 20 годин тому
When you’re on your way to throw all of that food away, see you if you can make a quick buck off of some homeless people
ivan hernandez
ivan hernandez 20 годин тому
Dónde está mi pinche pimienta recién molida
Pook Scott
Pook Scott 21 годину тому
I have been dry aging for some time and use the Umai bags, works perfectly. Why 45 days, most are 28-35 days??
Azzy 22 години тому
Idontknowwhyhes t a l k i n g l i k e t h a t
Ricardo Lopes
Ricardo Lopes 23 години тому
I tested 30 days wet aging in vacum bag and cut the steak along the grain 2 inches thick, sous vide for 3h at 55º
Bug 23 години тому
Go vegan 🌱
KsuhDilla День тому
too long of a video just cook it and eat it
ray tang
ray tang День тому
Way too over cook both steak , it’s a joke
boross 67
boross 67 День тому
first thing first a like for your voice
Beans Hommer
Beans Hommer День тому
$1 for the bullet that dropped the cow. Going to try the pineapple marinade though.
Elton Pillay
Elton Pillay День тому
Hi Guga I would like you to try this again but cut two pieces of eye round attach it to the pineapple steak and dry age it.
Quike100 День тому
Looks like jamón pata negra
metalfaust19 День тому
gotnokush День тому
Why would you ever ever ever ever rinse meat.
Alberto Santillan
Alberto Santillan День тому
I really wanna eat the bark off of the dry aged steak b4 he cooks it!😂 it reminds me of beef jerky
heen День тому
Why tf does end all his sentences like that
mark darby
mark darby День тому
Wtf just happened
WintyLOL День тому
Is it just me who thinks he sounds like bill cosby
Quiet kid
Quiet kid День тому
i was watching this then remembered im a 13 year old kid who doesn’t know a thing about steak
Mariopromaste День тому
3:34 looks like a giant raisin
madLphnt. 2 дні тому
It looked so damn good when he cut into that black brick of meat....im sad it wasnt
madLphnt. 2 дні тому
Ketchup and cheese?! Ahhhhh
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln 2 дні тому
Pineapple on steak 🤮 Pineapple on pizza 🤮🤮
Vihta Vuori
Vihta Vuori 2 дні тому
1 Dollar? Eye round steak costs around 10-12 dollars per pound where i live :-D
Lex Barringer
Lex Barringer 2 дні тому
Hey Guga, Got an idea... What if you did the pineapple first, did the cold water rinse, then put the steak in the bag to dry age it. What would happen then? I never tried it, perhaps you might.
Grant Gomes
Grant Gomes 2 дні тому
My 1 dollar is the most valuable dollar
TheChosenOne 2 дні тому
Wow making my mouth watery just laying in bed at 1:57am watching this.
Grant Gomes
Grant Gomes 2 дні тому
I hope ur asleep lmao
TheChosenOne 2 дні тому
Weird how people come up to eat the weirdest stuff, like cheese with maggots and stuff.
burnthedead13 2 дні тому
this felt like a really long outback steakhouse commercial
Leemoneybeats 2 дні тому
Everybody in the comments on this niggas ass🤣🤣🤣
najibnk 2 дні тому
what if after your put it in pineapple.. then you dry age it?
Dallas Bond
Dallas Bond 2 дні тому
Those steak muscle are big in Australia their cutt very thinly though
Salvador Gomez
Salvador Gomez 2 дні тому
You’re a master
Dave Carver
Dave Carver 2 дні тому
Oh hell yes dude!
Activewolf 2 дні тому
I'm just a vegetarian 😂😂 idk what I'm doing here ..
Jose Luis Romero Espinal
Jose Luis Romero Espinal 2 дні тому
Porque si tú pones los títulos en español no haces el video en español
Bobbys Productions
Bobbys Productions 2 дні тому
Gugu just gave us a free way to make a huge margin
Catuality 2 дні тому
His voice reminds me of that boy from the Netflix series called “how to sell drugs online (fast)”
Matthew Juarez
Matthew Juarez 2 дні тому
Carne para desphar
Erik Back
Erik Back 2 дні тому
Now you need to dry age the $1 steak and then give it the pineapple treatment.
Derek Jackson
Derek Jackson 2 дні тому
Another youtuber who thinks guitars wailing in the background improves their videos. Quite the opposite, didnt finish due to this.
The Drunk Cook
The Drunk Cook 2 дні тому
U kinda sound like nextraker
Jao Lin
Jao Lin 3 дні тому
My girlfriend entered the room as I was watching the grilling scene, so I quickly switched over to youporn.
Anime Heat
Anime Heat 3 дні тому
That’s some beef jerky
Ronald Yap
Ronald Yap 3 дні тому
Will dry Aging it for less days make a difference?
Jim East
Jim East 3 дні тому
I've had dry aged before. It's the meat that you find at the back of the fridge when you clean it out.
hikkahong 3 дні тому
"It's free" lmao
Yohan .V
Yohan .V 3 дні тому
You sound like microsoft sam
Piment Doux
Piment Doux 3 дні тому
It's overcooked...
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