Can I Use The Customers Water When Pressure Washing?

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27 лис 2021





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Forever Self Employed
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Sagar Patil
"It's basically understood" is the root cause of most disagreements....
John Johnson
That’s actually really good advice for bad business practice. NEVER assume the customer knows anything that you’re doing. That’s just setting yourself up for future failures.
Akash Bera
Akash Bera 21 день тому
"It's basically understood" is the cause for most complains from the customers. It's always good to clearly mention the terms before the job.
I'm a Painter and have had customers not want me to use their power to run my sprayer. Then they are annoyed they have to listen to the gas rig all day.
That Bearded Guy
"It's basically understood when they accept the quote"...... Umm, no, you should always explain all the details. Never rely on people to assume anything, especially with your own business!
Justin Dixon
I would still always make sure the customer is aware. There’s really no such thing assuming there’s a understanding with customers without talking about it. One rude customer can ruin reviews
S o u p
S o u p 21 день тому
Theres a reason companies warn you that when you cook food it will be hot. Assuming your customer just knows that your service or product is gonna do something like add to their water bill can cause a lot of problems, both financially and legally depending on the context. No matter how much you think is part of common sense, plenty of people either lack it or are out to screw you because something wasn't listed for them, maybe even they have common sense and arent out to screw you, but they just didn't know because it's not actually common sense to know something that you didn't list for them about a specific paid service
Bent Rod
I’d still let them know beforehand so that there’s no confusion. Also with anything work like this a contract that just says “I will do x and the customer will owe me x$” is a good idea to have every customer sign. You can make it standardized so that you just make a bunch of copies. Or at the very least get all payment agreements in text or on a recording. That way there’s no money disputes.
Enju 21 день тому
I believe that's where you inform them that you'll be using their water, just so they're not screaming at you when you run up their water bill, at least in America lol
DjSourNipples 14 днів тому
It is “basically understood” but still one of the most common questions, makes me think if it’s really 😂
yes this makes sense
Moses Carrizales
Moses Carrizales 21 день тому
I do business in lawn care, there was one time that I forgot my rake at a customers house, and needed it in another yard, and I literally texted them asking if it was ok if I used theirs that was in their back patio. I did not just use it “ASSUMING” it was ok, it’s not morally correct.
Junior Carmona
We always let the customers know we need access to water and electricity
Mr Pickles
Mr Pickles 21 день тому
Lol, full details and discussions are always better than assuming they “basically understand”. The explanation paired with the 16yr old voiceover comes off pretty laughable.
Kenny Powers
“It’s basically understood” LMAO
As a small buisness owner myself I don’t think it’s smart to ever “assume” the customer knows anything… if they already knew things chances are they wouldn’t need you… have a service agreement or a prep for work page where it’s explained that their water would be used… it takes 20 minutes to type up and will save you HOURS of headache.
Delta Zero
Just be careful when doing rented homes, the landlord may hire you, but he may not be paying the water bill. Be on the safe side and knock on the door to let them know.
lezley 21 день тому
this might just be me since i'm dumb as bricks, but i wouldn't assume that you'd be using my water. i wouldn't throw a hissy fit over it, i'd be fine, but it's still nice to make it known
daniel bouchard
daniel bouchard 21 день тому
When i was working at a glass repair company as a glazier, i remember my co workers being mad at people who power wash peoples windows for some reason. I think it lets condensation in between the two panels of dual pane glass?