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Chris Canty thinks the Cowboys' defense is the X-Factor to upset the Rams | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
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Chris Canty joins Cris Carter and Nick Wright to preview the Dallas Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Rams NFL Divisional matchup. Canty points outs how the Cowboys' defense is the biggest X-factor in Saturday's game.
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About First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright:
Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1.
Chris Canty thinks the Cowboys' defense is the X-Factor to upset the Rams | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST
First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright




9 січ 2019

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First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
Will the Cowboys beat the Rams on Saturday?
BrotherBones X
BrotherBones X 8 днів тому
BrotherBones X
BrotherBones X 8 днів тому
Jeffry Turner
Jeffry Turner 8 днів тому
Two games to remember... the Saints and the Seahawks!! Cmon man!!
shaun cole
shaun cole 9 днів тому
The Ram's are going to make the cowboys look gurley
KingBoss0803 5 днів тому
Where are all the fans now since you guys have been eliminated? Ill wait
SHOT BY NOLAN 6 днів тому
As a Rams fan i enjoy reading these comments 🤣
paul k
paul k 6 днів тому
this game reminded me of the rams second game of 2017 against the seahawks where the rams just ran at will and embarrassed the hawks d. similar stats, almost the same time of possession.
KRock !
KRock ! 7 днів тому
Zeke 47 yards. Lol.... Cowboys are trash
James Strickland
James Strickland 7 днів тому
But Skiiippppp
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson 8 днів тому
Chris Carter....DA Welp....wrong defense chosen....2 100 yard rushers allowed in one game.....nah, not that Defense
Don Robinson
Don Robinson 8 днів тому
Hey Chris Canty....what about that X factor to defeat the Rams???
Rodney Mondaine
Rodney Mondaine 8 днів тому
cowboys fans what you thought Zeke going to do what on us
Gdobie1 West
Gdobie1 West 8 днів тому
Going to be a close game, would love to see the Rams get to the next level. Go Rams!!
Jay Gomez
Jay Gomez 9 днів тому
Dallas has a legit shot at beating the Rams.
Mike Snyder
Mike Snyder 9 днів тому
Cowboys win
Garrett Schaffner
Garrett Schaffner 9 днів тому
Rams are 23rd in rush defense lmao
Xavier Santana
Xavier Santana 8 днів тому
Garrett Schaffner not tonight lol
David 9 днів тому
I’m calling it rn, 10-9, cowboys
veegee49 9 днів тому
Rams won easily Monday they will be saying how Dallas lost the game by the refs I'm glad you all were WRONG! Don't bet any money if you listen to these clowns
BlueStar1124 9 днів тому
The skinny white guy has no idea what he is talking about. How embarrassing.
Marquisha Franklin
Marquisha Franklin 9 днів тому
eggsandwich8885 9 днів тому
Running game has to ground and pound the Rams. Rams got secondary to neutralize Cooper. Dak going to have to make plays without him. Then he has to worry about Rams pass rush. This is a true test for Dak. Should be a good game for Zeke though.
Young Benny
Young Benny 9 днів тому
Let's Go Baby Let's Go Cowboys Baby !!!!! #Faith
Gregory Tucker
Gregory Tucker 9 днів тому
Fifth-ranked Cowboys defense will show up, Cowboys 35 31
shaun cole
shaun cole 9 днів тому
The Ram's are going to make the cowboys look gurley lol
DUSTINTURNER702 9 днів тому
Coming from a former cowboy.
rick fedorick
rick fedorick 9 днів тому
Cowboy haters need to stock up on the family size bottles of the pain killers. They'll feel like a baseball bat is bouncing off their tiny brains. lol
rick fedorick
rick fedorick 9 днів тому
Michael Gallup will have his first breakout game of over 100 yards saturday.
rick fedorick
rick fedorick 9 днів тому
Will Austin make the Rams pay for their actions with free agents last year? With Beasely banged up Tavon has his shot.
Rich 9 днів тому
He be locking eyes with Jenny 🤣🤣😋
Robert Harvell
Robert Harvell 9 днів тому
they have to give the ball to gurley? really? how many touches did gurley have against the chiefs? you know, in that nationally televised primetime game in which the rams hung 54 on kc?
Nokomisclub 9 днів тому
WHY isn't the RAMS defense great? On paper, they should be dominant, except for linebackers. I agree with Chris Carter - the D-line is to aggressive in terms of attacking the QB, and that opens running lanes.
George Hennen
George Hennen 9 днів тому
So does everyone
boomshaka baca
boomshaka baca 9 днів тому
Rams are even more unproven in the playoffs than the cowboys
Rodney Mondaine
Rodney Mondaine 10 днів тому
We love picks and fumbles my RAMS will win 34 to 17
Bitcoin is LIT
Bitcoin is LIT 10 днів тому
cowboys don't turn it over. Goff is a turnover machine though 6 ints in the last 5 games.
Rodney Mondaine
Rodney Mondaine 10 днів тому
you'll D give up hella yds and pts too and don't score a lot you'll can't fall too far behind and you know Dak is not that accurate
Rodney Mondaine
Rodney Mondaine 10 днів тому
Our defense will get couple turnovers against the cowgirls watch THE RAMSBASSADOR. ,
jps s
jps s 10 днів тому
Rams win this one.
Rodney Mondaine
Rodney Mondaine 10 днів тому
we scored,30,+pts a game 12 out of 16 games let that sink in for sec
Bitcoin is LIT
Bitcoin is LIT 10 днів тому
We held the saints to 10 points lol Rams offense is not as good as the saints. Saints beat yall, we beat them. Eagles beatl yall and we beat them TWICE!!
Rodney Mondaine
Rodney Mondaine 10 днів тому
WE got the most disrupted player in the game Aaron Donald and he is 100 ,% lookout
Rodney Mondaine
Rodney Mondaine 10 днів тому
man that don't mean anything RAMS IS TOO MUCH for them to handle we are not Seahawks or SAINTS offense we are much better you'll see. The RAMSBASSADOR
king David
king David 10 днів тому
Cowboys will wins an just to let the cowboys report know ram will Lose ..lol
BrotherBones X
BrotherBones X 10 днів тому
I think that the Cowboys are going to get lit up. The Rams Defense with Talib back has shut down the run. People say the Rams only played the Cardinals and the 49rs. However, Division games are hard to win and it is not a walk in the park. The Rams were also missing Todd Gurley and Joyner. Say what you want, if the Cowboys beat the Rams they go the Superbowl. Because that will mean that their team is so good it can shutdown the any run and any pass..we are talking about a BEARS defense here. These folks here are saying the Cowboys are so good they can shutdown a 30 point per team average on offense and score more than that team. Lets see how good that Cowboys team is.
Nazz Boner
Nazz Boner 7 днів тому
+BrotherBones X -The Cowboy fans never saw Anderson coming and he is what destroyed them. Plus the facts that ZEK only ran for 43 yards.
BrotherBones X
BrotherBones X 8 днів тому
+Ali Muhammad Hmmm
D Jackson
D Jackson 10 днів тому
Cowboys fan roll call. Let me know where you from?! Oakcliff Tx right here. Dallas born and raised! Lets go Cowboys! #DC4L
Edgar Baring
Edgar Baring 9 днів тому
San Antonio, we're going for the big win sat. Night
Catina Carter
Catina Carter 10 днів тому
I been dallas fan for years... But one thing dallas do.... 1 week they play great next week its like oh boy... They need to be consistant when playing... Cause everyone was surprise dallas made it this far... I am glad cause they deserve the win and playoffs and to go all the way.... Its been way to long
Bitcoin is LIT
Bitcoin is LIT 10 днів тому
It's the playoffs. They will play at an even HIGHER level against the rams. Trust and believe that.
Kay tee Bell
Kay tee Bell 10 днів тому
Cowboys Nation Stand Up We Got This 😀😀😀😀😀
Thor Aackerlund
Thor Aackerlund 10 днів тому
Undervalued stat : this Cowboys defense has one of the all time lowest score allowed in the 1st quarter. Less than 30pts COMBINED all year long given up. 17 games. 255 minutes of game time, enough for more than 4 full games. Just incredible. If that holds up for this weekend, it could spell trouble for the Rams. They're a team built to win from ahead, especially on defense. When they can go up a score or two, force the other team to drop the run, and start looking for 5 step drops and down field passing, that's when Aaron Donald licks his chops. For that reason, I think we know the winner by 15 minutes in most likely. Cowboys would struggle to come from any major deficit, and so would the Rams. This is going to be a battle of nerves and spirit.
Jay NOLA 10 днів тому
rams all day...in LA.🤔...Think about last season when they went down to Falcons👀
Justin Cavey
Justin Cavey 10 днів тому
The Colts game was an outlier. The Rams haven’t been as good without Cooper Cup. The Cowboys have been way better with Amari Cooper.
Sir Galahad
Sir Galahad 10 днів тому
I love Jenna so much
Bitcoin is LIT
Bitcoin is LIT 10 днів тому
she has nice biceps
Isaias Mendoza
Isaias Mendoza 10 днів тому
Zeke is gonna feast!!
5602jerry 7 днів тому
I think he needs a big meal today 47 yards ha ha
Keith Taylor
Keith Taylor 10 днів тому
Dis white boy a🤡👆🏽
Jay Dee
Jay Dee 10 днів тому
Can’t believe I’m saying this but Dallas has a great shot in L.A. I’m not Cowboys fan (Seahawks) but I feel this is a great match up that favors the Cowboys...best of luck to the Boys...their D is legit
Thor Aackerlund
Thor Aackerlund 7 днів тому
+Jay Dee True. Rams came out sharp, Boys came out worn. I think the battles through the end of the season and with the very physical Seahawks finally took its toll.
Jay Dee
Jay Dee 7 днів тому
Thor Aackerlund ....Unfortunately for Dallas that Rams O line chewed up a great Dallas front seven and to me that was the story of the game. Future is very bright for the Boys however and the rest of the league will have to deal with them going forward
Jay Dee
Jay Dee 9 днів тому
Thor Aackerlund ...so true, very similar styles of play. Zeek is just a beast. We could not stop him but to me the story of the Cowboys is that nasty D you have. They can go anywhere and shut any offense down. Hopefully in the future my Hawks get another chance at your Boys. I think both the Hawks and the Boys aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.
Thor Aackerlund
Thor Aackerlund 10 днів тому
Class. It was really interesting to see SEA v DAL. They're so similar. Young, fast defenses. Good leadership at QB. Elite rushing performances. Kind of a mix of odd parts at TE and WR. What Seattle did this year starting 0-2 and losing a ton of veterans was impressive, and speaks to coaching and to Russ. Similar to how Dallas started 3-5 and looked subpar, but neither team gave up, and both put together some of the better second half seasons in history for such odds. GL next year Seahawks, future looks bright! DC4L
kornwhiskey95 10 днів тому
The cornerback that wears number 24 for the Boyz better buckle up because I think they try to attack him with Brandon Cook deep. It is important that the Cowboys get in Goff’s face and not sit back and play zones all game they must pressure him into mistakes.
Keith Goldson
Keith Goldson 10 днів тому
I think it's all about the RAMs defensive line. If they can control the run game. The defensive line will have a field day against dak
geewizz41 10 днів тому
Keep away that's what the Boys do great that eliminates that Rams offense
Dr. Jules
Dr. Jules 10 днів тому
Can this people on TV agree on this if they win this game no more excuses there a good team but you will hear the same people say oh the Rams haven't won a playoff game in two years,Goff is over rated,Gurley is hurt,Rams D over rated excuse after excuse
TruthBeTold Thailand
TruthBeTold Thailand 10 днів тому
And if the rams jump out to an early lead?! Cowboys, go ahead and run it all day long
Bitcoin is LIT
Bitcoin is LIT 10 днів тому
cowboys don't allow Touchdowns in the first quarter but usually score. Look up the stats!!
dirty taco
dirty taco 10 днів тому
So Dallas has a better post season record than the rams with our 1 win last week in the past couple years
Chim Richalds
Chim Richalds 10 днів тому
I agree with nick. I think theres more pressure on Mcslay and the rams
Rodney Mondaine
Rodney Mondaine 10 днів тому
29 to 0
Rodney Mondaine
Rodney Mondaine 10 днів тому
Dallas is mediocre you know it and I know it good teams don't get goosed either
s. o. b. Fuktrump
s. o. b. Fuktrump 8 днів тому
The giants won the super bowl with a 10 and 6 team beat the undefeated pats would u call them mediocre too
81oakridg 10 днів тому
I can see dallas doing what they did to new orleans a couple months ago and we have seen the rams struggle tremendously against top 10 defenses like when they got flattened by the bears..... it wouldnt shock me to see a score of 27-3 dallas.
David Harden
David Harden 10 днів тому
If Amari Cooper can have a 180 yard game and we all know he can, Cowboys will win. That will open up the run for Zeke and the Rams are horrible against the run. The Cowboys can win this game.
Bitcoin is LIT
Bitcoin is LIT 10 днів тому
nah opposite. Zeke will open up Amari.
DLO The P 10 днів тому
If Goff is a standing statue he is going to get smashed like brees did
Bow Street Runner
Bow Street Runner 10 днів тому
lets take elliott out of the game and what does dallas do? can the cowboy play up to the level the chiefs did but overcome the ints to win the game, the tight end is the rams heel and thats is going to be the best weapon dallas has going for them if they are to drive down the field and score, often. kelce burned the defense in a nationally televised game and exposed the rams. dallas will have to duplicate what the chief did in the second half of that game from the start of this game cowboys win anyway. its seems to matter now how they win now not that they win.
jenny mason
jenny mason 10 днів тому
This is our year Cowboys nobody thinks we got what it takes to win these big games but Zeke and our "BRICK WALL" of a defense are gonna set the record straight Saturday night take notice everyone history in the making!!!!!...
5602jerry 7 днів тому
lego bricks
Nazz Boner
Nazz Boner 7 днів тому
Zeke Ran for 43 yards, that was the only history made!
Trip Aces
Trip Aces 10 днів тому
Dallas is for real. All week it's Rams cant stop the run... to me that calls for Dallas's game plan being heavy in RPO and Screens and quick passing to Zeke.. get quick TE chip blocks to come open for 5-7 yards.. I dont think just handing off the ball 20 times from the I will be enough... a few designed qb runs... and a couple deep shots.. bottom line though.. if Dallas can hold Goff to 24 or less.. they have a legit shot
Bitcoin is LIT
Bitcoin is LIT 10 днів тому
Rams won't score more than 18 points. BOOK IT!!
MrOshea81 10 днів тому
Nick Wright has no idea what he’s talking about.
evan browne
evan browne 10 днів тому
I feel like the criticism of Goff has been too minimal and for Dak over the top. Goff is a prettier thrower but I think Dak is more tough minded and battle tested. This game will do a lot to either validate or crush that theory.
bobbytatum84 10 днів тому
Goff was considered a bust until McVay came around.
Drew Bravo
Drew Bravo 10 днів тому
Remember a week ago when USA Today newspaper listed Dallas as the *worst* team entering the playoffs?? LoL, and they even just had an online poll about weird names in sports, saying Grant Balfour played in the MLB. Case in point, some people in the media have no friggin clue anymore about sports. Take Dallas in a shocker.
Rodney Mondaine
Rodney Mondaine 10 днів тому
this isn't last year Rams are ready to smash everybody to win Superbowl 53
Ali Muhammad
Ali Muhammad 10 днів тому
Rodney Mondaine Dallas will win rams stadium is Dallas stadium too. La is full of cowboys fan
Andre Walker
Andre Walker 10 днів тому
24-13 Rams
Andre Walker
Andre Walker 8 днів тому
Bitcoin is LIT CORRECTION twice
Bitcoin is LIT
Bitcoin is LIT 10 днів тому
keep dreaming. rams defense sucks. GAVE UP 51 points this season!! Cowboys have only given up 30 ONCE!!!
Nick Edwards
Nick Edwards 10 днів тому
The X-Factor is Kris Richard. It depends on how hyped he gets this dallas D to play ball
Bryan Guerra
Bryan Guerra 10 днів тому
I hope to god he’s right. That way we can send them home next weekend 🦅
Antonio Martinez
Antonio Martinez 10 днів тому
This Zeke boy is not enough for the Mob Squad Aaron Donald was going to take him down
Chris Knez
Chris Knez 10 днів тому
Cowboys gonna play better defence stop the run. Todd is gonna have long day will not rush 60 yards. As soon as they stop the run which they wii the LAMBS have no passing gane. Zeke gonna play ball control run all over these LAMBS.
5602jerry 7 днів тому
good prediction 273 yard for rams 47 for zeke
Bob Smithereens
Bob Smithereens 10 днів тому
0:15 Are there any lenses in those glasses? lol
Spenser Cruz
Spenser Cruz 11 днів тому
A lot of people are going to be besides themselves if the cowboys win this game and that includes cowboys fans. The head coach will seem competent in the eyes of many, the quarterback will have at no worse a .500 record by seasons end.
Darkassassin 2009
Darkassassin 2009 11 днів тому
Finally some guys that aren't just straight up hating on the Cowboys!!! You guys on the right train! Lets go Cowboys!!!!
TU nguyen
TU nguyen 11 днів тому
It also about the coach stratigyzing schemeing prepare the guy on the fiels like bill bilichek
TU nguyen
TU nguyen 11 днів тому
Colt 24-0 so ram won by less than 7 pts eagle won saint lessvtham 7 pts
Erik Gonzales
Erik Gonzales 11 днів тому
This is the 1st episode I've seen where everyone talked coherently
Martin Truther
Martin Truther 11 днів тому
Dallas' defense is #1 in the NFL against top 5 NFL offenses. This game comes down to how well the Cowboys defense plays against the Rams offense. Period.
Edner Perez
Edner Perez 11 днів тому
Cowboys 26 rams 17...cowboys in lead the whole game..rams last 10points will be in garbage time...
Ugly Nigga
Ugly Nigga 11 днів тому
Which team will need to “stack the box” and sacrifice a safety to stop the run? I’ll let you tell it.
slofever512 11 днів тому
Cowboys by 9
MIKE CHORIZO 11 днів тому
LA Sports
LA Sports 7 днів тому
Hold this L along with the cowboys. Finally all you cowboy fans can finally shut up
Kyran Black
Kyran Black 11 днів тому
Cowboys have depth at linebacker and cornerback. They won't have too many defensive mismatches this postseason.
SP 559
SP 559 8 днів тому
+Kyran Black cowboys defense got manhandled. Told u novice!!!
Kyran Black
Kyran Black 10 днів тому
+SP 559 Cowboys defense is stacked. If Dallas had David Irving then Rams would've had no chance running up the middle. Collins and Crawford are bulldozers up the middle. Lawrence and Gregory are elite at setting the edge. Vander Esch and Jaylon are big, fast and have high football instincts. Damien Wilson is no scrub going up against blockers to let the Mike and Will harass RBs. Byron Jones is an All Pro athlete. Struggles on finding the ball in the air but nobody is going to straight up burn him or out jump him for a ball, occasionally falls asleep because nobody throws his way but he is a solid player and a very good open field tackler for a CB. Chidobe also has trouble finding the ball in the air but his coverage is always tight and takes a perfect throw to beat him. Jourdan Lewis is the gambler, he is capable of big plays like one handed interceptions and perfect for the slot and a good tackler, constantly wrapped up Kamara coming out of the backfield with ease. Anthony Brown uses the sideline well and breaks up passes all the time. Can get give up the coverage to get back in position to make a tackle especially on double moves but a solid player. Heath has tons of speed but not intimidating at all when contact is needed, will catch ducks all day tho and chase down almost anyone. Xavier woods is a thumper, he will lay out Gurley in a heartbeat. Good coverage as well.
SP 559
SP 559 10 днів тому
You haven't a clue
Georgio Sette
Georgio Sette 11 днів тому
Getting pumped..... Comparing Match Ups Rams Vs Cowboys Click Below ukvid.net/video/відео-WGM29D7d0YM.html
Thuan Tran
Thuan Tran 11 днів тому
If Dallas runs the read option, they'll be unstoppable with Zeke and Dak. Dak needs to use his legs to extend drives and keep their D fresh and wear down the Rams D.
bobbytatum84 10 днів тому
We've been asking for that all season.
Baron Samedi3000
Baron Samedi3000 11 днів тому
Cowboys 31 Rams 21
greg jay
greg jay 11 днів тому
Two extra cards to play here. First this is a virtual Home Game for Dallas. That is a huge advantage... for the Visitors. Come on who follows the Parramatta Rams?? Second Prescott started his NFL time at this very ground against Reggie Goff. Prescott had an absolute blinder that day so he is both familiar and comfortable at this Park.
SP 559
SP 559 10 днів тому
Lmao a preseason game😂😂😂 what happened last year when they played in Jerry world?? 😂😂😂
greg jay
greg jay 11 днів тому
Parramatta Rams have two central weapons offensively. Gurley and Woods. However Gurley cannot be fully match fit. Gurley has NOT played for close to a month he was shut down and had some type of injury. He cannot be match fit no way. Their other target for Reggie Goff is the small Cooks whom Philadelphia knocked out in The SB.
Nazz Boner
Nazz Boner 7 днів тому
Nobody thought about Anderson, who had a huge day!
Montray Brown
Montray Brown 11 днів тому
Rams are going to be putting up points man possibly around 38. Dallas better try and stop something because if it’s more than a 2 score game and Dallas is down their going to have to pass and hope to break a few runs. It might be a long day for them to try and catch up.
Montray Brown
Montray Brown 8 днів тому
koolbreez9865 well the Rams played a good defense in the playoffs I guess.
SP 559
SP 559 10 днів тому
+koolbreez9865 cowboys couldn't beat the redskins, titans, Colts, and 3 other teams😂😂😂😂
koolbreez9865 11 днів тому
Montray Brown 38 points?? They haven’t played any good defenses all year..except the bears, which the lost. They only score a lot of points against weak defenses. Plus they couldn’t even beat the eagles or saints. 🤷🏽‍♂️😂
Disheartened6 11 днів тому
let's go boys👍👍👍
Ray Barsamian
Ray Barsamian 11 днів тому
Ya but the Rams have Aaron Donald and he will be the difference.
cabdriver27 11 днів тому
I love these four. They tell stories so well together.
eugene moody
eugene moody 11 днів тому
Seattle plays was predictable to the point
Noah DeShazo
Noah DeShazo 11 днів тому
I love how she says Dallas hasn’t thrown for 300 yards this year. They have
D Jackson
D Jackson 10 днів тому
That hoe stay hatin on us
will jackson
will jackson 10 днів тому
Lol 387 week 17 he had a 455 game too
Rodney Mondaine
Rodney Mondaine 11 днів тому
THE RAMSBASSADOR is calling on my Defense to Smack these pnk,s in the mouth
Justin Fletcher
Justin Fletcher 11 днів тому
The ram defense hasn't smacked any top rushing attack in the mouth. They get hit in the moutb
Wayne Oneal
Wayne Oneal 11 днів тому
Zeke isnt the x factor on this team for them to win! We know the defense will bring it we know zeke will bring it..the x factor is how well the oline blocks and how well Dak plays!
Rodney Mondaine
Rodney Mondaine 11 днів тому
They #2 in scoring and #3 in takeaways on defense but get no respect at all l
Noah DeShazo
Noah DeShazo 11 днів тому
Rodney Mondaine 23rd in rush defense and 20th in points per game.
Army Man
Army Man 11 днів тому
Great segment, no interruptions, no one talking over anyone.
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