Chris Cuomo responds to Trump's personal attack on him

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CNN's Chris Cuomo responds to President Trump's Twitter attack on him in which he said Cuomo had a "now unsuccessful prime time slot, despite his massive failure in the morning." #CNN #News





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Nevaeh Cable
Nevaeh Cable 53 хвилини тому
ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-aeq_yDBMCMA.html short message on the Corona virus for kids and families Play it Safe
Rodger Williams
Rodger Williams 3 години тому
You're a bag of ass
Robert Robinson
Robert Robinson 5 годин тому
Is Fredo still sucking off young boys in bathroom stalls? Rumour has it!
James Lucenti
James Lucenti 5 годин тому
I think you're wrong Chris
mohammed Omar
mohammed Omar 6 годин тому
Chris is a really good journalist and broadcaster . Honest , brave , bold . Trump is just a totally corrupt fat fck . Chris is could a shit that has more integrity than trump
pedrosura 6 годин тому
Trump can't get over 50% because he is: Clownish, Chubby, Obese, Senile, Stupid, Moron,Decptive, , Liar, Incompetent, Racist, Arrogant, Narcissistic, Dumb, Petty, Pathetic, Sad, Old, Delusional, Fraudulent, Quack, Idiot, Imbeclie, brainless, mindless, Foolish, Ignorant, Unintelligent, Deceiver, Xenophobe, Betrayer, Crook, Thief, Unethical, Wicked, Evil, Chauvinist, Unscrupulous,Unprincipled, Dishonest, Devious, Shameless, Bigoted, Nefarious, Gullible, Paranoid, Perverted, Corrupt, Inexpert, Amateurish, Substandard, Unqualified, Useless, Vulgar, Incapable, Inept, Intolerant, Unprofessional, Clumsy, Ungainly, Blundering, Cretinous, Prejudiced, Vacuous, Obtuse, Fabricator, Demented, Derranged and worst yet Fat with constant need to paint the skin with this horrible orange paint that gets over his clothes, pretty disgusting. To like Trump you have to share some or all of his traits...specially, unintelligent, dumb, paranoid and gullible.
Douglas Baer
Douglas Baer 8 годин тому
Fredo is a commie!!!
Bale Monte
Bale Monte 16 годин тому
"the struggle is real" lol ok Freydo
Source Fractal OOTB
Source Fractal OOTB 5 годин тому
Bale Monte shut up idiot
Richard B. Davis
Richard B. Davis 17 годин тому
Fredo and CNN Suck
Anna Zacarias
Anna Zacarias 19 годин тому
Well said !!!
Michael Weiss
Michael Weiss 19 годин тому
Chris, THE TRUED HURTS isn’t?..
Evan Beckwith
Evan Beckwith День тому
What a grandstanding wally. You ignored the warnings about the china virus and have got your hand stuck in the piggy bank holding on to your financial greed and popularity. you are an idiot. The US is in big trouble caused by clowns like you ignoring the experts and blaming the President.
Jerry Sanders
Jerry Sanders День тому
Majed M
Majed M День тому
President of USA classified you as fake news !
Larry Dunn
Larry Dunn День тому
You are fake news
Aida AA
Aida AA 2 дні тому
Chris, is a beautiful human being. He has the capacity to reflect on his behavior and show emotions on national tv, it's beautiful to see.
לירן גולדברג
לירן גולדברג 2 дні тому
Chris Fredo Cuomo you are pathetic!!!!
Thunder Clap
Thunder Clap 2 дні тому
Like threatening to throw people down stairs because they called you Fredo?! Stay classy Chris.
Source Fractal OOTB
Source Fractal OOTB 5 годин тому
Thunder Clap he should have ppl are soooo stupid..like you
m k
m k 3 дні тому
Timote Tausinga
Timote Tausinga 3 дні тому
Heatwave 632
Heatwave 632 3 дні тому
Donald JackAzzz Trump is the WORST President in America History. He’s a con artist that utilizes someone else Intelligence, he plagiarizes that persons INTELLIGENCE as his OWN!!! He has no critical thinking skills!! He’s a FRUAD too the world!! Wake Up AMERICA!! Wake UP!!
G. B.
G. B. 3 дні тому
This was true then and continues to be. COVID-19 can’t be bullied or BSed... Trump is lost and so out of his league.
Earlrae 3 дні тому
Solar 4 дні тому
No president has had an entire media conglomerate against him from day one and for this reason I’ll never vote your party again 🤷🏽‍♂️
Esteph Effy
Esteph Effy 4 дні тому
Calm down fredo
VENØM WE 'R' 4 дні тому
Go back to school.
Dennis S
Dennis S 4 дні тому
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Alligator Hator
Alligator Hator 4 дні тому
DEMOCRATES are the DEADLIEST virus ever UNLEASHED on the AMERICAN people
Sharkson77 2 дні тому
Alligator Hator hell yeah brother KAG TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🤘🏻
Ishmael Kuduza
Ishmael Kuduza 4 дні тому
This guy looks like a team in training, CNN is a Joke, how can CNN hire people like this to work for them.
Badboy4evr 2 дні тому
How can you mom gave birth to people like you.....what a waste of sperm.
jerry marks
jerry marks 5 днів тому
Spoken like a true leader
Castlebury21 5 днів тому
Chris will be known as 'Fredo' for the rest of his life. 😀
Castlebury21 2 дні тому
@moodylicious You must be slow. Go ahead with your thoughts of intellectual superiority, though. It's cute. 😁
moodylicious 2 дні тому
means something to some of you, NOTHING to most others. Enjoy your, er joke? lmao
S Lawson
S Lawson 5 днів тому
How does this guy still have a show?
ToniMtl78 День тому
@S Lawson yes you're free to support criminals. You will realize one day you were wrong to support a so called president who lies to your face every day and only cares about his and corporate wealth. Or maybe not until you are sick from this virus left with no care or no health benefit because this guy doesn't care. He just said 100.000 was an acceptable death toll rate hope for you youre not part of it. Let's give billions to corporation and peanuts to hospitals lower class or that need it. That's his trick
S Lawson
S Lawson День тому
ToniMtl78 I respect the office of the President regardless who is in charge. Once he was selected, you support him. It’s my military background. Good luck to you
ToniMtl78 День тому
Why dumb Trumpers like you still have a say.. You guys are are so predictable
w t
w t 6 днів тому
cuomo cnn dem pony- your mouth is foul, disgrace at this time u won't b positive - s-h-u-t your hole cuomo -pelosi won't hand you her pen - she likes to be in charge of the speaking -u both morons
condor5635 6 днів тому
'I don't want to have total association with you frankly or your show because I don't need all of that negativity' - Andrew Cuomo on Chris Cuomo CNN 2020
jessie hsyao
jessie hsyao 6 днів тому
2002 mrs clinton cried unable to breathe was coup my situation but she accused was Goldman Sach terrible lies from Rothschild group or London Officials under master order make mistrust, those London misdoing use by link of mrs clinton those London Officials desire injustic methods merge states of america business , very readon some Ellen Show apply shut up Own youtube channel message box and GOLDMAN SACH ALSO APPLY SHUT UP UKvid OWN CHANNEL MESSAGE BOX doctor spoke either take drug or be talking machine by say you can hsve is vrry sad situation。 1967 RFk didn't undetdtand why he murder americans, reason teach states of americans deactive own my file talk , apply own UKvid own channel no message voicemail allow , just trust live or undo 1937 discussed , those bankers had chance to know which choice can save themselves。 Bilder group members admited to We Are Change Organization mobile phone interview , They admited mrs Clinton is only girl thry have they chose rather misdoing then their living situation 2009 to 2013 told London Officials if they insist own productd of own vaccins Leadership of Donald Trump why don't he order set off Barack Obama and Mrs Clinton unintegrity radio election print not about win or loose , you don't need put states of americans live through horror Those british officials eventually stablize because british officials can't and don't and desire be members of illuminati group of advanture or die i heard UK Intelligence workers refysed Clinton Foudation give them sallery i offer that suggestion they spoke they rather die , though were just London Officials escape Lucifer punishment they script own workers , but i told you are London Officials wanna die
cheanator 6 днів тому
rottingfucker 6 днів тому
Debbie Thomas
Debbie Thomas 6 днів тому
Thank you Chris! You are on it every word is so true. Your the Best!🙂❤🙏
Robert Robinson
Robert Robinson 5 годин тому
Debbie Thomas He sucks off young boys
Jay Pix
Jay Pix 6 днів тому
I love you, Cuomo and your brother you guys are my heroes
Uragoner too
Uragoner too 7 днів тому
Tell us Fredo, about moral judgement, lol . You putz
Rob Pinsent
Rob Pinsent 7 днів тому
Fredo Fredo Fredo
Kaiser Wilhelm II
Kaiser Wilhelm II 7 днів тому
His own brother thinks he is an incompetent little Fredo.
Mystic Mac
Mystic Mac 5 днів тому
At least he's not cheating on his wife with dog shit porn stars and then paying his lawyer to hush them off.
michael meredith
michael meredith 7 днів тому
You mention his name daily. You are member of the swamp. Get over it and stop lying and spreading fake news.
Luiz Paulo Carvalho
Luiz Paulo Carvalho 7 днів тому
Fuck you Fredo - The Weakling
Nick Name
Nick Name 7 днів тому
Please respond to this... ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-c7KiPI6kRuA.html
Gilligan 8 днів тому
FREDO ! go kiss your boss's ass some more you piece of shit
Lana Lorenz
Lana Lorenz 11 днів тому
President Trump is so brilliant & triumphant that Dims are so jealous that they like Chris can't stop insults of the idiotic bs spewing from him (them).
john 11 днів тому
YOUR GUEST Tom Friedman just told YOU, NOW IS NOT THE TIME for Trump Bashing, were in a real bad place... you sit there looking like a STUPID MULE.. CNN......CERTIFIED NEGATIVE NEWS.... THIS IS YOUR TEST you fool , and your failing huge
Sauron Merciful
Sauron Merciful 11 днів тому
Fake news!!!
cdcsamira 12 днів тому
I love Chris!!!
Ranoch369 12 днів тому
Fredo I wanted to be a reporter just like you but they found out I had a mommy and a daddy
Ranoch369 12 днів тому
s d
s d 13 днів тому
Fake news
George Washington
George Washington 14 днів тому
Shut up Fredo
Raul Juarez
Raul Juarez 14 днів тому
Cuomo factories still open in NY exposing their workers, what about close them temporarily? Or keep only the essentials ones?
joe upde
joe upde 14 днів тому
this guy is a piece of SHIT
Roy Rodgers
Roy Rodgers 14 днів тому
The best part of this is tRump can't control himself to even spell a tweet correctly then Chris comes along and dosnt even talk shit to smack him down
Janice Libot
Janice Libot 13 днів тому
Fredo Roy that clowns. Name fredo
lion heart
lion heart 14 днів тому
Chris the lowlife sleazy FAKE journalist tries to attack Trump every chance he gets. Typical of this lowlife Democrat
Marc Baker
Marc Baker 15 днів тому
It was you fudgepacker Fredo
A.S. James
A.S. James 15 днів тому
Trump is correct relax . When you start buying everything in the store it creates panic and panic will create Chaos . Be smart out there and leave TP for all . Left or right you don’t want to see Chaos in general public it will create crime .
Pepe Rio
Pepe Rio 16 днів тому
highlights Bottle flip nbanflnhl
Really should not have mocked me...
Douglas Baer
Douglas Baer 16 днів тому
Fredo is a dumbass!!!
tatiana roldan
tatiana roldan 16 днів тому
Fredo! Fredo! Fredo! Idiot! Idiot! Idio!😝😜🤪😅😜😝🤪
Bart Simpson
Bart Simpson 17 днів тому
“Tail wind economy from the past administrations” fredo fredo fredo. That’s just simply laughable lol 😝 😆 😂
Bart Simpson
Bart Simpson 13 днів тому
Cthulhoop - right, right, your right. And that shit stain of an ex-president you like so much made a fool of himself parading around telling people Trump could not keep corporations here . Why don’t you crawl back up obamies ass where you belong
Cthulhoop 13 днів тому
He's not wrong, trumptard.
Trump CNN Troll
Trump CNN Troll 18 днів тому
Fake news Chris! The only one who has time to watch fake news all day are the welfare recipients and Jim Acosta. It’s a good thing they love propaganda and sci-fi. 🛏😷🍟🧁🍫🍿🍼🍰🍧🍡🍢
Stephen Polsinelli
Stephen Polsinelli 19 днів тому
You guest again as all the answers all you can to is talk like you can’t walk the talk all three guest and you
Stephen Polsinelli
Stephen Polsinelli 19 днів тому
Cuomo you should be canceled you have a virus I’d the Democrats all need to be quarantine
Stephen Polsinelli
Stephen Polsinelli 19 днів тому
Your brother keeps talking about numbers going sky high where is facts where does he get this from. And yet you rip the president and thanks for creating panic your the best at BS thank you Cuomo
Stephen Polsinelli
Stephen Polsinelli 19 днів тому
Again no one is working with the president your working against him and your doing it on purpose. Keep up bring people down
Stephen Polsinelli
Stephen Polsinelli 19 днів тому
Your the biggest * hole in TV
Stephen Polsinelli
Stephen Polsinelli 19 днів тому
Having your brother on even worse attack on President said what he would do he is not the president and is he an expert to say numbers are going to grow substantially whet is facts. Again all guessing no facts
Stephen Polsinelli
Stephen Polsinelli 19 днів тому
Cuomo you need to start reading into things and say what you thing should be do and reading body language of the president and status if what you think he saying by that. It’s amazingly can pick the president apart and you continue to stay there not prepare and handling wrong if your so smart then come up with a solution or have your guest that are so smart have them come up with a solution. They don’t have all the facts they have told you all you can do. One last statement were were you all when everything was going great ripping the President apart Impeachment if the president found a cure for cancer you would find something wrong and state did not do it right and fast enough. Cannot believe you have viewers. Bottom line you show concern of helping or participating 911 brought people together you are splitting people apart. One of the last things the president said was put politics aside. What do you do minutes after you rip the president. Your useless and gutless.
Lucius Brunswick
Lucius Brunswick 20 днів тому
I can listen to this man tell the TRUTH all day
J. Blook
J. Blook 21 день тому
I see Chris giving his opinion on everything from President Trump to the economy and now the Virus and it seems he doesn't report just stirs the pot. Most people he interviews the subject gets turned to President Trump and how it is his fault.Just report the news and stop all the pot stirring.
Ann Tyler
Ann Tyler 22 дні тому
And you think it's just Trump talking about you are the joke of a bunch of people
buzz buzzard
buzz buzzard 22 дні тому
Alvaro Lopez
Alvaro Lopez 24 дні тому
I l have so much respect for you Cuomo, Trump is crazy and a psychopath, he is a lowlife and all the billions that he supposedly have, could never make him a person like you , a man that is honest and posseses integrity. You are a great journalist.
Paul Kersey
Paul Kersey 24 дні тому
Chris will always be Fredo. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Death Squadicus
Death Squadicus 26 днів тому
This just in:.... a tweet....
Cuomo fact-checks Trump's claims of genius
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