Chris Cuomo: You should be mad as hell

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CNN's Chris Cuomo tells viewers they should be angry about the vote against witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump, and urges them to speak out. #CNN #News





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Der History Meister
Der History Meister 5 днів тому
This only makes me sad. Look at the like/dislike ratio. A perfectly divided America, right when we all need each other the most. I hope one day we will all be united once again.
The Angry Bass
The Angry Bass 8 днів тому
Fredo, Fredo, Fredo.....
The Angry Bass
The Angry Bass 8 днів тому
“Commentary News Network” last in the ratings...
The Angry Bass
The Angry Bass 8 днів тому
Fredo, you’ve been mad as hell ever since your daddy took the keys to the Corvette on prom night...
Robert Mcintosh
Robert Mcintosh 9 днів тому
Fredo is owned by the Chicoms as so is his boss Zucker.
Gio 10 днів тому
Screw everything man come on Communist China they are at war with us don’t be fooled by comedians
0ne Zer0
0ne Zer0 13 днів тому
Idiot stealing lines from a 1970's movie called "Network". Jerk off. ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-rGIY5Vyj4YM.html Reality isn't a scripted Hollywood movie or CNN trying to make it one to manipulate the general public.
Stan Lee
Stan Lee 13 днів тому
LOL Chris Cuomo says who is selling junk now? CNN! The dollar store of news networks.
TheWhatthefuck12 15 днів тому
Travel Demon
Travel Demon 16 днів тому
You should get your head out from under Jeff Suckers desk! Your nothing but a joke! You wouldn’t be anywhere without your worthless brother!
Val Bigfish
Val Bigfish 17 днів тому
Fuck off Fredo, you're full of shit
Dennis S
Dennis S 18 днів тому
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blueseaview 22
blueseaview 22 21 день тому
Chris Cuomo is the biggest Neo-liberal tool out there. He smears Bernie Sanders, spreading total misinformation in his hysteria that 'Only Trump is the Nation's Problem.' HATE Chris Cuomo. Such a SELFISH man.
Geno Mitchalinni
Geno Mitchalinni 22 дні тому
Oh, snap! Can you imagine Criss Cuomo , in the middle, of Connie Con and a dumb trailer trash chick? "Been there. Done that.".
Geno Mitchalinni
Geno Mitchalinni 22 дні тому
Hey, Criss. You look like and sound like a smarter virsion of your dad.#KeeptheTruth
Kimberly Espinoza
Kimberly Espinoza 23 дні тому
Cuomo shut up !!
TOMMY VIGIL 26 днів тому
Acquitted, CNN. You talk all of this shit because you have tenure and will say anything to lock in your pension for the rest of your miserable sellout life.
dikinurface 26 днів тому
this is Biden: ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-MySaVMV7dAo.html
DERVISH OTTOMAN 28 днів тому
Yeah right you tube you know there is more not likes than likes on this garbage video
Steve Місяць тому
Chris, you are such an ignorant dumbass! You have no credibility and you have nothing to say. Just rhetoric! Come to the table a substance or shut your pie hole and go away.
scott peterson
scott peterson Місяць тому
Fredo is just a windbag!
WT Actual. . .
WT Actual. . . Місяць тому
Just STFU Cuomo. You're the reason nothing changes. You should've been fired for pretending Fredo had any kind of similarity to the n word. But then your latest antic... Smudging your forehead for an entire show after Ash Wednesday? You think we don't understand phony sensationalism when we see it? The problem is you Cuomo and we are mad.
Marc Baker
Marc Baker Місяць тому
It was you fudgepacker Fredo
Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson Місяць тому
C'mon fredo. CNN hasn't had one nice thing to say about Trump, we all know you're biased news and creating the division.
Mark Smith
Mark Smith Місяць тому
CHOMO ........
Liberta Vici
Liberta Vici Місяць тому
Fredo I don't think I could take you anymore with your b******* and lies
cortlend Novak
cortlend Novak Місяць тому
Patriot 24-7 Liberty or Death
Patriot 24-7 Liberty or Death Місяць тому
Adam Hansen
Adam Hansen Місяць тому
Fredo Fredo Fredo they made it out of wood.
Adam Hansen
Adam Hansen Місяць тому
Fredo Fredo Fredo they made it out of wood.
Adam Hansen
Adam Hansen Місяць тому
Hell yeah that's why my politics shifted to the right and I started watching fox.
Adam Hansen
Adam Hansen Місяць тому
Hell yeah that's why my politics shifted to the right and I started watching fox.
Kitch Master Flex
Kitch Master Flex Місяць тому
HEY FREDO ......why the fuck aren't you talking about your BUDDY Michael Avanatti.....The man you lauded as "a hero and great man that will take down Trump. You are a joke you POS.
Erin Hansen
Erin Hansen Місяць тому
You sir, are an asshat.
Danny Balint
Danny Balint Місяць тому
Dems vote ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-Gr6HlxtlAJE.html
Cagabriel twentythirty
Cagabriel twentythirty Місяць тому
crist you are sick. stop lying
Qu4ttro Tube
Qu4ttro Tube Місяць тому
Sure, Fredo.
Tony Jenkins
Tony Jenkins Місяць тому
According to CNN: Trump is a corrupt, evil, dictator, cheating, chauvinist Russian agent that is going to destroy America. According to Reality: Everything under Trump is better then it was under Obama
Aaron King
Aaron King Місяць тому
Shut up Fredo!
Dan Keil
Dan Keil Місяць тому
If the House brought a LEGAL CASE to the Senate, the thing would have been better, but they didn't Schiff lied to the House to start the big lying mess. Now the demoncraps are going down
G Force
G Force Місяць тому
I’ve never seen somebody bitch and whine as much as you. Maybe it’s because Trump is after your governor brother who’s giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants. You can cry all you want, Trump will be reelected. CNN is nothing more than a comedy channel, hows those ratings Fredo
M dizzle 78
M dizzle 78 Місяць тому
M dizzle 78
M dizzle 78 Місяць тому
WE should be MAD as hell at someone ELSE FREDO
carl f.
carl f. Місяць тому
Is this a soap opera channel now? I have no idea what I'm watching ....
TopCarsPH Місяць тому
Idiot 😂😂
K. Bentley
K. Bentley Місяць тому
Trump becoming after 74 years of life the most untouchable man on earth! nothing sticks to this dude...all his crimes, sex assaults, rapes, tax fraud, laundering, fake university, fake charities, fake foundations, meeting secretly with Russians, side deals with dictators, side deals with Saudis, lies, etc. dam this dude is invincible! Where is Captain America when we need him? lol
Deanna Hill
Deanna Hill Місяць тому
WOW what you got proof on all that slander.... Sir people like you who repeat such slander without justifying what you say, truly are "IMBECILE".......Captain America would back President Trump against "IMBECILES" then again your tune would be different if their was a real life Captain America because he'd back President Trump & you would be all President Trumps the greatest SO STOP WITH YOUR FAKE SLANDEROUS HATE WHAT ARE YOU 5
Tony Smith
Tony Smith Місяць тому
You leftists are such losers. President was not charged with any crime(unlike Clinton with multiple felony charges) and as the transcript of the call shows, he did not do anything wrong! I know it drives you crazy that Trump just keeps on winning and you and your comrades keep losing(CNN ratings in the tank).
Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat
Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat Місяць тому
Fredo, the new Neilson ratings are out and I’m excited to share them with you: In total viewers for 2019, CNN was down in 22nd place, averaging just 972,000 viewers per night - only a little better than half that of MSNBC and a third of Fox’s average viewership who just marked its 18 straight consecutive year at number 1 According to Nielsen’s data, CNN is down 9 percent over the previous year. MSNBC also lost viewers, but at a much lower percentage, its total viewership dropping 3 percent
Paul Gottfried
Paul Gottfried Місяць тому
I see Fredo is still betraying his CNN family. One thing about him, if your one of the introverts that have adopted CNN as your 2nd family--Cuomo would be convincing as hell. He definitely has a camera presence most of the others dont.
michael meredith
michael meredith Місяць тому
I’m mad as hell you are still being able to talk on tv. You need to keep your lying mouth shut. Unreal!
RMK Місяць тому
Tommy Truth
Tommy Truth Місяць тому
You should be mad as hell about the lies and the fake news from our liberal media.
walter harris
walter harris Місяць тому
Call Omarosa for interview.
Lg springs
Lg springs Місяць тому
What nonsense. It was up to the House to prove their case. The senate said that they didn't prove it. It's not up to the senate to call witnesses and redo what was already done in the house. Due process was never given to the President. History will show that democrats tried to overthrow the government.
Chris Sobo
Chris Sobo Місяць тому
@Lg springs yeah...wow
Lg springs
Lg springs Місяць тому
@Chris Sobo That's not how an impeachment trial works in the congress. There are three bodies involved as checks and balances
Chris Sobo
Chris Sobo Місяць тому
It actually is. That's how trials work.
John Villalovos
John Villalovos Місяць тому
Gee The 'Bee'
Gee The 'Bee' Місяць тому
What the heck...what happened to professional journalism without sides and bias. This is like Jerry Springer and heraldo from the 80s
Gee The 'Bee'
Gee The 'Bee' Місяць тому
@li d I watch the BBC now for real news.
li d
li d Місяць тому
As an Australian, it's so weird watching yank news. It's like everyone has forgotten completely what journalism is.
Buc n Here
Buc n Here Місяць тому
Fredo, you don’t have to tell them. Democrats are programmed to be mad and miserable! Happy people don’t vote democrat!
Buc n Here
Buc n Here Місяць тому
Chris Sobo 8 years of President Trump! 👌
Chris Sobo
Chris Sobo Місяць тому
Wtf are you happy about?
Mo Biggims
Mo Biggims Місяць тому
Ah so you couldn’t prove your case with a partisan vote, with no defense for the president and you expect the senate to do the houses job? Wow your a joke. Postering like you have some hurt feelings after 3 years of nonstop attacks on the president. After anyone supporting the president was called a racist? Ask the Covington kids. They were made rich off of that racist drivel you put out CNN. Yes it was racist. Attacking children like that. Don’t you have shame you need to reconcile?
Credibility Wars
Credibility Wars Місяць тому
THE JACK HQ Місяць тому
24K VS. 24K. Now THAT’S division. 😂😂 Woooaaahhhoooo!
THE JACK HQ Місяць тому
Naomi Ogle To be fair, in support of your side, it’s actually been half for years now. To be fair, in support of CNN, I don’t think you can tamper with likes and dislikes. You can turn them off and remove commenters or trolls though.
Naomi Ogle
Naomi Ogle Місяць тому
I don't believe it. CNN is universally hated. They merely tampered with the numbers to project the senrio that best suits their purposes. They want us to believe the country is divided, when in reality Americans are beginning to unify. Just not in the way they wanted. The media has been telling us that Trump's support amounts to a third of the electorate, while it's been closer to nearly half that for months. These are all lies.
Marty Taylor
Marty Taylor Місяць тому
Cuomo I like to take you behind the gym
Thomas Fink
Thomas Fink Місяць тому
but if true, why go about this way. oh maybe your ego was hurt. you've even in victim mentality mode, u've been wronged and hurt deeply, its causing you to lose your emotional composure, and u blame others for ur own emotional state. but it's okay b/c by pointing out his flaws makes u feel morally superior, u got a major rush from the ego boost, it makes up for the fact that dems simply cant get trump. and, its going to continue, he's gonna win this election. dems are a mess, they're candidate who had a shot just took a huge hit. they spend their debates telling themselves how they all hate trump again and again, but rarely debate on their own differences, to you know, try to win. Steyer and Yang wasting stages on the stage, at least give Bloomberg a shot, maybe unlike Steyer he won't simply sit on his horse and get a message and name out, with 0 intention to win. nice rant pretty boy, how much makeup are u wearing in this btw? my goodness
Question: Is there a more cognitively dissonant nation on earth than America? This nasty propagandist deserves to be hunted down by a mob wielding pitchforks and torches.
Frank Morina
Frank Morina Місяць тому
Cuomo you truly SUCK HORRIBLE show of lies please Go Away!
Big Dawg
Big Dawg Місяць тому
Fredo the little Cuomo That Couldn't! I am mad as hell at your fake bias news! I am mad as hell. At the fact that you think this country's that's stupid. ! I am mad as hell at the lies you speak about our president. I am mad as hell that Fredo Cuomo can crash a car and get away with DUI? I am mad as hell, at CNN clown News Network broadcastING biased lies to bring down my President Are President of the United!!! Shame on you! Fredo the little Cuomo That Couldn't you're an absolute piece of shit a lying gluttonous political Pig! THE WORLD IS WATCHING! 4EVERTRUMPER TRUMP 2020
Tay Tollefsen
Tay Tollefsen Місяць тому
Question: Why would anyone listen to... Fredo??
chief0129 Місяць тому
People are mad as hell and will go to the polls and elect people that love America and reup Trump for 4 mo.
Jay Play
Jay Play Місяць тому
Frado is a moron just like his big brother.....TRUMP 2020
Hunter York
Hunter York Місяць тому
Some people think for themselves. Others watch CNN
Allan Jojola
Allan Jojola Місяць тому
Fredo... you’ll take it for four more years and like it!😂😂😂
Jarjar Місяць тому
Chris cuomo is a racist homophobe
Nat Jac
Nat Jac Місяць тому
Yay! Thanks for reminding us Trump that Clinton was also acquited! Is it just me or are republicans pretending to not know that once a president is impeach, he is always impeached forever even if acquited? Trump celebrating is like cheating In a card game ( with extra cards under the table) and then cellebrating the win. How do you aquite someone of something they actually did? The record will reflect just that. Trump put his hand on 2 bibles during inauguration ( as if 1 was not enough) to take his oath and still he lied, cheated, and stole in the most vindictive of ways. Well Guess what? Clinton was also A.c.q.u.i.te.d !!! He was aquited in the senate of both articles of impeachment on Feb 12, 1999. Yet for the last 22 years republicans have acted as if he was not. Treated him, his wife, and Dems as if an atrocity of the highest order had been commited. So yay! Thanks for reminding us all that Clinton was acquited too. So I say, Congratulation Bill you were acquited 22 years ago but you (we) forgot to celebrate but we will now !!!!!! All dems should break out the champagne and celebrate Clinton's acquital and for the next 22 yrs take every opportunity to remind Trump and the republicans that he is also now impeached. But I think us Christians have much more couth, humility, and humbleness to do that. None the less Clinton was also acquited. Citizens, do your research.
Sam Puritan
Sam Puritan Місяць тому
No we won't be mad. We're grateful we have Trump at the White House. Look at his achievements. Cuomo, you and your dwindling viewers are obviously mad.
Jim Breedlove
Jim Breedlove Місяць тому
They should have fined him in campaign violation and moved on to the next thing. Democrats are looking bad from this. Will probably lose the house. We should have taken the high road. We got in mud with him and failed. We need to do things that make america better. This didn't. We look petty and childish as Trump.
Charles Darwinson
Charles Darwinson Місяць тому
I am amused by the like/dislike ratio on CNN reporting
Charles Darwinson
Charles Darwinson Місяць тому
Shut up Fredo. You do not get to tell me what I need to be mad about you liberal hack!
Carole Autumn
Carole Autumn Місяць тому
"The Dems are "obsessed" with Trump......Meaning: 1. To haunt or excessively preoccupy the mind of. 2. A persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling. In other words....They are mentally ill. Their hate, deceit, and anger will eat them alive.......just watch, it is happening now! Blessings to ALL! Trump 2Q2Q WWG1WGA!!!!!!!" "Nancy will cut off her nose to spite her face".......(spite is a petty ill will or hatred with the disposition to irritate, annoy, or thwart.)
Robert Pitcher
Robert Pitcher Місяць тому
Look at your ratings you twat
Robert Pitcher
Robert Pitcher Місяць тому
Lying dick head
Dusty Gadsby
Dusty Gadsby Місяць тому
The simple fact this Nutsack is telling viewers HOW TO FEEL AND RESPOND should be enough for rational people to disregard anything the Media or the Democrats say 👍 Thanks anyways, I can think for myself
What a pile of sanctimonious bullshit
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