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10 лют 2019

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Man Ray
Man Ray 4 дні тому
The tiptoes Dwarf baby drama is complete bull. It's impossible. Dwarfism is a dominant gene (Let us say the allele is a big d or just D while the allele most people have is a small d or just d). Normally this would mean your chances of passing on that gene and the chance of it expressing itself are more common, but if you carry both alleles for dwarfism the baby actually becomes too small to survive. Therefore all little people are heterozygous dominant (Dd) while everyone else carries both recessive alleles or dd. Mathew McConaughey and the chick in the movie are both normal sized so therefore they can't carry the allele for dwarfism in the first place.
Bird in Flight
Bird in Flight 5 днів тому
I like this podcast, but dude you’re pretty ignorant sounding when it comes to the Bible. You don’t know that the “enemy” is Satan? And he never said “sword of life”. You don’t have to be a Christian to be at least somewhat educated on religious matters.
Mr. GoodWoods
Mr. GoodWoods 8 днів тому
If Chris somehow ended up marrying Hila, her name would be “Hila De’lia”
Isaac Rayment
Isaac Rayment 10 днів тому
OK - so stumbled on this podcast while on shrooms - never seen the show and wasn't sure if the epic eyebrows are really happening or if i'm just tripping...
lilchopcone666 12 днів тому
Audio listeners? pfft
Amber Pinkerton
Amber Pinkerton 13 днів тому
Wait a sec, can we just for a moment super appreciate Chris's SPOT ON Matthew McConaughey impression. Hahaha fr fr
AnotherStupidYouTubeThingy !
AnotherStupidYouTubeThingy ! 14 днів тому
Does Chris know he's in the end of logic's song Homocide
burt simmons
burt simmons 14 днів тому
NO they have been going on for a LONG time h3 is ROGHT ab decades as a kid my mom used to talk ab how she hated them
alexis2kool 15 днів тому
Sahil Singh
Sahil Singh 19 днів тому
sorucha 25 днів тому
R kelly is a gross motherfker I wish you didn't take it so lightly
Joe Bailey
Joe Bailey 26 днів тому
no way. you got Chank Smith on the podcast!
TechNomad 26 днів тому
The thumbnail for this video is weird.
Ruben Olguin
Ruben Olguin 26 днів тому
I almost forgot he was Canadian till I heard the first “ya knoooow?”
Samsara 26 днів тому
when Bobby was at this podcast Ethan didn't know who's Chris D'Elia
François Lemieux
François Lemieux 28 днів тому
Jesus Kraus, I love you dog!
Joyit 29 днів тому
Video at 1hr 24?
Pringle Man
Pringle Man 29 днів тому
You use way too many napkins....bapkins
Dean Luxton
Dean Luxton 29 днів тому
You need to collab with Eminem... Few months go by and there it is
Dot Exe
Dot Exe Місяць тому
Anders Listhaug
Anders Listhaug Місяць тому
Ehm Mentos is from the Netherlands not Italy...
Anders Listhaug
Anders Listhaug Місяць тому
its owned by an italian corporation "Perfetti Van Melle" but it was first made in The Netherlands :)
bnenomore Місяць тому
16:34 They did, it's called True Detective 😂
Rob G
Rob G Місяць тому
The music in the Lincoln commercial where Mcconaughey is shooting pool sounds like the music from the drug commercials where the grandpas all sad because he has back problems
Grady Sellers
Grady Sellers Місяць тому
Why are they always cutting ila off
Poppa 13ear
Poppa 13ear Місяць тому
h3h3 i just had lighting tip my penis...ive got a good round of friends that are random and we are pretty funny i think...i think we should start a small podcast to you my dark lord chtulu aka ethan...any advice on a start up?
echo Місяць тому
i need a compilation of every reference they’ve made to that r kelly video on the podcast
Matthew Spaeth
Matthew Spaeth Місяць тому
there aint nothing wrong with a Lincoln... I grew up in a town car it was the most dependable car my whole family has ever had!!!
Brendan Collins
Brendan Collins Місяць тому
Matthew Spaeth shut up Matthew! You objectively suck!!!!
Nukedpancakes3 _
Nukedpancakes3 _ Місяць тому
Ethan thinking he works as hard as Chris is funny
Northern Irish Gamer
Northern Irish Gamer Місяць тому
WRAFofzelichking Місяць тому
4:00 I bet he's talking about True Romance man that fucking role, I had NO IDEA it was Gary fucking Oldman.
Swirly Kalen
Swirly Kalen Місяць тому
I didn't DANCE 4 JESUS until I was an hour into this mf podcast. These guys got me involved in some shit.
Starplatpete Місяць тому
super churches are evil...
Stepdad Місяць тому
Calthecool Місяць тому
Turn up for God am I right?
alexandra aparicio
alexandra aparicio Місяць тому
I watch the super bowl commercials 😂😢😂
Obsoleteessence Місяць тому
This guy needs to get drunk, leveling out with coke and round it up with really good ecstasy. Atleast once, Youre missing out big time!
ivannie figueroa
ivannie figueroa Місяць тому
That R. Kelly bit almost killed me
Madison Gritton
Madison Gritton Місяць тому
I love this podcast and it made me starting loving Chris D’Elia too. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
mushroom onion
mushroom onion Місяць тому
Madison clean your room and do your laundry
Oliwia Telka
Oliwia Telka Місяць тому
Are we gonna forget about mentos NIPPLES ad?
barrel dreamz
barrel dreamz Місяць тому
Those people bitching about the "vernacular" used in the post about the otter, need to seriously FIND A LIFE!!!!!!! What miserable fucks. Look we all live in America together, white, black, brown, and everything in between. When we grow up at a young age immersed in American culture we will pick up any kind of lingo that is popular without assigning it's used to one particular race. That is what's true racism. When acting like only one race can say certain things in a certain type of way. I mean seriously we're all Americans we all grow up around each other. Should we start pulling the racist and cultural appropriation card on black people saying dude, wearing weaves that emulate white people's hair, living in neighborhoods that are clean and well-off, saying they're rock stars, or making sitcoms that are just like white people sitcoms? No, that shit is petty as fuck
mzicpol Місяць тому
Vance Berreth
Vance Berreth 2 місяці тому
I'd rather watch those Lincoln commercials more than 99.8% of all the other commercials
David 2 місяці тому
When I fell in love with music as a kid eminem was just starting out. I listened to his first main stream LP . (Cant remember the name) and I loved every song on every album hes ever made since. Even lil Wayne has a few bad songs on most LPs. Eminem is the best rapper alive.lets be honest best musician alive. You can't look at any other musician alive and say that they were as good as he was.
Mojo Jojo
Mojo Jojo 2 місяці тому
Chris D Elia with australian accent could play Wolverine
Jacob G
Jacob G 2 місяці тому
Ethan: I would eat his dirty asshole Chris: *Nice. Nice.*
Colin White
Colin White 2 місяці тому
57:19 good one Hila (did no one else catch her joke???)
CAMera Productions
CAMera Productions 2 місяці тому
Bruh like every time a video ended, delias face would pop up as recommended videos, and plus the "this is fun, we should do this more!" Made them looked like either big fans or just learning about him.
Eriss R.
Eriss R. 2 місяці тому
Whoever got mad about that otter post needs to be erased asap
not hen
not hen 2 місяці тому
The Lincoln commercial is a take on moments in True Detective where Mcconaughey's character is trippin' out.
Nick Desroches
Nick Desroches 2 місяці тому
The King And The Sting, Same time...
ZA 2 місяці тому
I found that hispanic preacher with the white people within seconds after Eithan said pull it up, maybe u should hire me watch?v=sgqZwTOqGh4
ghadixsa 2 місяці тому
Hila is like fuck u ethan cant u just not be sick now , let me taste this man more
Son of Hans
Son of Hans 2 місяці тому
all jews r the same
Son of Hans
Son of Hans 2 місяці тому
mm is far above u
Ianuarius 2 місяці тому
Do do do dooo do dooo dowaaah
Diego Kayatani
Diego Kayatani 2 місяці тому
Anyone else hear homicide and have a epiphany
RealmBoy 2 місяці тому
Combine Matthew and Chris and you'll get Rick Grimes
HADES 2 місяці тому
This guy is hilarious. I was killing myself trying to figure out which show he cracked me up in for like half of today. Just realised, Workaholics. Gonna rewatch that ep, then check out his special.
bre havens
bre havens 2 місяці тому
developmental disabilities is the politically correct term!!
vroom vroom
vroom vroom 2 місяці тому
Don't you dare disrespect Keanu Reeves Ethan!
Viktor Joob
Viktor Joob 2 місяці тому
1:07:013 "you should collab with eminem..." well they didn't think that would really happen... now they have a track with Bobby Homicide 😂👍🔥
Luke Daniel
Luke Daniel 2 місяці тому
That woman is the most boring person of all time.
will 3 місяці тому
You know why Chris didn't get sick from Ethan? He got his shots.
patrick Lasts
patrick Lasts 2 місяці тому
Hahahhahahhahahahahahha hilarious hahahahahahahhahahahahhahhahahahhaaaaahahaaaaa
Pete 3 місяці тому
Lincoln - The car for assholes. LMAO
Jaycee Flow
Jaycee Flow 3 місяці тому
"They didn't have cgi back then" oh, dude!
shay herman
shay herman 3 місяці тому
just joined , love to support
Bobby Snake
Bobby Snake 3 місяці тому
Ethan really doesn't know how what other word to call a mentally disabled person besides retarted seriously....
Luka GerbenKaspar
Luka GerbenKaspar 3 місяці тому
Make Chris a permanent co-host
Japp 3 місяці тому
Never seen "Lincoln lawyer" ? The commercial was after that movie 😃
Music City
Music City 3 місяці тому
Let me guess, was it about a lawyer who drove around town in a Lincoln?
Alzhy Santos
Alzhy Santos 3 місяці тому
damn that champion shirt
Tim Fields
Tim Fields 3 місяці тому
congrats Chris killing it on Homicide
Music City
Music City 3 місяці тому
@Albert Cazares without any bapkins
Albert Cazares
Albert Cazares 3 місяці тому
He used too many napkins
Amit Weitzman
Amit Weitzman 3 місяці тому
Watch this get copyright claimed by the label that released homicide
Music City
Music City 3 місяці тому
It was actually copyrighted for the mentos and Lincoln commercials
Ling Bennett
Ling Bennett 3 місяці тому
I thought this dude was james callis from battlestar galactica for so long lmao
FemLiterMcNutt 3 місяці тому
wait at 24:12 this video gets recommended.
Ruward Bol
Ruward Bol 3 місяці тому
Mentos is not Italian
TheBarf 3 місяці тому
They DID make a full movie about a Lincoln!! It's called The Lincoln Lawyer starring Matthew McConaughey!!
Music City
Music City 3 місяці тому
Let me guess! Is it about a lawyer who drives around town in a Lincoln?
BoomBoomLou 3 місяці тому
Chill out on the weak hands. You look weak and beta as fuck when you take your hands and put them on your shoulders. Hila has more clout than you, beta bitch.
Lukas Langenaeker
Lukas Langenaeker 3 місяці тому
Mentos are Dutch, not Italian. They were first produced in the Netherlands in 1948. * flies away *
Wags 4 місяці тому
Yo you gotta stop stealing so much from YMH podcast. Super lame.
Music City
Music City 3 місяці тому
He doesn't give a flying shit. Ethan is out for blood to be the best mommy on UKvid. He will steal, rob, shoot and slice his way all the way to the very top and he will never stop
Logan Williams
Logan Williams 4 місяці тому
Mcconaughey was in Lincoln lawyer so that’s why he works with Lincoln
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