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10 лют 2019





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Lukas Langenaeker
Lukas Langenaeker 2 години тому
Mentos are Dutch, not Italian. They were first produced in the Netherlands in 1948. * flies away *
Wags 5 днів тому
Yo you gotta stop stealing so much from YMH podcast. Super lame.
Logan Williams
Logan Williams 9 днів тому
Mcconaughey was in Lincoln lawyer so that’s why he works with Lincoln
Rkpt Aprbx
Rkpt Aprbx 10 днів тому
Jesus wants me to pop lock. I feel it in my heart.
sirgallium 11 днів тому
Is Chris' hair always full of product or just greasy?
job Vanharen
job Vanharen 11 днів тому
isnt mentos from the netherlands
Joshua Hall
Joshua Hall 11 днів тому
25% of this pod cast was watching Matthew Mcconaughey clips.
Seiber Leizer
Seiber Leizer 13 днів тому
I was laughing so much, great episode!
Ryan K
Ryan K 16 днів тому
dude in striped shirt at 54:20 is absolutely gettin down
WVVWWVVWWVV 16 днів тому
I think the Mentos Commercial was from Germany
missmollyrogers 17 днів тому
I think those Lincoln commercials were directed by a foreign director who just let Matthew MacConaughey improvise & do what he wanted to do. That’s my theory.
Nilaksh Malpotra
Nilaksh Malpotra 17 днів тому
8:28 I think the best thing to say is 'on the autism spectrum' imo.
Max Raldin
Max Raldin 18 днів тому
Just a reminder for me: 47:08
closinginonclosure 19 днів тому
39:54 I think he’s just a huge fan of pizza 🍕 Cheesus Crust pizza to be specific. Cheesus Crust!
Daexic 21 день тому
OMG when he did the Italian commercial director, I lost it.
Prof. Good Vibes
Prof. Good Vibes 21 день тому
That R Kelly song literally sounded like Ethan when he makes *fun* of that kind of stuff!!
Subhan Alasadi
Subhan Alasadi 22 дні тому
18:26 thank me later
Kevin May
Kevin May 24 дні тому
My life is a documentary
Blvck Crvft
Blvck Crvft 25 днів тому
I think you can consider Tom Hardy a quote on quote “MOVIE STAR” . He’s had quite a few diverse roles over the past decade that i’ve really been unaware about til recently. But his acting and roles have really been so different and executed far over standards expect.
A Cook_MI
A Cook_MI 25 днів тому
Ya burger....make it sideways
Clockwork Indigo
Clockwork Indigo 27 днів тому
Watch True Detective season 1 and try to ever talk shit on Mathew Mcconaughey again you mfs!I love you both, but HOW DARW YOU?! His performance in that show makes up for all those damn Lincoln commercials and you know it. Fuck off 😂
Diego Plentz
Diego Plentz 28 днів тому
Keanu Reaves was really lucky to get the role as Neo. Will Smith was the first choice and he turned down the opportunity.
Indigo Child
Indigo Child 28 днів тому
6:23 Excuse me???? Keanu Reeves isn't a great actor? I HAVE to laugh. If anything, he's such an underrated actor. Ethan, this is the first time you've ever offended me.
Cecilia Moreno
Cecilia Moreno 28 днів тому
Chris looks like a floating head
Michael Zamora
Michael Zamora 29 днів тому
Is everyone super hungover in this episode?
Marco Leal
Marco Leal Місяць тому
Chris carries out the whole podcast
Rasmus Hey
Rasmus Hey Місяць тому
James Mullen
James Mullen Місяць тому
s'Good on h3h3 pod!!! Wer m'BaBies @ ?!?
naruturd9000 uzukackiokulor
naruturd9000 uzukackiokulor Місяць тому
Corny as hell Ethan ugly ass mother and his wife 🤮🤮🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm dead ole Concentration camp head ass hila and then Ethan Mr Chins drowns him in his sleep boi
Feather of Truth
Feather of Truth Місяць тому
TIP TOES was covered on Your Moms House months ago....keep um high and tight
Jokerwolf Місяць тому
Chris D'Elia needs to be the new Wolverine. Once you see it you cannot go back.
DasItMane Місяць тому
Yo this has to be the worst podcast I've ever listened to. They take people who are fun and take all the fun out of it. Fuck these 2 idiots and fuck H3. And if you like H3, then fuck you too. No need to reply, I won't read it.
TheLittleKettleThatCould Місяць тому
Chris is 👌🏼 Someday I'm gonna go to one of his fucking shows and woo so hard
The One Who Laughs
The One Who Laughs Місяць тому
its like battle of the eyebrows in this bitch
Yakobash Місяць тому
ITS FROM THE MOVIE "LINCOLN LAWYERS" EDUCATE YOURSELVES... thats why mathew is in the Lincoln commercials... they literally made a movie...delia ya retard
Madison Rudolph
Madison Rudolph Місяць тому
I love you guys, but you can screw right off. Matthew mcconaughey is royalty in Texas and especially Austin, Tx
roberto recchia
roberto recchia Місяць тому
Eddie vargas
Eddie vargas Місяць тому
don’t lie you saw tiptoes first on your moms house podcast
Phil Ill
Phil Ill Місяць тому
plannin a hat-trick with danica patrick... 😂
DUTCHswift Місяць тому
Interstellar tho
Alfred Soul
Alfred Soul Місяць тому
God damn, this comment section is *toxic!* The guys in this podcast had fun, appreciate that and stop trying to find problems where there are none.
machinegunwilly Місяць тому
Chris needs to be on this every show... It makes it bare able to watch. Sometimes they drag shit out sooo long. Sound sooo depreeesssiiing. Theee wayyy theyyy taaalk...
Jesse Troyna
Jesse Troyna Місяць тому
3 best interweb peoples
Anna Eden
Anna Eden Місяць тому
Love from Alaska!
Josh Pugh
Josh Pugh Місяць тому
sooo boooored of h3h3h, been a fan for years, nowhe just seems boring...
sydnee l
sydnee l Місяць тому
Let Hila speak for gods sake !!
gamle hjem
gamle hjem Місяць тому
wounder if magic is real? could been a great tv drama, like 10 harry potters locket inside a castle.
zny Місяць тому
can't believe Gary Oldman was in that piece of shit, he's usually a good judge for choosing movie rolls. Matthew...he's not a good judge of that at all and also takes himself way too seriously for me to consider his acting as good. He's always too cringe.
NicanorJenkins Місяць тому
Chank Smith!
Sarah McFetridge
Sarah McFetridge Місяць тому
Mentally disabled
Hipster07 Місяць тому
We need a game grumps on the podcast
Bowshould Місяць тому
Mentos is Dutch. No idea why you'd think they're Italian - I don't know where Dan went wrong to get "Italian".
Austin Rainey
Austin Rainey Місяць тому
Have Tom and Christina back on
Rexxy6 Місяць тому
Still waiting for that Burnie Burns or Geoff Ramsey Podcast...
Krystal Dragon
Krystal Dragon Місяць тому
Kissa Koira
Kissa Koira Місяць тому
its written
d d
d d Місяць тому
pleas do vido bout podcas. thank
Official Lore
Official Lore Місяць тому
Ethan Hila and Chris should remake the I have commercial 😂
CF Games
CF Games Місяць тому
Hi we
NightsShifter 99
NightsShifter 99 Місяць тому
That Jesus gangster was mad wholesome dude just loves the lord
closinginonclosure 19 днів тому
NightsShifter 99 39:54 That dude loves pizza. Cheesus Crust pizza
Zach Farnitano
Zach Farnitano Місяць тому
If no one who listened to this actually never buys a lincoln they just cost em almost 17 trillion dollars😂 way to go guys 👌 ($561,524x$30,000=$16,845,720,000..)
M F Місяць тому
Some of the guests are awkward on the show but you and chris seem like ur genuinely friends and makes it a lot more fun to watch!
Sanjeep Chettri
Sanjeep Chettri Місяць тому
Is that guy from interstellar
bw Місяць тому
Why does the thumbnail look like an Eastern European Chris D’Elia look alike?
Dustin Bannister
Dustin Bannister Місяць тому
They kind of made the Lincoln commercial movie already, with Mathew too lol. It's called the Lincoln Lawyer... also fuck off, Keanu should be on our 20 or at least a fucking quarter. I hope he runs for PM in the future.
Abraham Monsivais
Abraham Monsivais Місяць тому
Tigerbelly talked about tiptoes a little before, kinda disappointed Ethan just “found” it
Orkapipo Orkalino
Orkapipo Orkalino Місяць тому
Soo lincon is for crazy people ?
Orkapipo Orkalino
Orkapipo Orkalino Місяць тому
I would buy an old licon ..
Orkapipo Orkalino
Orkapipo Orkalino Місяць тому
Im not even talk about john wick right xd but That movie he made has a preacher (exorcist)was good but i dont remenber the name it was Constantin or something ..will smith said that he was the first one picked for matrix
The Ancient one
The Ancient one Місяць тому
Yea Constantine, based on the dc comics character
Mohammed Qasam
Mohammed Qasam Місяць тому
did ethan just fkin insult keanu reeves.... idk how i feel about this
A R Місяць тому
What's with Ethan's limp wrists?
James DeGrado
James DeGrado Місяць тому
Ethan guest gotta switch seats
James DeGrado
James DeGrado Місяць тому
Wow I didn't notice all the content u guys dickfucked out lately time to I n d u l gge
LuLuO K Місяць тому
I think Ethan has met his eyebrow moving soul mate-Chris.
Jordan Roberts
Jordan Roberts Місяць тому
ads end @ 37:24 ;D
Bill Gates Aladdin
Bill Gates Aladdin Місяць тому
This was a great birthday present. Thanks papa (☞ ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)☞
J. Landon Miller
J. Landon Miller Місяць тому
Poor host lol Ol buddy’s eyebrows got a mind of their own lol
Valerio Vigino
Valerio Vigino 2 місяці тому
lol, Chris D'Elia is second generation Italian-American, I guess Ethan didn't realise
Billiam Bloats
Billiam Bloats 2 місяці тому
1:01:28 MINDFUCK how does the thumbnail to this video show up in the recommended when it’s not even released yet
123Ko Місяць тому
it was live streamed
Jürgen Jürgen
Jürgen Jürgen 2 місяці тому
wanted to listen d´lia but this little toes thing is so played out and booring..if you know the backround etc.
cobalT 2 місяці тому
Keanu Reeves was really good in John Wick, but then in John Wick 2 he just turned into a fucking TES:Oblivion character.
Craig Ivertown
Craig Ivertown 2 місяці тому
bring on impractical jokers
Adrian K
Adrian K 2 місяці тому
lol does no one realize the whole lincoln matthew mcconaughey thing is cus he was in the lincoln lawyer about a real dude who practiced law outa his lincoln
Topham 2 місяці тому
7:30 Samuel L. Jackson
Eb4i 2 місяці тому
Chris: "Where did you find this?" Ethan: "It was just on the internet" Lol stfu Segura showed this to you. Chris knows Tom. what was the point of lying there?
Eb4i Місяць тому
+123Ko thought it was talked about when they were on YMH or when YMH was on H3. Went back and skimmed both and cant find it. Could have sworn they talked about it but it appears they didn't. Could very well have been from the front page of reddit.
123Ko Місяць тому
it was on the front page of reddit, dumbass
Asz Ymh
Asz Ymh 2 місяці тому
If you ever see me at the subway yell: “HEY SHITPIG!!!” and I will come to you.
lesli alvarado
lesli alvarado 2 місяці тому
Ethan please shut up , gosh you don’t let Hila speak or anyone
lesli alvarado
lesli alvarado 2 місяці тому
This dude is an idiot talking about commercials , their is a reason why people go to a professional and not a basic plain yogurt.
Megan W.
Megan W. 2 місяці тому
autistic. the word they’re thinking of is autistic. lmao.
Dimitri Kvasha
Dimitri Kvasha 2 місяці тому
14:41 did nobody tell ethan yet that nobody likes him repeating literally every damn word from a video they are watching. Jeeeeez. LET MATTHEW TALK
Isaac Smith
Isaac Smith 2 місяці тому
Chris and Ethan should have an expression of eyebrows contest
Austin Baker
Austin Baker 2 місяці тому
Ethan you’re using too many napkins
Cameron Cox
Cameron Cox 2 місяці тому
Libby Peters
Libby Peters 2 місяці тому
I bought a lincoln MKZ just because of him.. and he did make a movie called the lincoln lawyer
Alexander Lindgren
Alexander Lindgren 2 місяці тому
Chris D'Elia's face makes me feel like im tripping on acid
psychedelic souljam
psychedelic souljam Місяць тому
Holy fuck 😂😂😂
Nurtan Hehe
Nurtan Hehe Місяць тому
o shiet ur right
Justin Zhao
Justin Zhao 2 місяці тому
Id buy the Lincoln after seeing the Bull commercial
Do Ma
Do Ma 2 місяці тому
These guys interrupted Hila in almost every sentence the entire podcast.
Shay Nicz
Shay Nicz Місяць тому
BjkWolf eDgY
Luis Felipe Riquelme
Luis Felipe Riquelme Місяць тому
Well... Being completly honest... I think is because she is'nt the most vocal or charismatuc person, and in comparison with Ethan and the majority of the guest her stage presence is not as imposing, and that's okay really, she is a lot better now than she was like 2, 3 years ago.. Still.. If you ever watched a podcast without hila in it, you would obviously notice the difference... You would notice that it misses something. But yeah I get It kk... It's kind of annoying to be interrupted like she was in this podcast.
123Ko Місяць тому
+BjkWolf huh
BjkWolf 2 місяці тому
It's the only reason I watch. Women dont have rights.
ElGatosLastLife 2 місяці тому
does anyone know what city/town/church the jesus dude took place in??
Adam M
Adam M 2 місяці тому
I’ve come to realize Ethan is nothing more than a loser with money.
123Ko Місяць тому
cool story bro
pommepay 2 місяці тому
am i the only one here who first knew about tiptoes because of good bad or bad bad?
John Lucas
John Lucas 2 місяці тому
Who are these hosts? and like...how did they get a following. ANNOYING TO LISTEN TO THEIR VVUUHHH OOYYY SEEESSSS
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