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Todd and Chase Chrisley can't control their potty mouths, so Julie decides to bring back the swear jar. Catch new episodes of Chrisley Knows Best Tuesdays at 10/9c on USA Network.
Catch new episodes of Chrisley Knows Best Tuesdays at 10/9c on USA Network.
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Season 7, Episode 10: What Not to Swear
Chase and Faye don't want to play ball with Todd; Chloe's swearing causes family drama.
More About Chrisley Knows Best:
Chrisley Knows Best is a real-life family comedy which follows Atlanta-based self-made multimillionaire Todd Chrisley, his devoted wife Julie and their five children who live a seemingly picture-perfect Southern life with everything money can buy. A "patriarch of perfection," Todd runs his family just like his business -- with an iron fist -- and micromanages every move and expenditure made by each member of the Chrisley clan. But behind the façade of the family's fairy-tale like 30,000 square-foot home, real-life issues and lots of laugh-out-loud drama unfolds.
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Chrisley Knows Best | Sneak Peek: Julie Brings Back The Swear Jar | S7 Ep10 | on USA Network




19 лип 2019

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President Jason Le
President Jason Le 11 годин тому
how many 20$ they got in there wallets?! i only got 5$
Dora Tiscareno
Dora Tiscareno День тому
😂___#;?%$"*(@&?#:" ""F""
Summer Williams
Summer Williams 7 днів тому
Love this show. It's funny & so relatable 😁
Shantell Simms
Shantell Simms 13 днів тому
They get from Nanny Faye 🤣😃
Kelsie Nicole
Kelsie Nicole 16 днів тому
I’d be broke with that swear jar I cuss like a sailor it’s a habit
Linda Marhelski
Linda Marhelski 16 днів тому
I love the show and I love Todd mother she's the best
Sheandolen Dunn
Sheandolen Dunn 18 днів тому
Julie will have all the money. Todd may as well just leave his bank card....period
Vanessa Brown
Vanessa Brown 19 днів тому
Todd curse and dont even know it lol lol
Jennifer Baldwin
Jennifer Baldwin 21 день тому
Jameenah Robinson
Jameenah Robinson 22 дні тому
I thought swear jar were for dollars and coins and not whole twenty dollar bills
black queen
black queen 24 дні тому
I love the way chase says mama
Karen Hollm
Karen Hollm 24 дні тому
The cursing does need to stop. This is a family show. Be an example for other shows. I don't like the most is when they use God's Name in Vain. I like the show though.
C.Jeanette graydon
C.Jeanette graydon 24 дні тому
John stafford
John stafford 26 днів тому
Debra Bond
Debra Bond 27 днів тому
Julie I know you mean well but nothing is going to stop Todd and chase from cursing. For two people that don't get alone all the time there personilties are to much alike for them to change. You have to shame them to stop, and the only way for that to happen is for them to see just how much the two younger people that you are raising feel about them cursing and than maybe they will make a effort to stop ok. 🤗
Catries Johnson
Catries Johnson 27 днів тому
Good 1 Julie & yes kids listen to everything set a good example.
Elaine P
Elaine P 27 днів тому
I love it!
Corris Linden
Corris Linden 27 днів тому
Lord have mercy not the swearing 😃😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️
annisha davidson
annisha davidson 27 днів тому
I swear Julie is my favorite! The faces she makes are epic!
Jen Mills
Jen Mills 28 днів тому
Say it, Chase. SAY IT!!!! PLEASE SAY IT!!!! Julie just laid down the law right there. She's making me proud to be a fellow estrogen!!!
Alicia 28 днів тому
So rehearse, you can see in Todd's phone screen it's in a text screen, still very funny
dayzee reyes
dayzee reyes 28 днів тому
That’s bullshit!!
Stephany Mariah
Stephany Mariah 28 днів тому
It looked like he phone was on the message screen and not a phone call
S W 28 днів тому
Chase and Savannah look horrible
Terry Buckalew
Terry Buckalew 28 днів тому
So glad for jar, I love the show but the swearing I hate
J S 28 днів тому
They should have a liar jar she'll make more money.
GreenwichTahoe 28 днів тому
0:19 he is not even on the phone LOL
GreenwichTahoe 27 днів тому
Then the call would be on speaker. This show is staged
calabrese098 27 днів тому
Well you can talk on the phone and have another app open in the foreground thats 2019 for you. He was probably texting and answered his phone and decided not to close out his texts
Mitia Oliver
Mitia Oliver 28 днів тому
Go Julie!!!
Amber Crosland
Amber Crosland 28 днів тому
That sware jar filled up quicker in 2 minutes 🤦‍♀😲 Julie is right they need to quit cussing because they have chole and Grayson that repeat what they say
Sly Wab
Sly Wab 26 днів тому
S.W.E.A.R jar. Idk is SWARE is even a word.
Moonie 28 днів тому
My parents didn't play with the swear and the don't often say them either... I remember the first time I heard my dad swear it was so shocking 😱 That's why I ask people upfront if they could refrain from using those words in my presence.
K A H K A H 29 днів тому
I just love soooo much. They is hilarious lol especially Todd and Nanny Faye.. She be on Todd ass like crazy, goin off on him lol
S.B.J keeping it real
S.B.J keeping it real 29 днів тому
Lol chase change it fast in a hurry!!😂
CoolxFrigginxBeans04 29 днів тому
They already got my rent and car insurance in the jar in this 2 min clip smh 😂
Angie Bethea
Angie Bethea 29 днів тому
Julie you are truly a very special woman. I just love you, you are a great mother but now I love all of you!
Angie Bethea
Angie Bethea 29 днів тому
I'm with you Julie, you're not going to cuss. I'm with you!! Lol
Angie Bethea
Angie Bethea 29 днів тому
That's right Julie! Make himput money in jar gir,l every time somebody cusses that's a new Louis Vuitton for you . You're going to have enough money real soon! Lol loveya'll !!
heyxkevin 29 днів тому
Anna Hayes
Anna Hayes 29 днів тому
tell em Julie !
Rosa Bivins
Rosa Bivins 29 днів тому
I would love to see in a month time how much as accumulated over a period of time...
Chloe Dillingham-Jones
Chloe Dillingham-Jones 29 днів тому
His horrified face when she says I’m taking your sweaters and coats😂😂😂
Shayna Dorsey
Shayna Dorsey 29 днів тому
This episode is going to be funny! 😂😂😂😂😂
Cynthia Nneka
Cynthia Nneka 29 днів тому
Thats My Gurl, I owe you a vacation just for you and grayson.
Tomeca Bosslady
Tomeca Bosslady 29 днів тому
I’m older then there kids and I wouldn’t dare curse around my mother and father
MrsJWife 29 днів тому
Good work Julie ❤
Michael Miller
Michael Miller 29 днів тому
TWO babies in the family. That lady deserves better!
ivory roberts
ivory roberts 29 днів тому
Love the Chrisley family I love all of them.
LOVE DOLPHIN 29 днів тому
Chase: “ I’m leaving too cause I think this entire thing is bull .......” Me: Hahahaha SAY IT 😂🤣
Vanessa Brown
Vanessa Brown 22 дні тому
I think this Is entire thing is applauding lol lol lol
APPLE Job 29 днів тому
Hmm I am start to think it’s scripted show cuz pause at 0:21 Todd is not actually on the phone .thats a text page that up on his phone
Hunter Pope
Hunter Pope 29 днів тому
I said the same thing
ItYahBoi I
ItYahBoi I 29 днів тому
APPLE Job you can talk and text at the same time 🤦🏻‍♂️
Loohna 29 днів тому
Janelle Dorsett
Janelle Dorsett 29 днів тому
Nessa 29 днів тому
$20!?!?! The fuck?! I wouldn't even talk, go broke in a minute.
kitteekittee 29 днів тому
Cute lol all my money would go in there 😂
Aiden Powell
Aiden Powell 29 днів тому
He was not on a phone call he had his text messages open 0:19
The Neutral ZONE
The Neutral ZONE 19 днів тому
You can do both and then some, that's why they call it a smart phone LOL!
Lexi Schoo
Lexi Schoo 22 дні тому
This show is scripted lol duh 🙄 I still will watch it tho 😁
Har Har Ley Ley
Har Har Ley Ley 23 дні тому
You can talk and text at the sma time
1Maine 24 дні тому
So you can’t have your text message open while on the phone?
Marco Lopez
Marco Lopez 27 днів тому
It’s scripted they probably had to reshoot the scenario
Maegan Barrett
Maegan Barrett 29 днів тому
Chase using "appalling"!
Niles Seagle
Niles Seagle 29 днів тому
Chase didn't eat his food and he just up and leaves Hell I would've ate it so it doesn't go to waste.
Karen Arnold-McGregor
Karen Arnold-McGregor 29 днів тому
Todd, its look like you and Chase are going to be naked and broke. Nows the time for a storage rental!!! Poor foul mouth devil .
PureAloha78 29 днів тому
$20 for every swear word. Damn!
Eleisha Joe
Eleisha Joe 29 днів тому
U tell them Julie love you guys
Sharon Qaranivalu
Sharon Qaranivalu 29 днів тому
Julie, you are my girl. I love you. You're the only one in the entire universe that can tame Todd in one swoop....lol, oh and lazy Chase. oxoxox..you go momma. I love these clips, just when my day is gloomy, you guys put me in stitches.
Abby Hess
Abby Hess 29 днів тому
Way to go Julie, now go buy some bars of soap and introduce Todd and Chase to it
Mel Whisnant
Mel Whisnant 29 днів тому
Go Julie
I Am Shay
I Am Shay 29 днів тому
Gacha Stories
Gacha Stories 29 днів тому
Curtis Allred
Curtis Allred 29 днів тому
Damn is not a swear word. If you put the word God in the word, then yes it is a swear word.
mypersonaldanceparty 29 днів тому
I love this family.. they are so funny..
Shannon Tower
Shannon Tower 29 днів тому
I love you Julie! For ALL the mess you put up with, put your foot down girl and make them boys listen and LISTEN GOOD! 👏👏👏 HIT THEM WHERE IT HURTS GIRL!!
RoyalMasterpiece 26 днів тому
Julie is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Maegan Barrett
Maegan Barrett 29 днів тому
Yeah she does take a lot of crap
Daniel Hoffman
Daniel Hoffman 29 днів тому
Man Todd gave you the Death😠 Stare when you said you were going to donate his clothes😂😂😂
Harlow I’Smell’Like’Poop
Harlow I’Smell’Like’Poop 29 днів тому
0:48 “ we’re going to keep trying until it works”. 😂
calabrese098 27 днів тому
Amen to that
Will Nichols
Will Nichols 29 днів тому
The king Todd my boi
Dana Carter
Dana Carter 29 днів тому
Will Nichols
Will Nichols 29 днів тому
Been a fan.
Angela Marie
Angela Marie 29 днів тому
Charity's gonna have ALOT of donations!
K J 29 днів тому
Good for you Julie!! ❤️🥰
Christopher Kraft
Christopher Kraft 29 днів тому
Julie is going to make tons of money!!!
Mvahora13 29 днів тому
Soo how much money does Julie have now she must be worth more than Todd xD
Amya Bolling
Amya Bolling 29 днів тому
Kiana Deleon
Kiana Deleon 29 днів тому
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