CM Punk & MJF: The Moment the World Has Been Waiting for Didn't Disappoint | AEW Dynamite, 11/24/21

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23 лис 2021





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DJ Skandalous
DJ Skandalous Місяць тому
Probably the longest AEW promo in history but I enjoyed every minute of it. 🔥
Frank Jofo
Frank Jofo 23 дні тому
I'm RIGHT !!
I'm RIGHT !! Місяць тому
Ohh no! YOU AGAIN !!
Sports Card Stallion
Sports Card Stallion Місяць тому
Nacho Normal Sports Talk
Nacho Normal Sports Talk Місяць тому
It was long but i was captivated the ENTIRE time. I cannot wait to see this match
Elson Sanchez
Elson Sanchez Місяць тому
This be my 3 time watching it since it came out…
Just Another Youtuber
Just Another Youtuber Місяць тому
MJF’s “hustle loyalty and respect” bar was something serious .. these guys are the absolute best of promo work
john cafc turner
john cafc turner 5 днів тому
Hustle loyalty and respect that was extremely funny
maverickhunter24 18 днів тому
Totally reminded me of punk calling cena the yankees.
Isaac Gorbunov
Isaac Gorbunov 23 дні тому
@BlackNinjaTurtle I think it was referring to what he always called Cena out on
Evidancer 27 днів тому
For me it was the "second best". 'Cause as Attitude as well as Punk Fan I never saw him as the best and always thought he is hyperbolism everytime he is saying that. Especially when he does it in front of Triple H. It always was like he has to say repeatingly and that loud to be able to believe itself. MJF really nailed it here.
Aryan Verma
Aryan Verma 27 днів тому
Oh yeah for me it was the ufc reference I mean what a low blow as expected from MJF
Kenny Ryan
Kenny Ryan 14 днів тому
I don't watch AEW, but if they keep giving moments like this, I'm gonna start to watch it weekly.
Marilee Boer
Marilee Boer 4 дні тому
Unfortunately it can be a mixed bag
Klap215philly 6 днів тому
Your missing out
Detroit Finest
Detroit Finest 6 днів тому
@Stevon White I have to disagree,the attitude had great wrestling matches and promos almost every episode of raw and sd.
dalimitless01 7 днів тому
Gon Ferrer
Gon Ferrer 7 днів тому
I did that a few months ago. I don't regreat it.
TottenhamTilliDie 15 днів тому
This promo litterally got me back into pro wrestling.
X2Jason 13 годин тому
Welcome back brother!
paris beech
paris beech 9 днів тому
Good for you 👍
Kevin r
Kevin r 12 днів тому
its scary to think MJF is only in his early 20's and he's already that damn good on the mic and in the ring. Him and Punk wow what a chemistry.
The Gladiator KingOfFate
The Gladiator KingOfFate 2 дні тому
@Tarun Gopalakrishnan I’m sorry but Undertaker is better than MJF
haven761 5 днів тому
@Tarun Gopalakrishnan Undertaker kepts his up for 20 plus years cool it man.
billy bobs
billy bobs 6 днів тому
i thought mjf was doctor who for a while
Tarun Gopalakrishnan
Tarun Gopalakrishnan 7 днів тому
He also has stronger kayefabe game than Undertaker
thejdawg6 9 днів тому
Right. I can’t believe me and him are 25 and he’s a few days older than me I feel ashamed 😂😂😂😂😂 but he’s so good on the mic
Top10Wrestling Місяць тому
I will remember this segment forever. So so good
You Tube
You Tube 26 днів тому
You won’t remember it in a year
rochelle nord
rochelle nord Місяць тому
Right up there with the pipe bomb!
U Work 4 Me Now
U Work 4 Me Now Місяць тому
It's saved under best promos
Crush the crusher
Crush the crusher Місяць тому
I like this wrestling segment
PuppetMaster Місяць тому
What weird shit is this? Isnt this that guy who lost in ufc
Josh Toulmin
Josh Toulmin Місяць тому
“You talk too much, yeah just like me, back in the day, except I always backed it up, and you can’t back up shit without your backup.” Probably the most underrated line in this whole promo battle.
Marcus Gemms
Marcus Gemms 7 днів тому
totally agree
Honest youtubr
Honest youtubr 16 днів тому
Ah not really mad destroyed him lol
Darth Nihilus
Darth Nihilus 19 днів тому
Followed by "Youre gonna sing me a Song Maxwell?" The way Punk delivered that Was just perfect
Evidancer 27 днів тому
ACE RHYTHM Місяць тому
NEVER in my life would i have imagined people chanting Miz's name. Shows you how great consistent heel he was, and how powerful punk and mjf are with working a crowd.
azzrhei 4 дні тому
He's almost like the second rate miz wannabe.
custer 15 днів тому
Lol i guess you missed the Miz vs Cena feud
Raymond Madrid
Raymond Madrid 24 дні тому
@Johnny Morningstar dude that's how miz works and also he is a great heel and there's no denying it and does some good ass promo
Johnny Morningstar
Johnny Morningstar Місяць тому
@Vincent Kennedy McMahon absolute trash. Not one memorable moment in any if his matches. Maybe the John Cena one but literally just because no one expected him to beat him.
Vincent Kennedy McMahon
Vincent Kennedy McMahon Місяць тому
@Johnny Morningstar miz trash in the ring are you smoking something really Good?? 😂
WrestlePlanet 23 дні тому
Here for the 99th time. MJF’s delivery is fantastic with absolutely no hesitation. A career defining moment.
BeastMode Gaming
BeastMode Gaming 4 дні тому
Punk is better
New Generation
New Generation 7 днів тому
I lost count at this point
viletantrum 8 днів тому
@Malakai HouseOfBlack Cm punk by a long shot
madbringer 8 днів тому
His delivery reminds me of Jericho. Guy must have religiously studied tapes of the guy.
Malakai HouseOfBlack
Malakai HouseOfBlack 22 дні тому
Same mate lol, I must have watched this god knows how many times... never been on the edge of my seat for a promo for 20 years 😂 MJF really has got it all, future AEW world champion, punk was good but Friedman could have buried him if he wanted to, who did you think was better?
Marcus Torigian
Marcus Torigian Місяць тому
Been watching wrestling for over 40 years. These two are pure professionals, and masters of the craft of the wrestling promo.
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley 6 днів тому
@Andrew Schelb damn close yeah 👌 👏
Andrew Schelb
Andrew Schelb 6 днів тому
@Elvis Presley his ability on the mic reminds me of attitude era rock. not quite to that level but still pretty damn good
zlinedavid 19 днів тому
This is a segment you could have dropped into Mid-South 1983, JCP 1987, Raw 1998 or anywhere else in history, and it wouldn’t seem out of place.
Patrick Luther Winchester
Patrick Luther Winchester 22 дні тому
Black Belts on the mic. Amazing.
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley 25 днів тому
MJF low key murdered cm punk he spoke nothing but facts
Damien Lee
Damien Lee Місяць тому
I could have watched this for another hour. This was such an AWESOME segment
Alexander santiago
Alexander santiago Місяць тому
@Marcus Medina I would like to see what they would do with miz in aew
Frank Martin
Frank Martin Місяць тому
Agree! I’ve watched this 3 or 4 times now
Emmanuel Casuga
Emmanuel Casuga Місяць тому
the verbal beatdown is so brutal, its almost as brutal as OC's brutal kicks of doom
Wmbpounder Місяць тому
@Damien Lee 😂😂😂😂. His name is Neil. Hahahahaha
Shay_Mendez Місяць тому
J Roberts
J Roberts 11 днів тому
I couldn't turn away. Easily the best promo battle I've seen in years. 18 minutes long and another 30 would've felt like too little.
Je Місяць тому
Thank you AEW for giving us fans what we actually want to see. Your program is absolutely awesome and it gives me that late 90’s-early 2000’s Attitude Era vibe which we allllllll know we yearn for. So again thank you.
Yash 8 днів тому
@Yung_Grouch It ain't nitpicking, that implies that those crappy storylines were the exception to an otherwise good norm, which isn't the case with the attitude era. The good stuff was the exception, most of the attitude era wasn't all that great and the fundamental fabric of storytelling in that time in wrestling was flawed. Valuing shock jock TV and edginess for the sake of edginess over long term booking, good matches or making titles feel legit, instead of props to be exchanged on the reg. That's why it burned out so quickly, and few if any of it's headliners carried the company for that long. People remember that era fondly because they were just as stupid, juvenile and hormonally charged as the product. You look back at it with any sense or maturity and you realize that from a wrestling storytelling pov, the attitude era was mostly bad, with a few exceptional highs.
Yung_Grouch 8 днів тому
@Yash based by these comments this AEW barely has promos like this. Nitpicking the attitude era is stupid. We all knew how it was and we loved. Nitpicking the best era of any wrestling company is stupid because you want to be different with a different opinion when it’s trash
paris beech
paris beech 9 днів тому
@Honest youtubr kinda agree attitude era can't be touch not even by AEW
Yash 11 днів тому
@Honest youtubr The attitude era was largely trash, with good headliners. Choppy choppy pee pee? Making Trish bark like a dog? Mae Young giving birth to a hand? Moppy? Higher Power? Beaver Cleavage? PMS? The Anti Climactic who ran over stone cold story? The general state and treatment of the women's division? What a load of crap.
Honest youtubr
Honest youtubr 16 днів тому
If you think AEW is anywhere close to attitude era your opinion is trash
IBTV Місяць тому
ironbassler747 16 днів тому
@365 Label REALLY?
Ruby Sharma
Ruby Sharma 18 днів тому
the _elmeister
the _elmeister 18 днів тому
@365 Label he was not scared to talk, CM punk also roasted MJF. Punk is so gold on the mic and so is MJF
the _elmeister
the _elmeister 18 днів тому
Prasanna Vishal
Prasanna Vishal 19 днів тому
Thankyou so much
Dante Rose
Dante Rose 9 днів тому
One thing I really like about an MJF promo is he never forgets to involve the fans. Even if they've kinda settled down to hear what he's saying he insult them just to get them back up.
Helldog 6
Helldog 6 8 днів тому
Ehh, that's about the worst part about this promo to be honest. It's super cheap heat, and it got tiresome after about the third time he mentioned Chicago by name.
PKSparkxx DatHottneSS
PKSparkxx DatHottneSS Місяць тому
One for the history books! Two people on the mic with nothing but time and lines 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Bill Dover
Bill Dover 8 днів тому
@crews 1212 it isn't wrestling. Its called a promo. Learn the difference.
Darth Nihilus
Darth Nihilus 18 днів тому
Ok boomer
Darth Nihilus
Darth Nihilus 18 днів тому
Ok Boomer
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley 25 днів тому
MJF low key murdered punk in this promo all he spoke was facts
crews 1212
crews 1212 Місяць тому
@Versatile Wolf mind yo business clown
S-L Million
S-L Million Місяць тому
Been 18 years since I watched wrestling just glad to hear JR still calling it.
Larry Link
Larry Link Місяць тому
Its good old JR😂😂
Chase Sarhan
Chase Sarhan 28 днів тому
Everyone will remember the Miz line but MJF's transition to the Hustle, Loyalty, & Respect was god tier.
littlebrit123 8 днів тому
Ths was the most incredible wrestling matchup I've seen in years without a single punch thrown. Putting two kings of the mic in the ring like this is God-tier booking by AEW. This was AWESOME.
wlopez78 21 день тому
I’ve watched this promo at least 10 times. It’s an instant all time classic. It legit got me back into wrestling. It’s crazy to think MJF is just getting started. He’s amazing
Macam TV
Macam TV Місяць тому
Watching this while this video is #2 on trending. Good job AEW 🔥
WiiCraftTech Місяць тому
@poopsyko Shush E-Drone.
Big Hand
Big Hand Місяць тому
@poopsyko Not for the crowds.
poopsyko Місяць тому
@Chris Malinowski they were stale a long time ago Not sure what kind of crack you’re smoking
Chris Malinowski
Chris Malinowski Місяць тому
Danielson/Punk arent stale, aew has just hit their peak with their audience for now. 95% of Punk & danielson fans were already watching aew tbh, it does help their overall exposure & interest tho, i mean their ppv buys are higher by a large margin. Live cable Tv just isnt watched by as many ppl also
poopsyko Місяць тому
@Richemar Galette it’s always about the ratings Merchandise is not enough to keep a company in business for the long term
WalterET 25 днів тому
I think this promo will cement itself as one of the greatest promos in the current era of professional wrestling. It's been a month and I still come back to this and get goosebumps from every line. It was perfectly done and when they eventually have their match, I reckon MJF will give CM Punk his first loss in AEW. Only makes sense to me, not sure to everyone else
Tom Goodman
Tom Goodman 23 дні тому
Honestly MJF will only gain from this, even if he takes the loss here. Better to give it to someone else who can't talk his way into the headlines. Truly a lovely promo.
Josh Gutteridge
Josh Gutteridge 24 дні тому
Either Hook or MJF will be the ones to break Punks streak. Both make sense.
DJ Sr.
DJ Sr. Місяць тому
I can dig it...that line by Punk "the only way you'll be #1 is if we all wait around for Tony to have a daughter that you marry" was definitely a kill shot at HHH and Stephanie!! Great promo!!
James Dunlop
James Dunlop 3 дні тому
This Promo will never get old, I could watch this all day
Danny 316
Danny 316 Місяць тому
Absolutely flawless. Had me staring at my screen the whole time with my mouth wide open, laughing my head off and wondering who was gonna crack first. Neither did. EXCELLENT work, you should both be incredibly proud of this work.
ITBeginsAgain Місяць тому
Wow! Best promo this decade. More of this please! Wrestling has lacked a great promo and buildup for some time now, Stone Cold, The Rock, CM Punk etc had this, we need more people like MJF on the mic.
Keimo Butler
Keimo Butler Місяць тому
So much that you say something about him but not cm punk.
Eric Vee
Eric Vee Місяць тому
ENZO would sizzle him
Eric Vee
Eric Vee Місяць тому
it went long.
SimplyJay0 Місяць тому
@richard Abalos this shi is no attitude era stop 😂
Hammer man Dezz
Hammer man Dezz Місяць тому
High school debate team promo
Guru Місяць тому
MJF is an incredible asset to AEW. The best on the mic in the business right now. AEW's booking is a little up and down, but providing its done right, his world title run could be next level.
BK LeJend
BK LeJend 28 днів тому
Man this had me glued to the screen the whole time this was a historic moment in AEW history. This had such a big feel to it.
Jahi B.
Jahi B. 29 днів тому
That ‘ Hustle , Loyalty & Respect ‘ line… then calling him ‘PG’ instead of CM & THEN saying ‘i can see you’ … 👏🏽 👏🏽 MJF 🎤 💥
The Manohar
The Manohar 9 днів тому
No words for MJF MJF is fastest growing wrestling star of all time 🔥
Lebo Living Life
Lebo Living Life 7 днів тому
Randy Orton.
Bribe Місяць тому
They both were absolutely on fire, this segment was f*cking GOLDEN
Vintage Місяць тому
@E This is so dumb. Keep babying. 😘
E Місяць тому
Because they weren't handed a script by Disney writers.
Vintage Місяць тому
@Jarret B Honky Tonk, Jake Roberts, Steiner, Edge, Dusty, Foley, Angle, Owen Hart, Jarrett, Ventura, Scott Hall, HHH, Piper, Perfect, Bret Hart, Rick Rude, Randy Savage, Steve Austin, HBK, Flair. There really is nothing to "pull off", here. Like Punk said, it was low hanging fruit. Nothing clever, just basic bish stuff. But carry on babying. 😘
Jarret B
Jarret B Місяць тому
Ok GJC, name someone over the last 10 years not named The Rock, Paul Heyman or Chris Jericho who could have pulled off a segment like this. The last 15 years, 20 years. Not many could even come close. Seriously, who?
Vintage Місяць тому
@FZ Essex "Perfection"... what a shit take.
Steve Wilkinson
Steve Wilkinson 19 днів тому
This was awesome & brought back memories of "The Attitude Era".. Wrestling needs more of this..
Francesco Daffra
Francesco Daffra Місяць тому
They both have massive mic skills, so this was amazing! I love AEW, they bring me back my passion for wrestling
Fred Herbert
Fred Herbert 6 днів тому
MJF is so, so good. Was afraid he’d choke out there with Punk, but MJF is so poised and talented at such a young age that it is unreal.
Lord Corgi
Lord Corgi Місяць тому
This is simply one of the greatest promo segments in wrestling history.
I don’t think MJF expected Punk to go in that hard, holy sh..
Werner Moser
Werner Moser 21 день тому
Both knew exactly what the other would be doing and delivered flawless. Punk raised MJF to a new level (speaking of status) while still staying a monster on the mic. That is what separates good talkers from outstanding ones: A good talker can either raise his or his opponents level on the cost of the other one. A great talker raises his own or his opponents level, while the other one stays on the same level.
Ruan Antunes
Ruan Antunes Місяць тому
@Garry G React and Rap other way around
Moses Martinez
Moses Martinez Місяць тому
The reactions say it all. MJF was shook with the things punk was saying. Punk basically shrugged off most of what was thrown at him.
Insane about film
Insane about film Місяць тому
@gjallarhorn awwww sounds like i hurt your feelings. Are you gonna cry? Do you need me to hold your hand? Your response is emotional 😭 to say the least. It really burns you that I don’t watch AEW. So much so that you had to respond to my comment. I love it.
Gavin Searle
Gavin Searle Місяць тому
Personally I think Cm Punk edged it, The look on MJF after the Miz comment 😂😂😂. Punk was concise and to the point, MJF talked a bit to long in his second bit , That said MJF is a bloody good heel.
Bruce Rossler
Bruce Rossler 11 днів тому
This is one of the best mic battles on wrestling history.
Sheikh Місяць тому
"HE'S JUST A LESS FAMOUS MIZ" DAMNNN. Thats just the roast line of the year
Sheikh Місяць тому
@axilleas moraitis yeah haha
axilleas moraitis
axilleas moraitis Місяць тому
The crowd will never let him forget it ..that line is going to follow him for the rest of his career LMAO
M.Wade Місяць тому
MJF is absolutely gold as a heel. Punk’s mic skill are second to none. This will be a good one.
Lost Alone
Lost Alone Місяць тому
Really amazing work. MJF and Punk are both absolutely incredible on the mic. Putting them together was a stroke of genius.
VI Seconds
VI Seconds Місяць тому
absolutely FIRE promo!
eternaljuniorversal Місяць тому
Excellent talkers.
Charles Redd
Charles Redd Місяць тому
Holly shit he's human
Carlos Spicyweiner
Carlos Spicyweiner Місяць тому
@Mark Bellofatto A short-lived gimmick so bad that it inspired WrestleCrap, no less.
Mark Bellofatto
Mark Bellofatto Місяць тому
@The One and Only Gobbledy Gooker Says the person with a short lived gimmick as their username 😂😂
Leather Hitman
Leather Hitman Місяць тому
Holy 😱
Depression Itself
Depression Itself Місяць тому
This is the greatest promo ive ever witnessed. I actually wouldnt mind if MJF was put over by Punk and MJF could challenge for the AEW title against his old rival, Hangman Page
Thabo Finca
Thabo Finca Місяць тому
Keep coming back to this, such an amazing segment with the potential to be the best feud in ages
Thabo Finca
Thabo Finca Місяць тому
@fallguye6011 as a fan of pro wrestling there's no way you didn't pop for that UFC line, this was a great segment where both did well imo
Thabo Finca
Thabo Finca Місяць тому
@ZUUL117 exactly
fallguye6011 Місяць тому
Flush MJF. Those 40 or so have already watched this numerous times. Punk does fine.
ZUUL117 Місяць тому
Ric Flair/Dusty Rhodes level rivalry
insystem7 Місяць тому
A 20 minute promo with a legend and a future legend, I loved every single second of it. Massive respect to AEW for giving all talent their opportunity to showcase their skills, mic and in-ring, and giving us authentic wrestling entertainment for REAL wrestling fans. Insane roster, good to see everyone gets their chance in the spotlight and always deliver. MJF vs Darby was a crazy good match, MJF is as good in the ring as he is on the mic. Can't wait to see MJF vs CM Punk, hope it happens
Ry P
Ry P 8 днів тому
If anyone thought CM Punk might not be able to go still, this is phenomenal
DJ Skandalous
DJ Skandalous Місяць тому
17:02 Triple H is like "damn what did I do to deserve this abuse in 2021" 😂
HT82 Smash
HT82 Smash 11 днів тому
@ComiXProvider FTW_02 It really has. I think he might need to just take a break.
KruelAidMan 18 днів тому
@Robert Rodriguez I was making fun of your coherency dumb-dumb
Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez 18 днів тому
@KruelAidMan were you not the one making fun of my Grammar . Let me refresh your memory if your confused . Can I press 1 for English . Sound familiar
KruelAidMan 18 днів тому
@Robert Rodriguez bruh I don't even know who you are or why you're malding at me
Errday Kam
Errday Kam 19 днів тому
@Robert Rodriguez don’t @ me dude 🤣 like I said this whole thread is embarrassing. Dude who made the original comment was cracking a joke and a bunch of you guys got all defensive about your favourite wrestlers and then got personal. The way you react to stuff has no consequences to me, but if you’re gonna put it in a public forum, I’m allowed to give my opinion. Same way that’s your defence on your response, cool.
Descendant of Kraff
Descendant of Kraff Місяць тому
MJF is a legend in the making Proved himself in the ring against Darby Allin at Full Gear, and a week later is part of an all time great promo battle
Negan 5 днів тому
MJF is seriously good. Great heel attitude and is great on the mic. Shocking how young he is and can kick it with Punk on the mic.
Nosakhare anthony
Nosakhare anthony 12 днів тому
I've watched this promo several times and MJF getting reactions out of the Chicago crowd tells you how good his promo work is.
Terry Barker
Terry Barker 3 дні тому
This is great stuff this is one reasons I used to love wrestling witty and convincing promos. Yes please
Appolo Місяць тому
MJF doesn't get enough credit for his facial expressions. He looks like he means every word he says and acts as if wrestling really is for real. This is his best quality in my opinion.
MrYo888779 7 днів тому
Quite literally the whole point of professional wrestling
Curtis Page
Curtis Page 9 днів тому
He feels like the miz of aew which is great he’s gonna go a long way. This was a great promo
Chris Rockwell
Chris Rockwell 10 днів тому
Facial expressions might be there but he's clearly scared shitless of Punk 😂
Matt Carter
Matt Carter 10 днів тому
Well I mean when your in a company that don’t force you to speak some bull crap and you actually have to do it yourself and come up with words yourself it makes it more real.
Hakai 11 днів тому
Cm punk do it better He plays his part like its real not acting And that what make him a legendary
Michael Wood
Michael Wood 14 днів тому
this is still for me one of the all time greats in promo's for a rivalry and they need to reignite this, MJF AND CM PUNK are best in the world on the mic and they should just let them have free rain on the Mic again!
Shabaan Marijani
Shabaan Marijani День тому
How CM Punk simultaneously roasts MJF and Triple H in one sentence is lethal!!! Criminally underrated
Edi Z
Edi Z 24 дні тому
This is one of the best Promos ive seen, they are both gold
DDayJayke Місяць тому
CM Punk's feud with Cena overshadows MJF's entire career. Also that Miz line was PHENOMENAL!
DDayJayke Місяць тому
@No One from No Place And that would be absolutely GLORIOUS!
No One from No Place
No One from No Place Місяць тому
One could say that line was "awesome"?
ComiXProvider FTW_02
ComiXProvider FTW_02 Місяць тому
“You might as well be coming out here preaching Hustle, Loyalty and Respect.” That FUCKING hit.
Gary Mardle
Gary Mardle Місяць тому
That slapped hard
If you look at raws new episode edge compliments the miz because he was mentioned to by cm punk on this vid
Gabriel Garcia
Gabriel Garcia Місяць тому
I wonder if he was talking about John Cena.
GTD69 Місяць тому
That’ was great lol
Argha Mukherjee
Argha Mukherjee 2 дні тому
Not a single dislike to this video is in itself a statement of how good this confrontation had been।। Every MJF moment is truly the best MJF moment। Love CM and MJF
X2Jason 13 годин тому
That's actually because UKvid changed it so dislikes on videos are no longer seen (it's the same on all videos). But doesn't take away from the fact it was incredible!
Chasin Cash
Chasin Cash Місяць тому
This may go down as the greatest AEW moment thus far
Roberto Junior
Roberto Junior 7 днів тому
coming back again to this promo one month after... like I'll be a thousand times again as a thousand months go by, cos DAMN that was one for the books definitely!
Matthew Wenzel
Matthew Wenzel 12 днів тому
I can't imagine a face turn for mjf haha. Guys go back and forth and it's so rare to stay a heel or face for an entire career! I freaking love mjf!
DocProc Місяць тому
The “less famous Miz” line had me rolling, MJF with the John Cena references, and Punk throwing some lowkey Triple H shade 😂 This promo was fantastic.
Nikko Jennings
Nikko Jennings День тому
@buckshotbarry♤ cm punk wishes he was half as successful as hhh
Jeff Stahl
Jeff Stahl 5 днів тому
I like it when cm punk dissed him with some truth
kjax0630 6 днів тому
Mjf came right back with the "hustle, royalty, respect" comment. That was great lol
Fraser MacKenzie
Fraser MacKenzie 18 днів тому
@Omer Suleiman yes but remember Phil is meant to get MJF hated, but not jabs or insults that are mean spirited. Phil is congratulating MJF on his mic skills and comparing his skills to Miz.
Rozouk Kattoura
Rozouk Kattoura Місяць тому
This was by far the best promo I seen in about 15 years ! Good job boys mjf I am now a fan
ラジカルKDGreatKool 14 днів тому
They are both beasts on the mic, single handedly the best promo made EVER-
Brandon Mooney
Brandon Mooney 8 днів тому
I’ve watched wrestling for 32 years. MJF is one of the best heel workers of all time
mrausterellis 8 днів тому
I wish I could watch AEW. This product looks incredible. MJF sounds like an absolute star.
ThankYouBlackIce Місяць тому
MJF solidified himself as a top tier with this promo. Not many people can go toe to toe with Punk but MJF was standing on his feet. This is a masterclass of promo work 101.
trvpin Місяць тому
Punk haters say MJF won
Chris Haughton
Chris Haughton Місяць тому
@IShatterDreams93 yeah I did, I rewatched it and was like damn that was a good one too. Anyone saying MJF owned Punk is just being biased. Solid from both but Punk dropped heavy insults.
IShatterDreams93 Місяць тому
@Chris Haughton you forgot the Rosie O Donald line as well MJF facial expression changed real quick after that lol
Chris Haughton
Chris Haughton Місяць тому
@joey weston yeah I got to agree with you, Punk nailed him with less famous Miz and the Britt Baker lines. MJF did amazing but Punk was still top.
SyMoN YT Місяць тому
@Geoffrey to be honest, MJF can definitely do better. He's probably just taking it in because he's going face to face against the man he idolizes. I hope it gets better from here but this is still definitely great from MJF
Hyuga Neji
Hyuga Neji 8 днів тому
Legitimate work of art, none has given a hell damn of a promo in years like this. All fire tho.
sanket jack
sanket jack 25 днів тому
My God! Melted my tv!! I have no idea on MJF but looks like The Next Big Thing!! 👏👏👏 absolutely stunning segment. Perhaps only good one since Rock Cena show downs, maybe Cena Reigns but that was one sided..
Michael Nedd
Michael Nedd Місяць тому
I haven’t watch wrestling in a while probably since cm punk left but just watching this promo for the first time MJF definitely kept up with CM Punk.
AtEaseSam 21 день тому
I feel bad for those who haven't seen this. Congratulation to those seeing it for the first time. "HELL YEAH" to those returning and watching this more than once.
Medicai Місяць тому
Mjf is a master heel. People saying this got too personal don't understand that this is something punk wanted. He did the exact same thing back in the day. It's just called being a good heel.
Jacksil Jackson
Jacksil Jackson 12 днів тому
@hothotheat3000 What about AJ?
Josh Simpson
Josh Simpson 15 днів тому
I’ve watched this many, many times.
you’ll do nootin • 39 years ago
@Relax and Get Over It god thank you these nerds think he’s like Flair or the Rock on the mic …he’s got the same emotion in every single promo I was over it a year and a half ago idk how people are still into it
Edg3l0rd 0824
Edg3l0rd 0824 Місяць тому
Just like the jeff hardy vs cm punk promo
Cordaryl Місяць тому
@Relax and Get Over It whats a real heel do? I'll wait........
Yuuki Makoto
Yuuki Makoto Місяць тому
"The only way you'll be number one if we wait long enough for Tony to have a daughter that you marry"... Damn that's true
Logan Norsic
Logan Norsic 10 днів тому
I had rewatched this so many times, this segment was so good, well done AEW!
Red-b11 29 днів тому
3 weeks ago and I'm still re-watching this... what a great promo 👏!
kntm Місяць тому
Have been watching this for almost 2 weeks now.. Cant get enough of it! Got me with the punkybroooster intro everytime!!! 😂😂😂
JasonParadise Місяць тому
AEW showing how a 20 minute promo to start a show becomes an all time classic segment 🔥
pooptarts Місяць тому
@exia 0616 they’ve had him for years. They made him
Cdhearn14 Hearing
Cdhearn14 Hearing Місяць тому
Soufiane Aissaoui
Soufiane Aissaoui Місяць тому
@Insane about film Hello Triple H how are you doing ?
Wesley Hall
Wesley Hall Місяць тому
Growing up watching the attitude era, my dad always used to say you could get a feel for the show based on how it opened, if it started with the rock, or stone cold, or dx cutting a bomb promo chances are it’d be a good show. I never got that as a kid, I just wanted to see chokeslams and powerbombs and the rock bottom, now I totally get it and I appreciate wrestling oh so so so much more. The gift of gab truly is just that, a gift. And these two guys are fucking filled with it. What a great segment
Mr Cool
Mr Cool Місяць тому
More like a 18 minute promo
DJ P.Nominal
DJ P.Nominal 8 днів тому
This is the CM PUNK that I've missed!!!
HooNaRaDo Місяць тому
i love mjf! and thank to aew for bringing pro wrestling back into my heart!!!
Justin 8 днів тому
I would Give Anything for MJF and The Rock to do something like this. I know i know it’ll never happen. But boy that would be a dream
Noel_Biswas День тому
You have to give it to MJF going toe-toe with CM Punk, one can clearly see nervousness in his face but he put it out way better than any veterans
DJ Skandalous
DJ Skandalous Місяць тому
6:19 This fued is heating up. But can you imagine how legendary MJF vs Miz on the mic back and forth would be? 💰💰💰
Darth Nihilus
Darth Nihilus 18 днів тому
Only if someone Else writes his lines...
Darth Nihilus
Darth Nihilus 18 днів тому
Miz can only Shout and Look like He really needs a shit
Zolisa Bunguza
Zolisa Bunguza Місяць тому
10:28-10:44, something sounds fishy here.
Zolisa Bunguza
Zolisa Bunguza Місяць тому
@The Notorious Yim 10:28- 10:44
Y A Місяць тому
Miz looked a bit stupid to me...mjf is way better heel than miz...
Richard Dutton
Richard Dutton 3 дні тому
One of the best promos of all time? Most definitely!
Jared Kilby
Jared Kilby 10 днів тому
MJF is hands down the best heel in the business today
Fred Lavin-Crossley
Fred Lavin-Crossley Місяць тому
I just know when CM Punk said “hustle, loyalty and respect” that Punk was thinking “John Cena is 10 times the man you are”
Philip Tucker
Philip Tucker 27 днів тому
MJF said that lol
Luis Gonzo
Luis Gonzo 2 дні тому
That hustle loyalty and respect really hit 🤣
James Cullinane
James Cullinane Місяць тому
MJF is literally living his dream you have to give him credit kid is unreal
American Zero
American Zero Місяць тому
You just know that the little kid inside MJF is marking out like lunatic deep down inside.
Paul Levine
Paul Levine Місяць тому
i loved every moment of this segment
Prince Devitt83
Prince Devitt83 Місяць тому
"Insert Name of Town", "Insert Name of Company", "Insert Name of Wrestler". "And BTW, based on your Eyes, if anybody needs to go to sleep..."😅 MJF is the real Deal. He is what Punk was 10 years ago. And Piper was in th 80 th.
Dartinho 13
Dartinho 13 10 днів тому
16:56 Daaaaaaamn that HHH dig - Probably the most underrated and best line in this whole promo war!
Blxke 26 днів тому
Man I missed Punk on the mic. Just started watching aew. MJF is nice with it on the mic
Kaos Kewenvoyouma
Kaos Kewenvoyouma 14 днів тому
AEW is making wrestling fun to watch again especially with the crowd getting into it.
Haywood Jablome
Haywood Jablome Місяць тому
MJF is a throwback to the greatest talkers in history. Pairing him with CM Punk is the best decision AEW has ever made. A E F'N W!!!
Haywood Jablome
Haywood Jablome Місяць тому
@Vintage Have a great evening.
Vintage Місяць тому
@Haywood Jablome Hey, snookums. Calm yourself. If I ever want your opinion I'll... actually, no, wait, nevermind, I'll never want your opinion... 🤷‍♂️
Haywood Jablome
Haywood Jablome Місяць тому
@Vintage Oooh, you called me boy. You are such an internet toughie. You still haven't imparted any of your superior knowledge. It must really stink to be such a failure in life to disparage and discredit others because of your own inferiority. Take care.
Vintage Місяць тому
@Haywood Jablome I told you boy, WATCH and learn. I don't have time to educate people who baby a product and spout nonsensical hyperbole. Laughable.
Haywood Jablome
Haywood Jablome Місяць тому
So you want to criticize my opinion, yet offer no way to bring me to the enlightened level you're at. Pathetic.
GTS Wrestling FAN
GTS Wrestling FAN 18 днів тому
I Absolutely LOVE This Extremely Heated Segment EVER Between MJF and PG Punk I Never Heard
TobyBlack 10 днів тому
And THATS why 20 min promo segments should be rare and special.
simplymiguelito Місяць тому
This is prolly one of the most flawless promos i’ve ever seen in all of wrestling
Aimar Tammekivi
Aimar Tammekivi 15 днів тому
That was freakin' awesome segment. Loved it!
chrisjacksonuk Місяць тому
dear god that was awesome, this is PW at it's best, this is what i have been missing since the late 90's hot crowd and zingers that would make McDonalds call their lawyers. TY AEW
Vick_does_stuff Місяць тому
I fucking love coming back to this promo, so damn good! Probably MJF’s best yet, and he’s only 5 years older than me. I can’t wait to see what heights he’ll reach next, because this ain’t even his peak 😅😂 my favorite heel
Pilouu Місяць тому
This may be the best promo I have ever heard 😱 every line is a banger
DarkPhoenix69 8 днів тому
Out of the game for a while, but Punk is still the master of promos! Thanks for restoring faith in modern wrestling AEW!
Sly_Bangzz Місяць тому
"He's just a less famous Miz" made me laugh so hard though. This is one of the best promo segments in professional wrestling history.
sleeplessnightful Місяць тому
Honestly I thought the same thing about the MJF before he said that.
Carlos Spicyweiner
Carlos Spicyweiner Місяць тому
@EJ Lopez It was the loudest chant Miz will ever get in his honour.
Random Guy
Random Guy Місяць тому
@tony H a reality show? yeah and? mjf is better wrestler, better with promos, better looking than miz
Random Guy
Random Guy Місяць тому
@erccool MJF buried MIZ
tony H
tony H Місяць тому
Never in a million years Miz has tge tv show, he puts out movies and does a lot of appearances Hes a lifer
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