'Colin Kaepernick looks bad' after reported settlement with the NFL - Stephen A. | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Will Cain break down Colin Kaepernick's reported settlement with the NFL, which allegedly gives Kaepernick less than $10 million in grievances from the league. Stephen A. sees the settlement as a significant loss for Kaepernick, saying he didn't receive nearly enough for all that he endured. Max and Will also debate whether the settlement is a win for Kaepernick or the NFL.
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22 бер 2019





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Seemsayin 14 годин тому
Will Cain needs a hug.
Bobby Burns
Bobby Burns День тому
He looks bad? He looks stupid 😂 ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-7Bl_LSa4sJA.html She is black she is smart she is beautiful she is awake. Come on boys tell the real story
guada71 День тому
Boys don't get so emotional
guada71 День тому
We are loosing site of everything. This is sports and has nothing to do with politics and if you don't like the anthem of the country you live in...just move
zaza baba
zaza baba 2 дні тому
they have the right to have their ideas but they do not have their places in a stadium if they want they open a political office in town and they talk but they do authorization to take football
Norman Sylvester
Norman Sylvester 4 дні тому
They shouldn't have gotten anything!!! They took a knee, so the NFL should have taken a knee on paying them. What the hell is wrong with the NFL giving into these morons!!!!
Braxton Pettyjohn
Braxton Pettyjohn 8 днів тому
Caucasians are mad at Colin Kaepernick for kneeling, mad at Rosa Parks for sitting, mad at MLK for marching, mad at Muhammed Ali for not fighting in the Vietnam War, but not mad at yourselves for slavery and genocide ✊🏾
Chant 10 днів тому
in the end it's all about the money. it was ALWAYS about the money.
MWH12085 10 днів тому
When this came out i had stayed "And that was the last we ever heard of Colin Kaepernick"
JMP Podcast
JMP Podcast 11 днів тому
CK don't deserve shit. He smeared himself and disgraced his country and no one wants him to play for them and no one wants to watch him play.
John Seeker
John Seeker 11 днів тому
Nobody is guaranteed a job in the NFL. Get with reality Stephen A Smith
Michael G
Michael G 11 днів тому
What a bitch. When I saw the five-story-high posters of him in L.A. I swore that I will never buy anything from Nike ever again. This bitch was raised by white people. Now he wants to play Malcolm X with an issue that social scientists have proven is sensationalized by our race-baiting media.
Scorpius Jones
Scorpius Jones 11 днів тому
Same folks complaining about Facebook taking Alex Jones's 1st amendment rights away are the same ones cheering to silence Kaep.
bernardthefourth 11 днів тому
Don't politicize anything in sports. You will piss off half of the people and you can't win that way.
Ollie 11 днів тому
Max is more snowflake than journalist
Louis York
Louis York 11 днів тому
Any amount of money is more than he was worth and absolutely more than he would’ve ever made playing football again. He WAS a back up QB before all this and now he isn’t even that. He sucks ass, Y’all. He was never gonna play football again even if he had not started all this horseshit so he should be thrilled he got anything
Shawn Futch
Shawn Futch 11 днів тому
First nigga to tell his boss to kiss his black ass and then sue him ...lol
Shawn Futch
Shawn Futch 11 днів тому
Eric Markle
Eric Markle 11 днів тому
Kap black balled himself. He has no talent and turned down potential contracts when teams wanted him, end of story.
Xue Xiong
Xue Xiong 11 днів тому
These guys need to watch Andrew Yang and Ben Shapiro debate.
The BizzMoneyB
The BizzMoneyB 11 днів тому
i wish he would’ve seen it through.. its obvious the owners actions definitely showed that they were against him... teams were signing 3rd string QB’s who’ve accomplished nothing yet still get jobs.
Spurs nation
Spurs nation 12 днів тому
Max is a delusional dumbass!
Spurs nation
Spurs nation 12 днів тому
He’s a phony! Kaepernick is a joke and fake media fed into his bs! He’s a loser
Dan Theriot
Dan Theriot 12 днів тому
Kaepernick needs to came out and support of juicy Smollett
Glen Struwe
Glen Struwe 12 днів тому
Stay on your knees, Colin....punk
superstarrr121 12 днів тому
Will Cain needs to go to Fox News with his annoying lookin self
sicdefsic sicdefsic
sicdefsic sicdefsic 12 днів тому
Will looked like he was going to explode. Max is the worst, he should just get his own show w Molly
FOXSTAR REPORT! 13 днів тому
God finally it's official Kaepernick is gone from the NFL
Big White
Big White 13 днів тому
Jussie Smollett
Servant to Be
Servant to Be 13 днів тому
when i saw he had socks on with pigs simulating cops for a team practice i knew this man was a joke...and not worth a national following...he has very little substance to champion a cause that he claims to represent...a lot of hypocrisies in Kapernick....
218 Entertainment
218 Entertainment 13 днів тому
Some of yall stupid, you dont pay taxes on lawsuit money
Marvin Pitman
Marvin Pitman 13 днів тому
I wonder how Trump is responsible?
Andy Vidito
Andy Vidito 13 днів тому
Damn he's really paid for his political stance
Chad Vanbuilderass
Chad Vanbuilderass 13 днів тому
The man was always a grifter just using the threat of a racism accusation for attention and profit! Accusing someone or some organization of racism today is like calling someone a communist in the 1950s. If you want to address the issue of police brutality and abuse of their power I'm all for it. Please shine a light on the dark ways evil people in positions of power and trust are committing crimes against the very people we pay them to protect! The moment they made it a race issue they lost all credibility and instantly made it an attack on white people, who are killed by police at higher rates than black people on a per interaction basis. The only reason in this day and age to bring race into an issue is to provoke an emotional response rather than a logical response. I would truly like to be around when the race baiters in this country are exposed for the horrible things they have done!
Mushroom Hatters Adventers
Mushroom Hatters Adventers 13 днів тому
for 10million dollars id what he did it for
The Realest
The Realest 13 днів тому
Kapernick thoughts " thank u black people for being ignorant dickriding followers and getting me paid now back to the usual program" LMAO stop being sheep and dickriding every rapper and athlete it's all about the money they don't give a fuck bout u
dave ortwine
dave ortwine 13 днів тому
Just bc the nfl settled doesn’t mean they were guilty. Settling out of court is done all the time. It’s not an admission of guilt. I’m sure it was cheaper to give the stupid fucker $10 million than to take it to court and spend tons of money on lawyers. Then the chance of losing, who knows what would have to be paid then. Obviously kaperdick and ed retard didn’t have a strong case or else their lawyers would have went to trial for way more money. It’s pretty simple. $10million minus 30% lawyer fee, taxes taken out, and then spilt it into two. They maybe got like $2 a piece after all that.
Dre2 Dee2
Dre2 Dee2 13 днів тому
Almost like he was a sell out all along, you guys got suckered into thinking hes a good guy 😂
Hammer332 13 днів тому
Presenter is a retard.
James Leach
James Leach 13 днів тому
Wow, just wow! Max Kellerman is such a cuck and a liberal sjw jackass
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson 13 днів тому
Hmmmm.....what has Stephen A done for civil rights? Stephen A sold his freedom for a reported 10 million dollars!
Anthony Swope
Anthony Swope 13 днів тому
Well everybody can get back to their football and continue to ignore police brutality and murders committed against black people like they always have here in this country. Don't waste my time talking about black crime that does not give cops the right to brutalize and murder people like the Nazi Gestapo.Besides the fans only give a damn about the black player when they are on the field and they tell the black players you are individually getting millions of dollars and you and your family are liked by us, that should be enough for you to ignore the collective issues that are affecting your group of Black American people. Don't shame us just shut up and entertain us you are getting paid millions of dollars you should be satisfied with that you are better off than all those other no good blacks!This is why I have always had mad respect for Marshawn Lynch! He played ball, told the white mainstream media fuck you I ain't talking! and has been a stable force towards bettering the Black community in Oakland.
Philphilly 5.0
Philphilly 5.0 13 днів тому
He should have just played football like everyone else
Darkness Flame Media
Darkness Flame Media 13 днів тому
Will is on another level of intellect than Max. Every single time he is on this show he makes Max look like a complete dumb ass
AJS,jr AJS,jr
AJS,jr AJS,jr 13 днів тому
This bullshit is over, quit beating a dead horse. Shit over, end of story.
Chadason McGraw
Chadason McGraw 13 днів тому
Collin Kapernik is a joke. He acts like he is some victim when he has lived a privileged life. He never respected the flag, never respected this country, or the troops fighting for his freedom he falsley claimed was being infringed upon.
P Pumpkin
P Pumpkin 11 днів тому
That's right. And some nice white couple adopted him and gave him a great start in life. This is how he pays them back.
Jewel Clark
Jewel Clark 14 днів тому
The 49ers have Jimmy G,As long as he stays healthy,The 49ers have a legitimate chance to make the postseason
Jewel Clark
Jewel Clark 14 днів тому
Voting for the less of 2 evils is still evil & voting for a 3rd party who can’t win is a COLOSSAL waste of time
conan Smith
conan Smith 14 днів тому
Kaepernick does not give a damn about black lives matter! With him, all it really is about, is him being a Muslim and not believing in god. I used to love football, I will not support people that are trying to change the US from within!
Tom Anderson
Tom Anderson 14 днів тому
This fuck is kneeling whiling he’s making 100s of millions because he feels “oppressed”. Then wears a Fidel Castro T-shirt on stage. Admits he didn’t vote to change anything. Then his lawyer along with stormy Daniels’ lawyers are facing criminal charges due to extortion against Nike who kap did a commercial for. Now this. Fuck him
Tremayne Brown
Tremayne Brown 14 днів тому
Half of your profiles fake and half of you are complete dumb jackasses. So stupid you don't understand nuance you racist fucks. If you sue the NFL and they lose and they place a nondisclosure on your earnings from the case ......Collins kap just won so much money he can't even talk about it lmfao. None of you understand shit. Dumbass idiots having a fake conversation got your lizard brains not see clear legal logic. Who tf raised yall? Open a fucking book
Nick Phillips
Nick Phillips 14 днів тому
All Kaepernick gives a damn about is MONEY
Jonapollo Apollo
Jonapollo Apollo 14 днів тому
Because he got benched that's why he started all this kaperdick is done the N F L is the winner here he,ll never play in the N F L again that's great they paid him and got rid of him GREAT !
D C 14 днів тому
Kap is ridiculous, hope his fake ass is happy now lmao, where all the ppl that used to stick up for him, funny y'all didn't realize that before
John Parpuet
John Parpuet 14 днів тому
he could have made the much as a starting QB per year
sfrisco niners
sfrisco niners 14 днів тому
The 2 year wonder QB . He sucked after that .
shutupsucka 14 днів тому
Ahhhhhh ESPN the CNN of sports.
chris klein
chris klein 14 днів тому
*Kap was disingenuous from the start.* *Largely false narratives got him in hot water from the start.*
580player 2 дні тому
+Smooth Criminal Yes it is easy to spot these trolls.
Smooth Criminal
Smooth Criminal 11 днів тому
Naw your looking at it through the eyes of a racist fool.
Kevin is Nice
Kevin is Nice 12 днів тому
dumb kap. Protest on a public sidewalk. Not on private property.
James Polk
James Polk 14 днів тому
The whole thing about Kaepernick is that when he started kneeling he was one lone man making a statement. No matter what you think about his opinion, he was one lone man making a statement and it took courage. I tend to think the other way on the issues pertaining to current oppression in our Country, but I have a form of admiration for the man.
Darkness Flame Media
Darkness Flame Media 13 днів тому
that isnt true he didnt start doing that to make a statement
Albert Douglas
Albert Douglas 14 днів тому
Lol this idiot is a joke & anybody who supports him is a piece of shit also
Ryan T
Ryan T 14 днів тому
I just don't understand how this even happened. I mean Kap sucked from day one in the NFL. Had he not had that team and that coach he wouldn't have been nothing. Any regular job I know of, if you suck at it and then you burn bridges and go out of your way to "cause problems" within that job... you get fired plain and simple why or how can he even get money from the NFL, other than the NFL are thinking here's money go away we never want anything to do w/ you again.. I don't know.. but Kap did bring a dark cloud over the NFL
Dan Newell
Dan Newell 14 днів тому
Look at the caliber of man, makes since this piece of shit would kneel
djosephj 14 днів тому
Kaep was , is and always has been , a fraud , just like Jussie Smollett.
Mushroom Hatters Adventers
Mushroom Hatters Adventers 13 днів тому
yes once he fot paided 25mol from niners .. hes game went down hill
Pauli_smoke 14 днів тому
Wtf is up with the soy boy yelling like a child
K. Denise
K. Denise 14 днів тому
How can people go in so hard without knowing the details other than the settlement amount. Sometime a low amount means your terms were agreed to and a large amount means "we're done with you, we don't want to here from you again."
LegenDarius 12 днів тому
They don't even know that. The amount is just rumored. No one will really know for sure except for Kap and the NFL execs.
Mike Knight
Mike Knight 14 днів тому
Colin looks like Stephen Keaton with a fro
zac hannaman
zac hannaman 14 днів тому
This was never about change this was always about Kap.
Marcos Villagran
Marcos Villagran 11 днів тому
True shit!
Jack Burton
Jack Burton 14 днів тому
He looks bad because he's a piece of shit.
Trey Liles
Trey Liles 14 днів тому
Huh? I am so confused. He just said that people are watching the NFL again, now. Does someone mind telling me what channels my cable service provider is hiding from me? I didn't think anyone was watching live NFL right now. What a dishonest asshole. No one in my immediate circle has changed their views on the NFL after that opinion turned South when the players started getting political. Like I am supposed to give two shits what a professional ball catcher thinks about politics.
Keith Peterson
Keith Peterson 14 днів тому
Blah blah blah....Stephen A just spraying & spitting as he spits his words he was dieing to use. Dude is really hard to listen to....as is Kellerman. This show is a straight up flop. I can't even finish this segment with these turd. 👎
Pepe Le pew
Pepe Le pew 14 днів тому
Fake News 77
Fake News 77 14 днів тому
How much money did he make from Nike recently?... regardless if he's smart with his money he won't have to work the rest of his life.
Fake News 77
Fake News 77 13 днів тому
+KRUDDYMUSICIAN ??, if you don't make , it how can you spend it ? Ha
It's not about how much you make, it's about how much you spend
Chadason McGraw
Chadason McGraw 13 днів тому
Not like he had to work much from the start.
Uncle JOE
Uncle JOE 14 днів тому
My man Stephen A! Kaepernick is A HUGE JOKE.
Puerto Rock
Puerto Rock 15 днів тому
Max got more patience then me Will you gonna have to tone that down a bit or we lining it up
Boo Dogg
Boo Dogg 15 днів тому
I Hate when they say they an NFL Or NBA player spent 250 million dollars and broke. First of all tax will take almost half on it,then you pay your lawyers, and accountant AND the rest of your legal team. Then your body guards, big mansion with furniture, pay your taxes and alot more. So 250 mill after everything 50 to 60 mill is his or less or more. And that's alot of money to us but for them it's nothing, they don't shop at family dollar, walmart ,target exc.. they shop with vaton. 1,000,000 to them is equivalent to 5,000 for us
Jay Neal
Jay Neal 15 днів тому
Steve cooning again
Luke Edison
Luke Edison 15 днів тому
Will cleans up on Max at 4:10 .... Man, First Take and specifically Kellerman have become primarily political talk shows who use sports as their vehicle to get there. Will is the only one who makes any sense on these topics.
michaeladam caira
michaeladam caira 15 днів тому
Stephen A as in asshole ,is a fucking moron
michaeladam caira
michaeladam caira 15 днів тому
Bullshit,wtf did he endure,nothing,he bought all this upon himself,his career was in the shit and he needed a gimmick to bring him back to the spotlight,he don't give a shit about anything but himself
Pig Benis
Pig Benis 15 днів тому
SAS is a racist
TrezlySnipes 15 днів тому
Reid is still in the league and Kap isn't, NFL still really blackballing...ok Kap
Cody Roberts
Cody Roberts 15 днів тому
Are you all crazy? 10 free million dollars is a ton of money fool! Damn I work at a refinery for a living and ya all are acting like that ant a ton of free money for a dude who took a knee. I'm white and cops ruff me up to it Sucks
barry durham
barry durham 16 днів тому
Sukurdik loses again 🤷‍♀️
Ronin 02
Ronin 02 16 днів тому
Did kap lose?? Na he made millions not getting hit lol or turning off the lights lmao. Tell him max I'm talking....
Darkness Flame Media
Darkness Flame Media 13 днів тому
he prolly only made a million. Max didn't even bring up the fact he split that money with Eric. Will Crushed him in this debate
mcidiotmc 16 днів тому
Kap is simply sprung. No big deal, never was
Worm 16 днів тому
When liberal lies get confronted with facts....
Kenneth Bass
Kenneth Bass 16 днів тому
Went from getting zero to some millions, what was people expecting? Him to bankrupt the nfl? If he suck and don’t belong in the league he should get zero dollars but it’s not the case so why we pocket watching and bickering?
S. Keegs
S. Keegs 16 днів тому
Fans win not seeing kap suck on sundays.
S. Keegs
S. Keegs 12 днів тому
+dave ortwine that escalated quickly!
Big White
Big White 13 днів тому
10 million dollars....for taking a knee because he wasn't starting anymore. And they keep calling the NFL a bunch of slave owners.... 10 fucking million dollars!!
demitri duruisseau
demitri duruisseau 13 днів тому
+dave ortwine shit im black an im a trump supporter ur just a dumb blind librel
dave ortwine
dave ortwine 13 днів тому
S. Keegs omg like ur jus like saying that bc he’s a successful good black man and like u like can’t stand that bc like ur a trump supporter nazi racist pig like seriously he was like the best quarter back ever like the BEST u don’t even like understand u stupid Nazi like enjoy ur white Privilege racist trump supporter
Jack Burton
Jack Burton 14 днів тому
Not seeing a spoiled millionaire whining and complaining. Fuck him.
WeezyGotFans 16 днів тому
Stephan A always hating on somebody 🤦🏽‍♂️he a bitch fr
Violenza Fantastica
Violenza Fantastica 16 днів тому
After lawyers and taxes he probably only walked away with $3 million. $3 million for 2 years in a league where Derek Carr is getting paid $120 million. I don't care what Nike is paying. They ain't paying that much.
Harpoon_Bakery 16 днів тому
NO ONE knows what the settlement was. It could have been 30 million to Kap, 20 million to other parties for a total of 50 million.
Maphack 16 днів тому
lol@30% contingency fees. you think kaepernick couldn't afford his own lawyer? still, i'm sure those billable hours were sky high. But in no fantasy world does kaepernick hire a lawyer on contingency. if he did hire a lawyer on contingency, man he must've just been really high and forgot to stand for the flag and had to come up with a cover story.
Maphack 16 днів тому
or he felt his odds of winning any amount of money was at most 30%
Moni Bone Bone
Moni Bone Bone 16 днів тому
Stephen a you is a coon! Bottom line is we supposed to be in the land of the free but yo punk ass know money is the reason you a sell out!! Your kinda job you can't control your self ass hole
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 16 днів тому
Stephen a is wrong again ... the amount of money is not the issue ... really who thought he was going to take the NFL to the cleaners If you haven't heard the justice system works for the richest person in the room. The rest of his argument comes from his own unproven theories..
Ian R
Ian R 14 днів тому
I diasgree. Kap wanted to make a stand. But now all he was fighting for and everyone who supported him just got sold less than 10 million dollars. Thats why the money is an issue. Few years of fighting, shaking a country (from the poorest neighborhoods to the white house) and this is all it ends with. A NDA and a few million dollars. Its just a giant slap in the face to his followers and guess what... in a couple years no one will be mentioning this and the NFL will still be fine.
Javier Lara
Javier Lara 17 днів тому
Max Kellerman is a total moron!
Paul Schmich
Paul Schmich 17 днів тому
Max is so dumb lol
Captain Cav
Captain Cav 17 днів тому
They dont have to do shit. Its a privately owned company. Let lil fuckface continue to be a nobody.
Steve Taylor
Steve Taylor 17 днів тому
For God sakes man, the issues HAVE BEEN addressed. Let's just get Kap back on the field, and everybody stop bitch'n politics all the damn time. The shit is gett'n old man.
GSXR13K 17 днів тому
I love the fact that Colin Kaepernick hasnt worked in going on 4 years.
Dave Brakefield
Dave Brakefield 17 днів тому
Krappernick wasnt even worth a shit. They should have squatted down, took a big shit, put that in a bag a gave it to him.
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Jared Dudley AIRBALL and Ben Simmons REACTION!