Conan Catches Jordan Schlansky Coming In Late

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Conan investigates why Jordan rolls in past noon and discovers his creepy morning routines. More CONAN @ teamcoco.com/video
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7 сер 2013





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Rammy Martin 10v3
Rammy Martin 10v3 20 годин тому
In case he makes a friend. 🤣🤣🤣
R R 22 години тому
That body is dyno-mite! Lol
Psycho Grey
Psycho Grey День тому
APRIL 2019
yang gao
yang gao День тому
Just realize that jordan drives a vespa
Andy День тому
"Wait a minute... put the sunglasses on but leave the shirt off" OMG LOL
James Porter
James Porter День тому
I think i now know what a soyboy is ...
Javohir king
Javohir king День тому
He is like Micheal scott
Avbitten День тому
This is so cringy. Conan makes me uncomfortable when he does this stuff.
818116A 2 дні тому
Brutal, brutal!!!!!
Greg Horton
Greg Horton 2 дні тому
Jordan needs a chill pill lol
Yvette Mason
Yvette Mason 2 дні тому
These days even if this is comedy? It’s mostly inappropriate
G Funk
G Funk 14 годин тому
Yvette Mason ppl like you are killing comedy, this is Hilarious!!!!
Jorgo Papas
Jorgo Papas 2 дні тому
it seems that Jordan has asperges
ChubbyBu 3 дні тому
He is so calm yet so aggressive.
Avril Aristoteles
Avril Aristoteles 3 дні тому
I really love conan and jordan teaming up they’re hilarious and cool 🤣🤣🤣 love team Coco
Jackie Sleep
Jackie Sleep 3 дні тому
okay but 8:29 the sign next to jordan describing him???? whaa lmaoo
Suki G
Suki G 3 дні тому
Oh my god 😂😂😂😂
Briana Scott
Briana Scott 3 дні тому
Who wants a live stream from his office? I would love to see how it goes on a daily with him more!
Inggy IDontKnow?
Inggy IDontKnow? 3 дні тому
Jordan’s a big fat mood.
Bat Man
Bat Man 3 дні тому
Man lot of snitches in conans staff lol.. note Jordan never snitches on anyone.. poor bastard
Acreage Ramblings
Acreage Ramblings 3 дні тому
Jordan is absolutely awesome. Love this guy.
mrdabbleswithpotion 4 дні тому
Fine. Let's keep playing this game I don't have it in me to play. --- Conan has said "he's a threat to every Irishman in the world". That's a bit extreme. Anyways on account of that, Conan really is acting as the white flag for AAAYYEEEE-RRIIISSSH people, presenting himself on my UKvid home page as the wholesome face of every AYYYEEE-REEEEESSH men. Ouuwww.... I used to respect you Conan, not in an elitist way that you are intelligent & a Harvard grad, but because you stood up to the liberal cause. You even have a staff that is very diverse. One that you're not shy to display. I even for a while wanted to believe the Jordan Schlansky character was real, but now it's become apparent that it's all a lie to really capture the millennial crowd. I don't think you're a despicable person, I just wish you'd just buzz off, but you won't. So here's what I'd do. For every single time a video of yours makes it way to my home page, to that video I will post this exact comment, copy-paste, verbatim. Let's play this game. ---- Why am I suddenly behaving badly? Not that I'm super nice online, even. People just created this memory of a super pleasant, stupid nice guy that they know so well, as if the memory is real. At the very least, even the dumbest (¹) will remember how horrible people were to me. For what? Nearly a decade? People just can't stand the memory of how they were so they just replaced it with the "memory" that I've always been this super nice, caring, sweet, forgiving guy that doesn't even care what you do to! I'll just forgive you no matter what! I'd just keep smiling! He's Filipino! Filipino are just like that! A point that these irish hijacked to no end. "Ouwwhhh, he's just this bhoy. Always just eager to please! He just wants everybody happy! It's always about kindness & helping each other out with his people". How do the irish know? Coz the irish are the Whites most like Filipinos, the irish say! I'd say it's the Spanish, but the irish will not have anything to do with them. So, eerrhhh? On conversations between the irish & Filipinos it will be unusual to ever bring up similarities, unless it mentions me. That really is only when the irish say that Filipinos are most like them. But it does solve a few issues.... Look! The Whites aren't being racists! His people are compared to another White group! Seems like the irish can just manage the mess that this person has created. At this realization, suddenly, Whites do see that the most common of them (conveniently not having to use Italians, which are a little bit too discriminated themselves) & his people are indeed similar!... Well, not see, as more as feel. It eases them. When I point out that, "no, I don't identify with you, in fact you people are doing the worst to my family...", but, the gossiping of the irish were quick to take, "Ouwwhh... He is a very screwed-up, self-hating person that always withdraws to himself & always say 'sooorry!' (²). He just feels so, so irish that he just can't help it! He identifies so much to us, that he hates us. We know these things about him... We're the ones that knows most about this bhoy... It is! It is indeed as so many people are saying now, he really just wants everybody to be happy & smiling! Ouuwhh yes, he loves the irish face. He likes his face plump & round like maize walliams! Ouuuwwwh, he doesn't really mean it when he said this! Like we said, this is a very, very conflicted bhoy. He's acting out on you on something else that he feels about himself! Yes, yes.. Oh, no, no... It's not because of what you did or said to him" Even the part that I said that the irish are doing the worst to us was being discarded. It's only being un-omitted now. Because of the insistence of the gossiping of them (no shortage there) that it's being drowned out & it's really hard to show that the worst cops & most psychics are irish. --- ¹ That aren't Vancouverites. ² I did say sorry a lot when I was working at Pet Habitat.
Mike M.
Mike M. 2 дні тому
What in the hell are you on about
OAT351 4 дні тому
8:29 Office Label: "Jordan Schlansky One Cranky Fake Italian"
Anita Richmond
Anita Richmond 4 дні тому
Go Team Coco👍
Andrea Salinas
Andrea Salinas 4 дні тому
Loved it!!!! One of my favorite all time episodes of Conan! 😂
Nicole P.
Nicole P. 4 дні тому
I have watched this now over 10 times. I cannot get enough of this and always watch for a good laugh!
TheCaptain008 4 дні тому
Man, that Toys'R'Us joke dates this video.
Julio Reyes
Julio Reyes 4 дні тому
Conan stays massing with him...hahahahahahahahahaha..I don't think Conan will ever get rid of him. he'll miss him.. LOL 😂😂😂😂
Ruben Esparza
Ruben Esparza 4 дні тому
I've worked for a living!!! Like a boss. Get em Conan. Love that dude!!!🤣👍
The Magnus Thor Experience
The Magnus Thor Experience 5 днів тому
I love Jordan Schlansky so much that I wrote a song about him: ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-TJOXooE-JSA.html
Tabargains Don
Tabargains Don 5 днів тому
ladies stock up and mens clothing
jordan chua
jordan chua 5 днів тому
What does he say at 6:03?
Tarun Maheshwari
Tarun Maheshwari 5 днів тому
Jordan - How do you know? Conan- Beacaues I Worked For A Living! Savage Conan! 🌋
Filip Starzinsky
Filip Starzinsky 5 днів тому
8:30 "one cranky fake italian" :D :D :D
Natsu-sama 5 днів тому
I was thinking "what a poor man" but I realized that he's jordan slansky ,he deserve it xD
Anand Aryan
Anand Aryan 5 днів тому
Ok now I love Jordan He might be a Great Army professional
Bert Rich
Bert Rich 6 днів тому
Oats & Whey is the....way to get up in the morning! :-)
H2OSipTea 6 днів тому
Did he steal that clock from Big Ben?
Magnus Rasmussen
Magnus Rasmussen 6 днів тому
I've watched this one too many times lol
Brian Liang
Brian Liang 6 днів тому
The only man worthy of challenging Conan
Pyrogue 7 днів тому
Literally Michael Scott if he ever had his own TV show.
Thesepticsamurai 2548
Thesepticsamurai 2548 8 днів тому
R.I.P toys r us along with Jordan’s soul
Denni Shajal
Denni Shajal 10 днів тому
Jordan is not human
Gabe Good
Gabe Good 10 днів тому
large pitcher,clorox wipes and hot sauce and a big bottle of lotion..hmm. Plus a laptop on top of other electronics not a good idea.
Jose Orta
Jose Orta 10 днів тому
I feel for Jordan....NOT.
Super terrific R
Super terrific R 11 днів тому
Conan has the real life Data from Star Trek
ネコCat 11 днів тому
Anyone else on the Conan spree
D84 11 днів тому
Is no one gonna comment that Jordan is amazingly fit for a guy in his 40s?
D84 3 дні тому
+Dorsey m Having a sixpack and virtually no fat on your body in your 40s is an amazing achievement. I bet you that only 1% of people in their 40s have a body like that.
Dorsey m
Dorsey m 3 дні тому
not sure if amazing is the word. dude just takes care himself.
sjrn24 8 днів тому
That's what you get when you experiment with oats and whey
Pierce scoggin
Pierce scoggin 11 днів тому
U have a lot of snitches
Yeah Yee
Yeah Yee 12 днів тому
bro higher me I would show up early and do work as best as possible and do what ever I can and more
ImPerfectlyTwitta 12 днів тому
This is bridging on sexual harassment 😂😂
ImPerfectlyTwitta 12 днів тому
Jordan really thinks he’s in Italy
Nafees Azhar
Nafees Azhar 13 днів тому
Your daily task?lol
Karlo Silverio Sevilla
Karlo Silverio Sevilla 13 днів тому
He spent those Friday mornings secretly with the woman who sent him the Star Wars action figures.
Santino Cobarrubias
Santino Cobarrubias 13 днів тому
I pity Jordan. Sometimes it’s actually relatable
The truth Man
The truth Man 14 днів тому
I identify with Jordan but without the good job and money just the strangeness
HalfOn TheZaku
HalfOn TheZaku 14 днів тому
nobody is gonna address the giant bag full of napkins????
geo8658333 14 днів тому
"Then I prepared my body in various ways." God bless Jordan Schlansky.
CyLo 14 днів тому
I'm experimenting with oats and whey... LOL ... Then I prepared my body in various ways :DDDDD AND THE GUY IS DEAD SERIOUS !!!
mike atl
mike atl 14 днів тому
Do you know how I know it works...bc I have worked for a living😎
NoGain NoPain
NoGain NoPain 14 днів тому
They need to make more episodes with his staff it’s very funny
Crassus 14 днів тому
Jordan suffocating a laugh at 5:00
Othman Bouchlouch
Othman Bouchlouch 15 днів тому
Jordan schlansky One cranky fake Italian
M Gueto
M Gueto 15 днів тому
I love how confidently he took his shirt off
TRDBucket 15 днів тому
of course he rides a vespa...
Amy Birs
Amy Birs 15 днів тому
WOW 😍 Jordan got some good six packs.
Jonas 9 днів тому
Yes but he is incapable of human emotions so save your time
Doctor Medkit
Doctor Medkit 15 днів тому
Oh wow I've seen this so many times and just noticed Jordan's sign at the very end
Tayna Weher
Tayna Weher 15 днів тому
This video is a gateway drug into Jordan Schlansky Saga.
luffy 1laps
luffy 1laps 21 годину тому
Reminds me of Scott and dr evil
Robot 91
Robot 91 3 дні тому
Welcome to the squad
Ihsan Halabjay
Ihsan Halabjay 16 днів тому
is he robot?😂🤖
Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne 16 днів тому
Conan got old quick af!!!
truejavario 16 днів тому
yeah he was heated lol
meltingpot soul
meltingpot soul 16 днів тому
Did anyone watch the full interview? Tom Hanks was kind of pompous and douchey.
Amir Branchel
Amir Branchel 16 днів тому
Pecks gets the ladies undressed
The Raging Demon
The Raging Demon 16 днів тому
He seems so pissed that he's being confronted for being late. Where is the logic?
Calvin Barrett
Calvin Barrett 17 днів тому
In the men's defense. Does he accomplish his job? Does he do it well? Is he worth the money that we pay him? If the answers to any of these questions is no you might want to reconsider his employment.
Calvin Barrett
Calvin Barrett 17 днів тому
You know how I know it was very center I worked for a living.
Calvin Barrett
Calvin Barrett 17 днів тому
Passive-aggressive what an ass whole thing to do what it what a trip. I don't know where the guy was wrong or not to come in late I don't know what kind of schedule this guy has I don't know if they had any kind of warning on this but Conan O'Brien is the boss from Hell and this guy is something else whether he means to be funny or not he's phenomenal. I couldn't imagine working with these two clowns I would be laughing my ass off everyday. Take your shirt off please. Modern fighter this guy would be no you need to get up and move that's my chair you're sitting in.
Sebastian B
Sebastian B 17 днів тому
this is a classic! hahaha
redronl 18 днів тому
Jordan is so hot
CatsareBest 18 днів тому
I love when Conan cracks himself up.
Ben De Bie
Ben De Bie 23 дні тому
Why is the 'I worked for a living' so funny? :P
Reuben George Varghese
Reuben George Varghese 27 днів тому
Stephen Blakely
Stephen Blakely Місяць тому
This has to be a character. There’s no way this is real. Any tool that talks to his boss the way he does and gets to work late all the time, shouldn’t have a job.
Nico Pillay
Nico Pillay Місяць тому
Conan basically tries his best to make Jordan laugh. Jordan's a deadpan legend
entertain7us14 Місяць тому
"you've studied humans on our planet for a while"
Puria Rahbarnia
Puria Rahbarnia Місяць тому
I feel like he hates his job sometimes 😂😂
Mar2d2 *
Mar2d2 * Місяць тому
this physically hurt to watch. he's so extremely strange. i can't handle it. i regret clicking on this video.
Ancient Chaos
Ancient Chaos Місяць тому
Jordan be like Now i know why you laugh But it is something that i can never do
CLuv Місяць тому
So it begins
Kōji Kabuto
Kōji Kabuto Місяць тому
The most funny torture ever
KiloBravo 2000
KiloBravo 2000 Місяць тому
Jordan and Conan’s relationship reminds me of Toby and Michael’s relationship from the office
God Isgod
God Isgod Місяць тому
Or a jerk and a guy with high functioning autism
WR Місяць тому
Jordan is a great sport. Funny too.
HelloTardis Місяць тому
Should have had Jordan play Spock
intergalactic24 Місяць тому
Jordan arrives on a faggio lmao
Normal People Who Exist
Normal People Who Exist Місяць тому
Jordan is daddy
Why do I believe that Conan is so handsome? por qué siento que Conan es tan mino? jajaajja
toan 5 mon do lom khong vay 3:9 nhu vay ?.
toan 9 mon do deu khong vay 7:13 nhu vay ??????.
toan 8 mon do net khong vay 4:7 nhu vay ?????.
toan 2 mon do kem khong vay 6:3 nhu vay ?????.
achitapon1 Місяць тому
dm deo thay hay gi ca, 3 may do nay ng??i taai cung lo het roi ?????.
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