Could the Universe End by Tearing Apart Every Atom?

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Of all the unlikely ends of the universe, the Big Rip has to be the most spectacular. Galaxies ripped to shreds, dogs and cat first living together, then tragically separated by the infinitely accelerating expansion of space on subatomic scales. Good thing it's not going to happen. Or is it?
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Hosted by Matt O'Dowd
Written by Matt O'Dowd
Graphics by Aaron Halevy
Directing by Andrew Kornhaber
The universe is expanding, and that expansion is accelerating. We don’t know what’s causing that acceleration, but that hasn’t stopped us from giving it a name. We call this unknown influence dark energy. The observed acceleration is, for the most part, nicely described with a constant density of dark energy - the same amount of this stuff in every block of space. Which means if you increase the volume you increase the overall amount of dark energy - hence accelerating expansion. Mathematically we describe a constant energy density with the cosmological constant in the equations of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. But what if dark energy is NOT constant? What if the energy density in each patch of space increases over time? In that case, the acceleration itself could be … accelerating. That would be bad.

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28 бер 2019





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Funnyx7 3 години тому
What would cause w to be smaller then -1 ?
harys_john 6 годин тому
This sounds so metal
J. Edward Sawlaw
J. Edward Sawlaw 6 днів тому
Are they playing the FTL soundtrack?
Yves Nyfeler Ph.D.
Yves Nyfeler Ph.D. 6 днів тому
This can't be how it ends. There need to be laws against this!
Matthew Gapp
Matthew Gapp 6 днів тому
If dark energy were to disappear completely tomorrow, would space time continue expanding at its current rate (maintain the same velocity of expansion, obviously without acceleration) or would it halt completely? In other words, does space time carry with it momentum in the same way that matter does?
Forte of Gray
Forte of Gray 7 днів тому
You reach a broader audience when you aren't being condescending 3:00
DemiseAvalon 8 днів тому
This was by far the most sassy episode of Space Time.
Russian Bot
Russian Bot 9 днів тому
If you want to know about dark energy, ask a Emo witch .
Jeong-hun Sin
Jeong-hun Sin 9 днів тому
So, if all the theories and predictions are right, an atom in my body was at some point at the same place with the atoms in the Andromeda galaxy, and eventually an atom in my left hand will be separated by millions of light years from an atom in my right hand.
Asbestos_ 9 днів тому
Next one is the big oof
no one
no one 10 днів тому
And I thought Warhammer end times lore was bad.
Ben Goodwin
Ben Goodwin 10 днів тому
TLDW probably not but if it does we have at least 75 billion years
Gifted Fool
Gifted Fool 10 днів тому
In all the universe we are all that exist and remain, when we finally pass into the place that awaits so too shall everything else. For the eyes that beheld all the majesty of God's creation are the only reason it exists. It's all quite literally relevant, with nobody left to observe the masses that time and space are defined by all of it shall cease to exist, as though it never even was.
Gifted Fool
Gifted Fool 10 днів тому
God: I will destroy everything one day. World: I don't believe in God. Science: I believe in God and I will destroy everything too. God: lol World: I don't believe in science either....
Gifted Fool
Gifted Fool 10 днів тому
Mr. Hawking, I hope you said a quick prayer before you died. God is all that is and all that isn't but the tiniest thread that you are is a great loss if you became that which is not even not....
Gifted Fool
Gifted Fool 10 днів тому
It's just too ****ing bad that for all the creativity, as far as man can dream, all his technological avdvancement and the multiple universes that only ever existed in his head alone that God chuckled to Himself and said just wait until you figure your way with the beautiful minds I gave you that in the same split within a split within a split second I made everything I will destroy it just the same. Your beloved science is proving in branch upon branch one and only One truth.
Noah Zuckman
Noah Zuckman 11 днів тому
(///_-) (-_\\\)
Greg Specht
Greg Specht 12 днів тому
Jesus I need the music for this episode
Stephan de V
Stephan de V 13 днів тому
what if tis not the big rip being the end off all. but instead before that happens the expanding spancetime destroys the higgfield and all particles lose mass and fall apart back into energy without form or mass
Stephan de V
Stephan de V 13 днів тому
heres my problem with this.. it might be my view on it is wrong but here it goes.. the event horizon is presented from earths view perspective and states in the non stopping expansion we will see other galaxies ripped apart or fall apart as if anything beyond the event horizon is falling apart. however what if you put view position near the eventhorozon today.. we would be the ones on that viewpoints event horizon... the reason why galaxies move out of view faster then light is not that they travel that fast but every bit of spacetime from here to there is expading and added up it means from our view or we see them disappear,, but from their viewpoint we do too. .. so the presented bit where the even is closing on us untill earth falls apart... does not mean all other matter has fallen apart .. we just dont see it anymore... from their view we must have disappeart millions of years before too before the even horizon becomes too small for them.. its not that everything expands from us .. everything expants at same time...
Joe Masserini
Joe Masserini 14 днів тому
If the equation of state is less than -1, how would that affect the potential of universe collisions in the multiverse?
hooligan bubsy
hooligan bubsy 14 днів тому
If space can be created doesn't that logically mean it can be destroyed? If it contains energy doesn't that mean in the future the human race might be able to survive by drawing energy from the seemingly infinite space of the universe itself?
Backstage Bum
Backstage Bum 15 днів тому
As long as the acceleration doesn't accelerate in accelerating its acceleration... right.
NothingMaster 17 днів тому
“The Universe will eventually be ripped to shreds by the infinitely accelerating subatomic structure of spacetime.” ✅
Foxy Thunder
Foxy Thunder 18 днів тому
~God takes a big bong rip~ ~looks down at the universe~ *”O H , F U C K . . . .”*
adminscottj 19 днів тому
Just started the video so this may be answered later but....would the big rip be at the speed of light or how "fast" would it be?
David C
David C 21 день тому
maybe we're inside a white hole
Evan Ault
Evan Ault 21 день тому
The most important question that remains after this video is... Where do I get that shirt?
Resz7 23 дні тому
Me: I wish this meme would stop because it's lame. Internet: UKvid comment sections
sparhopper 23 дні тому
Maybe the horizon of the observable universe is the big rip rushing at us 💔
kosmiske vafler
kosmiske vafler 24 дні тому
There is one thing that stop it: flex tape
crowmagg1 28 днів тому
When you try to seperate quarks you get more quarks " a new big bang"
Robert Bennett
Robert Bennett 29 днів тому
First the universe has heat death then the big rip happens then the big bang starts over again or it may end up doing the big crunch and do the same thing
Debasish Sundar Ray
Debasish Sundar Ray Місяць тому
If all the blackholes in observable universe become one ... Can it slow down the acceleration of dark energy?
David Czajkowski
David Czajkowski Місяць тому
Do we actually know that dark energy is actually contained inside these large voids in space or is just assumed to explain the inflation of space? My question is, could this energy actually be outside of the observable universe, on an actual edge of a finite universe...stretching our universe like a piece of dough on the face of ball?
Angelo Edwards
Angelo Edwards Місяць тому
Will the big rip affect black holes and if it would... how would it affect them?
MR Місяць тому
It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who puts on extra pounds over the winter.
Lex Gaming
Lex Gaming Місяць тому
Isn't this literally the Reality Bomb from Doctor Who?
Jeremy Bonanno
Jeremy Bonanno Місяць тому
If it did would we notice
Zes Місяць тому
John G
John G Місяць тому
You're presenting style is awesome. All your videos!
Mike Madden
Mike Madden Місяць тому
There's a bit of dark energy / matter hangin' out by you're whatchacallit. Better be careful!
Mike Madden
Mike Madden Місяць тому
God created, God can uncreate.
dean mitchell
dean mitchell Місяць тому
how do i get the sound track to space time?
Toughen Up, Fluffy
Toughen Up, Fluffy Місяць тому
I like the idea that my subatomic particles will eventually be ripped asunder, never to interact again. Maybe I have low self esteem?
kalm dwn
kalm dwn Місяць тому
Does Matt's IQ exceed the entire comments section because he's thinking at the speed of light?
The Hatebringer
The Hatebringer Місяць тому
OMG i only have 75 billion years to live! But i had so much planned to do ill never get it done in time! Btw i loved the whole Emo thing laughed so hard.
Palmer Patel
Palmer Patel Місяць тому
The Big Rip? Nothing a little Flex Seal can’t fix!
Oxyaena Місяць тому
"....or is it?"
Haunted Місяць тому
So what if this has already happened and the current acceleration we have now is what was already there before, but the new particles created from the quarks separating have a faster acceleration but the phantom energy is catching up again to repeat the process. Probably very easily debated (speed of light being a constant) but fun idea
Longtimemocha38 Місяць тому
Aaaand my brain gave out somewhere around exactly 3:06
em Місяць тому
You’re tearing me apart lisa
Jacob Burbank-Goldrich
Jacob Burbank-Goldrich Місяць тому
Not sure if this makes any sense, so I thought I'd ask it here: If the universe is known to be expanding, whether or not that rate is constant or accelerating, then wouldn't this expansion of space cause changes in the permittivity and permeability of free space? If these constants change, all sorts of things (even the speed of light) would change? I'd think this would have profound effects on quite a wide range of calculations we do as well as predictions of the future outcome of the universe.
Tom Tom
Tom Tom Місяць тому
I love you and I think you are cool but you only exist because you had a happy ending but you want to appear tough so you refuse to believe in them. Nothing good ever happens, just ignore reality.
Brojman Місяць тому
So the universe could end in the final battle royal.
Shiva's Chimera
Shiva's Chimera 2 місяці тому
Dougie H
Dougie H 2 місяці тому
Hold on to your hats folks... the universe is ending!!!!!
Zac Foster
Zac Foster 2 місяці тому
But the day of the Lord will come as unexpectedly as a thief. Then the heavens will pass away with a terrible noise, and the very elements themselves will disappear in fire, and the earth and everything on it will be found to deserve judgment. 2 Peter 3:10
Mike Місяць тому
Nudedragon 2 місяці тому
this has probably been answered somewhere, but if dark energy causes space to expand, and space gains dark energy as it expands, isn't that the creation of new energy? I thought that was impossible.
Mike Місяць тому
Well, yeah, which is why we still don't really understand dark energy. I'm no expert, but I suspect they say that since dark energy appears to be a property of space-time itself, the same rules don't apply, in the same way that nothing in the Universe can travel faster than the speed of light, but the expansion of the Universe still means that distant galaxies will move away from us "faster" that light can travel and hence will disappear from view.
Cool Guy man
Cool Guy man 2 місяці тому
The universe will not end.
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