Could the Universe End by Tearing Apart Every Atom?

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Of all the unlikely ends of the universe, the Big Rip has to be the most spectacular. Galaxies ripped to shreds, dogs and cat first living together, then tragically separated by the infinitely accelerating expansion of space on subatomic scales. Good thing it's not going to happen. Or is it?
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Hosted by Matt O'Dowd
Written by Matt O'Dowd
Graphics by Aaron Halevy
Directing by Andrew Kornhaber
The universe is expanding, and that expansion is accelerating. We don’t know what’s causing that acceleration, but that hasn’t stopped us from giving it a name. We call this unknown influence dark energy. The observed acceleration is, for the most part, nicely described with a constant density of dark energy - the same amount of this stuff in every block of space. Which means if you increase the volume you increase the overall amount of dark energy - hence accelerating expansion. Mathematically we describe a constant energy density with the cosmological constant in the equations of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. But what if dark energy is NOT constant? What if the energy density in each patch of space increases over time? In that case, the acceleration itself could be … accelerating. That would be bad.

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28 бер 2019

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Brandon Laumer
Brandon Laumer 5 днів тому
Buttt..... Assuming the human race is past the Great Filter, and assuming w=-1.5, we would be so powerful in 22 billion years that we could do whatever we wanted with the universe.
zno3 5 днів тому
Not bad, that's a pretty beautiful ending
Kags _
Kags _ 6 днів тому
Oh this nice young man just gave me a link to the pretty picture part. You know me so well
Vijayasaravanan Govindaswamy
Vijayasaravanan Govindaswamy 6 днів тому
Finite matter in infinite amount of space
TheMATEMAGICIAN 7 днів тому
the one thing l have an issue with is that ,in general ,when videos talk about hypothetical events 20+ billions of years in the future they still depict the solar system with earth as it is today ,and that's simply not correct since earth as we know it will be gone in about 1-2 billion years when the sun gets old enough to make the oceans boil and therefore life as we know it will cease to be
dirt man
dirt man 9 днів тому
i figured out where dark energy comes from! Donald Trump's butt!
joebainter 10 днів тому
Love this show. I get more out of these every time I watch them
Crew Paul
Crew Paul 11 днів тому
In the big rip scenario, what would happen to black holes... would they share the same fate as stars.
M Al
M Al 12 днів тому
ch13t 12 днів тому
Well, that was depressing
John Buick
John Buick 13 днів тому
I figure all that dark energy is just the exhaust from super massive black holes.
shawn Cramer
shawn Cramer 13 днів тому
People like him talk about these things, come up with names such as dark energy, waste all this time talking about equations yet nobody actually has a clue how anything actually works. They don't know really know what is influencing the universe, they have no idea I'd it's whatever the universe is expanding into suckling or pulling it from the outside. 8f there is dark energy filling it they still have no idea what that even means or how it's forming. Basically all these people guess about things they don't understand and call it reality
J F 15 днів тому
Y’all got a transcript for trying to take all this dense material in?
J F 15 днів тому
Bro. We’re inside a giants brain cells! Our galaxies are like atoms in the axions of a higher dimensional body. 🥦🤯🤣
J F 15 днів тому
The greatest threat to the universe isn’t The Big Rip, but Mexicans stealing our jobs and women.
Dylan Heath
Dylan Heath 16 днів тому
What if that is the solution for where the big bang theory would be able to take place? The big RIP = the big bang
Matthew Marn
Matthew Marn 16 днів тому
We're falling into a black hole. It's the best explanation and explains this entire scenario. Also dark matter wouldn't be necessary anymore to a model of the universe.
metalfaust19 17 днів тому
Universe: big rip McDonalds: mcrib
iamchillydogg 18 днів тому
Your momma is so fat she can't fit into the cosmic event horizon!
Pure demented insanity I can't take it anymore
Hello far future here are some questions I have you obviously won't be able to answer me. 1. Can space itself move and if so why and is there a constant value of space that isn't moving. 2. Is everything related to each other, like speed -emotions- is only valued because we can see something with a different speed. 3. ~
Commish/Flock Baltimore productions
It's official you have the coolest t-shirts i have ever seen....inmalife
Apple Taters
Apple Taters 19 днів тому
Do virtual particles in the cosmic horizon also interact similar to hawking radiation? That is, one virtual particle beyond the horizon and one inside of it?
geefreck 19 днів тому
This _completely_ explains why the earth is flat. It used to be round, but dark energy originated at the north pole. This caused the world to accelerate outwards, changing Antarctica from a continent to a vast 125,000 kilometer wall of ice surrounding the world. Also, the south pole has been stretched from a single point to a perpetually expanding omni-directional circle heading outwards in every possible direction. I suggest flat earthers everywhere move to antarctica. Past the _ginormously long_ icewall, in all directions, past the fake south pole, and utilize dark energy to grow into giants. Eventually you can become so big that you can defeat anything from pacific rim, and conquer the world. Alternatively, you could simply measure the Antarctica coastline. Using boats and equipment. I suppose this would be a simpler, faster, and far less costly way to prove how long it _really is._ Have fun.
Katsu Zatoichi
Katsu Zatoichi 20 днів тому
But i am safe, right?
martin11844 20 днів тому
i think the mere act of trying of understand what you are saying (and i think i can most of time) is rewiring my brain
Dan 22 дні тому
Qwiet Ryott
Qwiet Ryott 23 дні тому
Being that we are barely a Blip in the timeline of the World we occupy, worrying about something that Humans will not be around to experience, is so sad that it's pathetic. ffs
Ben Goody
Ben Goody 23 дні тому
Spat my tea at the comment "its fun to think about worse case scenarios" .. lol
Mistshock 24 дні тому
... or is it? Ok, settle down Michael from vsauce
John Andrew
John Andrew 25 днів тому
The thesis stated here describes the root nature of quantum physics as follows: All subatomic particles oscillate between matter and wave at the speed of light with a cycle time of zero. John Andrew, jrandrew000@gmail.com
medexamtoolsdotcom 25 днів тому
You wouldn't be able to tell by looking at distant stars, whether the acceleration of the universe was accelerating, because then you are trying to judge the stars' distances away from us, velocity away from us, and figure out the cosmological redshifting its light experienced on its way here due to that varying accelerating expansion (it should expand the wavelengths of the photons themselves on the way here), all at the same time, and that's too many free variables to separate just from measuring its brightness and doppler shift of spectral lines. That's 3 free variables and 2 observations. You can't decide whether to attribute part of the observation to change in which of the 3 variables. It's not enough information.
Joshua F Boyer
Joshua F Boyer 26 днів тому
Why does he say, 'lawr" and not, "law?
The Angry Economist
The Angry Economist 27 днів тому
I just ripped a big one
Gustav Maia
Gustav Maia 27 днів тому
"take a nap and come back when the pretty pictures come back" touché my friend, touché.
leroy beck
leroy beck 28 днів тому
How can the event horizon become smaller than the smallest possible structure I assume we are talking about the planck length. But if it is smaller then the planck length and time this must presumely mean that there are layers of reality below the planck length.
iamchillydogg 18 днів тому
Quantum fields.
Jon Dillinger
Jon Dillinger Місяць тому
Don't worrie guys I'll save us as soon as the dark energy gets closer to earth right be for it true to rip it apart I the one shall streach forth my ass checks splitting them like the red see and let loose q fat with the atomic energy of 500 trillion nukeuler bombs and send that dark energy back to the dark empty void where it belongs
Arch Yeomans
Arch Yeomans Місяць тому
I just ripped a good one.
Quinn Wall
Quinn Wall Місяць тому
"This is actually happening", this is all just theory...
Donald Grant
Donald Grant Місяць тому
Sorry my X-wife already made me come apart. Don't mess with her dark energy you ain't got a chance.
Peter Timowreef
Peter Timowreef Місяць тому
I understand like 5% of what's being said, but still very interesting.
Solomon Terra
Solomon Terra Місяць тому
Is it just me, or is the video quality of Matt not quite right? I have it set to 1080P, but he still looks slightly "fuzzy". Small concern, of course, when compared to the death of the universe. ;-)
Solomon Terra
Solomon Terra Місяць тому
(The text and stuff looked as clear as a bell, though...)
4wilmo Місяць тому
Wake up when the pretty pictures come back 😂😂 I love this guy
Chris Contact
Chris Contact Місяць тому
Would this kind of expansion and lack of centralized mass allow vacuume decay, or is it just the same of result?
Borisof007 Місяць тому
Solid star wars burn @8:34
Tantris Picks
Tantris Picks Місяць тому
Will the Big Rip smell like I think it will?
KorAllRBare Місяць тому
***Addendum*** If defined variables are contradictory they are null and void, Put simply to treat and work with nothing or "zero" or worse work with less than nothing "negative quanta's" such work is in fact illogical and thus Null and void, you need to work with something that is more than nothing, before you earn credit and thus have a Mathematical Proof..
DeathInHypocrisy Місяць тому
I feel like the greatest physicists had amazing imaginations to think up hoe they thought the universe works. This is why I’m going into physics
Alexander Martins
Alexander Martins Місяць тому
Question here! Could it be that the Universe is not expanding but in fact falling in or/and spinning around the event horizon of a humongous black hole and things beyond the observable U already fell in?
The Lemond Drops Kid
The Lemond Drops Kid Місяць тому
No one will ever know. They will believe they know. But no one ever will. How could we? We can speculate all we want, but we don't know what is really going to happen in just a million year.
Riliame Blum
Riliame Blum Місяць тому
Sad to see we're all back to hating on the prequels.
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