Couples when they start dating.. 😭💀

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18 вер 2021





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Elisabeth Wilkinson
Elisabeth Wilkinson 2 дні тому
*MY 18+ PHOTOS HE RE* REAL.BABY Megan: "Hotter" Hopi: "Sweeter" Joonie: "Cooler" _Yoongi: "Butter"_ Жизнь, как красивая мелодия, только песни перепутались.
H P 3 дні тому
Any single watching? K let me slap u then im also single😁❤️
Rmn 4 дні тому
Why don’t they want it after months but want it after a year
K S A 18
K S A 18 8 днів тому
A whole year did not change clothes cheap clip
Z R 8 днів тому
Gotta appreciate it before he gives up on you
Mido Lapse
Mido Lapse 9 днів тому
1 year of pimping your girl
Wiyseful 9 днів тому
Still slapping 11 years. Can't wait for her to start puberty.
Theo Schtrock
Theo Schtrock 9 днів тому
Wow, this exact same video totally not been made by many other poeple, you guys are soooo inventive
Scott Patrick
Scott Patrick 9 днів тому
I showed my wife this video, then slapped it.
Scott Patrick
Scott Patrick 9 днів тому
I showed my wife this video, then slapped it.
Steve Nash
Steve Nash 9 днів тому
Damn this still slaps after all this time
DarkMatter 717
DarkMatter 717 9 днів тому
Not married and still smack my girl’s ass after 4 years. she only gets mad for one reason: there’s a time and a place and usually I piss get off on purpose lol
Rahil Ameer
Rahil Ameer 9 днів тому
Same old clothes a whole year 😭
Joe Black
Joe Black 9 днів тому
That thing sounds tight!! LOL!!!
Terry Crews
Terry Crews 9 днів тому
Still slapping in the same outfits it appears also
Nergio De Carvalho Augusto
Nergio De Carvalho Augusto 9 днів тому
Why you always copy each other's🖕
Aby Santy
Aby Santy 9 днів тому
And throughout that time they never change their clothes! 😂😂😂
Adewale Akanji
Adewale Akanji 9 днів тому
When she says stop she means keep going because when you do stop for a while she'll get mad. It's all about consistency
NOMONEY INT 9 днів тому
Is noone going to comment on how after a year these people are still wearing the same clothes.
Massimo Nofe
Massimo Nofe 9 днів тому
Smile Nimiya
Smile Nimiya 9 днів тому
Guys after watching this I washed my eyes with holy water
BLACK HOLE 9 днів тому
Wearing same cloths over 1 year sooo poooooooor 🌚
YATHAH POUND 9 днів тому
I swear 😂
Matt Madsen
Matt Madsen 9 днів тому
Yay how many couples will redo this shit. I’ve seen so many
Insane Bakchodi😎
Insane Bakchodi😎 9 днів тому
Koi mujhe ye batayegaa ki ye ©hutad chatkane ka mtlb kya h....😅😅
Sagar BM
Sagar BM 9 днів тому
Same with marriage. And as I'm from country where arranged marriage is prevalent there is initial stage of avoiding husband too.
Harvey Gaming
Harvey Gaming 9 днів тому
This video is Racy
Will Matthew
Will Matthew 9 днів тому
Someone commented that: "Someone one really commented "Still slapping after 7 years" 💀. " ☠💀☠
kakarot dragneel
kakarot dragneel 10 днів тому
These poor people ..still wearing same cloths for a year ... 🤣
Focus Study Easy Life
Focus Study Easy Life 10 днів тому
Tom N
Tom N 10 днів тому
After 1 year, still wearing the same outfits
Vafadarane Reza
Vafadarane Reza 10 днів тому
When she says : WHO IS SHE !!!
Vincent Shaku
Vincent Shaku 10 днів тому
They didn't change clothes for a year 🤔
Under My guns
Under My guns 10 днів тому
20 years later I still slap my woman ass
ITzyaboy Albierys
ITzyaboy Albierys 10 днів тому
Still slapping after 100 years
Evillution 10 днів тому
Im slapping my girls face every now and then after 15 years
sarvan thulasi
sarvan thulasi 10 днів тому
True 🤣👌🏼 stupid sez
Welder dairy
Welder dairy 10 днів тому
She has a big cake😍😍😍😍
PJisUnknown 10 днів тому
Then they leave you because “the energy is just not the same as in the beginning” 🥴
Swcho Labib
Swcho Labib 10 днів тому
SNIPXBD FF 1k 10 днів тому
She is standing by the table for 1 year😐🙄
gowthaman sairam
gowthaman sairam 10 днів тому
Same costume 🎉😂😂😂👈
luvly 10 днів тому
Pro tip: Don't slap the first day
Chris This
Chris This 10 днів тому
How many different people are making these? And why am i watching youtube shorts?
Blue People Do Not Exist Black People Do
I literally had to stop touching my girl just for her to Finally want some action, I mean no kissing, rubbing, touching, slapping Nothing, then after about a week she’s jumping on me, Females are so backwards man😂😕
Nicolas Fernando correa suarez
Nicolas Fernando correa suarez 10 днів тому
No sé cambian de ropa en un año jaja
Bella Wright
Bella Wright 10 днів тому
Idk...some Jello going on back there.
عامر القرني
عامر القرني 10 днів тому
Botch hhhhh
Gay Balls
Gay Balls 10 днів тому
Word for word bar for bar
Mats Hansen
Mats Hansen 10 днів тому
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 10 днів тому
Who else’s Mom’s get mad every time our Dad’s be slapping her ass 😭☠️?!
Leszek Sieliwoniuk
Leszek Sieliwoniuk 10 днів тому
Zrób mi louda
Angry PopCorn
Angry PopCorn 10 днів тому
Someone commented, that someone else really commented "still slapping after 7 years" 😎
Won Ton -Super Fly- Winston
Won Ton -Super Fly- Winston 10 днів тому
Kwushik Roy
Kwushik Roy 10 днів тому
Feel It Shorts
Feel It Shorts 10 днів тому
Same content ❤️
YourAdvergeVictor 10 днів тому
The “OoOoOoH BaBe Do It AgAiN” is just weird
Osmanthus Wine
Osmanthus Wine 10 днів тому
Someone really commented "someone really commented 'still slapping after 7 years' 💀" 💀
Death Slayer
Death Slayer 10 днів тому
It really be like that
Tuff Cruz
Tuff Cruz 10 днів тому
how times ppl gonna steal this idea
Kali Rantai
Kali Rantai 10 днів тому
saw this exact same video from 300 other youtubers
Itachi uchiha
Itachi uchiha 10 днів тому
Itachi uchiha
Itachi uchiha 10 днів тому
Itachi uchiha
Itachi uchiha 10 днів тому
Itachi uchiha
Itachi uchiha 10 днів тому
Itachi uchiha
Itachi uchiha 10 днів тому
Itachi uchiha
Itachi uchiha 10 днів тому
Itachi uchiha
Itachi uchiha 10 днів тому
Pandey Darbhangawala
Pandey Darbhangawala 10 днів тому
So tight 🔥
cognizant 24*7
cognizant 24*7 10 днів тому
Wearing the same tshirt for an year 🥺
IX CREATIONS 11 днів тому
Prasad g Prasad g
Prasad g Prasad g 11 днів тому
Your back is 🍞 🍞
Drag 11 днів тому
Dude u Gon make her flat from behind
賴俊辰 11 днів тому
This is so acting but ok
Any camera works
Any camera works 11 днів тому
30 years later that ass will be slapped!
CL Gaming
CL Gaming 11 днів тому
Someone really commented about someone commenting "Still slapping after 7 years".
Anthony Ramirez
Anthony Ramirez 11 днів тому
*Still clapping after 7 years*
Rehaan Qureshi
Rehaan Qureshi 11 днів тому
PC Man
PC Man 11 днів тому
So true
Akranyum 11 днів тому
So, in sum. . . she is the problem. Got it.
side faced quagmire
side faced quagmire 11 днів тому
Still beating for 23 years
sout burger
sout burger 11 днів тому
Someone really commented “Someone really commented ‘Still slapping after 7 years’ 💀” 💀
Grandmaster Yoda
Grandmaster Yoda 11 днів тому
99% of comments: still slapping after x amount of years. That 1%: on the actual video itself.
woopo ganntnt
woopo ganntnt 11 днів тому
i’ve already seen someone else do this
Marcus Estes
Marcus Estes 11 днів тому
Someone really commented “someone really commented “still slapping after 7 years”
Tosif Baig
Tosif Baig 11 днів тому
Man is slapping a cupboard flat ass
Antonio Stark De Rivera
Antonio Stark De Rivera 11 днів тому
Waiting for her to say “so do you still love me? You don’t love me anymore I know it, go text your other hoes!” Haha
Avner Shaked
Avner Shaked 11 днів тому
All tube like your girlfriend as.. hole
Camilo Cardenas
Camilo Cardenas 11 днів тому
The ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-5pQvM9ZY41k.html future
SRK 003
SRK 003 11 днів тому
Indian girls didn't give to slap! 😅😇
jrdnruiz2 11 днів тому
Never had a relationship last 6 months let alone a year. Hahah.. Well I’m off to kill myself
Chit Min Thu
Chit Min Thu 11 днів тому
She said stop so I.. 😁😭
Tarun Rajput
Tarun Rajput 11 днів тому
Beautiful girl
Rajendra Reang
Rajendra Reang 11 днів тому
W the same time had passed away on vacation and we will ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗
KOJI 11 днів тому
Que hago en un vídeo gringo?
Rajput Avee
Rajput Avee 11 днів тому
The fact is, all the time, their dressess are same
Jake Nicholson
Jake Nicholson 11 днів тому
36 years strong
Pablo Simmons
Pablo Simmons 11 днів тому
Rel XL
Rel XL 11 днів тому
Arshad Khan
Arshad Khan 11 днів тому
Wow so beautiful big 😲
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