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Cowboys at Rams | Who wins?

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93% 760 52




11 січ 2019






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loc power
loc power 4 дні тому
Wrong!!!! Haha we spanked them for 270 yards rushing. LA Rams babbbyyyy Wwoooooo!!!
Trojan Torrez
Trojan Torrez 6 днів тому
Well Billick is a dumb ass. Might want to change your "expert" pick...
Darth BigOlo
Darth BigOlo 6 днів тому
😂😂😂 no one was talking about CJ Anderson. Look what happened
winwithgrn 7 днів тому
Mark Sanchez
Mark Sanchez 7 днів тому
Catina Carter
Catina Carter 7 днів тому
It is just sad... That jerry jones wont do right by his fans... I mean out of 10 yrs only 2 playoff wins that is horrible... Then the coachs wants to run the same old plays...i hate to say it...cause i am die hard dallas fan... But if they dont change the coaching ability it will be the same way... There isnt nothing wrong with a change people do it all the time
Gabriel Zapata
Gabriel Zapata 7 днів тому
What do you know, you over paid old fart!
NinjaJerky 7 днів тому
Cowboys Fans before Rams Game: We taking Goff's soul. Cowboys Fans when They were in the lead: This game OVER! Cowboys Fans after Rams Game: We weren't invested in this season anyway. I didn't think we would win. We lost because of the DAK SACK, game was rigged
Jaime Ramirez
Jaime Ramirez 7 днів тому
What happen to the cowboys fans??
Sammy Strong
Sammy Strong 8 днів тому
Well he was wrong in that prediction in the since that the Cowboys didn't upset the Rams!
Eddie Riviera
Eddie Riviera 8 днів тому
Now what PUTOs? You fools listen and believe those so called experts. No respect towards the Rams. Bringing up the fans percentage in LA (50-50))bringing up the Dallas Defense, what they do and who they stop. Bringing up who Dallas defeated who beat the Rams. (New Orleans, Philadelphia) Dallas defeated both teams in DALLAS. Bringing up what Dallas did last week vs the Top ranked running team. (Seahawks) and won by a whopping 2 points.. Again, in DALLAS. But fail to mention Dallas played a couple of sorry Washington & NYG teams twice each. (That’s 4 automatic w’s) And after all that Mumba jumbo Bull S*** talking Bull s*** 🗣💩 🗣💩🗣💩 who’s going home and starting their Vacation?? Show some respect people.. The Cowboys are still the Cowboys.. Trash!! They are on a continuous road playoff losing streak too. Eight consecutive playoff road loses (Whoever gave them that nickname of America’s Team needs to retract) because being an American and being falsely associated America’s Team is atrocious.. The politicians should put removing that nickname of America’s Team on the ballot to have it removed once and for all. Embarrassing!!
Joone Lauvao
Joone Lauvao 8 днів тому
AWWWWW😭😭😭😭😭 HAHAHA 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana 8 днів тому
are those ears or antennas? I wonder if he gets XM radio on them
Kevin McCaleb
Kevin McCaleb 8 днів тому
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 hope you didn’t put your money on the cowboys lol RAMS HOUSE! They even covered the spread
Natural africanism
Natural africanism 8 днів тому
3 playoff wins in 22 years wow!!!!!! The Dallas Cowboys are weak. Along with their delusional fans well I guess they haven't had anything to cheer about in so many years that playoff win must have went straight to their head. Go Hawks!!!!!!!!!
Leo J
Leo J 8 днів тому
Yoo Em
Yoo Em 8 днів тому
Cowboys got whooped
Nana Salsberry
Nana Salsberry 8 днів тому
Go Ram's Go!!!
P Daniel
P Daniel 8 днів тому
Guys ears could be used as wings to take off for sure
Austin Dodge
Austin Dodge 8 днів тому
Feed zeke
Austin Dodge
Austin Dodge 8 днів тому
24-21 cowboys
Flam3z 8 днів тому
D8NK HB0K*B1Sk 8 днів тому
Cow ☆ Boys
Miguel Arandas
Miguel Arandas 8 днів тому
Fuck. Cowboys
god 8 днів тому
if u think cowgirls gonna win. then u need to get rid of that crack pipe u smokin 🤣
Patrick Garcia
Patrick Garcia 8 днів тому
Were going to ride those teams yehawww cowboys how about us boys 🇺🇸
Uncle Randy
Uncle Randy 8 днів тому
Rams are favorites but I have a feeling the cowboys will pull an upset
Disheartened6 8 днів тому
Wooo let's go boys!
Eric Zamudio
Eric Zamudio 8 днів тому
He can hear our comments
Lyrix Diego
Lyrix Diego 8 днів тому
My Daddy
My Daddy 8 днів тому
marco polo
marco polo 8 днів тому
Go cowboys 2019
WoozyNutz 8 днів тому
Rams got this (coming from a saints fan)
123 RF
123 RF 8 днів тому
Randy Moss....lol
Hector Aguayo
Hector Aguayo 8 днів тому
Feed ‘em Feed ‘em Feed ‘em 😆
Justin Alaniz
Justin Alaniz 8 днів тому
Line backers make the big plays🧢
Nate Smith
Nate Smith 8 днів тому
Cowboys win!
Guccii Gaming
Guccii Gaming 8 днів тому
I have cowboys 17-14
Joe Landon
Joe Landon 8 днів тому
Joe Landon
Joe Landon 8 днів тому
Rams house
Joe Landon
Joe Landon 8 днів тому
Rams baby lets goooo
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan 8 днів тому
Rams 40 Cowboys 23
Diego H
Diego H 8 днів тому
Wow, old fart Billick is still around. Rams are gonna torch the Cowboys. By 2 TDs.
Gabriel Reyes
Gabriel Reyes 8 днів тому
Rams get the W easily
Yo boy Buck
Yo boy Buck 8 днів тому
Ha today is my brothers bday is today plz let cowboys win we haven’t we n in about 20 years
DJ PC Baby!
DJ PC Baby! 8 днів тому
2:42 Andrew: "Don't turn around" Randy - fck that I'm looking lol
Totally Sergio
Totally Sergio 8 днів тому
Andrew cooper
Omar Hernandez
Omar Hernandez 8 днів тому
Dallas 23-21
Joe Lopez
Joe Lopez 8 днів тому
Rams 48 fuckboys 6
TwoNibba’s kissing
TwoNibba’s kissing 8 днів тому
Something tells me that the cowboys are going to win
Brick Damone Jr
Brick Damone Jr 8 днів тому
What randy moss Is that
Everan G
Everan G 8 днів тому
I wonder if Andrew gets satellite radio with those massive ears.
Third Echelon
Third Echelon 8 днів тому
Prescott has to start throwing bombs down the field... then maybe they can win
Mark Nichols
Mark Nichols 8 днів тому
Here is exactly how this game ends. Cowboys 24. Rams 36.
JAK 31
JAK 31 8 днів тому
Rams are absolutely gonna choke AGAIN!!! I’m not a Cowboy fan.... but Dallas is gonna come up big in this one ☝️
Michael Herd
Michael Herd 8 днів тому
Eh. Not so much. This one-year-fluke team might just be legit.
Omar Salas
Omar Salas 8 днів тому
If he goes outside he'll go straight up like a kite...pin dem wings back!!
kingsky68 8 днів тому
Raiders philosophy, let's get rid of the good players and keep the bad ones only. Nice.
Jorge Camacho
Jorge Camacho 8 днів тому
it's gonna be a hard game for the cowboys ...if the cowboys win score will be 16 -14
Jaime Bedolla
Jaime Bedolla 8 днів тому
Cowboys 35---------- Rams 32 -------Go COWBOYS
David Muniz
David Muniz 8 днів тому
Do those ears come with WIFI?
Get That Money Get That Money
Get That Money Get That Money 8 днів тому
A White Randy Moss....after 11 years I still can't believe it lol 😆💯💯💯💯💯
Darren McFeaters
Darren McFeaters 8 днів тому
What the Rams defense do against the shitty Eagles?
Michael Herd
Michael Herd 8 днів тому
Darren McFeaters The Eagles aren’t shitty; especially late season with Foles. Also, that defense stuffed Zeke tonight.
Eric Carmona
Eric Carmona 8 днів тому
Tanner Gonnoreha
Tanner Gonnoreha 8 днів тому
We ready, we ready,we ready for y’all Boys got this shit WE WINNING THE SUPERBOWL!!
T1 Ruben
T1 Ruben 8 днів тому
Damn those ears though
Tariq Ketwaru
Tariq Ketwaru 8 днів тому
RAMS all day every day. Cinderella stories of an Eagles and Cowboys upset will soon be put to bed.
Spoiled Man
Spoiled Man 8 днів тому
Alfred E. Neumann looking ass mutha fucka!
Alfredo Barrera
Alfredo Barrera 8 днів тому
COWBOYS they hungry n ready we eating lamb chops tonite baby ,, Dallas 32- lams 27 !!!!!
Vang Vang
Vang Vang 8 днів тому
Cowboys will get the W
Cjohn316 O
Cjohn316 O 8 днів тому
Randy Moss is a white bald dude now?? What the heck happened??😏😆😂 Saints 2009 REPEAT!!!
Dr Vancouversa3
Dr Vancouversa3 8 днів тому
Didn’t see that ending coming
Nathan Kohler
Nathan Kohler 8 днів тому
Go Boys!!!!!!!!!!
The FPV Life
The FPV Life 8 днів тому
Cowboy fans are living in the moment. it ends sat.
Micah Watkins
Micah Watkins 8 днів тому
1:02 I thought that dude was gonna fly away with ears like that. 🤣
Emmanuel Castro
Emmanuel Castro 8 днів тому
Rams 35-16
Six 8 днів тому
Im 100% its gonna be either 21-10, 24-10, 24-17, 32-14 , 14-7 , 48-3 , 27-24 , or 2-0 Dallas. GO COWBOYS!
Gerrod Richardson
Gerrod Richardson 8 днів тому
Dak needs rpo' s and getting him on Sprint rollouts or playaction gotta use his speed he gets juiced when he picks up first downs on runs
Glenn Marcy
Glenn Marcy 8 днів тому
Eric R
Eric R 8 днів тому
Rams WIN
Zee3P0 8 днів тому
Come on boys!! Silence the haters
Roger Adkins
Roger Adkins 8 днів тому
The Rams, they’ll have to sell tickets in LA for the Holly weird fans they are already pulling them into the NFL studios beating their chest
Wildman Samurai
Wildman Samurai 8 днів тому
Bill you're delusional. Rams will crush Dallas.
Leo J
Leo J 8 днів тому
kj232009 8 днів тому
Cowboys linebackers have been Good but if u watch film they can be way too aggressive in commitment. Yes the cowboys beat the saints but this is the playoffs now. McVay has had alot of time to game plan. I expect McVay to use alot of screens l, fake screens, playaction to use the cowboys linebackers strength against them
Paul Hury
Paul Hury 8 днів тому
Rams averaged 33 points per game. Cowboys have good defense not great. Also cowboys averaged only 21 points per game. Something has got to give
E Allen
E Allen 7 днів тому
It did....the Cowboys D-Line
j. pepper
j. pepper 8 днів тому
Jared Goff is a very accurate passer... unless he is about to get hit, then he gives it up faster than his lunch money.
Jaime Ramirez
Jaime Ramirez 9 днів тому
No way the Cowboys are winning the Rams in LA. Fuck no!
William Domitrovitsch
William Domitrovitsch 9 днів тому
go Cowboys yeah what about them 👂 ears was he born without them looks like they're glued onto the side of his head mr. Potato Head ears
Pablo Gomez
Pablo Gomez 9 днів тому
Shit is rigged so who cares! All about $$$$$
CALI 69 9 днів тому
Prescott ain't shit against DONALD!!!! ✊👊🐄 💩
Sage Brown
Sage Brown 9 днів тому
HUGE game for both franchises. I’m siked!
Armando Tarahumara
Armando Tarahumara 9 днів тому
goff is a bust. if Gurley doesn't show up the rams loose. correction goff is a system quarterback. system quarterback fall under pressure just like he did against chicago.
CALI 69 9 днів тому
L Prescott is trash!!!! Fuck the COWTURDS
Trevor Acadept
Trevor Acadept 9 днів тому
Randy Moss looks different to me.
eli W
eli W 9 днів тому
Boys 27 Rams 24. Zeke goes for 150 and that Dallas D slows down that Rams O to win a close one. Go Boys!!
Oscar Vargas
Oscar Vargas 9 днів тому
Obviously....... The RAMS will WIN !!
Kimberley Sanderson
Kimberley Sanderson 9 днів тому
Cowboys 27-17
CALI 69 9 днів тому
Oscar Vargas
Oscar Vargas 9 днів тому
Obviously not... sry lol
Joshua Duarte
Joshua Duarte 9 днів тому
Rams no doubt will get this W
Ruben Ruvalcaba
Ruben Ruvalcaba 9 днів тому
Rams win the Super Bowl Rams 27 Chargers 24 😇❤️🙏😇
Mr. Roboto
Mr. Roboto 8 днів тому
Anybody but the patriots or the eagles. Go cowboys
CALI 69 9 днів тому
For sure Goooo L.A RAMS
Bunny Bear
Bunny Bear 9 днів тому
So nice to see so many dallas fans. In jail there are so many haters
Eagles at Rams  -  Highlights
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