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Eugene Derry
Eugene Derry 6 днів тому
The Cowboys beat the Seahawks and their score was 24 to 22.
E Allen
E Allen 7 днів тому
Seemed like a fine matchup...
Erick Andrews
Erick Andrews 7 днів тому
let's see if they finish saints go handle business on the Ham's in they will be done then we go see pat&saints super bowl
Erick Andrews
Erick Andrews 7 днів тому
fuck you they did not do shit boy we beat I self I fill good how we finish You go be filling dumb when them saints beat they ass again it's go hurt you Mo me I'm good y'all go get y'all beat still cowboys nation fuck them Ham's
Ray 8 днів тому
Blah blah blah....RAMS WIN!!
Tommy Davis
Tommy Davis 8 днів тому
Hey congrats to the rams. If pats win tomorrow im done with football this year. Good game rams. Told ya id b back
John Vargas
John Vargas 8 днів тому
slofever512 9 днів тому
Cowboys by 10 We Dem Boyz 💪 💪 DC4L 👑 finish the fight
Bobby Alexander
Bobby Alexander 9 днів тому
the man..#21.. my old number, back in the day
Bobby Alexander
Bobby Alexander 9 днів тому
Zeke... All the way
Taonoi Klairak
Taonoi Klairak 9 днів тому
Rams D. shut down#21, Game is over.
leo Manjaro
leo Manjaro 9 днів тому
Jason Garrett got something to prove his job is on the line
Bezerkur a6e
Bezerkur a6e 9 днів тому
Horns up!! Go Rams!! L.A together for our team. This is our team L.A. the first professional sports team to play in Cali. Forget the past, time is now. Support and represent your colors!!
Michael Sharp
Michael Sharp 9 днів тому
COWBOYS!! Missed you guys.
Kondja Theophilus
Kondja Theophilus 10 днів тому
We all know Cowboys can’t tame Rams, y’all getting whooped
Bret Weeks
Bret Weeks 10 днів тому
Rams 31 cowboys 17
Virginia Addis
Virginia Addis 10 днів тому
Go cowboys take ball into the end zone just hope I get the game
Edward Poole
Edward Poole 10 днів тому
“Is this good matchup”
Gabriel Ramirez
Gabriel Ramirez 10 днів тому
If you look at the Rams performances (not just results) you will realize that the Rams struggle defensively against good quarterbacks, not good run games. Brees, Mahomes, Foles (yes he is good rn), Rodgers, even Stafford. When the quarterback is average like Dak we play well defensively. For example we shut down Trubisky against the Bears.
Gabriel Ramirez
Gabriel Ramirez 10 днів тому
1:20 are you kidding me? As a Rams fan I would take the seahawks any day. We beat them TWICE this season and there is no way around that.
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass 10 днів тому
Rams D is average.
Brian G
Brian G 10 днів тому
Rams in a Blowout.
Brian G
Brian G 10 днів тому
Los Angeles, CA = Superior
Jorge Arteaga
Jorge Arteaga 10 днів тому
I wanna how much they talk about the cowgirls, after Saturday’s game.. they want it to be a good game, but I feel sorry for the cowgirls 😂
ProtectandServe180 10 днів тому
She says one of em beat the 2nd seed. Yes true, Philly beat the 2 seed. Did she not watch Dallas beat the 1 seed?
Yohan Koo
Yohan Koo 10 днів тому
This is like taking a candy from a toddler..... Rams 31-17 ~
s. o. b. Fuktrump
s. o. b. Fuktrump 9 днів тому
The shams aren't near physical enough to keep up with dem boys especially our defense sorry u all gonna get beat up on both sides of the ball just ask the Seahawks
Duke B
Duke B 10 днів тому
The NFL is a fraud! It is Registered as a non sporting entertainment business along with the Wwe....Which means the owners can & will script & choreograph games to maximize profits..tons of videos are surfacing with some really damning evidence! It’s fake people! Your team did not lose, they were scripted out..... You have been advised!!!!
Runberto Greyeagle
Runberto Greyeagle 10 днів тому
The Cowboys will have home-field advantage and win
mr regal
mr regal 10 днів тому
There's guna be more broken bones for them boys
Andrew Erwin
Andrew Erwin 10 днів тому
Side note... The Cowboys didn't even have their best O linemen in that Seahawks game!
John Vargas
John Vargas 10 днів тому
LA stampeding on them cowgirls..
@ngel0fdeath 10 днів тому
All the away teams will win
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 10 днів тому
The Eagles beat the Rams And the Cowboys beat the Eagles. So Dallas will put up a good fight
John Sickler
John Sickler 10 днів тому
Bone Thug
Bone Thug 10 днів тому
All these cowboy fans talking about how they beat the saints, but they be forgetting that they got their asses handed to them by the colts
Viking Knight
Viking Knight 10 днів тому
Rams 48 Cowboys 12 (if CJ Anderson gets at least 33% of the Run Plays)
Tofu 10 днів тому
lmao rams gonna smoke the cowboys .
Alex Moreno
Alex Moreno 10 днів тому
Gurly is not 100% percent healed one blow to the knee. he can end up like RG 3 TILL 2020
Aaron Redd
Aaron Redd 10 днів тому
Lol so many cowboys fans here. Don’t underestimate Sean McVay...
Jihad Da God
Jihad Da God 10 днів тому
Goff will be exposed
Meh 10 днів тому
It all depends on Gurley’s health and effectiveness..... lets go Boys!
Albert Sandoval
Albert Sandoval 10 днів тому
Rams got this game . between Rams n saints to rep the NFC in super bowl .
Eugene Derry
Eugene Derry 10 днів тому
I hope the Eagles beat the Saints and the Chargers beat the Patriots.
Eugene Derry
Eugene Derry 10 днів тому
Chargers and Eagles rule.
Soph x
Soph x 11 днів тому
Daddy McGinest is right as usual!
Juan Alex
Juan Alex 11 днів тому
Im a die hard giants fan but I want drees to got another ring before he retires good looks saints fans 💯💯
Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia 11 днів тому
Rams are gonna swim Lmaod because they had play them before like 4 times and the rams won all of them
Robert Romeo
Robert Romeo 11 днів тому
Rams are going to win because Dallas won't have their officials there to cover for them
John Mitchell
John Mitchell 11 днів тому
I hope Rams are rested,,, Cause that Dallas Defense is about to hit them in the mouth..
John Talley
John Talley 11 днів тому
Cowboys run over the rams on Saturday
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki 8 днів тому
More like the Rams ran all over the Cowgirls
Antonio Woo
Antonio Woo 11 днів тому
mark my words right here right now, the Cowboys beat the Rams.
candice young
candice young 11 днів тому
Cowboy nation
Joseph Quinn
Joseph Quinn 11 днів тому
My prediction is Goff will have more passing yards than Prescott, Elliot will have more rushing yards than Gurly, and the Boys will choke due to Donald weakening Prescott and the offensive line.
Deplorable Daven
Deplorable Daven 11 днів тому
~Cowboys always play better on the road than home, do the math.....🌠
Dexter 11 днів тому
The entire Cowboys season was pure dumb luck, the numbers show it. You can't be taken too seriously if the Cowboys hellified defense allowed the sorry assed Giants score 35 points, and squeak out a win with 36 points. The Cowboys were the superior team but for some reason, they struggled with a 5-10 team, a team they should have thrashed...dumb luck win. Then the same Cowboys allowed the Eagles score 23 points in Jerry world, just to go into OT and win on a fluke play.. Dumb luck. Tampa bay, another sorry team scored 20 points and result Tampa 20 Cowboys 27...dumb luck. The Cowboys shut out the Saints in the first half, but the Saints shut out the Cowboys in the second half...end result, Cowboys 13- Saints 10...dumb luck. The Colts were the only team that exposed the Cowboys for who they are.... a mediocre team that went on a dumb luck run...and now has the league, Analysts and fans fooled.....sad.
HippoMonster -
HippoMonster - 10 днів тому
Dexter I don’t like to say these type of comments but I still respect u
Dexter 11 днів тому
+HippoMonster - That is the typical response from a Cowboy fan. I come up with facts, and since it's in opposition, I'm a hater. Honestly, back in the day, when the Cowboys were actually good, I mean 3 Superbowl wins and Hall of fame good, I respected them because they earned that respect, and still I was not a fan. There is a huge difference between being a fan or your team and a fan of the game. I'm a fan of the game, you Hippo monster, you are a fan of your team. You can't step outside of your fandom, which is sad because it's not like I was bad mouthing the Cowboys, I was just speaking facts, and expressed how I saw it.... but to you, I'm a hater. Know what? ...I don't care. It's just sad that people are comparing this Cowboys team to the championship teams of the 90's when it's not even close. You want respect, you have to earn it. Dumb luck wins, a shut out loss and dumb luck wins against teams the Cowboys should have murdered doesn't warrant that respect.
HippoMonster -
HippoMonster - 11 днів тому
Dexter u just a hater 😂
eggsandwich8885 11 днів тому
Cowboys just have to play their style to win. The Rams have to make their weakness their strength in order to win.
Mr32santana 11 днів тому
You didn’t see a lot of offence last weekend? What constitutes a lot, anything of 30 per team? I saw some good football myself minus the Texans game.
jroll0410 11 днів тому
The defense is the reason this team is where it is.
Omar Smith
Omar Smith 11 днів тому
Cowboys are overdue...It's their time💨
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki 8 днів тому
Brew Tapia
Brew Tapia 11 днів тому
Mario Robles
Mario Robles 11 днів тому
Close game but cowboys win 24-21
Roberto Arras
Roberto Arras 11 днів тому
L J 11 днів тому
It's easy for Dallas, Run the ball, eat up the clock and score a few TD's. Then on D, don't give up big passing plays and keep the Rams from converting 3rd downs. Game over. Cowboys 27-14
R6 CoConseco#11
R6 CoConseco#11 11 днів тому
Let's go cowboys
Seventh Mist
Seventh Mist 11 днів тому
First playoff matchup between them in 33 years.
Justin Sanders
Justin Sanders 11 днів тому
When’s the last time the Cowboys won a divisional round 😂😂
Tommy Davis
Tommy Davis 11 днів тому
Doesnt matter the past ends u dumb muthafuker. Cowboys already won. But u will still take a beatin
Timothy Hudson
Timothy Hudson 11 днів тому
he essentially said conflicing things..showing the defense vs the offense stats..then saying he expects rams to go off...bruh..make up your mind...also why show clips of the PHI game and mention how the Rams looked the past month..mention how they did against CHI, but not even mention the DAL NOR game..
Larren Ramone
Larren Ramone 11 днів тому
The 70s porn companies called. They want this guy back. Who.the fuck is that loser.
Steve Melillo
Steve Melillo 11 днів тому
everything I'm used to seeing growing up as a kid was any white bitch with a black man or around a black man was a hooker ....the sexy white bitch looks like a hooker here... js... I'm not even a racist
Steve Melillo
Steve Melillo 11 днів тому
SO Society just has to stick a white bytch with a black dude on a Sports Talk Show ....if that's not feeding the interracial relationship fire I don't know what would be.. I guess all you beautiful black women don't know how to talk about sports ....that's what Society and the News agencies are wanting us to believe or are they just fulfilling Martin Luther King's dream ..One race :mixed... not good, .. not good for the black man...
Anahuac Tiahui
Anahuac Tiahui 11 днів тому
Deep down LA is a Rams town......patience my friends!!!
Sam Lee
Sam Lee 11 днів тому
If the Dallas D shows up, the offense controls the time of possession and scores (especially in the red zone where they've had trouble), and Zeke eats, this game is a lock for the Cowboys. It feels like all of these things have to happen though for Dallas to win.
Nick Gordon
Nick Gordon 11 днів тому
I'm a Seahawks Fan' Good Game Dallas' may the Best team win, even if I'm rooting for the LA Rams representing the NFC West' Go Rams! represent us well
Greg White
Greg White 11 днів тому
Pssst. The Cowboys ain't slowing down.
oQueso 11 днів тому
Everyone support the Eagles and Cowboys we need a divisional rivalry NFC Championship
Devis Kerthi
Devis Kerthi 11 днів тому
Cowgirls going to lose guess what happened Rams vs Eagles easy game for us.
DKorekkek Couple
DKorekkek Couple 11 днів тому
Willie McGinest has to remember that Dallas is at they're second home.
William Arendt
William Arendt 11 днів тому
I hate to say it but the only thing that the Cowgirls have is a running game! Their QB sucks! Once the Rams load the line of scrimmage and take away the run the Cowgirls are finished! Their QB isn't winning shit! Rams should come out firing and I F they put up 2 or more scores the Cowgirls are done!!!!
Ugly Nigga
Ugly Nigga 11 днів тому
The two BEST RUNNING BACKS in the NFL are in the backfield of the Dallas Cowboys #1 Elliot & #2 Prescott...at the SAME time. This is why Dallas will win the Super Bowl. -Ugly Nigga reporting
Antone Fulmer
Antone Fulmer 11 днів тому
Rams all day,,,,because Dak is truly a garbage QB
michael l
michael l 11 днів тому
There does not seem to be one really good team in the playoffs this year, which means, just like in the past 20 years, the Super Bowl champion is going to be a mediocre team.
Idontlikethatshit 11 днів тому
Dallas young linebackers remind me of the two from Remember The Titans how they feed off each other
Brandon 11 днів тому
This game will end just like Rams and Bears game . When the Rams lost
Killmonger 11 днів тому
Man the cowboys are lucky Zeke was not a bust....
Smiley LA
Smiley LA 12 днів тому
Mr Steeze
Mr Steeze 12 днів тому
I cant stand Dallas but man theyve got a good shot this weekend
Allan Brogdon
Allan Brogdon 12 днів тому
I remember in the 90s driving to Dallas from Houston Cowboys and. Giants were playing and the radio didn't work in the company truck.We got a portable one at Wal-Mart but no reception in the truck.Russell looked at me and said we are f...in stopping.We stopped at a rest area and had a blast.Could have been home by the end of game it was worth it.Never thought of a sports bar lol
Michael Fields
Michael Fields 12 днів тому
How about them cowboys!
Drop Records
Drop Records 12 днів тому
If im the cowboys OC im going play action roll out the first 2 plays of the game. Completely catch them off guard let dak get in space AWAY FROM DONALD and you probably get 2 first downs out of it.
Jetdrive 12 днів тому
Cowboys 27-3
moreliam2 12 днів тому
FUCK TEXAS!!!!! Chargers vs rams superbowl...cali nation
Jay Battz
Jay Battz 12 днів тому
these analyst fail to realized that its hard to run the ball when you're dwn 14-21 pts..just like Arod did whn he beat em the Rams are gonna put up pts fast and thts how they'll neutralize the run because Dak will have to throw from his back...35-17 Rams
sasper444 12 днів тому
The Boyz must stop the Rams OF. If the Rams put up 35 to 40 point. The Boyz can not continue to run with Zele. They needs a shoot out like PMohome. I don't think Dak has good enought WR... Beasly is not 100% healthy...
loc power
loc power 12 днів тому
True Laker fans are Rams fans, True Dodger fan are Rams fans. Real fans in Los Angeles cheer for Los Angeles. All you Texas Cowboy fans that grew up in California are just confused and uneducated on the Rams history in your hometown of LA. Please learn the history of your city and put away your silly little stars and teach your kids that the Rams belong to us just as much as the Lakers, Kings, Clippers and Dodgers do. If your from LA you need be a fan of LA. Let's gooooooo LA Rams!!!
Shaka X
Shaka X 11 днів тому
Big money Jerry Jones is reason The Rams is playing for LA they use to St Louis Rams not long ago
Kris Garland
Kris Garland 12 днів тому
Go Cowboys
G luvs D 102
G luvs D 102 12 днів тому
Cowgirls can suck the Horn! Rams Win! 🖕
Gregory Daise
Gregory Daise 12 днів тому
Ramsss gne win yaeeeeee
Paul Salmon
Paul Salmon 12 днів тому
pp najera
pp najera 12 днів тому
+Paul Salmon ok you said.so
Paul Salmon
Paul Salmon 12 днів тому
pp najera Don't think so. Rams are the better team. They should roll....
pp najera
pp najera 12 днів тому
hope you eat your words
Rodney Mondaine
Rodney Mondaine 12 днів тому
Rodney Mondaine
Rodney Mondaine 12 днів тому
RAMS vs SAINTS NFC championship game and when we kick they ass AFC chumps next and we going to beat they ass too
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