Daft Punk - Essential Mix, BBC Radio 1 (02-03-1997) Classic Sets

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This is a very rare set from Daft Punk. What happened after, it's a known story. Enjoy!
01 Paul Johnson - Hear The Music
02 Armand van Helden - The Funk Phenomena (JOHNICkennydopeMastermix)
03 CZR - Chicago Southside
04 DJ Kom - Git Down Saturday
05 Remix Delux #1 - Dee's Knots (ID Remix)
06 Parris Mitchell Project ft. Waxmaster - Ghetto Shout Out!
07 Daft Punk - Teachers
08 Martin Luther King - I Have A Dream
09 Rick Wilhite - Drum Patterns & Memories
10 Jammin Gerald - Get The Ho'94
11 Traxxxsters - Da Way U Work
12 Thomas Bangalter - Spinal Scratch
13 Tha West Siders - Waxscratch Trax
14 Fantom - Faithful
15 I:Cube - Disco Cubism
16 Daft Punk - Rock N Roll
17 Cajmere - Only 4 U
18 Trankilou - Champagne
19 DJ Kom - And Da Beat Goes...
20 DJ Funk & Gerald - Hold Up
21 Ween - Freedom Of '76
22 Zdar + Boombass - Foxy Lady
23 Gusto - Disco's Revenge
24 DJ Deeon - Deeon Doez Disco
25 Sweet - Somebody's Watching
26 Da Mongoloids - Spark Da Meth
27 Roller Rink 2000 - Stining
28 Roy Davies Jr - Gabrielle
29 Robert J Hairston - Preacher Man
30 Daft Punk - Around The World
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Raul Mejia
Raul Mejia 2 дні тому
The Ween flip is so good
yuri alves
yuri alves 5 днів тому
i listened to this almost everyday while smoking a spliff. i quit a few days ago and now i cant listen to it because it reminds me of the daily nightly joint
Jay Jalloh
Jay Jalloh 6 днів тому
This vid blowed up. I wish the two made old skool mixes again.
Jason Brodbeck
Jason Brodbeck 7 днів тому
IRL GTA radio station
sergeantsquishy Q
sergeantsquishy Q 9 днів тому
Places to locate best feeling: 0:01 - 0:5:00 - heaven 0:11:00 - 0:30:00 - multiple heavens @32:33 when the legends warned us of COVID COVID COVID. 37:00 - 0:49:50 -Tha funk zone 50:00 - 1:10:00 90s chaos zone. warning. 1:10:30 - 1:12:50 - ear worm #1 1:21:00 - 1:31:00 - ear worm #2 1:39:00 - 1:47:00 - Grand Finale.
Huni asr
Huni asr День тому
thank you master
Amedeo Allegretti
Amedeo Allegretti 12 днів тому
menomeo allegretti
turntableterrorist 14 днів тому
sound mix. has midnight nightclub vibes all over it. that ween drop is surprising too! this is also my favourite "old" daft punk photo. I like the fact Guy has a Fred perry on, which is my preferred polo medium.
Bohemian Village
Bohemian Village 17 днів тому
Seriously, were the years 1995/96/97 the best season for electronic dance music ever? Landmark albums by Orbital, Goldie, Leftfield, Underworld, Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Future Sound Of London, Gus Gus, Portishead, Roni Size/Reprazent... House was everywhere from clubs to catwalks, drum'n'bass was at its peak, garage was an exciting underground phenomenon, and you had mega-events like Tribal Gathering, where the underground mixed with the superstar DJs. And many uncommercial singles were actually very high in the charts! You can hear much of this spirit in this mix ("Da Funk" was in the UK Top 10 at that time), and also where Daft Punk got their influences from on their debut album. The pumping house beats, chopped vocal samples, funkier-than-thou bass lines, the weird squawking synth bits - it's all there!
Jase Boon
Jase Boon 21 день тому
Why does the Thumbnail Pic look like Harry Styles & Bob Dylan ?
Something To Think About
Something To Think About 21 день тому
So UKvid recommended this to me like a week before then retired...
Stainier Gauthier
Stainier Gauthier 23 дні тому
So lit. 1997 rpz !
orion 23 дні тому
One of the best sets ever
Nonrepetitive 23 дні тому
Salem 24 дні тому
Sean Warren
Sean Warren 26 днів тому
I like the part where the aliens wear skinsuits and pretend to be humans.
Andy T
Andy T 26 днів тому
well youtube is ruin with all the adds
λ H
λ H 13 днів тому
Skip to the end of the vid and a single ad will play then go back to the start and they will all be gone
Martin Lezin
Martin Lezin 27 днів тому
Merci d'exister
dad ACHILE 27 днів тому
Daniel Mascorro
Daniel Mascorro Місяць тому
Confirmen si es normal tener varios orgasmos auditivos mientras se escucha esto.
Blue wolf
Blue wolf Місяць тому
8:46 I did this selfishly for me cause it's a straight banger also 25:48
Tyuvalo Місяць тому
0:04 i need that intro
George Armour
George Armour Місяць тому
Damn this is a good un.
Jonathan Ertz
Jonathan Ertz Місяць тому
merci encore pour tout les Daft!!!!!!!!!!!!
aceventurablaze Місяць тому
1:19:05? Sonng??
lurahoney Місяць тому
1:45:35 around the world and inside our hearts always
Tyrel Місяць тому
Heard this about 10 years ago for the first time and let me say it not only deepened my appreciation of Daft Punk but widened my taste in House music as a whole and inspired me to become a DJ/Producer.
LockedPig Місяць тому
It's a pity that the "Giovanni Giorgio" track had not been written by then
Tobias Nilsson
Tobias Nilsson Місяць тому
"First brought to you in 1997" prescient pretext from the DJ
aceventurablaze Місяць тому
758 more views to the million can we do it?
aceventurablaze Місяць тому
Yeah man
Washed out is too good
em r.
em r. Місяць тому
the radio host sounds exactly like robin cooper lol. anyway daft punk 5evr
Jason Studd
Jason Studd Місяць тому
Amazzzzing Set !!!!
Moustiluigi Random
Moustiluigi Random Місяць тому
Sebas Tian
Sebas Tian Місяць тому
Hermosas melodías que me transporta a otro universo.
theo srn
theo srn Місяць тому
What a mix 😱🤯🤩
D. Whitfield
D. Whitfield Місяць тому
I think I enjoy this set more than any of their studio albums. Is that weird?
william p
william p Місяць тому
This mix is Bananas....B, yeah...you know
Komodasu Місяць тому
This mix's so perfect to me aaaah. By the way, i will miss them. :'0
Simon Elliot
Simon Elliot Місяць тому
26:40 what is the name of the song omg !!!
ً Місяць тому
Track 09 on the description.
Sven K-F
Sven K-F Місяць тому
Jazzhouse in da house dafunk
JOSH ジョシュ
JOSH ジョシュ Місяць тому
This set became more legendary after the duo disband.
Sad German
Sad German Місяць тому
Facundo Rifé
Facundo Rifé Місяць тому
this is too many data.
Foo Furious
Foo Furious Місяць тому
hi everybody? will someone help me? it's a life or death question .... what's song is it starting at 55 minutes? thanks i can't stop dancing love you all
Abby 29 днів тому
Daft Punk - Rock N Roll
aceventurablaze Місяць тому
Im mind lost
Erin Anderson
Erin Anderson Місяць тому
WEEEEEENNNNNNNNN!! I knew I love DP, but, now I know why!!!
Chelsy Cueto
Chelsy Cueto Місяць тому
OMG i listen on soundcloud and it was just so amazing really full amazing!! Love it now I understand his album discovery
mdamien Місяць тому
5:05 "Da funk" - opening
Luis Місяць тому
Download Link Please?
Michael Hirtzer
Michael Hirtzer Місяць тому
I'd appreciate an oral history on Ween's inclusion in the mix.
Erin Anderson
Erin Anderson Місяць тому
I would too, absolutely. but doesn't it just make sense that Daft Punk WOULD like Ween?? I'm so so liked that they do, obv. I mean, if you like music, and are a nerd for it, then you naturally like Ween. am I right??
Gilster Bedubster
Gilster Bedubster Місяць тому
Amazing all the way through .. . 1997 yah right you can hear the recent past already never mind the future
Mimo Mimo
Mimo Mimo Місяць тому
Martin Cardoso
Martin Cardoso Місяць тому
rockisheaven Місяць тому
Jesus H, this is INCREDIBLE
Doug Bynum
Doug Bynum Місяць тому
Gonzo Bastian
Gonzo Bastian Місяць тому
Nostalgia brought me here🙂
Ale Kurday
Ale Kurday Місяць тому
ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-b0SrmA01Qpk.html the cream
Daniel Bellfield
Daniel Bellfield Місяць тому
Dance if you want to
Daniel G
Daniel G Місяць тому
24 years ago damn
brutusbn76 Місяць тому
it's going to be like 3 daft punk songs then a shitload of random black people music
Chris Alfonso
Chris Alfonso Місяць тому
I love the mix, but this lady needs French lessons... badly
Chris Alfonso
Chris Alfonso Місяць тому
@JOSH! It’s never too late to get an education. Haha.
TaiAngela Moore
TaiAngela Moore Місяць тому
Classic set.....🔥🔥🔥
habadej2 Місяць тому
ads, ads, ads, ads and ads, ads, ads....
b west
b west Місяць тому
bleep....bleep.....bleep....kaaaaaBOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM 💥
Alexander A.M.
Alexander A.M. Місяць тому
'Je vous aime, et je vous aimerai toujours.'
Anton Dukhanin
Anton Dukhanin Місяць тому
Дима Маликов?
Jose Bello
Jose Bello Місяць тому
An absolute mega mix, Pete tong is a legend for this.
Javier Barbiere
Javier Barbiere Місяць тому
Play walkman Darth Vader 11:11 ONE LOV3 ∆ 🌞
PeppersGhost Місяць тому
I like to party, everybody does....... Thx Daft Punk
Jamie Chau
Jamie Chau Місяць тому
whats the song that keeps reapeating CHICAGO ?? It starts at 59:56
Jamie Chau
Jamie Chau Місяць тому
@The Ghost thanks man but it isn't this song I made an edit to my comment just to clarify. It may just be sample/fill
The Ghost
The Ghost Місяць тому
CZR - Chicago Southside great song
Hans Koeler
Hans Koeler Місяць тому
Daft punk 28 ans de plagiat bravo !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lewis Wilson
Lewis Wilson Місяць тому
Ineffable magic
Mike Stolin
Mike Stolin Місяць тому
the good shit if you ask me...
Ben V
Ben V Місяць тому
So perfect at that time period
duded94 Місяць тому
Can we talk about this intro?? 🔥🔥🔥
broadside99 Місяць тому
I keep coming back to it, it's perfect
Didier Moncada
Didier Moncada Місяць тому
Adiós a un gran dúo, el mejor dúo de todos los tiempos
Angel Melendez
Angel Melendez Місяць тому
I guess it had to happen at some point ? I remember picking up Homework and falling in love with Daft Punk ! Thank you ! Music will always be one my favorites to get the party started right
Mathieu Місяць тому
The French touch
Bong Ordaneza
Bong Ordaneza Місяць тому
Everybody's asking "who's here after DP broke up". But nobody's asking "why here?"
PetShopMod Місяць тому
Fuckin Ads!!!
DiscoFrisc0 Місяць тому
Awesomeness at it's best !!! But don't worry they'll be back, they are geniuses when it comes to marketing ;)
stashofsolargarlic Місяць тому
Brown af
eliotdangerflash Місяць тому
im just here for ween. praise the boog.
Dustin Oregon
Dustin Oregon Місяць тому
Yoooo this set tho 🔥🔥🔥
Rafael Barcenas
Rafael Barcenas Місяць тому
Press F to Pay Respect. -F D a f t P u n k 1993 - 21k
Cerise Jones
Cerise Jones Місяць тому
listening to this on college radio rip daft punk!
Sven K-F
Sven K-F Місяць тому
Alfonso Zarzoza
Alfonso Zarzoza Місяць тому
oh boy :/
ViniXO Місяць тому
Million of views after this week end. This set is the best all time!
David Niger
David Niger Місяць тому
Sounds like GTA games when radio presenter talks! ^^
G Broon
G Broon Місяць тому
I think it's sad this channel uses adverts - you have no right to make any money from this.
ba a
ba a Місяць тому
This is REAL Essential Mix
Benjamin Sensarrich
Benjamin Sensarrich Місяць тому
hi very good set , never forget DAFT PUNK LOVE FOR EVER !
rainier Місяць тому
28 years of ''trash dafty punk''. best duo ever
Zel Місяць тому
I've listened to the original so much... it's hard not to hear Pete's voice.
Nogui Aramburo
Nogui Aramburo Місяць тому
Absolute banger set
Carlos Cruz
Carlos Cruz Місяць тому
Que rico set carajo! Daft punk por siempre en nuestros corazones ❤️
Dynamic Photography
Dynamic Photography Місяць тому
daft punk forever!
Luis Enrique Calleja Fernández
Luis Enrique Calleja Fernández Місяць тому
Mucho bien
Marco Romagnoli
Marco Romagnoli Місяць тому
Dont stop the music .....💫❤️
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