Daft Punk - Something About Us (Official Video)

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Official video for Daft Punk's "Something About Us" from the album Discovery.
Explore the incredible Daft Punk catalogue on iTunes here: smarturl.it/DaftPunkiTunes
Like all songs from the album Discovery, the music video for "Something About Us" is a scene from the film Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem, which features no dialogue, but rather songs from Discovery throughout the whole film.
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26 лют 2009





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ϻσгƬal 9 годин тому
Michael Thornton
Michael Thornton 9 годин тому
You are welcome. Glad you two are happy. Straighten up.
Shane Pestana
Shane Pestana 9 годин тому
x.95 speed sounds more true.
Steph_our _Queen
Steph_our _Queen 12 годин тому
This music feels like “Butterflies” inside you. When you just fall in Love. Amazing!
Fatih A A
Fatih A A 16 годин тому
Don't mind me, I'm just searching for some legendary comments
Cley Ariel Gonzalez
Cley Ariel Gonzalez 17 годин тому
See you space cowboy
nick h
nick h 18 годин тому
this song hurts after my gf left me
Berry День тому
Wa wa wa~
Jonathan Rangel
Jonathan Rangel День тому
Why did it take me so long to find this song? A beauty
Marcela Sosa
Marcela Sosa День тому
Muy lindo bendición
Freeignition День тому
The end of an Era! Summer nights chilllin with my window open as a teenager reflect on life with this song. That was over 10 years ago!!
André Campos
André Campos 2 дні тому
Timeless 'n beautiful
Yash Bhargava
Yash Bhargava 2 дні тому
I met someone. We fell in love (I think). The connection was beyond words, and everything seemed to flow. But she was married. We met at the wrong time. This song reminds me of her. We are still friends till date. But it hurts to think what it could've been? Both of us think that way, but she's happy in her life too and so she doesn't want to throw it all away. Guess I will always silently love her. This song justifies my feelings perfectly.
ShiniChick39 3 дні тому
Im so happy that they got to share this one last dream before Shep dies.... RIP Shep, and thank you Daft Punk for your gift of music to us earthlings
Ashley Vargas
Ashley Vargas 3 дні тому
always in my heart
David Savelio
David Savelio 3 дні тому
They're definitely Japanese
Blake Schroko
Blake Schroko 3 дні тому
Had something similar to the lyrics going on between me and a girl. she was playing this in the car one time at midnight, listening to the lyrics I said "you tryna tell me something with these lyrics?" What a beautiful memory. Music is so strange with how it relates to you.
Eduardo Mendoza Sanches
Eduardo Mendoza Sanches 3 дні тому
que hermosa cancion!!!
Nick 3 дні тому
I was in train when I first listened to this masterpiece, there was a beautiful sunset out of the window, the flats covered the sun but there was a beautiful greenish sky, I was relaxed, the train was empty, for the first time I was “alone” in public, this song made me goosebumps all over the body, this song remembered me when my uncle made me listen the original daft punk vynil the got during the 90’s and the 2000’s, he really loves daft punk, he has now all the albums and the various deluxe edition, he even had two helmets replicas handmade from Japan! This song is a mood, I don’t have the words to explain, the experience was MAGIC! Please, someone’s makes a tribute concert at Coachella or something, this guys NEEDS TO BE REMEMBERED DURING THE FOLLOWING GENERATION!
Larger than life
Larger than life 3 дні тому
I Really would do anything for Daft Punk back, I miss them more than any other musician in my life, I just want to see them One More Time.....
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith 4 дні тому
Definitely my favorite Daft Punk song. Others come close, but this song always made me feel amazing and had a different energy.
ImLee 4 дні тому
I just want her back I miss her hugs but I guess everything ends for good
ninja hattori
ninja hattori 4 дні тому
dam ninja cutting onions
West001 4 дні тому
iv seen that meme before its old
DripDrop 5 днів тому
yo why are all these comments from a month ago?? did something happen?
나가고 싶어 싶어옷장 속의 늑대
es la primera vez que escucho esta cancion y me encanto
Yahaira Pimentel
Yahaira Pimentel 5 днів тому
no se divorcien :'( ajaja
Nolan Evans
Nolan Evans 5 днів тому
Daft Punk is the KING of lofi before it even existed
Yusuke Knight
Yusuke Knight 6 днів тому
I loved this album when I was a kid growing up now 20 years later I appreciate it even more as a adult one of my favorite songs ever
Good Ol' Dave
Good Ol' Dave 6 днів тому
I just watched the full movie. I'm glad that I did. 🤖🤖
Adair Amaral
Adair Amaral 6 днів тому
I never give up, but it hurts a lot. I think about you, I feel you in my arms. I miss you... I miss you terribly. I've just always wanted someone like you in my life. I love you so much that I'd do anything, I'd do anything...
Rane 6 днів тому
Luciana Riale
Luciana Riale 6 днів тому
Anna Katsouda
Anna Katsouda 6 днів тому
epic song
Roboboit 7 днів тому
This video needs several million more likes.
Zinnia 8 днів тому
Part of me like this song but a part of me hate it cause sometime it sound like someone burping....
Emily Colson
Emily Colson 8 днів тому
Lady ML
Lady ML 8 днів тому
I love you more than anyone in my life .....wow those words hit hard
Lady ML
Lady ML 8 днів тому
MichaelVitello 8 днів тому
Its always been hard for me to hold in tears to this song
juan valdes
juan valdes 8 днів тому
wea mala
Diana M. Téllez
Diana M. Téllez 8 днів тому
anyone knows the name of the movie?
Augusto Burkert
Augusto Burkert 8 днів тому
Thank you for leaving the comments so we could have other precious memories here warner music france
Mr. pino
Mr. pino 9 днів тому
Asco 🤮🤮
๕ぁ Sad Slowed Down ぁ๖
๕ぁ Sad Slowed Down ぁ๖ 9 днів тому
cowboy bebop vibes 💜
CrimzWRLD 8 хвилин тому
I agree
Artur 7 годин тому
@Alma Sanchez which one?
Alma Sanchez
Alma Sanchez 2 дні тому
I know a song that in my opinion has more cowboy bebop vibes (Sorry for the bad english)
Logan Harlands
Logan Harlands 5 днів тому
Oh definitely I totally agree bruh
Malachi Fyffe
Malachi Fyffe 9 днів тому
it sounds like Owl City sang this
Daghsen Itaf
Daghsen Itaf 10 днів тому
“I will love you more than anyone in my life”
Zaé Cortez
Zaé Cortez 10 днів тому
Some kind of secret that I'll share with you 🖤
RODANDO CHUECO 10 днів тому
A un sigo con el corazon roto por la separacion de daft
fredberr uwu
fredberr uwu 10 днів тому
todos bro
vellichxrr 10 днів тому
better than others music so freaking funky...
malik burton
malik burton 10 днів тому
Sounds like finn from adventure time
Chrno Ikari
Chrno Ikari 11 днів тому
Te extraño Lau u.u
John Mrmak
John Mrmak 11 днів тому
Different but interesting
demise4u 11 днів тому
This song and a girl broke my heart in 2001. Still hurts.
fredberr uwu
fredberr uwu 10 днів тому
i sorry wana hug?
Enoch OfGod
Enoch OfGod 11 днів тому
I remember putting this on for someone at a dance and she turned me down.
Genka W
Genka W 11 днів тому
Man its awesome
Cengizhan Doğan
Cengizhan Doğan 12 днів тому
Barış Şengör
Barış Şengör 12 днів тому
Christian Sanchez
Christian Sanchez 12 днів тому
An underrated classic
Kael 804
Kael 804 13 днів тому
She is beautiful
Ishaan Ghosh
Ishaan Ghosh 13 днів тому
They shouldn't have split up😔☹🥺
corbin keeper
corbin keeper 13 днів тому
thank you everyone for the support it means alot to me
elmizara 13 днів тому
I'm still waiting the right one
Carloscardoza 13 днів тому
*"When yall dèsírë for sõmè Gíft Cards sìmply üsé:" ▶️ 𝗧𝗢𝗣𝗖𝗔𝗥𝗗𝗦.𝗕𝗘𝗦𝗧 ◀️* 垃圾。Lord
Fabrizio Améndola
Fabrizio Améndola 13 днів тому
Yoon0513 13 днів тому
So sad...
DEZMA 15 14 днів тому
this need a remastered
Super Ezekill
Super Ezekill 14 днів тому
So much for that cachetes...
Not Han Solo
Not Han Solo 14 днів тому
nick austin
nick austin 14 днів тому
Les daft punk sont incroyables, leur musique est so relaxante, que je les aime.
Rayenari Molina Jacobo
Rayenari Molina Jacobo 14 днів тому
Está canción es hermosa pero más hermosa mi ama 💖 Te amo 💖F💖 si lees esto
Alex Pachito
Alex Pachito 14 днів тому
buenisima. execelente. me provoco un sentimiento profundo. lo maximo daft punk.
イチゴ甘い 15 днів тому
When I first stumble upon this song, I promised myself that I will dedicate this to someone whom I really love. After meeting so many wrong people for so many years, I finally found the right one. And he felt the same for me too. Thanks for this song, Daft Punk 💕
Gonzalo Edmundo Peña Y Lillo Lizon
dark gaurdian
dark gaurdian 15 днів тому
listening to this broke a piece of my heart i havent seen myself so sad in ages even with them breaking up i couldve swore they could and should of went longer maybe just 1 more year
cj wars
cj wars 15 днів тому
never meant to find the power that was so grate it broke me to all my atoms. Truth and music will be edge forever in my heart but god i wish it stop pumping this hard its going to rip every thing iv made apart.
Iván Olier
Iván Olier 16 днів тому
No le podes poner a este tremendo temon un dislike.
Adrian Mendoza
Adrian Mendoza 16 днів тому
Alguien en 2021 escuchando esta joyita para recordar a esa persona especial???
Torpe 16 днів тому
los amo datf punk, gracias por haber sido mi compañía de alguna manera
Nicolas Martinez H.
Nicolas Martinez H. 16 днів тому
So ... feel free to cry and remember sometime or .... someone
Jesse Douglas
Jesse Douglas 16 днів тому
The yielding spark aesthetically scratch because bread commercially analyse over a gifted numeric. helpless, tiny fork
João Pedro Souza
João Pedro Souza 17 днів тому
Quem veio porque um dia Matuê postou dizendo ser a música preferida dele?
Raymundo Solar Velazquez
Raymundo Solar Velazquez 17 днів тому
Chiapas, mexico. I liked putos. Sin ofender, claro.tampococo sin ofender jaja
LIPIN1 ALM 17 днів тому
Lembranças boas nessa música. Minha adolescência
DavidPach77 Pachêco
DavidPach77 Pachêco 17 днів тому
Daft punk é atemporal
Jason Salazar
Jason Salazar 17 днів тому
Esta es la mejor animacion Anime y la mejor cancion de Amor
Ma_De_Sa 17 днів тому
Bruh this song make me cri every time. 😭
jeff speak
jeff speak 17 днів тому
I can’t get over the subtle funk and simplicity of this track, seriously perfect.
Jarib آفينداو جريب
Jarib آفينداو جريب 17 днів тому
Me relaja mucho.
ThatGusDoode 17 днів тому
I love the song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what is this comic?
jeff speak
jeff speak 18 днів тому
This oldschool funk ish is so my style.
lazaroGMD :D
lazaroGMD :D 18 днів тому
POV: you saw epilogue
GABRIELEX 18 днів тому
Como pasa el tiempo... Aún recuerdo esta canción :(
EMİNCAN ŞAHAN 18 днів тому
Fırtına sonrası açan gökkuşağı gibi sadece 1 gün geçirdiğim o vakitten bana kalan tek güzel şey oldu. Demiştim sana çabuk bağlanırım ben diye içimde garip bir his var imkansızı sevmek gibi. Bundan belki hiç bir zaman haberin olmayacak ama bu şarkıyı her dinleyişimiz de benim hislerimin seni hayatta tutabilmesi için her şeyi yapacağım. Kokusunu ezberlemek istediğim kadınım. moongazing'im hoşçakal.
PestesTesties 19 днів тому
This still slaps every time I come back
Damien 19 днів тому
Daft Punk Awww, the only Robots that can make me cry guys !!
Elvis Martinez Morales
Elvis Martinez Morales 20 днів тому
Realmente hermoso
Alonso Sevilla
Alonso Sevilla 20 днів тому
The inexpensive starter emotionally note because quiet embryologically number of a statuesque salad. selective, magical thing
Lisandro Siri
Lisandro Siri 21 день тому
Anastasia Hurt
Anastasia Hurt 21 день тому
whose here after raavenlynn posted this song on instagram
Andrea Prado
Andrea Prado 21 день тому
still hurt :c
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