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All sports have heroes, legends, and icons. Dale Earnhardt Sr. ticks all three of those boxes. NASCAR’s “Intimidator” is one of three men to win the Winston Cup Championship an incredible seven times, but the road to NASCAR glory wasn’t easy. His is a true story of the American dream! Join James Pumphrey as he rides shotgun in #3… buckle up NASCAR fans, and let’s do it for Dale!

Footage © NASCAR media Group, LLC. All rights reserved.

“Pass in the Grass” footage courtesy of Charlotte Motor Speedway, LLC.

Big thanks to the primary source for this episode, “At the Altar of Speed: The Fast Life and Tragic Death of Dale Earnhardt,” by Leigh Montville

Thanks to Carlos R. Bobadilla for the killer illustrations on short notice. Check out more of his work on Instagram: instagram.com/sorqus

Big ups to Raghav Arumugam for the always stellar animation work. Dig his UKvid page channel for more: www.youtube.com/ragsanimations

Props to Guilherme Lopes (@_glopes on the gram) for the dope editing, and to Zach for bringing it home.

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6 тра 2021





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Brandon Tilley
Brandon Tilley 7 годин тому
Mor power babah
Turner Sigo
Turner Sigo 8 годин тому
*sniff I'm not crying shut up
Dark Lens
Dark Lens 13 годин тому
By far the best coverage of Dale's story ever done. His emotion made it far more real.
Dark Lens
Dark Lens 13 годин тому
Dale Earnhardt - Sheer powa baby. RIP #3
Ni T. Night
Ni T. Night 13 годин тому
This episode was beautifully written and produced....Thank you.
modest goat34
modest goat34 16 годин тому
Who else had watery eyes😥
Jase Church
Jase Church 19 годин тому
I cried the day he passed. And I cried again just now. Keep smoking those tires on the ovals up there Dale
Der Pinguin
Der Pinguin День тому
Darth Vader is not German
Darren Penamante
Darren Penamante День тому
One of the most beautiful Donut Media video
Speedy Inc
Speedy Inc День тому
Your a top guy James, love your emotional delivery
Serrah Gossmann
Serrah Gossmann День тому
More power baby
wladyslaw powszenko
wladyslaw powszenko 2 дні тому
Been with you since beginning of up to speed. That's where you guys started right? It's been a pleasure watching your videos and seeing you guys having fun with those nuts and bolts
Josh Fox
Josh Fox 2 дні тому
Damn...James...you had me getting watery eyed too, man 😔. You narrated this so well.
Kinser 2 дні тому
Damn James seems choked up even 5 minutes into the video, can hear his voice kinda shaking every now and then. Can't blame him, I definitely shed a tear near the end of the video
Jason Bandy
Jason Bandy 3 дні тому
The amount of ads and mid rolls is just awesome! Keep it up!
Jason Bandy
Jason Bandy 3 дні тому
*6 mins after writing this* Emotional breakdown and dales death stopped by mid roll.
nicholas simmons
nicholas simmons 3 дні тому
You can tell he's a southern boy, getting torn up thinking about Dale Earnhardt. I'm a southern boy that moved to California myself, and I felt every bit of that pulling at my heart strings..
JPL LPJ 3 дні тому
Nice use of the picture of malarkey
Brendan X
Brendan X 3 дні тому
Great video. Kinda upset he didn't freak over Dale's seagull going thru the radiator, costing him a race.
Wesley Carr
Wesley Carr 3 дні тому
I was literally crying in public… Thanks Pumphrey! Do it for Dale #3
Thick and quick
Thick and quick 4 дні тому
I appreciate your passion bother but you need to stop crying its like the 4th video
Alta California
Alta California 4 дні тому
You should do an Up to Speed on Jimmie Johnson now.
Dxrth Dxddy Dxn
Dxrth Dxddy Dxn 4 дні тому
When D.E. changed his color to BLACK, everyone knew he meant business.
Victor Ancelmo
Victor Ancelmo 4 дні тому
Graphsic Image Vinyls
Graphsic Image Vinyls 4 дні тому
3 things i will never forget in my life - The birth of my daughter, my wedding and exactly where I was and what i was doing the day we lost #3 The Intimidator
Daniel 4 дні тому
You brought back memories of my uncle and my dad talking about what happened to Dale Earnhardt
GRC-GT 4 дні тому
Do one of these on ayrton senna
Anthony Cook
Anthony Cook 4 дні тому
Dale died on the wall for our sins
ty steven
ty steven 5 днів тому
What a great video. I love how passionate james gets about these stories. Hell yeah dudes. Love every episode.
UsedDishSoap 5 днів тому
Not even a nascar fan, but this right here…. Makes me tear up every time.
AugmentedGravity 5 днів тому
I know i'm gonna cry
Andrew Blake
Andrew Blake 5 днів тому
I knew there was a reason i was saving this video.... defiantly tugged on the heartstrings. i wish i could watch it for the first time again.
Maddhatter 5 днів тому
A fan from 90 until 01....one thing I do wonder is with key player deaths...Richmond...Kulwicki...Allison...how would he have done.
Supermario134 5 днів тому
Damn James!! Im trying to cry with you when out of nowhere a State farm commercial.
Mark Martin
Mark Martin 5 днів тому
I was 18 watching that race with my father later hearing later that he passed away my dad and brother and I had a moment of silence that was one of the saddest days
Caden Z
Caden Z 5 днів тому
I was at Daytona when this happened
Kyle Ferguson
Kyle Ferguson 5 днів тому
All the extra stuff that made this video 15 minutes longer than it had to be, is the reason I stopped watching at 5:00.
Jay Finn
Jay Finn 6 днів тому
You got me on this.
Jarod Ackerland
Jarod Ackerland 6 днів тому
The emotion is real man... I was feeling it too bro...
bad bmx rider
bad bmx rider 6 днів тому
Whats funny is im from north carolina. At the time me amd my gma lived in Troutman and dj his son would buy phones from me at sprint
Dmitry Tarasov
Dmitry Tarasov 6 днів тому
That hit me so hard Made me cry
Chip Gilley
Chip Gilley 6 днів тому
I’m not crying, you’re crying….It’s weird so many of us still feel that way to this day man!
Hop 6 днів тому
Jesus Christ pull yourself together, you wanna do another take there champ? ffs
Matthew Bender
Matthew Bender 6 днів тому
Frank Dillman
Frank Dillman 6 днів тому
"DEAD WRONG"? Really, James? 🤣
William Herron
William Herron 7 днів тому
Do a Chevy avalanche up to speed
mister hyde
mister hyde 7 днів тому
I'll drink to that
mister hyde
mister hyde 7 днів тому
Stormblood : more power baby Me: more power baby
We want A 104th battle pack
We want A 104th battle pack 7 днів тому
21:21 hah ain’t surprising Gordon sucks
Jen Muller
Jen Muller 7 днів тому
Damnit… I don’t even like NASCAR but here I am crying because Dale was the greatest and he just wanted his son to win the race
Gallowaysiege 7 днів тому
Dang-it man. I'm going to watch some documentary on Mao's cultural revaluation to to rise my spirits. Forgot how much it sucked when that happened.
Cody Miller
Cody Miller 7 днів тому
The 01 Daytona 500 was the very first, and my only, NASCAR race I've been to. I was a kid but I remember that race like it was just the other day. Was really hard heading home that day, getting a call from family on the way home, and being told that Dale Sr. died. We had no idea and didn't expect anything other than him being a bit sore and being in the car for the next race. Definitely going to stick with me for the rest of my life and I don't think I will ever go to another race.
Jack 7 днів тому
Dude do you have a chronic cold?
Nic Robinson
Nic Robinson 7 днів тому
My dad loves nascar, has been watching it for 30+ years, his favorite driver was Dale Earnhardt. My mom on the other hand never watched nascar, until he finally got her to watch the Daytona 500…2001. My dad was ultimately crushed and my mom was never allowed to watch nascar again. My favorite driver is Dale Earnhardt jr..
Logan Arnold
Logan Arnold 8 днів тому
Do an up to speed on bill Elliott
ViktorVaughnDOOM TheVillain
ViktorVaughnDOOM TheVillain 8 днів тому
I don't even watch NASCAR but I've always wanted to know why Dale was so legendary. This piece was beautifully done and now I completely understand. I cried with you man.
Stellarmayn 8 днів тому
Mark Martin ftw
Arthur Gustavo
Arthur Gustavo 10 днів тому
*farf* -Pames Jumphrey,2021
shawn armstrong
shawn armstrong 10 днів тому
Dale was so awesome I cried so hard when I heard that he had passed away I wasn’t watching the race when Dale died I was spending the night at my cousins house my dad called me to tell me that Dale had passed away he was my hero I thought he was awesome and could do anything my cousin talked crap to me about crying so I beat the crap out of him I will always miss Dale and sadly he is why I no longer watch the sport because no one can live up to who he was not even his son
Kelby Cross
Kelby Cross 10 днів тому
Dirt tracks painted the number 3 on their turn 4 walls in 2001 as well. Do it for Dale!
Kelby Cross
Kelby Cross 10 днів тому
When is the Steve Kinser video coming out?
Abdul Rahman Mohammed
Abdul Rahman Mohammed 10 днів тому
The two times James made me cry, Ken miles episode and Dale Earnhardt 😢
Usopp The Liar
Usopp The Liar 10 днів тому
I’m sure they do it for Dale
Dylan Syme
Dylan Syme 11 днів тому
My dad told me that he couldn't watch nascar anymore after Dale passed, thank you for sharing his story
ETRG Stryker
ETRG Stryker 11 днів тому
Do a up to speed on Paul Newman or another driver like Jimmie Johnson chase Elliot (my fav driver) Kurt Busch Kyle Busch etc
Justin Spencer
Justin Spencer 11 днів тому
I remember that day.
Adam Parker
Adam Parker 12 днів тому
I feel you with your tears my friend. It’s still painful for me too.
Ben Renner
Ben Renner 12 днів тому
I was at that race.. and yeah I'm balling my eyes out now.
Dane Rhodes
Dane Rhodes 12 днів тому
we do it for dale.
Poffology 13 днів тому
Zed anide
Zed anide 13 днів тому
"Nascar broke the news at 7" UKvid: "How about a Dell computer ad"
Wooly Ant
Wooly Ant 14 днів тому
love how only cool things come out at the end or in the middle of the month. why not release something limited during the time when people get payed so they can actually buy it xD
Shadow’s Chaos
Shadow’s Chaos 14 днів тому
Also Kevin harvick won on his 3rd race as a rookie driving a good wrench car
Juan Pichardo
Juan Pichardo 14 днів тому
raise hell, praise dale!
THEKinGNelle 14 днів тому
Dying on track was his fate i
Driver CJ12
Driver CJ12 14 днів тому
Do an episode on Colin McRae
Adam Patterson
Adam Patterson 14 днів тому
It's scary what dale said during that red flag
marc guidry
marc guidry 14 днів тому
I've never gotten over that race. Dale was my idle.
Samuel Boughton
Samuel Boughton 14 днів тому
How dare you make a video about dale and put a shitty homemade ad in the beginning of it. #disrespectful
hyuga hizashi
hyuga hizashi 15 днів тому
I can't stop crying when I see or hear the moment when dale died in the crash
El Mono
El Mono 15 днів тому
this... is the first time i nearly criede because a vidio
• Cheiseld •
• Cheiseld • 15 днів тому
Also, You should do an Up to Speed on Jimmie Johnson since you’ve done one for the other two drivers.
Mike MARTINEZ 15 днів тому
Bryant Smith
Bryant Smith 16 днів тому
had to stop watching this at work. its enough to make a grown man cry
Nicholas Allen
Nicholas Allen 16 днів тому
As a kid I wanted a Chevy lumina because of Dale Earnhardt. Great video!
AUGGER Autenrieth
AUGGER Autenrieth 16 днів тому
I watched that live and cried all night
Tymanderr 16 днів тому
Crying bro 😩
paul dalia
paul dalia 16 днів тому
Slayer rules,
Jeff Harper
Jeff Harper 16 днів тому
Gosh dang it I’m crying
GetFaster 16 днів тому
Do it for Dale!
Adam Murray
Adam Murray 16 днів тому
I think you should do an up to speed on Jimmie Johnson or Jeff Gordon
warhamer1018 16 днів тому
Wait what about Dale's other nickname Count Monte Carlo?
Gregg Varnadore
Gregg Varnadore 17 днів тому
Man this story kills me everytime. I haven't ever been a NASCAR fan but Dale's story has always hurt my heart as a car guy and now as a father, fighting to help his son keep the lead. A real hero.
Tony Wiley
Tony Wiley 17 днів тому
The Daytona 500 is the first race of the season. If the Super Bowl was week one in the NFL I could see the comparison
Chiky Nugy
Chiky Nugy 17 днів тому
Only drivers he has left to talk about is Lewis Hamilton,Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson
Henry Clark
Henry Clark 17 днів тому
Benicio Gonzales
Benicio Gonzales 18 днів тому
keeps just had the worst commercial ever
Matt Wimbish
Matt Wimbish 18 днів тому
I liked the video until you started crying. Men are supposed to keep it together, and crying for a celebrity that you didn't even know GTFOH
Zac Hill
Zac Hill 18 днів тому
Ah yes, Geoff Bodean
TK Skagen
TK Skagen 18 днів тому
Thank you DONUT for this video!❤🇺🇸
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