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10 кві 2020





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Sofia Vervaeck
Sofia Vervaeck 3 години тому
unspeakable's fan sub
unspeakable's fan sub 6 годин тому
i think at the first round with scarra's card combination he would instantyl win the whole thing cuz the guy is trust worthy and can be famous rich and a superhero cuz he can design robots to save ppl from natural disasters or make robots that canchange the world making him famous rich and theres no cahcne for him to cheat on u cuz hes trustworthy and you can tell him everything and he won't tell anyone about it and if you got accused by somrhing you didn't do you can trust him and he can make a robot that will investigate the whole thing to prove that your not guilty
Mayukh Paul
Mayukh Paul 21 годину тому
That "okay" by scarra was so cute
DJ Jaxxon
DJ Jaxxon День тому
All I gotta say is Michael say's his shit so proudly like if he is actually a crackhead so be it he seems... "responsible" enough. All I'm trying to say from my own experience, if you got your shit together in life and can support your own toxic habits without having to sell your neighbors cat, then you aren't one of the "bad" cracked eggs. ^_^
Toe Bigerson
Toe Bigerson 2 дні тому
17;00 2021 po ;
pumpkin kid
pumpkin kid 2 дні тому
They made 2021 WHAT
Tushar Bhatt
Tushar Bhatt 2 дні тому
this man said he would not date ywone and then assaulted her *facepalm*
Audrey Lackhouse
Audrey Lackhouse 2 дні тому
1:04 this is so cute, their such a cute couple I cant get over it. the way she did the heart and micheal just smiled like he felt loved ahhhhhhh their adorable
Just' Energu
Just' Energu 3 дні тому
Garage > Lily
tylo man
tylo man 3 дні тому
Poki ruined this one
Isaac Erickson
Isaac Erickson 4 дні тому
NordKestreL 5 днів тому
the UNDERAGE one was really a twist....
Thousand 6 днів тому
Why is there not a bigass "Fed is a sexual predator" warning on this video, or the description, at this point. wtf
Kevin Pham
Kevin Pham 7 днів тому
16:59 uh u see Dat or just meh
Unknown Username
Unknown Username 7 днів тому
This was the 10th time ive seen this, but I just realized rn that the scores write, 2021
HyperSonicYT 7 днів тому
Christopher Barrett
Christopher Barrett 8 днів тому
wouldn't the "Physically unable to ask questions" red card be an upside to Michael? They can't ask him to make any robots.
Clesta chra
Clesta chra 8 днів тому
Sometimes I actually wonder if he does smoke crack
User Name
User Name 8 днів тому
This score really be saying 2021
Arudyn 8 днів тому
what is the intro/outro music used here?
Minecraft Player
Minecraft Player 8 днів тому
It says 2021 on 17:01
Rokas Chusainov
Rokas Chusainov 9 днів тому
17:00 2021 baby
Omega Gaming
Omega Gaming 9 днів тому
5:21 humans are also animals
Unrespected Gamer
Unrespected Gamer 9 днів тому
itzWolfythe1 9 днів тому
xD merperson kicks every animal he sees he just kicks himself like some epeleptic half fish xDDD
Zoe Trowel
Zoe Trowel 10 днів тому
Poki and Lilly have a sister relationship sometimes
Erza Scarlet
Erza Scarlet 10 днів тому
Lebbie Manalo
Lebbie Manalo 10 днів тому
In 3:22 I can see poki's bra a little bit.
beep boop
beep boop 9 днів тому
Nice one dude 👍
nice 9 днів тому
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Havock _
Havock _ 10 днів тому
What was the song at 10:40?
Waylon Cull
Waylon Cull 10 днів тому
*Ever heard of window shopping* 😂 😂
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 10 днів тому
Fed always says he loves eyes
JUMALATION1 10 днів тому
9:50 That moment when you are from Finland and there is a literal band (nationally known with some recognition abroad) called Klamydia... :D
F*ck coleslaw
F*ck coleslaw 10 днів тому
The end score was 2 0 2 1 16:58
Kevin Wang
Kevin Wang 11 днів тому
notice how the score forms 2021
Susanna Langdon
Susanna Langdon 11 днів тому
It’s insane how fed said “it would be like dating Yvonne, I’m not into it” whenever he made advances towards her...it’s insane seeing him making statements like that, after everything that has happened. He is disgusting. Just saying.
beep boop
beep boop 9 днів тому
Still miss fed was so entertaining
Susanna Langdon
Susanna Langdon 9 днів тому
@smokesphere I completely agree
smokesphere 10 днів тому
It's really hard to watch the videos with fed in them with the knowledge of what he did. Makes my skin crawl because it's impossible to not see what he is doing in these videos now. Curse of knowledge.
Jorge Ramirez Murillo
Jorge Ramirez Murillo 11 днів тому
17:02 look at the score....
Rizki Abyaz
Rizki Abyaz 12 днів тому
"I don't care if she bring world peace, if she doesn't have an attractive garage I'm not into her" -Michael Reeves
zimanonline Thien
zimanonline Thien 12 днів тому
I just love every offlineTV video..all comments about michael
Kimmi 12 днів тому
The front part though 💫wholesome💫
A Side Of Ham
A Side Of Ham 13 днів тому
Isn't it a weird coincidence that the final score spells 2021
Michael MacGoram
Michael MacGoram 13 днів тому
"45° weather and it's fucking freezing"
Chrizki 13 днів тому
Who else is watching this on the year of the final scores?
Josh Orton
Josh Orton 13 днів тому
Ok but I want the chlamydia song
jayden hopkins
jayden hopkins 13 днів тому
Fed swinging that camera like he in the office or modern family
Michael Grossman
Michael Grossman 13 днів тому
I think its funny Michael is going through puberty in his 20s. I had similar acne as a teenager he needs Accutane. No hate. It's just hard to look at. But he's got more money and a cute gf. So all in all. He's winning.
M Talha Khalid
M Talha Khalid 13 днів тому
Pokie she is cutee🥰🥰
beep boop
beep boop 9 днів тому
This is haram. Beg for forgiveness
Hello There
Hello There 13 днів тому
"Physically incapable of asking a question" Well I guess I have dinosaurs and a nice garage. Apparently.
Lee Guy
Lee Guy 14 днів тому
I don't usually watch these videos but the thumbnail was too good to pass up
10. I komang ardi wijaya
10. I komang ardi wijaya 14 днів тому
I like how the final score is 2021 17:00
James Defacto
James Defacto 14 днів тому
Poki: where is she? Fed: *internally* bet you she's fisting herself tonight after thinking of me
Snoopy Dog
Snoopy Dog 14 днів тому
14:46 question for Fed Do you like your eyes raw or seared I always go with raw
Jackson Taylor
Jackson Taylor 14 днів тому
Thanks to this video me and my family are debating whether or not dating a merperson would make you a zoophile Thanks offline TV now my family thinks I wanna bang a mermaid
Thehider 1234567
Thehider 1234567 15 днів тому
17:00 What a joke, that’s this year
jellymagikap dude
jellymagikap dude 15 днів тому
It says 2021
Indominus Gaming
Indominus Gaming 15 днів тому
“Owns real dinosaurs” I was half expecting him to say “ooh I can put tasers one that”
Freddy 15 днів тому
Poki: Which half? Ok....then imagine an upper fish with human lower body
Depresso Esspresso
Depresso Esspresso 15 днів тому
when I heard hobbit I was surprised Michael didn't say she can easily suck your "glizzy".
Scydrio Memes
Scydrio Memes 15 днів тому
Comment 17:27
Bionic Warrior
Bionic Warrior 15 днів тому
What the fuck the score is 2 0 2 1 lol
Scribs 16 днів тому
Nice, the score is 2021 and I’m watching in 2021
madlenz 16 днів тому
am i the only person that noticed this 17:00 look at the botom scores
Kim Family
Kim Family 16 днів тому
“Ever since quarantine started, we lost our camera man.” “And our minds.” Me: haven’t we all Michael, haven’t we all.
rory 16 днів тому
a partner for fed is just called a fedfriend
Marcelo Gonzalez
Marcelo Gonzalez 17 днів тому
11:56 why did scarra say its probably a downside hahahaha
Finn Farrell
Finn Farrell 17 днів тому
You love superheroes!!!!!!!!! Isn’t Homelander just so cool!!!!!!!!
nicky dietz
nicky dietz 17 днів тому
i just noticed the score is 2 0 2 1
Ryan Chong
Ryan Chong 17 днів тому
Scarra: a bonus round to make a boyfriend for fed Poki: a boyfriend?? Scarra: did i stutter
Mr. VampireFang
Mr. VampireFang 17 днів тому
Lily : I gotchu micheal Micheal : I don’t.
charged gear head
charged gear head 17 днів тому
So I've just saw this video and I realized that at 17:01 it says 2021
Crosby The Wolf
Crosby The Wolf 17 днів тому
I see noone has mentioned how by the end the score makes this year
Raeve 18 днів тому
17:01 AyyyY where my homies at
5 Daydreams
5 Daydreams 18 днів тому
WHERE IS THE THIRD ONE?!?!?! This is a golden card game for content, lmao
Blast-Proof Explosives
Blast-Proof Explosives 18 днів тому
1:45 Micheal: *Intense foreshadowing Noises start*
Jamarion Hines
Jamarion Hines 18 днів тому
17:00 can we just talk about how the score is 2021
Alex Stratton
Alex Stratton 18 днів тому
Is he joking or dose he actually smoke crack?
WinterLeader714 19 днів тому
17:01 2021 whoa
Hiro Davidson
Hiro Davidson 19 днів тому
wait is lily and michael officially a couple now?
Grant Gamer
Grant Gamer 19 днів тому
The new year to screw us over 16:58
Gray Knight
Gray Knight 19 днів тому
17:00 This is the worst combination of numbers I can think of
Jacob Inman
Jacob Inman 19 днів тому
"I can't handle animal abuse" poki 2020 😂😂😂😂😂🥰
Lucas Williams
Lucas Williams 19 днів тому
7000 comments this is the 7,000th
finish_policedepartment 19 днів тому
14:47 "loves eyes" or "ais". Fedmyster or Bell Cranel?
Виталик 19 днів тому
tacocat spelled backwards is still tacocat
Teddy C
Teddy C 20 днів тому
Michael in the first round was a fricking genius
DEMI-_-GOD-FN 20 днів тому
i ship poki and michael
Damaged Bad
Damaged Bad 20 днів тому
303z 20 днів тому
Song at 10:40?
Justin Monteclaro
Justin Monteclaro 20 днів тому
17:01 2021
Baptiste Roche
Baptiste Roche 20 днів тому
16:57 it's 2021, yaay
MIGUEL MORENO 20 днів тому
di any one seeing this in 2021 and they spelled 2021 with their scores
•••• 20 днів тому
Everyone gangsta until Michael got his custom card
Bala 20 днів тому
Didnt lily get a lot more funny while dating michael?
Some Commenter
Some Commenter 21 день тому
The way Michael puts down the card and says “you’ll like him because it’s fucking me”
David Carreño
David Carreño 21 день тому
Me: oh a new video of offline Tv I just love them from the happyness an hype of their intro *Sad music stars playing*
I_mtheone 21 день тому
Remove the cards = podcasts
mercury a2000
mercury a2000 21 день тому
15:58 What's the difference?
mr marshmallow
mr marshmallow 21 день тому
I think lilly and michaels kid should be called milly if it a girl and Micheal if its a boy
The moon man
The moon man 21 день тому
it feels like there playing apples to applesXD
Guinea Pig Dance
Guinea Pig Dance 22 дні тому
Reechu is the best couple that i've found in the internet since I was a viewer of both of them even tho they're just friends yet. The relation betweeb the two grew overtime and it just amaze me. So cute. .
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